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Important Air Conditioning Unit Advice You Should Follow If the summer season is on its way, you want to make sure your air conditioning unit is working properly and efficiently. The last thing you want is to find out it is not working on a hot summer day. To make sure everything is running smoothly, you will want to conduct regular maintenance and possibly have a professional technician come check out your unit. Listed below are seven tips for keeping your A/C unit in good shape. Replace the Filter To ensure efficiency, every couple of months the filter on the AC unit ought to be replaced. If for some reason you're not able to change it that frequently, remember at least to change it before the summer time comes if you do not use the unit year round. Clean the Vents A few times during the year, you ought to clean and dust the vents on the unit. If you want to give any vents and air ducts a really good cleaning, you should consider calling a specialist to do it for you. Check for Blockage Around the Condensing Unit The air conditioner must be able to draw air into the unit in order for it to work effectively. If this part of the unit is covered by anything, it will not work. When you notice leaves or other debris gathering around the unit outside, make sure to clean the area so nothing is blocking or hindering how it functions. You may use a vacuum or a shop vac to clear out any debris that could be in the system. Also, trim any trees or shrubbery that are near your condensing unit. There needs to be roughly two feet of free space around your air conditioning unit. Check the Level of Freon A qualified technician can check the levels of the Freon coolant which is necessary and also be able to check for coolant leaks and other issues. You should not have to change or fill the Freon, but it is smart to make sure it is there. Look at Electrical Controls and Coils If you have a qualified HVAC technician look at your unit, make certain they check on the electrical controls and also the coils. Occasionally your coil might need to be cleaned with special chemicals. Allow a trained technician to get this done for you. You need every little thing to be in working order. Check the Condensate Drain Pans and Lines If there is any type of growth like mold or debris, the drain pan needs to be cleaned out regularly. A bleach solution should do the work adequately. It ought to one part bleach to 10 parts water in Doc Dancer Inc

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Important Air Conditioning Unit Advice You Should Follow order to kill anything that is growing. So that water can flow freely without being backed up the condensate drain lines should also be cleaned. Check the Sprinklers You want to make certain that the sprinklers in your property are not hitting the A/C unit. The AC system could be damaged when getting water constantly sprayed on it, restricting the air flow needed to work correctly. When the system is has an unusual amount of moisture, this only increases the mold issue that could develop. Make sure before you use that air conditioning equipment this summer to have it properly examined so it can be repaired if necessary avoiding the potential of being caught in the heat without a properly performing AC unit. By following these seven tips and having a technician check your unit, you can have some comfort that your system is working at maximum efficiency. The professionals at Doc Dancer will install a sturdy air conditioning unit to help you beat the summer heat. For further info on Doc Dancer, pay a visit to them at their website,

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Important Air Conditioning Unit Advice You Should Follow