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E-BOOKS VERSUS PRINTED BOOKS The immense rise in the popularity of ebooks over the past five to six years has changed the way books are read these days. Ebooks have now become the preferred way of reading a book in the present generation, because of ease of availability in the internet with just a click of a button. Kindle or ipad can be considered as some of the most popular devices that make a book accessible in a digital format. But the main question is that can ebooks really be sold in book shops? Will the UK bookshop completely disappear? Or will the big Internet giants such as Amazon. Google or Apple controls the book industry. Only time will tell.

E-Books offer a wholly different experience E-books have come a long way since its discovery; they have dominated the book market in the present generation. Nowadays majority of the readers prefer eBooks rather than a printed

book for a whole lot of reasons. E-books have endless possibilities to make reading more accessible and interesting than ever before. Well, there are many reasons why eBooks are becoming more and more popular these days. The full potential lies in the digital nature of an eBook, the cost of distribution is zero as it is shared over the internet. Even the time taken for distribution will be less as compared to distribution of printed copy of books. Authors will have a complete liberty to distribute chunks of the stories on a regular basis, and outreach millions of readers within seconds. For those who have a lot of books know how much space it takes to store them, but when it comes to reader, the entire bookshelf is located on a small device. It is also easy for the users to find books on the internet, which will be readily available for the purchase. Some people don’t find eBooks as a preferred medium of reading as it gives more stress to the eyes.

Printed books have physical beauty and are irreplaceable Both printed books and eBooks have advantages and disadvantages of their own; it is just the matter of choice for the end customer, however the consumers prefer to read their favorite novel or any book for that matter. One point that one can make is that the physical copy of a book cannot be replaced by an eBook Since a print book has its own value with respect to feel of reading, without giving much stress to the eyes which is a plus when compared to the eBooks.

E-Books Versus Printed Books