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Bhutan Tourism: An ultimate choice for your blissful lovely vacations. If you are a true traveler, love to explore new territories that have not been discovered by many other peoples yet. If you love to encounter with warm and gentle people in breathtaking peaceful nature then the paradise called Bhutan is waiting to embrace you with its fascinating beauty. Bhutan Tourism is an ultimate choice to pass a vacation away from the busy and rush full life. Bhutan is the last Shang-la and Himalayan kingdom which is lovingly called as ‘Druk Yul’ meaning ‘the Land of Thunder Dragon’ by its’ natives. Bhutan is slowly opening to the modern world; it is following the same traditional living still. You can easily explore in daily life when men, traditionally dressed, riding on a horse with mobile in one hand and bridle in the other. Yet Bhutan is making every possible effort to keep their rich identity and traditions alive. It is the country of wide and stunning variety of flora and fauna, ancient traditions, impressive monasteries, amazing architecture, remarkably warm hearted friendly people, a deeply revered king and colorful culture. Buddhism is the natural way of life in Bhutan. The whole country breathes with tranquility, peace, joy, enchantment and age-old wisdom. Gross National Happiness is the concept of this beautiful country where the development of the country is not measured in Gross Domestic Product like the other countries but in the happiness of its natives. While visiting Bhutan choosing a tour package is the better option than organizing yourself. It’s an absolute use of your money. With a tour package you be very definite regarding the amount you are spending and it completely elaborates what are the things included in the package and what not. It is a perfect value of your money as you need not to worry about anything and they would arrange everything from accommodation to meal. Arranging your tour is quite simple and straight forward. All you need to do is to contact any local tour operator and finalize your date of visiting and select the most suited package. Now everything is on your tour operator. The operator will do all the necessary formalities and will arrange your tour. Bhutan offers different kind of tariffs so it is advisable to choose your tariff wisely. Drukair, a monopoly airline operates in Bhutan and it also has limited hotel facility. Hence, it is always better to book and confirm your Bhutan tour at least six months in advance so that the operator get seats in airlines and reservation in hotel, confirmed on time. Tours can be booked online or with local tour operators directly.

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Bhutan better known as the Land of Thunder Dragon (Druk Yul), is counted among one of the last Shangri-La in the Great Himalayan province for the reason that it is located in a remote area and have spectacular mountain terrains, spellbinding flora and fauna and eccentric ancient Buddhist monasteries. It is somewhat among the unexplored quarters of Asia, which empowers only a sparse amount of discerning travel agencies and travelers so as to preserve the fragile environment of the nation and its rich culture of magical purity. The mountain ranges are spectacular; the forest dense, locals welcoming and warm hearted, the air is clear, the layout of the buildings inspiring, religion stirring and the art is magnificent. Like eternal statuette from the earlier times, the tourist encounters the glory of its ancient land along its strategic fortification famously known as the Dzongs, countless ancient temples, lamaseries and the stapes which mark the countryside, flags for prayers, which hover along the ridges, wild life that inhabits itself in the impassable forests, waterfalls creating white foams that makes the entire scene majestic; are the diaphanous showers, accompanied by the warm and heart touching smile of the friendly local people. The trivial kingdom of Bhutan shares the world's pronounced congregation of mountains and heritage of Buddhism. The flight for Paro can be described as a heavenly flight into one’s fantasy. The flight provides a breathtaking close up sight of the glorious Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga and various other renowned peaks of Himalayan range where you can see your dream of being so close to Mt. Everest turning into a reality. Containing and preserving the beautiful and unspoiled Himalayan setting, it is enriched with avivid flora and fauna and the splendid and vibrant Buddhist culture, Bhutan is now becoming a very popular tourist destination for interested people from across the globe. Tourism has not only helped in generating revenue, it is also providing impulsions as to develop the service sector of the nation hence balancing the holistic evolution in terms of development of the entire region. Putting in an effort in order to safeguard the rich, natural and culturally awe inspiring environment, the nation has consciously embraced a way to control the tourism and the development policy of the country helping and providing benefits to its citizens.

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