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Winter 2016 Vol. XXIII No. 1

One Heart. One Hope. One Mission.

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Vol. XXIII No. 1 - Winter 2016 Vision & Challenge is published three times annually by the Sisters of Notre Dame, California Province. Sisters of Notre Dame Founded by Hilligonde Wolbring in Coesfeld, Germany in 1850, the Sisters of Notre Dame is an international congregation of women religious who serve the Church in eighteen countries on five continents. The Sisters of Notre Dame have ministered in California for ninety years, bringing hope to the world through catechesis, pastoral ministry, education, health care, social ministries and missionary activity. For more information, visit Vision & Challenge Team Provincial Superior: Sister Mary Anncarla Costello Director of Mission Advancement: Christiana Thomas Communications Manager: Chloe Vieira Contributors: Sister Mary Colette Theobald Jodee McElfresh Mary Jo Quevedo Staff: Notre Dame Sisters Mary Joanne Wittenburg, Betty Mae Bienlein, Mary Josanne Furey, Mary Rebekah Kennedy, Mary Francelia Klingshirn, Mary Antonine Manning, Mary Regina Robbins, Mary Joan Schlotfeldt Send story ideas, photos and comments to Chloe Vieira by emailing, calling (805) 917-3713 or sending mail to Office of Mission Advancement Sisters of Notre Dame 1776 Hendrix Avenue Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Dear Friends,

As this edition of Vision & Challenge goes to press, we stand at the threshold of the New Year. What 2016 holds in store for us is in God’s providence. We know that whatever it is, the Holy One will be with us and God’s love and grace will enfold us. The Church has celebrated a year focusing on the gift and mission of consecrated life, and women and men religious have proclaimed once again who they are and whose they are. This past December the Church began a “Year of Mercy” instituted by Pope Francis. He challenges us to be more aware of, encouraged and empowered to live the compassion, forgiveness and kindness of mercy more fully. In his words, we should enable all people to “experience the love of God who consoles, pardons, and instills hope.” We Sisters of Notre Dame reflect with gratitude on the friendship and generosity of you, our readers. In the spirit of stewardship, we share with you our annual report, which we like to call our impact report. It tells the story of how you and we together have impacted the world through our participation in the mission of Jesus. In this issue we highlight our impact in parish ministries, health care services and youth outreach. We introduce to you our newest community members, Mayra Martinez (California) and Nicole Varnerin (Ohio), living in the national formation house in Covington, Kentucky. We also share with you the growth of our Uganda mission as part of the newly formed East Africa Delegation. And, of course, we encourage you to join us for the Nun Run 5K on February 6 as a virtual or actual participant! Gratefully in Our Lady,

Sister Mary Anncarla Costello, SND Provincial Superior

Please accept our apologies for any misspellings or omissions. Kindly notify the Office of Mission Advancement at to make a correction. Printing Vision & Challenge is proudly printed locally by Vanguard Printing in Oxnard, Calif. Please remember to recycle your copy after reading. 2

Vision & Challenge | Winter 2016

On the cover: La Reina High School cross country and track team members (from left) Ashley Brown and Camryn Meli, Sister Mary Rebekah Kennedy, Sister Mary Lisa Megaffin, and head cross country and track coach Patrick Neville surround the Nun Run 5K trophy. It will be awared to the parish with the largest number of race participants. La Reina will host the second Nun Run 5K on February 6, 2016.


Sisters called to Our Lady of Guadalupe School, Oxnard Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish School (OLG) was established in Oxnard, Calif. in 1906 in response to the great increase in the Mexican population there. The Sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet staffed the school for the better part of the next two decades. Today, the school is nationally ranked in math and reading, and serves over 250 students from pre-K through eighth grade. Three Sisters of Notre Dame recently accepted teaching positions at OLG. Sister Shawn Marie Doyle teaches kindergarten, Sister Mary Frances Wahl teaches middle school, and Sister Florette Marie Adams teaches music to all grade levels. The solid Catholic foundation of OLG stood out to Sister Shawn Marie when she first started there in October of 2014. She takes her students to Mass each Thursday and notices their good behavior. “The children are taught to kneel down and spend a little time that way after Communion. Things like that mark the school as having a strong sense of religion,” she said. Teaching kindergarten five days per week requires energy and patience from Sister Shawn Marie, who draws strength from her daily prayers. “Sitting before the Lord every day gives me the wisdom and strength I need to work with the children. The fact that I’ve been with the Lord that day makes me calmer,” she said. She has 20 years of primary teaching experience on her side as well. Sister Shawn Marie also connects with the other Sisters of Notre Dame at OLG during the school week. “Sister Mary Frances and I carpool, and Sister Florette Marie and I have lunch together in the faculty room sometimes,” she said. Sister Florette Marie maintains a busy schedule, buzzing from classroom to classroom for music lessons. She visits all grade levels, spending about 45 minutes in

each room every week. She became a Sister of Notre Dame in 1960, and started teaching soon after. “It took years before I really felt that I wanted to do music,” said Sister Florette Marie, who now believes that almost anything can be taught and learned through rhythm and music. It doesn’t bother her when her students sing off-key or forget the words to a song. “Children make a lot of mistakes, but they can learn if they are patient with themselves. When I see them getting frustrated, I back off and go slower. We laugh and have fun together,” she said. Her youngest students enjoy musical games, and the older ones like to work on “virtue songs” that go along with what they are learning. OLG students focus on one important virtue per month such as respect, charity and steadfastness. OLG Principal Julio Tellez, who was installed in the fall of 2014, felt it was important to include music in every level at the school. “We’ve been without music in the classroom for a couple of years, so restoring that was an important goal for me. Having Sister Florette Marie has given us access to music, which has been phenomenal,” he said. The tight-knit Catholic community at OLG was one of the first things he appreciated about the school as well. “You walk on campus and feel like family even after only being here for a few minutes,” he said. He attributes part of that spirit to the presence of the sisters. “Our Lady of Guadalupe is very blessed to have three religious sisters teaching at our school. Their presence contributes to a strong sense of spirituality. The faculty and the students are affected by that,” Principal Tellez said. He added that after a period when religious sisters were absent from Catholic schools, he is happy to see them returning to their roots in Catholic m co ay. education. b a ix .p www

Vision & Challenge | Winter 2016


MINISTRY SPOTLIGHT: healing from the inside out Sister Julie Marie volunteers at Los Robles Hospital Medical Center

Sister Julie Marie Arriaga wears her Los Robles Hospital volunteer badge proudly. She travels the short distance from Notre Dame Center to Los Robles Hospital in Thousand Oaks, Calif. three times a week in her burgundy uniform, and

is not nervous about what she might encounter during her shift. “I’ve been doing this for awhile. I’ve seen the best and the worst,” she said. Sister Julie Marie started working as a volunteer Eucharistic Minister at Los Robles three years ago through a program at Saint Paschal Baylon Catholic Church in Thousand Oaks. Saint Paschal Baylon trains volunteers to take turns visiting Catholic patients at Los Robles. Sister Julie Marie has the Friday afternoon shift. During her shift she distributes Communion, talks and listens, gives blessings, and prays with new mothers and babies, intensive care unit patients, and comatose patients.

“I rejoice with the new parents. Sometimes I come home and feel sad about the ICU patients I’ve visited. I mourn with those families. It’s a different and totally opposite feeling, from joyfulness to sadness. It moves my heart.” On top of her work as a Eucharistic Minister, Sister Julie Marie is now part of the Helping Hands and Caring Hearts volunteer program at Los Robles. All volunteers must complete a 16-hour training program. Sister is often stationed at the hospital’s front desk and is the first person that visitors encounter. “Obviously people are there under not-so-pleasant circumstances. Our job is to be a kind, attentive presence and

to help people as much as we can to keep calm,” she said. Comforting the sick is deeply ingrained in Sister Julie Marie’s life as a Sister of Notre Dame. She sees the most crucial aspect of her ministry as listening to the patients and being with them in joy and pain. All Sisters of Notre Dame practice this when they visit other sisters who are ill. “Our sisters are our family. We’ve journeyed together for so many years. They deserve to be visited,” she said. “Doctors and nurses are limited with their time. They have a lot of patients to take care of. As a volunteer you can spend more time with the patients. I think it makes a difference to have someone there to hear their stories.”

Sister Mary Luellen joins Saint Camillus Center for Spiritual Care “In my own heart of desires, I had always wanted to be a nurse,” said Sister Mary Luellen Boeglin, who became a Sister of Notre Dame in 1956. In the early years of her ministry, Sister worked at the Motherhouse in Rome, Italy, where she tended to sick sisters in the infirmary. When she returned home in 1983, she enrolled in the Conejo Valley Vocational Nursing program and earned her vocational nursing license. She cared for elderly sisters and her own aging mother until 1995 and became a registered nurse through Moorpark College. In 1997 Sister Mary Luellen was hired as a kidney transplant coordinator at Saint Vincent Medical Center in Los Angeles. In 2007 she moved on to Keck Medical Center of USC as a transplant coordinator. After years of fulfilling ministry as a nurse, she received certification as a spiritual director. Today,

Sister works as a spiritual care associate for Saint Camillus Center for Spiritual Care which serves Los Angeles County. “As a sister I have been prepared my whole life to do what I am doing today,” she said. Her spiritual and nursing experiences have prepared her well to serve as a Spiritual Care Associate for patients in all stages of life. The team of chaplains at Saint Camillus visits patients during normal work hours, and responds to emergencies 24 hours a day. They focus on Catholic patients and their families and also give interfaith spiritual care to people of all backgrounds. Sister Mary Luellen’s priorities have shifted from matters of the body to matters of the soul. “My main focus is not on the body, it’s on the spiritual, emotional part of the person,” she said. “Our mission is to

accompany suffering people and give them healing and hope.” The Saint Camillus team starts each day together with prayer and reflection over breakfast. They hear updates from the chaplains who served overnight and work out any feelings of anxiety or stress brought on by the demands of the job. By 10 a.m. Sister Mary Luellen arrives at the Keck Medical Center, checks the Catholic patient list, and goes to visit the first patient of the day. “Sometimes they want prayer, sometimes they want the sacrament of anointing, often before surgery. In that case I contact the priest on call and he comes over and anoints the patient. I can also distribute communion if the patient is allowed to have it,” Sister said. Some days are harder than others, as Sister Mary Luellen assists patients who are dying

and tries to comfort their families. Sister Mary Luellen loves her ministry deeply, saying, “I’ve been a nurse, which is all about healing, but sometimes we are releasing patients to go to heaven, and that’s a very powerful and humbling experience. It’s what we’re here on Earth about – living and dying. To help someone die is especially meaningful. I am so grateful to God that he has given me this ministry in the last part of my career.”

Sist act


East Africa Delegation formed

The following article was written on behalf of the four provinces of the Sisters of Notre Dame. The Sisters of Notre Dame opened a mission in Uganda in 1995 under the sponsorship of the Covington, KY and Thousand Oaks, Calif. provinces. It has grown over the past 20 years through the support of our generous partners in mission. Their prayers, financial contributions and volunteer services have helped to educate thousands of Ugandan children and have assisted our brothers and sisters in East Africa to share in the fullness of life God intends for all of us. Before our ministry in Uganda began, Sisters of Notre Dame from our province in Patna, India, started their own missions in East Africa. Through their missions in Tanzania (founded in 1992) and in Kenya (established in 2001) they also reached many thousands of people with educational and social services. Over the past two decades, thanks to the generous support of many sponsors, these three

Sister Mary Winfred Kiati works on an activity with her nursery school student.

missions have grown and flourished. Today, they share many of the same needs and challenges, most importantly educating young East African women who join us as sisters and helping prepare them for leadership in the missions. To help educate these new sisters and to strengthen the ministries throughout the area, international SND leadership has decided to merge the missions into a single East Africa Delegation. In the spring of 2015, Superior General Sister Mary Kristin Battles and Assistant General Sister Mary Sreeja Chittilappilly led the installation ceremony of the new delegation leadership team comprised of sisters from six different countries. Members of the delegation come from Germany, India, the United States, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. Sisters from Covington and California continue to be missioned in Uganda, and donors can still support these efforts directly. Donors are also encouraged to consider supporting the East Africa Delegation general fund which provides needed education for African sisters preparing for ministry in the area. If you have any questions about the new structure or how funds designated for Africa are used, please feel free to contact Christiana Thomas, Director of Mission Advancement at We congratulate our Sisters ministering in East Africa as they continue to flourish in the mission of Jesus.

Associates train Stephen Ministers

Stephen Ministries, a nonprofit Christian educational program, is based on the story of Stephen in the Acts of the Apostles. He was chosen by the Apostles to minister to his community on their behalf. Since 1975, over 12,000 congregations worldwide have installed Stephen Ministry teams who are trained to care for people who have suffered a loss or are in a crisis. In partnership with Saint Julie Billiart Catholic Church in Newbury Park, Calif. Notre Dame Associates Terri Bond and Cindy Smith have taken the first steps toward establishing a Stephen Ministry program for that parish. They recently attended a celebration Mass where attendees prayed for the success of the program. “Seeing the sisters sitting behind us in a pew at the Mass was wonderful,” said Cindy. “They literally and figuratively have our backs, and that is the only reason why we can do this.” Sisters of Notre Dame will help train Stephen Ministers for Saint Julie’s, and some will become ministers themselves. Both Cindy and Terri found hope in the company of others during personal crises in the past. They both turned to the Associates program and became involved with the Sisters of Notre Dame. “After I lost my husband, and the preparations and the funeral were over, things quieted down and I had to

deal with my loss. To have someone to meet with in times like those is very important,” Terri said. Each Stephen Minister goes through 50 hours of training on how to care for the emotional needs of another by putting Christ first. Once prepared, a Stephen Minister can be matched with a “care receiver” who is seeking the support of a companion. Cindy and Terri have already completed their training. “We learned that carereceivers are sometimes in such crisis that they can’t even go to their families. Seeing a Stephen Minister can be different, they are willing to listen without judgment,” Cindy said. To both women, simply being a friend and a good listener is the most important aspect of Stephen Ministry. The program will be officially launched in the spring of 2016. Those interested in becoming minsters or receiving care may contact Sister Marie Paul Grech via email at

Vision & Challenge | Winter 2016


Cal State Long Beach

Newman Club Part of Sister Valerie Marie Roxburgh’s ministry as Director of Vocation Discernment & Young Adult Outreach for the Sisters of Notre Dame in California is creating opportunities for young adults to explore the Catholic faith. She and the other Sisters of Notre Dame who reside at Providence House in Long Beach, Calif. are involved with young adult ministry programs including the California State University Long Beach Catholic Newman Club. At the CSULB Newman Club Thanksgiving dinner, current students and alumni brought homemade dishes to share. “Two years ago we hosted the dinner at Providence House” said Sister Mary Kathleen Burns “The group was so big that we needed to move it elsewhere.” The group relocated to the Novitiate House of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit, near Saint Maria Goretti Church in Long Beach. The Novitiate House boasts an outdoor patio with a foosball and a pool table, which the Newman Club members enjoyed during the evening. The evening concluded with prayer and adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. Sister Valerie Marie organizes retreats and spiritual experiences where young adults can find out more about religious life. The following is a list of upcoming events in California. For more information contact Sister Valerie Marie at TODAY’S CATHOLIC SISTERS – Who They Are. Why We Need Them. Saturday, January 23, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Mount Saint Mary’s University (Rose Hills Auditorium, Doheny Campus). ONE LIFE LA – A pro-life walk on Saturday, January 23, from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. in Downtown Los Angeles (familyfriendly picnic, music, entertainment, food trucks, exhibits). DISCERNMENT DEEP DIVE – A discernment retreat on Saturday, February 20, from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Saint Joseph Center in Orange. ONGOING EVENTS THROUGH CHRISTUS MINISTRIES Visit their website at for more information on weekend retreats, service, faith formation and fellowship for young adults.

Pictured at the National Novitiate in Kentucky (left to right): National Novitiate Director Sister Marla Monahan, Mayra Martinez, Nicole Varnerin, and National Novitiate Assistant Director Sister Mary Rose Moser.

National Novitiate Opens in Kentucky

In August 2015, Sister Marla Monahan (Kentucky), Sister Mary Rose Moser (Ohio), Mayra Martinez (California), and Nicole Varnerin (Ohio) packed their belongings and headed to their new home: the National Novitiate in Covington, KY. Previously located in Los Angeles, the National Novitiate is where a woman more formally continues her journey of becoming a Sister of Notre Dame. Mayra and Nicole took their first steps on this journey in 2014 when they became SND postulants. Now, they will continue their formation under the guidance of Sister Marla, who recently became the National Novitiate Director, and Sister Mary Rose, the new Novitiate Assistant Director. “The program of formation today is much more individualized than when I was in formation. Over the years, we have grown in our appreciation and understanding of scripture, theological reflection, our SND charism, and the meaning of the vows, all of which enrich our formation program,” Sister Marla said.

Sister Mary Rose echoed these sentiments. “It is an awesome privilege to walk with our two postulants as they continue their discernment in religious life. Living each day in the spirit of a Sister of Notre Dame will help them to deepen and clarify their own calls. Many experiences of community, prayer, and sharing in the work and fun of setting up a new house have already marked the days since their arrival. Their eagerness and joy in embracing our life is an inspiration.”

Meet Mayra

Name: Mayra Martinez Hometown: East Los Angeles Parents: Raymundo (deceased) and Gloria Martinez Sibling: Sandy Martinez Age: 37 Date of postulancy: February 2014 Education: B.F.A., concentration in Animation at California State University (in progress) Recent occupation: Animation studio, parish secretary at Saint Cornelius in Long Beach, Calif. and secretary at the Marriage Tribunal in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Thoughts on religious life: What I really enjoy about being a sister is the trust people put in us. It is a gift for me that people share their most intimate thoughts. And with God’s grace I get to help them and reveal God to them. It brings a sense of sacredness and intimacy to my life.

Meet Nicole

Name: Nicole Varnerin Hometown: Ridgefield, CT Parents: Bruce and Debbie Varnerin Siblings: Jessica Adomako and Brianne Varnerin Age: 25 Date of postulancy: July 2014 Education: B.S. Electrical Engineering, Case Western Reserve

University in Cleveland, OH Recent occupation: Research technologist at the Cleveland Clinic; worked with stroke and spinal cord injury patients, using brain stimulation to aid in rehabilitation. Thoughts on religious life: I could do any other aspect of religious life on my own, but it is the fact that I walk with other women that makes this a unique experience. As I develop myself and my relationship with God, I have over 600 role models and supporters across the U.S. to look to for guidance.

Vision & Challenge | Winter 2016



The Sisters of Notre Dame are grateful to our many friends who have made financial donations to our congregation between July 1, 2014, and June 30, 2015, including those who would like to remain anonymous. We also wish to thank our friends and families who made in-kind donations. Without your contributions, we would not be able to dedicate over


hours per year to serving others. The following is a list of the number of sisters in each of our primary ministries.

East Africa - 2 Archdiocesan Ministry- 3 Heath Care - 4 Administration- 8 Pastoral Ministry - 9 Volunteer Ministry - 14 Education - 16


for local programs including: Catechist Formation Many Mansions Spiritual Direction Detention Ministry Project Achieve Young Adult Outreach Volunteer Services Los Robles Hospital People to People Homeless Services Teachers and Preachers Program 8

Vision & Challenge | Winter 2016

Sister Mary Ann Hanson (center) welcomes her sisters Nancy Gonzales (left) and Beth Ellis to our Donor Appreciation Brunch in Thousand Oaks, Calif.


give generously to support our ministries year after year. About

Through planned gifts, ongoing prayer programs, fundraising campaigns and events like the Nun Run 5K, we have raised

of donated funds this year were in the form of planned gifts, which show our donors’ true commitment to the longevity of our mission.

this year. Your gifts allow the Sisters of Notre Dame to continue to answer God’s call, and to seek out the marginalized populations that need us most.

76% $749,361





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Vision & Challenge | Winter 2016


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Vision & Challenge | Winter 2016

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Sisters from the California province donned their Nun Run 5K t-shirts for a photo op at Notre Dame Center in Thousand Oaks, Calif. Sign up for the second annual Nun Run 5K (Saturday, February 6, 2016) at

Vision & Challenge | Winter 2016





The California Grapevine The following events will take place at Notre Dame Center in Thousand Oaks, Calif. Please contact Sister Marie Paul Grech at to R.S.V.P. • UNTOLD BLESSINGS (PART I) is on Thursday, February 4, at 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Facilitator: Sister Marie Paul Grech. Notre Dame Center will screen this series in three parts on February 4, 18, and March 3, at 10:00 a.m. and again at 7:00 p.m. Each 90-minute session will include an opening reflection, the film and sharing. Material for further reflection will also be provided. • JOURNEY INTO JUSTICE: Trafficking is on Monday, February 8, from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. Facilitator: Sister Betty Mae Bienlein. Slavery was supposed to have been abolished when the 13th Amendment passed 140 years ago. In reality, modern day slavery is not only alive and well, but growing in unprecedented dimensions with the help of modern communication and Internet access. There are 27 million persons enslaved in our world right now — a staggering number! Join us to learn more about the travesty of trafficking and what you can do to become part of the solution to rid our world of this cruel crime against sisters and brothers. • WORLD DAY OF THE SICK: A Day of Recollection for Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick is on Thursday, February 11, from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Facilitator: Sister Marie Paul Grech.

This day was set aside in the Catholic tradition to coincide with the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. This year Kindred Hearts Ministries will offer a time for recollection for Extraordinary Ministers to the Sick on World Day of the Sick (February 11, 2016). This is not a training session but an opportunity for renewal for those who have already been trained and commissioned by their parishes. The day will include a speaker, time for personal reflection, lunch, a prayer service and blessing of ministers. Cost ($5) covers lunch. • FAITH SHARING FOR THE YEAR OF MERCY is on Thursday, February 25, at 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Facilitator: Sister Marie Paul Grech. • JOURNEY INTO JUSTICE: Lenten Desert and the Drought is on Tuesday, March 8, from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. Facilitator: Sister Mary Anncarla Costello. The call of Lent to prayer, penance and fasting adds to its dread for most of us. Yet these are only means to assist us to reconnect with the fundamental thirst at the core of our being, for the One in whom we find all happiness. Our climate in California seems to be reminding us of this thirst as we experience the longest drought in recent history. Take some time for prayers and reflection on our spiritual thirst for God as well as reflect on what we can do to more conscientiously save our precious commodity of water for ourselves and our sisters and brothers.

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