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Issue No. 2 • August 2011

Monthly Bio: Lillian Yao Lillian Yao is a senior, which means she is graduating this year. Make sure you say goodbye and come to senior appreciation night on August 12. Lillian attended Monta Vista High School for four years. She speaks Mandarin and English. Also, one of her favorite activities to do outside of school is playing basketball. Her favorite television show is The O.C. and One Tree Hill. Lillian is also on the Taiwan mission team this year. She loves Youth Group and enjoys playing guitar on the worship team. However, one thing she would love to add to CTU is a drama team.

Featured Art A Lonely Walk “I chose this photo because it conveys a mixture of emotions. One feeling that comes to mind is a feeling of loneliness and sadness.” -Samuel Chang Submit your art to be featured here at!

Junior High Mission Trip: SF and Oakland The junior high mission team went to San Francisco and Oakland. They visited a lot of places there and told numerous people about God, spreading the gospel. One of the many places they volunteered at was the food bank, where they packed chili lunches. Also, the team went to Project Open Hand; during their visit there, they delivered meals for people with Copyright © 2011 CCIC-CTU All rights reserved.

HIV, cancer, and AIDS. Those were just some of the few places they visited. The trip helped them learn a lot about God, growing them spiritually in his name.

Our team served at two different elementary schools - Mingde and Touwu - with two different groups of kids, the first week with 50 and the second week with 30. Each day, the program ran from 9am to 12pm with 4 classes - English learning, crafts, games, and bible stories - exactly the same program as we used in Taipei two years ago and at Crocodile Dock VBS that same summer at CCIC. 12-1pm was lunchtime, 1-2pm was nap time, and 2-4pm was outdoor activities time with the kids in the hot sun. From my previous experience in Taipei two years ago, I had expected the kids to be well-behaved, with the exception of maybe one or two students per class. And on the most part in the first week, the kids were wellbehaved, lovable, and enjoyed our lessons! Of course, there were a few rare occasions where particular kids had to be disciplined, but our team felt that we were able to bond well with most of the kids (me personally, on the hiking trip during outdoor activities time) and we could easily love, relate, and have fun with the kids. I was on the bible stories team with Lillian and Sam and I was impressed by the kids continuing to remember our stories (eg. 10 Plagues, The Blind Man) and phrases of the day (eg. God is merciful and God is powerful), in both English and Chinese. They were all eager to participate, reenact scenes from the bible, and thoughtfully answered all of our questions. By the end of the week, after the outreach, I felt extremely proud of our team, the results that we had produced, and felt we had definitely made some sort of difference their lives - it was hard for us to say goodbye. (We are actually friends with some of these kids on Facebook!) After a relaxing weekend, our team was eager and excited to start our second week at at different school. When we arrived at 8:45am on Monday morning, I was shocked to see that there were only 20 kids attending the program - a few of them were from the week before. During the week, we had difficulty keeping the kids interested in our bible stories and getting

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HIGHLIGHT: Taiwan Missions by Kevin Lin

I've been on missions to Taiwan and Montana in previous years, but my experience this summer in Touwu is one that I never expected it to be. Due to certain circumstances and situations that occurred 72 hours before our 30+ hour flight to Taipei, our team was shaken and discouraged when we arrived in Taipei in July. I didn't feel like I was mentally or spiritually prepared due to the events that unfolded before the trip. When we arrived and actually set foot on the elementary school on the Sunday before our English program was to begin, I was nervous because everything felt so disorganized and up in the air.

them involved. They were misbehaving, disrespectful, rude, and bored by our curriculum. Even worse, we often had to resort to giving timeouts (some up to 30 minutes long) and having talks outside of the classroom to discuss what they did wrong. We threatened to take away playtime, but they didn't care. By the end of the week before the outreach, we were exhausted - I was disappointed and tired. During my devotions and during team prayer, we prayed for the outreach and the hope of being able to somehow tell the story of Jesus to these kids. Surprisingly during the outreach, about 80% of the kids raised their hands during the altar call and wanted to receive prayer. Praise the Lord! In one of our devotions, the Tuesday morning of the second week when our team was discouraged, the quote that was presented was "the opposite of faith is not doubt but certainty". Throughout this entire trip, I struggled to find absolute certainty, really wishing and hoping that the program would run smoothly, everything would be easy, and we could just present our material, bond with the kids, tell them the gospel, love them, and have fun. But in reality, it wasn't like that. Throughout this mission trip in Touwu, I know that God revealed Himself, especially during the second week, when we were struggling to reach out to the kids because by the end of the trip, I realized that God was still able to let me stay patient with the kids and still be able to love them, despite how frustrated I was on the inside. He showed me that by through trusting in Him fully, even with so much chaos caused even before the trip started, we could still complete His will in Touwu. Praise the Lord! More information and photos can be found on our blog!

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August 2011  
August 2011  

Featured Art Issue No. 2 • August 2011 A Lonely Walk “I chose this photo because it conveys a mixture of emotions. One feeling that comes to...