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Hybrid IPTV – Boon to our modern technology

Hybrid IPTV or simply Hybrid TV is a modern technology that connects the features of web to TV sets. In more conventional way a hybrid TV is also termed as a connected TV, or smart TV or a featured TV as it is much advanced and interactive than traditional TV. It’s the result of the combination of traditional broadcast TV services and the videos delivered over public internet. Whether you talk about the consumer market or the Pay TV market, Hybrid IPTV has an increasing popularity and demand.

Why it’s a boon: The emergence of hybrid IPTV using the modern technologies like internet broadband, personalized TV streaming etc. has brought up tremendous hopes in the new technology era. It’s really a BOON to our modern technology, let’s know why!

ď ą All-in-One set-top box: This helps the subscribers get access to a variety of TV contents without requiring separate set-top box for each service.

ď ą Many interactive services: It has become possible to store programs for future and set a reminder for your favorite serials or music shows and so on. All this is possible because of digital hybrid IPTV. Internet applications, Gaming, Shopping, Video telephony, Surveillance are the other smart IPTV services a hybrid smart TV provides.

 Better long-term flexibility:

The hybrid TV users enjoy the benefits of a computer system and a TV set. They’ve the privilege of downloading a music or video and playing it directly on the TV. No need of a CD or DVD, and no need of dedicated cable line or specific amplifiers for TV channels. The hybrid broadband TV is so flexible with broadband line, Ethernet and set-top box that the users don’t need to upgrade or reconfigure the equipment.  Contents are customer-chosen; and not operatorchosen: TV channels are operator-chosen. On the contrary hybrid interactive TVs bring lots of contents at a given time from many sources (generally online) and broadcast them to customer’s TV. The hybrid TV basic packs generally contain more no. of channels than that of cable TVs.

Future of Hybrid IPTV:

With technological advancements the TV sets are becoming fully featured high-end devices that are capable of entertaining the whole family at one time. The leading manufacturers of hybrid IPTV are Samsung (Samsung Plasma series & LED series), LG (42”, 47”, 55” and 65” models), Sony (Sony Bravia series) who are trying to work with internet companies to improve operating systems and provide better services.

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Hybrid iptv – boon to our modern technology  

Hybrid IPTV or simply Hybrid TV is a modern technology that connects the features of web to TV sets. For more information visit at this lin...