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Michael Connelly Collection 10 Books Set Michael Connelly Collection 10 Books set, an excellent author - an excellent series Michael Connelly includes‌ 1. Trunk Music, 2. Angels Flight, 3. City of Bones, 4. Lost Light, 5. A Darkness More Than Night, 6. The Narrows, 7. The Brass Verdict, 8. Chasing the Dime, 9. Echo Park 10. The Overlook.

Harry Bosch is back in Homicide after disciplinary leave. But his first case proves to be one of the most difficult. In the wooded hills overlooking the Hollywood Bowl, he opens the trunk of a white Rolls Royce and finds a corpse. It looks like a simple case of Trunk Music - a Mafia hit, the victim shot in his own vehicle - but the victim is movie producer Tony Aliso - and the Mafia weren't the only ones after him. Bosch finds himself up against the FBI - and back in the arms of a beautiful ex-felon. It's starting to look like Harry's first case back in Homicide is in danger of being his last... To buy Michael Connelly Collection 10 books set visit

Michael Connelly Collection 10 Books Set