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September to October 2018 Many people enjoy a daily cup of coffee around the country. It helps people get that little bit more energy that they need to get through the day.

The preservation of the environment has become more and more of an issue over the last few years. Businesses are working to make their operations more eco-friendly, but this can often be difficult as there is a lot of greenwashing of information that is being released. We at Snell believe that taking care of our environment is important and want to be able to help our customers to reach their environmental targets. From this edition onwards, we will be providing one insight based on environmental issues per flyer.

The convenience of a take away coffee can be good for time management and people working on the road but what can be overlooked is the issue around waste. Although your disposable cup may say it is biodegradable, it may not be living up to this term. Unfortunately, these cups are making their way into landfill where the environment is not adequate for them to break down. Specific humidity, light, and oxygen levels are needed to ensure that the decomposing process can occur. The Packaging forum estimates that there are 295 million hot and cold cups consumed every year in New Zealand with only 11 facilities processing compostable cups. This is a complex issue that has many facets to it. A lack of regulations is causing many people to react to greenwashing rather than take in relevant information and base their actions off that. Terminology is difficult to understand when it is used so broadly and commonly. Below are

the definitions of a few environmental terms: Biodegradable: A “biodegradable” product has the ability to break down, safely and relatively quickly, by biological means, into raw materials of nature and disappear into the environment. Compostable: A product that is “compostable” is one that can be placed into a composition of decaying biodegradable materials, and eventually turns into nutrientrich material. Corporate lunchrooms can go through a large quantity of consumables. Installing a system where coffee cups are used multiple times can help reduce spend on cups while removing thousands of cups from your businesses waste. Looking to use more long-term options can benefit both the environment and your business. Porcelain and travel mugs provide multi use options that allow for people on the road and in the office to get their cup of coffee. If you are wanting to learn more about multi use catering products contact your Snell representative for more information.


COVERING YOUR BUSINESS The contamination of food products is a worry at the heart of many food processors throughout New Zealand. Although the majority of businesses take pre-cautions towards preventing contaminants entering the environment, it can be a difficult task and the effects can devastate a business. Contaminants can range from microbial sizes to as large as labels and could even be fatal to consumers. This means there could be a multitude of matter making its way into your product at any given time. Going through thousands of glad wrap rolls or similar products is not a resourceful or financially stable process. It may seem like the easiest option, however, there are better solutions that reduce waste and minimise the risk of contamination. Recalling products is expensive, so far in 2018 there have been 34 recalls of food related products due to contamination. These cases range from microbial contaminants, undeclared allergens or foreign matter such as glass and plastic. To remove one SKU line from Woolworth’s Australia costs around $80,000. That’s without taking in the cost of destroying the product, the cost of manufacturing, the cost of resourcing materials, the increased carbon footprint due to retrieving the product or the negative effect on your brand.

The perception of what your brand offers and the trust in quality of your product will be affected. Repairing a brand’s image or perception is difficult, time consuming and expensive. Through the use of products like food covers you can save your business in more ways than financially. Their benefits exceed more than just financial savings, they are also easy to use and will reduce the amount of plastic waste your company creates.

POLY DRUM LINER • Created in a way to ensure easy opening without any blocking • This bin liner has a strong puncture resistance • Also equipped with a strong bottom seal to ensure the load is contained once the bag isremoved Codes: 478005 990x1520mm, 70mu 478006 990x1520mm, 100mu 478007 950x1375mm, 125mu

Speak to your Snell Representative for more information about whether food covers will work as part of your crisis management plan.



• Easy to use design • Allows for quick application and removal of the product • Helps to create a barrier between your product and external contaminants • Clear material to allow for you to see within the covered container • 500 per carton Code: 235006 Food cover large 80cm

• Durable, clear plastic bags with side gussets for lining cartons to package and protect meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and other food products • 635x375x660mm, 20mu • 500 per carton Codes: 476004 - 635x375x660mm 20mu 476006 - 425x300x450mm 15mu 475744 - 580x360x825mm 15mu

If you were to recall a product due to contamination, the damage done to your brand will be the hardest issue to fix.


KEEPING IT TOGETHER Health and safety is an issue that all businesses are dealing with on a day to day basis. Ensuring that your employees, visitors and businesses you deal with are safe is imperative to running a successful business. Ensuring that you and your business are doing everything in your means to prevent an incident is now a legal requirement. This encompasses all parts of a business from the correct usage of safety gear to the education around usage of products and situations. One area that is often overlooked as a potential safety risk is your pallet wrapping operation. If not properly maintained this could be putting the safety of your workers, customers and anyone involved in the transit process in danger. An incorrectly wrapped pallet commonly disregarded. Potential incidents can include pallet contents falling over, pallet loads moving while in transit and even gradually moving while in storage. If an employee were to be injured by a poorly wrapped pallet, then you could be liable for their injury. Failure to point out hazards and address them could cost an individual person fines of up to $150,000 while a business could be fined up to 1.5 million dollars. That is without including the cost of downtime, emotional impact on your business if an accident occurred and the impact on your perception as an employer.

your products and their transformational needs will make your work environment safer. Snell can assist in conducting a pallet wrap audit for your business. This includes looking at what film you are using, how you are wrapping your goods, if you are wrapping cost effectively, what tools are being used and what purpose the wrap is being used for. Implementing the Pallet Wrap Management Program is an easy way to make your workplace safer and to reassure your staff you’re looking after their safety.

SNELL MACHINE ADVANCE WRAP HEAVY • Snell high performance machine pallet wrap • Heavy weight, cost effective, strong cast film • Good alternative to a pre-stretch film • Allows 30% plus more stretch for load integrity • 500mm x 2720m, 12mu • 1 roll per carton Codes: 404010 HEAVY 500mm x 2720m 409021 ULTRA 500mm x 2175m

SNELL VISTA WRAP • Low Noise • High Clarity for bar code scanning • High Yield/Stretch • Enhanced Load Stability • Environmental Advantages • 500mm x 1920m, 17mu • 50 rolls per pallet Code: 404014 500mmx1920m, 17mu

SNELLWRAP MACHINE • Tried and tested L.L.D.P.E blown pallet stretch film to provide load protection and stability • High tensile strength, puncture and tear resistance Code: 401006 500mmx1500m clear, 20mu

Ensuring staff are trained on how to properly wrap pallets along with knowing which type of pallet wrap is correct for


SNELLWRAP HAND STRETCH WRAP • Tried and tested L.L.D.P.E blown pallet stretch film to provide load protection and stability • High tensile strength, puncture and tear resistance • 500mm x 45m, 20mu Codes: 401022 300mmx450m clear, 20mu 401007 500mmx450m clear, 18mu  


Getting the right balance between product protection and cost can be an ongoing battle. Your packaging is the only barrier protecting your product from damage while in transit. Yet if there is too much free space in a package you are at risk of supplying damaged stock. Changing packaging can seem like an expensive and time-consuming task. When production lines are dependent on packaging being available and ready to use, running business as usual can seem like the easiest option. Reviewing how your products are packaged can result in better protection as well as a decrease in handling costs, storage costs, and transportation costs. While increasing your warehouse efficiencies, sustainability and helping your business keep up with consumer demand for environmental protection.

from 30 to 15% greatly improving their margin and providing breathing space for potential supply channel demands. On top of that they were able to improve the freshness of their product due to their increased production speed. Making fine adjustments like reducing a carton size by millimetres, changing materials or switching to flexible options where possible can mean more pallet space or lower freight costs.

ZIP LOCK POUCH • Resealable closures can be added to selfstanding pouches, flat bottom bags, three side seal pouches and side gusset bags

Speak to your Snell Representative for a review on your current packaging options.



• Pour spouts can be added to self-standing pouches, shaped pouches and three side seal pouches

• Resealable closures can be added to selfstanding pouches, flat bottom bags, three side seal pouches and side gusset bags

A large local food provider we work with changed from pre-made pouches to a form fill option. As a result, they improved their production by 50% on their coffee pouches and reduced their waste from 20 to 8%. Packaging cost as a percentage of total cost also decreased

Contact your Snell Account Manager in regards to sizing and prices



Offers valid 1st September to 31st October 2018 or while stocks last. All prices exclude GST.





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