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What kinds of material did the kids learn ? Teachers Realized they needed to teach the children their basic thinking skills again. America also thought we don’t have enough smart people in the country. America wanted more people to be smart. If America did not have enough smart people, everyone would be dumb. If everyone is dumb, there would be chaos everywhere. If chaos was everywhere, then the country would fall apart. There would be chaos everywhere because the people do not know better. America did not want that to happen. So, the teachers went back and taught phonics. Phonics is

This is the Etch-asketch from the 1960’s

spelling. Phonics is a main part of teaching reading to children. On July 12 1960, the Etch-A-Sketch was

created. The Etch-A-Sketch caught the kids attention. It made education a little easier. It helped with education because it made the kids interested in it. The Etch-ASketch was much more exciting than just staring at a chalk board for 6 hours of your day. Kids learn better when they are doing hands on activities.  

What was school like for African American children? African American had a hard life all tchASketch/etchASketch.html

together. Their school life was especially hard. African Americans were told their schools would be separate but equal. That never happened. A person could tell that by just looking at a picture from the 1960’s. Education has never been equal. African American did not get the education they deserved. It was not fair. The Higher Education Act was passed. It helps all African American children get a better education. This was the time period where African Americans got change, for the better. In 1960, Ruby Bridges was a first grader. She was an African American who was in a class with all Caucasians. Her parents did not like her in that position. Her parents took her out of the class. Desegregation was a debate if Caucasians and African Americans should be in class together. Later in 1962, the University of Missouri accepted James Meredith as there first African American student. This was the start of races mixing in schools.

African American kids in school learning. :// wpcontent/uploads/2012/01/AfricanAmerican-school-children1.jpg http

What are some statistics about the students?

The Statistics about the children and teens from the 1960’s are very different from now. Over half of the 1960’s students never finished high school. The Stereotype of lots of people dropping out of school is true. Many people did. Almost 57% of city students and 66% of rural students did not receive a high school diploma. That was most likely because they dropped out of high school. In the 1960’s, there were about 1,000 school districts in a state with only around 1.5 million people. That is a lot of people for that amount of schools . nginthe50s/media/life1201.jpg

African American Boys and Girls in a classroom together learning

What laws and groups were created to make school easier? School was never fair. Especially for African Americans, school was very hard. They were told their schools would be “separate but equal.� That never happened. In their schools there was only the African American race. The schools were segregated. It was not fair. Some people noticed that and wanted to make a change.

The civil rights act was created in 1964. It was created to end segregation, mostly in schools. There was no reason why African Americans and White Americans cannot go to the same schools. Two years later in 1966, James S. Coleman published the Equality of Educational Opportunity. It was created so all people of different races would have an equal chance on getting educated. Everyone should get an equal chance to learn. The Elementary and Secondary Education Act was passed. It gave money to low income schools. There was also some organizations that were created to help out. Head start was established so that poor children would have the chance to equal a school system on equal terms. That means they could go to school! The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) was created. The SNCC was against segregation and discrimination. They believed everyone had all of the same rights. In the 1960’s world there people with good ideas to help out everyone and people with selfish ideas. These groups and people who made laws did something good for America.

The picture above shows a class of Caucasian students. lass

Random interesting facts I founded from the 1960’s! A teacher’s salary was $5,174. Some people in the 1960’s believed children learn better in smaller schools. Samuel Kirk came up with the term “learning disability”. That term is still used today. The first ACT was given in the 1960’s. Everyone knew everyone in rural schools. In each grade, there were only 30 students. Today in schools we

have party’s or celebration for holidays. In the 1960’s they also had celebrations and party’s too!

This is a picture of the original ACT logo. This same logo is still used today.

What Was school like For aFrican americans?

What laWs and groups Were created to make school easier?

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What are some statistics about the students?

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