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May to June 2018 these bags will take over 100 years to break down whether that be blowing around as litter or in a landfill. When looking at a products impact on the environment it should not just be the packaging that is considered as there are many more contributing factors.

Polythene packaging can be a crucial part of many businesses day to day operations. Whether it is retail bags, food packaging or pouches these items could be protecting your products or providing brand promotion through visuals. The use of Polythene based packaging has come under scrutiny recently as the public look at how businesses and their operations are affecting the environment. Over 40,000 plastic check-out bags are dumped in landfills every hour in New Zealand. Most of these bags will only have been used for a matter of minutes to get groceries and other items home from the store. For those few minutes of use

Although extra packaging may seem like an issue it can also be viewed as a positive due to the issue of food waste. Every product has its carbon footprint built up from how much energy it took to produce the item, package the product, send the goods, and get rid of it at the end of its use. An Austrian study looked at the overall carbon footprint of packaging cheese in a sliced or block format. The sliced cheese clearly used more packaging and energy to process the product but the impact of wasted produce in the block form greatly outweighed its competitor. As a result this shows that more packaging is not necessarily a bad thing. One of the issues in New Zealand is access to infrastructure that will allow for the recycling of a wide range of plastic products. Yet education around what can be recycled and where it can be is crucial.


The Soft Plastics Recycling initiative collected 365 tonnes of soft plastics from over 350 stores around the country. Being part of this initiative and educating customers around what can be recycled and where, is key to growing New Zealand’s recycling capabilities. Polythene packaging can be a very useful product for your business and customer if used correctly. Being able to develop solutions fit for your business can help ensure the safety of your products, promote your brand and reduce your overall waste. Snell can provide guidance on recycling initiatives and has access to a wide range of poly packaging products to help you select the solution that best suits your business’s needs. For more information around what Snell can offer you please contact your Snell representative.

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This time of the year is often busy and as we work through our day to day tasks we can naturally focus on specific parts of our workplaces more than others. This could mean that you are overlooking an area of your business that needs some help. Labels can be seen as a commodity in the workplace, but they play a crucial role for your business. Incorrectly specified labels can result in a breakdown of processes and lost products due to poor application performance, poor print quality, reduced print speeds and loss of labels from packages. This could be affecting your business’ reputation while costing you time and money. The environment that you are in plays a large role in the effectiveness of a label. New Zealand’s average temperature can range anywhere between 5-25°c with humidity ranging from 73-92%. With weather patterns becoming even more unpredictable it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that you are using the correct labels. If you do not have the correct labels for your specific environment, then you risk affecting the performance of the label.

Ensuring that you have the correct labels and technology fit for the specific requirements of your workplace is extremely beneficial. Having access to knowledge around materials, adhesives and solutions is crucial to making sure you can make the right choice. Contact your Snell representative to organise a review of your current labelling system or simply for more information around courier labels.

COURIER POST - BLANK COURIER LABELS • Direct thermal labels have a thermal layer within the material which reacts when heat is applied from the print head creating an image • Direct thermal labels are predominantly used where the shelf life of the label is relatively short. • These labels are well suited for applications such as shipping and courier labels and labeling for food products. Codes: 765527 101 x 149 250/Roll 765531 100 x 174 330/Roll 18/Ctn 765607 110 x 120 400/Roll 18/Ctn 765526 101 x 149 1000/Roll

When your goods are reliant on their timely arrival to customers regardless of the weather then your labels are no longer a commodity and are an integral part of your business and should be treated as such.


THERMAL TRANSFER LABELS • Thermal Transfer labels use ribbon and heat to transfer an image onto the label. • Thermal transfer has a longer shelf life than direct thermal and is best used when longevity or high durability is required. • These labels are well suited for applications such as location labels, logistics, drum labels, chemical labels and healthcare. Code: 765528 101 x 149 1000/Roll

WRAPPING UP YOUR PLASTIC WASTE Having an environmental policy is becoming a must as modern businesses work towards reducing their carbon footprint. The issue around this is that these policies can be written and then forgotten about. Often communicating the importance of the policy internally can be missed and as a result there is a lack of commitment from the business. Some staff don’t even know their companies have an environmental policy until they are questioned about it. This means environmental goals are ignored or misunderstood. By focussing on environmental issues your business can improve its efficiency while also developing staff engagement. Improvements to other areas of your business can include increased operational efficiency, reduced fuel bills and less material used to ship goods. Aside from personal and business reasons, environmental policy is becoming a global issue – the 2016 Paris agreement brought together 195 countries in an attempt to achieve climate neutrality before the end of the century. New Zealand disposes of 252,000 tonnes of plastic waste into landfills each year. To keep up with this global movement New Zealand will eventually have to act; part of this will involve reducing plastic waste. Change is easier to manage in small steps, so starting now will give your business a big advantage. An easy way to reduce your environmental impact is by improving the efficiency of your pallet wrap programme – our

research has shown that 65% of pallet wrap operations are inefficient. Operations can be inefficient for a number of reasons, they could be using too much pallet wrap – leading to excess waste. The film could be too thin – leading to product damage and wasted resources throwing out damaged products. The two most common problems, and often the hardest to detect, are using the wrong film for the machine, or using machines that are incorrectly calibrated.

SNELLWRAP HAND STRETCH WRAP • Tried and tested L.L.D.P.E blown pallet stretch film to provide load protection and stability. • High tensile strength, puncture and tear resistance. • 500mm x 45m 20mu Codes: 401022 300mmx450m clear 20mu 401007 500mmx450m clear 18mu

Improving your pallet wrap operations is an easy way for your business to reduce its environmental impact and improve efficiency. Snell can help you with staff training to optimise the amount of pallet wrap you use per pallet, supply the most efficient product for your machine, and perform a Pallet Wrap WOF to make sure your machine is properly maintained.

SNELLWRAP MACHINE Get in contact with your Snell Representative to discuss your pallet Wrap WOF.

• Tried and tested L.L.D.P.E blown pallet stretch film to provide load protection and stability • High tensile strength, puncture and tear resistance Code: 401006

Snell is accredited


Snell high performance machine pallet wrap Heavy weight, cost effective, strong cast film Good alternative to a pre-stretch film Allows 30% plus more stretch for load integrity • 500mm x 2720m x 12um • 1 roll per carton Codes: 404010 Snell machine advancewrap heavy 500mm x 2720m 409021 Snell machine advancewrap ultra 500mm x 2175m


SNELL VISTA WRAP • Low Noise • High Clarity for bar code scanning • High Yield/Stretch • Enhanced Load Stability • Environmental Advantages • 500mm x 1920m x 17um • 50 rolls per pallet Code: 404014


Looking after the health and safety of your employees is a difficult but important job. This can be enough work without mentioning the safety of visitors onsite.

where workplace accidents often occur. On top of this there are also more people onsite who are unfamiliar with their busy surroundings and have less visibility of the warehouse due to the constant movement of Trucks blocking their view. Reducing clutter helps people keep track of what is around them, making it easier for them to react in an emergency.

Consolidating orders not only saves you money, it can also improve the safety of your workplace. If you can reduce the amount of traffic coming into your warehouse by consolidating orders the chance of accidents occurring onsite will decrease while less money will also be spent processing orders.

Every truck that comes to your warehouse door increases the chance of a traffic related incident; especially if you have multiple trucks moving onsite at the same time. More trucks carrying smaller loads means more fork lifts are needed to unload pallets. Breaking up pallets is another area

In 2016 there were 233,000 claims made to ACC for work related injuries with 30,700 of these claims being for serious injuries. Reducing hazards and the chance for hazardous situations to occur on your site is key to ensuring your employees and visitors don’t become a statistic.




• Road or traffic cones to mark and direct traffic away from hazard areas • High quality PVC • Bright fluorescent orange, UV stabilised • NZTA approved Code: 851000 450mm, 1 Reflective Band 851001 900mm, 2 Reflective Bands

• Safety yellow • Helps prevent foot traffic from entering the path of heavy traffic • 950MM high x 2400MM long • 2 to 3 week lead time on personnel frame Code: 894160

• The most popular choice for protection of pallet racking, door tracks and corners of walls • Ground mounts to set into the concrete, are also available for extra heavy duty mounting • Safety Yellow - 115mm wide x 1100mm high Code: 894158

To help make your high traffic areas safer Snell have a range of traffic safety equipment that can help you keep employees safe.



Offers valid 1st May to 30th June 2018 or while stocks last. All prices exclude GST.





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