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Sir / Madam, I wish to inform that I am retiring from service on superannuation on 31st March 2014 after completing 38 years, 3 months and 10 days of meritorious service in Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. I joined service in 1975 at Sugarcane Research Station, Cuddalore. I have served at various places namely A.C.& R.I. Madurai, K.V.K. Pondicherry, PAJANCOA Karaikal, T.R.R.I. Aduthurai, V.R.S. Palur and today (28.3.14) I am retiring at S.R.S. Cuddalore where I have started my carrier. My total service of 38 years comprised of 34 years in Research and rest in Teaching and Extension where in I have been associated with development of technologies which are well appreciated and adopted by the farming community. I have experienced fullest satisfaction in serving the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University in various capacities discharged my duties to my consciousness. RESEARCH: I had put in 28 years of experience in sugarcane research and 3 years each in Rice and Vegetable crops respectively. In the Sugarcane Research Station Cuddalore, I was involved in the identification and release of Twenty two (22) sugarcane varieties namely Early (11), Mid and Late (5), Drought tolerant (5) and Saline and Sodic tolerant (2) • •

I started my career with Noble Sugarcane variety COC 671 I was involved as Prime Person in spotting out the culture C81555 released as the sugarcane variety COC 90063 in the year 1990 as a substitute for the ruling variety COC 671 which succumbed to red rot disease, COC 90063 stood first in the registered cane area occupying 81,748 acres in Tamil Nadu as per the statistics. The sugarcane variety CO 86249 is resistant to red rot was preferred in red rot prone area both by the farmers and millers are also in my credit.



Got the opportunity to work in Co-ordinated Agronomic Experiment Scheme where in identified and popularised two sugarcane cultures viz. CO86032 and COV 92102 and these are now occupying almost 90-95% of the total sugarcane area in TamilNadu and also most States of India. Assisted and provided inputs as one of the brain child for obtaining a scheme during 1999-2000 with Rs 2.76 Crores for a period of ten years from the State Sugarcane Cess Fund budget. In this scheme, I have been identified as Co Principal Investigator to make Agronomic evaluation on the performance of Elite clones under different locations of Tamil Nadu. Later three cultures viz. C 95093, C 960696 and C 20141 were released as new sugarcane varieties viz., COC(S)22,COC(S)23 and COC(S)24 for early season during the year 2004, 2005 and 2008 respectively.

I have also contributed Twelve (12) Agronomic technologies to boost cane yield and all these are found in the Crop Production Manual of TNAU. Among the technologies most popularly adopted by the farmers and sugar mills viz., 1. Inter-cropping Soybean, Green manure crop (Sunhemp and Daincha) in sugarcane. 2. Sencor as pre and post emergence herbicide to sugarcane. 3. 2-4 D as a herbicide to control binding weeds in sugarcane. 4. Slow release fertilizer (Neemcake blended urea, Urea super granules) in sugarcane. 5. Application of straight fertilizer to sugarcane. 6. Application of Phosphobacteria to sugarcane. 7. Spaced transplanting technique ( S T P now modified as S S I ) for seed multiplication and also for gap filling in sugarcane. 8. Arrowing suppression in sugarcane. During my tenure at Tamil Nadu Rice Research Institute, Aduthurai have worked on Rice hybrids under SRI method of cultivation and evaluated relative efficacy of different herbicides for transplanted rice. Served as a CO-Principal Investigator in NATP Scheme on Technology for skimming and recharging fresh water in Saline ground water regions and erected Three Skimming wells at Singanodai village in Nagapattinam taluk and provided with drip irrigation facilities and enhanced the productivity and profitability of farmers. At Vegetable Research Station Palur I had the opportunity and associated with development of Two Vegetable varieties viz.. Brinjal PLR (Br) 2 Snake Gourd (PLR) 2. TEACHING: I had involved myself in motivating and giving intensive coaching to students of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru College of Agriculture and Research Institute, Karaikal for

appearing in ICAR Junior fellowship examination in the faculty of Agronomy which was a maiden attempt there. Out of six students, four of them were selected and one student got First Rank(1993). All of them are now working as Assistant Professor in Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. Served as Advisory Committee Members for Ph.D and M.Sc; students and served as External Examiner in Affiliated Agriculture Colleges of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and Annamalai University. EXTENSION: Field visits were made and farm advisory service was rendered to the problem posed by farmers and suitable suggestion/ remedial measure were offered in person and also through letters. Various trainings, seminars and workshops were also conducted viz., 1. First Scientific worker’s Conference and brought out Crop Production Manual for Union Territory of Pondicherry was conducted during the year 1992. 2. Seminar on Precision farming in Oil Palm cultivation and arranged for MOU between Govt. of Tamil Nadu, Cauveri Oil Palm and Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Coimbatore was organised at Tamil Nadu Rice Research Institute Aduthurai. 3. Method demonstration of Wheat cultivation was also arranged at (40) forty locations of Pondicherry during the year 1991. 4. Trainings were imparted on management aspects of sugarcane production technologies to cane wing staff of Co-operative, Public and Private sugar mills at their premises every year during July- October. 5. Organised one day seminar on “ Recycling of biomass and Industrial by products of sugarcane in collaboration with E I D Parry (India) Ltd., Govt. of Tamil Nadu and Tamil Nadu Agricultural University” during the year 1997. 6. Involved in the Organization of three Interactive meetings of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Scientists with Sugar factory officials at Sugarcane Research Station, Cuddalore and Pondicherry. 7. Workshop on Method demonstration on “ Sugarcane Cutter Planter “ was also conducted at Sugarcane Research Station Cuddalore during the year 2003. 8. Organised 29th Biennial Work Shop of AICRP ( Sugarcane ) at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Coimbatore on 19th – 20th October 2012. 9. I have published 1. Research Papers 65 2. Research Notes 3 3. Abstracts 9 4. Symposium/ Seminar 48 5. Popular Papers 20 6. Books / Manuals 14 10.I participated in four International Symposium / Seminar. I was Awarded P.S.G. Ganga Naidu Gold Medal in Sugarcane during the year 1998-99.

Cordial linkage with experts and seniors had helped me a lot in my Academic, Administration and Extension activities. I had taken all efforts to develop and upgrade the infrastructure facilities in SRS Cuddalore during my period as Head and provided good working environment for my colleagues. With the Blessing of God, Guidance and support of my superior officers and with the kind co-operation extended by my colleagues, friends whom I have been associated during last 38 years, I have successfully completed my service to the University. I will fail in my duty, if I do not remember my friends from the Sugar Industry, the Sugar factories, the factory leaders, officials, farmers and other cane growers who were with me and supported me in all my initiatives and interventions. My special thanks are also due to the Commissioner of Sugars. I take this opportunity to salute all my superiors who taught me and fine tuned me to rise up to this level. My thanks to all the friends, officials and the director of Sugarcane Breeding Institute Coimbatore and the project co-ordinator and his associates at the All India Coordinated Research Projects on Sugarcane, Lucknow. My special thanks to Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University for his guidance. Let sweet memories of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University remain forever. I pray your good wishes and blessings for the days to come. Let us be in touch with each other.

With regards. Dr.S.Nazeer Ahamed;; Ph.D. Professor of Agronomy, SRS, Cuddalore 9443043176 E-mail id:

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