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SENATE BILL 257 PASSES THE STATE OF NEVADA WILL HAVE THE TOUGHEST GRAFFITI LAWS IN THE NATION! In response to increased public focus on graffiti vandalism in our state, Nevada Senator Valerie Wiener introduced a bill to amend the Nevada Revised Statutes as it relates to graffiti vandalism. The legislature held numerous meetings and hearings, and heard testimony from several officials regarding the proposed changes. As a result the state Senate voted unanimously to approve the changes and the Assembly voted 40-2 in favor of amending the law. The bill was then delivered to Governor Brian Sandoval who approved the changes and signed the bill into law. The new changes will go into effect on October 1st and our state will effectively become the toughest state in America on graffiti vandalism. The newly amended Nevada state graffiti law will include several changes and increases in penalties. The following is a sample of the changes: •

Any defacement to a protected or historic site will be a felony crime, regardless of the actual monetary value of the damage.

The aggregation threshold that must be met to criminally charge a graffiti vandal with a felony crime will be reduced from $5,000 to only $500. This means the police only need to attribute two separate locations of graffiti to charge the responsible vandal with a felony. Being convicted of this felony also carries mandatory sentencing which includes jail time (even if sentenced to probation).

The convicted graffiti vandal can be held liable for restitution to the victim for up to three times the amount of the damage value that they cause. That means that if $1,000 in damage is caused, the vandal can be made to repay the victim up to $3,000 in restitution.

Several increases in penalties also occurred designed to deter vandals from graffiti involvement. This includes mandatory counseling for their behavior.

Southern Nevada Graffiti Coalition, Summer 2011

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Reporting Graffiti: There’s an App for that! County Commissioner Lawrence Weekly Introduces “myDistrictD” App for Clark County Clark County Commissioner Lawrence Weekly has announced a new app for your smart phone which will help fight graffiti in Clark County. This new free app is called “myDistrictD” and it allows citizens to photograph graffiti and request removal in one quick and simple step. The photo is then sent to Clark County Public Response and a graffiti abatement team responds to remove the graffiti. The app is now available for Android and the goal for removal is within 24 hours. For more information contact Clark County.

Effective use of modern technology is giving our local anti-graffiti efforts an upper hand. More programs will be unveiled in the coming months!

Southern Nevada Graffiti Coalition, Summer 2011

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GRAFFITI GUIDE To Report a Graffiti Vandal in Progress: Call 911. Do not approach the vandal. Be a good witness for responding officers. Assist the officers with information if/when requested once the vandal is in custody.

To Request Graffiti Removal on Public Property: Call the Southern Nevada Graffiti Hotline at 455-4509.

For Graffiti Removal on Non-Public Property: For graffiti on utility boxes you can contact the company which owns the box. For your safety do not attempt to remove graffiti from these boxes yourself. Graffiti removal on private property is the responsibility of the property owner. If an arrest is made the owner may receive full restitution as ordered by the court. If the graffiti is on property managed by a home owner's association the HOA is responsible for removal of the graffiti. The HOA must also make the police report.

To Receive Free Graffiti Removal Supplies for your Neighborhood: Contact the county or city where you reside. Often these supplies can be provided if you and your neighbors are able and willing to remove graffiti in your neighborhood.

To Have a Police Report made: Stop by your nearest police station. You must own the property to complete a police report. When a report is made a detective will be assigned the case for investigation.

To Report a Known Graffiti Vandal: Contact your local police department. To remain anonymous you can call or submit a tip online to CRIME STOPPERS at (702) 385-5555 or Tips leading to a felony arrest or an indictment processed through Crime Stoppers may result in a cash award.

Southern Nevada Graffiti Coalition, Summer 2011

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The City of Las Vegas Introduces a New Method to Report Graffiti Like Clark County, the City of Las Vegas has embraced new technology in the fight against graffiti vandalism. The city has introduced a new mobile website in which citizens can report non-emergency incidents and situations which require response by city officials. This includes locations defaced by graffiti vandalism which needs to be abated by the city. This new system will allow Las Vegas citizens to photograph the location with their mobile phone and send it to the cities mobile website at A report will be generated resulting in the appropriate response by the city. The new system will be an effective new method to help fight graffiti and other blights in Las Vegas. It is also very cost effective at only 25 cents per report. Mayor Oscar Goodman provides instruction on the new mobile website

The Southern Nevada Graffiti Coalition is on:

Southern Nevada Graffiti Coalition, Summer 2011

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The Southern Nevada Graffiti Coalition wishes Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman All The Best In the twelve years that Mayor Oscar Goodman has served the citizens of Las Vegas there have been many changes in our city. One of the most notable changes observed by those who are involved in graffiti abatement and management is that the perception of graffiti vandalism has evolved tremendously. When Mayor Oscar Goodman took office graffiti vandalism was perceived by many as a low priority “quality of life issue.” It is now recognized as a serious property crime which is a detriment to all businesses and citizens in the greater Las Vegas area. During Mayor Goodman’s term of service our city, county and state have new graffiti laws and new programs have emerged designed to fight graffiti and hold graffiti vandals responsible for their actions. This is a direct result of the attention and focus that Mayor Goodman brought to the issue of graffiti vandalism in Las Vegas. Mayor Goodman has our best wishes and appreciation for his leadership.

Southern Nevada Graffiti Coalition, Summer 2011

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Tag! You’re Hit! New Novel involving Las Vegas Graffiti is Published by Author Howard Jenkins Las Vegas author Howard Jenkins has published a new novel which will be of great interest. The novel, Tag! You’re Hit!, tells the story of two police detectives who conduct a homicide investigation and become submerged in the world of graffiti vandalism in Las Vegas. The novel is not only an exciting story, but it educates the reader on the mindset of the graffiti vandals who are dedicated to destroying the property of Las Vegas citizens.

Tag! You’re Hit! A novel by Howard Jenkins is now available in hard and soft cover, and on Kindle From Amazon: Tag! You're Hit is a novel that reaches deep into the sinister underworld of graffiti and real investigative police work. Hate Graffiti? So does this sniper! He hates "taggers!" Take a wild ride with Las Vegas Homicide Detectives Maria Garcia and Gil Radcliff as they are baffled by a recent wave of graffiti vandal murders and are drawn into a nail biting pursuit of serial killer Ben Morgan. Morgan, a military trained sniper, is a worthy adversary who cleverly covers his tracks, out thinks the police, and by using a myriad of intelligent techniques to throw off pursuit in several other cities is now in Las Vegas. One can't help liking Homicide Detectives Garcia and Radcliff as they hunt the killer and develop more than just a professional relationship. This book will please law enforcement and people who like authentic police/crime dramas. In this case the public can almost condone the killer's attitude toward graffiti vandals.

Southern Nevada Graffiti Coalition, Summer 2011

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Red Rock Canyon Restored! In November 2010 one of the most costly and offensive graffiti vandalism cases in American history occurred at Red Rock Canyon just west of Las Vegas. A graffiti vandal defaced treasured Native American artwork and writings estimated at more than 1,000 years old. The damage was discovered by hikers and reported to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Law enforcement officers from the BLM and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) Graffiti Investigations Section initiated an investigation and in less than one week the suspect, a 17 year Las Vegas boy was taken into custody and charged with the crime. The juvenile suspect has been in federal custody since the arrest and now awaits trial. The BLM brought experts in to repair the site and it has been reported that full restoration is complete. A BLM official has stated that the location actually looks better than before and if one did not have prior knowledge of the crime they would not be able to see any trace of the graffiti. This is a tremendous victory for everyone who treasures Nevada’s history and wants to preserve these amazing Native American writings. All Southern Nevadans can rejoice that the site has been preserved and that the vandal faces many years in federal prison.

Southern Nevada Graffiti Coalition, Summer 2011

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LOCAL PROFILE IN FIGHTING GRAFFITI: Clark County Public Response Clark County Public Response is charged with graffiti abatement for all of the unincorporated areas of Clark County. Public Response employs a full staff of professional graffiti abatement specialists who remove graffiti throughout our community with great skill and dedication. Rapid Response also manages and maintains the Southern Nevada Graffiti Hotline which allows citizens to request graffiti removal anywhere in the greater Las Vegas area. Under the direction of Code Enforcement Supervisor Lt. Cindy Lucas the Rapid Response team has continued to be valuable contributor to Southern Nevada Graffiti Coalition projects and anti-graffiti efforts. Rapid Response continues to be a valuable asset to the residents of Clark County and they have our sincerest appreciation.

Public Response Supervisor Lt. Cindy Lucas

To Contact the Southern Nevada Graffiti Hotline call 455.4509 For more information about the services provided by Clark County go to

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Southern Nevada Graffiti Coalition, Summer 2011  

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Southern Nevada Graffiti Coalition, Summer 2011  

The quarterly publication of the Southern Nevada Graffiti Coalition