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The Princess Diaries Collection 10 Books Set Meg Cabot Gift Pack The Princess Diaries is an arrangement of epistolary adolescent grown-up books composed by Meg Cabot is a mainstream American writer of sentimental and paranormal fiction for adolescents and grown-ups. Your world is in chaos. Abruptly, your life changes in simply a couple of minutes and you are not who you thought you were. This is the situation of Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries. The Princess Diaries Collection points of interest how Mia Thermopolis' life is tossed into chaos as she changes from being a typical teen young girl and turns into the Princess of Genovia. It is a story about her life and the battles that she faces to turn into the new beneficiary.

Mia is a typical adolescent young girl who exists in New York with her craftsman mother, until she discovers that she is a part of the royal Genovian family. This leap forward changes Mia's life significantly as she strives to act like a princess. To escape the propensities of her ordinary childhood, she need to transform her state of mind and take princess lessons from her grandma. The Princess Diaries Collection is a gathering of ten volumes and deals with her high teeanage dreams and endeavors.

Book fans will love the utilization of popular culture and humor, and also loveable Mia, whose stresses and considerations are so peculiarly. It has a magnificent plot, brimming with turns and fascinating points of interest and great characters. The books in this series are 1. The Princess Diaries, 2. The Princess Diaries, Take Two, 3. The Princess Diaries: Third Time Lucky, 4. The Princess Diaries: Mia Goes Fourth, 5. The Princess Diaries: Give Me Five, 6. The Princess Diaries: Sixsational, 7. The Princess Diaries: Seventh Heaven, 8. The Princess Diaries: After Eight, 9. The Princess Diaries to the Nine, 10. The Princess Diaries Ten out of Ten. Visit Snazal Wholesale Books to buy this excellent book "The Princess Diaries Collection 10 Books Set Meg Cabot Gift Pack".

Titles in this Set:1. The Princess Diaries ‘You’re not Mia Thermopolis any more, honey,’ Dad said. ‘You’re Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo. Princess of Genovia. A PRINCESS?? ME??? Yeah. Right. One minute Mia’s a totally normal Manhattan 14-year-old. Next minute she’s heir to the throne of Genovia, being trailed by a trigger-happy bodyguard, taking princess lessons with her bonkers old grandmere, and having a makeover with someone called Paolo. Well, her dad can lecture her till he’s royal-blue in the face, but no way is Mia going to turn herself into a style-queen. And they think she’s moving to Genovia? Er, hello? 2. The Princess Diaries: Take Two 14-year-old Mia Thermopolis is still coming to terms with the fact that she’s a princess – and heir to the throne of Genovia! But when she announces on national TV that her mum is pregnant by her algebra teacher and plans to marry him, a right-royal fuss results! For now Mia’s dreadful old Grandmere is all set to plan the year’s biggest society wedding, with every A-list celeb invited, from the Reagans to Phil Collins. But will the bride and groom turn up? 3. The Princess Diaries: Third Time Lucky Mia’s got everything a girl could possibly want. She’s a princess – and she’s got a boyfriend! But that’s where it all goes wrong. Because Kenny is just NOT the guy she really wants. Michael’s the one she’s loved forever – but he’s going out with someone infinitely cleverer than Mia. Someone who can clone FRUIT FLIES, for heaven’s sake! Will the story end happily ever after for the Princess of Genovia? 4. The Princess Diaries: Mia Goes Fourth Mia and Michael are finally an item, but Grandmere seems to have other plans. Just before the happy couple's first hot date, an unmissable royal engagement turns up. Could it be that Michael doesn't

measure up – and that (please not!) Grandmere's got someone else in mind for Princess Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo? 5. The Princess Diaries: Give Me Five Mia is about to turn fifteen – and can't wait to dance the night away with Michael at the biggest, most romantic event of her life so far: the senior prom! But nothing's going according to plan. Not only does Mia face a snoozefest summer of sceptre-wielding in Genovia. Even worse is the fact that Michael hasn't even INVITED Mia to the prom at all. Hello, what is going on here? Just as Mia comes up with a perfect plan to change her man's mind, disaster strikes. A disaster that only a genius like Grandmere can overcome. . . 6. The Princess Diaries: Sixsational How can Mia bear it? Michael, her one true love, has gone away to college, leaving her to face a new school year alone (well, nearly). With a potential eco-disaster in Genovia, a new English teacher who can't stand her and a totally transformed Boris to get used to, life for the world's most reluctant royal is looking like it can't get much worse. Until Grandmere and Lilly step in - with a plan to save Genovia and Albert Einstein High. A plan that involves Grandmere showing up at school in her fur cape and tiara! 7. The Princess Diaries: Seventh Heaven Poor Mia. Not only has she made a total ass of herself with J.P. (a.k.a. the Guy Who Hates It When They Put Corn in the Chili), trying to prove that she’s a super-chilled party girl. She’s also bankrupted the student council. Way to go, Princess. Just as Mia’s scared that she’s lost Michael and a ton of money, Grandmere steps in up with a fund-raising plan. She’s going to stage a musical in front of the world’s hottest celebs - and the reluctant star will be none other than Princess Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo! 8. The Princess Diaries: After Eight The new school year’s only just begun – and already there have been some big surprises. Not least, Tina’s revelation that Lilly’s probably Done It with J.P.! And what about Mia’s new haircut, which has turned out kind of . . . extreme? But then Michael drops a bombshell. He has been accepted on a yearlong computer science course . . . in Japan! Can Mia’s perfect prince really love her if he can go away for a year? And what would it take to make him stay? 9. The Princess Diaries to the Nine Mia has hit an all-time low. Lilly isn’t speaking to her. Someone is posting horrible things about her on ihatemiathermopolis. com. Grandmere is forcing her to give a speech to two thousand of the most powerful businesswomen in America. And oh yeah: Michael, the love of her life, has dumped her. But despite what the press seems to think, Mia has more on her mind than recruiting a new Prince Charming. Like solving a 400-year-old mystery that could mean BIG changes for little Genovia. But is Mia really ready to throw away her tiara – especially if it means destroying a dynasty?

10. The Princess Diaries Ten out of Ten Mia is about to turn eighteen and has decided to put down her princess pen for good. This is your one and only chance to find out how it all ends – including the answers to hotter than hot questions like: Is the practically perfect J.P. the real love of Mia’s life? Will an election in Genovia mean the end of princessdom for Mia? Is she REALLY the last virgin at Albert Einstein High? And finally, crucially, will Michael Moscovitz return from Japan and make a last-minute romantic gesture just in time to save our heroine from making a VERY big mistake??? You have so got to read the book!

The princess diaries collection 10 books set meg cabot gift pack  

Your world is in chaos. Abruptly, your life changes in simply a couple of minutes and you are not who you thought you were. This is the situ...