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LANNAH DUNN E S T. 1 9 8 5


Rare antique and vintage pieces of superlative beauty

on-trend Miss Dunn fashion jewels for runway appeal.

V O L 1, 2 013

15ct English pearl flower circa 1910 $1,495, 9ct lover’s knot $1,695, 9ct English pearl buckle $1,395 Carved coral $795, 14ct pearl and flowers $1,865


Early 20th century cufflinks 15ct yellow & white gold English $1,150, 18ct European $1,995 Clover $1,495, swallows $1,185, trefoil drops $795

Pique Jewellery - gold inlaid tortoiseshell L$1,950 R$1,185

9ct heart drop albertina $1,495

basket of flowers $695

star-set pearl $985

love bird oval $495 love bird heart $695

round engraved $895

9ct back & front lockets early 20th Century 3


French Diamond ‘Toi-et-moi’, you and me Early 20th Century $5,450

French Platinum Two-stone Art-Deco plaque $12,500

French Platinum Baguette & Brilliant Cluster Mid-20th Century $19,950

1940’s French Platinum and 18ct Diamond Ring $12,850

French 18ct & Silver Onyx, Diamond & Pearl Locket circa 1860 $5,950 18ct French chain circa 1885 $2,385 9ct English Rose Cut Diamond mid to late 1800s $2,650

French Onyx & Diamond circa 1920 $1,850


Art-Nouveau Diamond Earrings $1,850 Pendant $1,695

18ct French Chain $1,850

18ct French Early 20th Century $2,985, $1,295

Art Nouveau Ring $6,950, 15ct English drops circa 1890 $1,595


Magnificent Original Victorian Half Hoop English origins circa 1885 POA 7


Platinum Tapered Baguette & RBC French Solitaire circa 1950 $4,250 Platinum French Five Stone Mid-Twentieth Century $5,985 18ct Solitaire with Old European Cut Diamond $7,850

15ct English earrings top-bottom $3,250, $2,650, $3,450

18ct Original French Double tassle with enamel, pearl and green gold sliders circa 1870 $5,950

Antique poodle with gem set eyes $1,150

18ct French multi gold tassle earrings late 1800s L$4,650, R$3,450





$895 Early 20th Century Silver Chain $945

English Silver Lockets & Pendants late 19th Century

Buckle jewellery - a symbol of strength, protection and binding loyalty. Victorian period bangles Top to Bottom $895, $985, $1,085

Niello bracelets Top $1,395, Bottom $1,095


Silver & applied gold antiques Earrings $795, Locket $1,295, Bangle $895 Brooch $395


$245 $595

Silver collar and photo locket circa 1879 $2,500

Victorian bracelet $1,295



Q3037 $199 Miss Dunn Icicle Drops

Q3029 $299 Miss Dunn Icicle Bracelet (also available in pink)


Q3068 $559 Miss Dunn Goddess Chain in Gold (also available in Silver)

Q3042 $195 Miss Dunn Spike Petal Drop Earring in Golden Shadow (also available in silver tone)

Q3055 $195 Miss Dunn Gold Tone Swarovski Set Wrist Cuff (also available in pink gold tone) (also available in white crystal & metal tone)

Q3061 $199 Miss Dunn Gold Leather wristlet with Golden Shadow

Q3040 $139 Miss Dunn Fili Stud top Drops with Silk Swarovski Crystals (also available in silver tone) (also available in pacific opal & gold)



Q3031 $159 Fili Satin Finish Pacific Opal Teardrops

Q3058 $99 Miss Dunn Golden Tone Leaf Cuff with Turquoise Highlight

Q2976 $59 Chysolite Opal Swarovski Teardrops

Q3060 $199 Miss Dunn Choc Leather & Pacific Opal Wristlet Q2963 $89 Chrysolite Opal Swarovski French Twist


Q3035 $199 Miss Dunn Cascade Drops (also available in silver tone)

Q3036 $125 Miss Dunn Frost Drops

Q3047 $189 Miss Dunn Bronze Leather Clip Bracelet with Golden Shadow

Q3045 $199 Miss Dunn Stretch Topaz & Golden Tassle Q3071 $549 Miss Dunn Collier Swarovski Shades of Pink



Q3080 $799 Multi Strand Murano glass and Swarovski Elements Silver, Turquoise, Green & Purple Shade Waterfall Necklace MADE IN PARIS


Q3083 $375 Swarovski Elements Bronze, Coral and Fuschia ‘Edelweiss’ Clip-on Earrings (also available in turquoise & green) MADE IN PARIS

Q3077 $349 Silver Swarovski Elements Crystal ‘Tiare’ earrings with Clip-on Fitting. MADE IN PARIS

Q3078 $499 Silver tone Icicle ‘Arty’ Wrist Cuff MADE IN PARIS 17


Q3041 $119 Miss Dunn Gold Sparkle Fili and Matte Black Drops

Q3052 $279 Miss Dunn Cuff with Golden Sparkle, Filigree and Matte Black

Q3049 $199 Choc Leather Golden Shadow Leaf Charms

Q3072 $245 ‘He who holds the key’

Q3051 $149 Gold Plaque Black Leather Clip 18

Q2973 $59 MINIS Q2960 $99 MED DROPS

Q2969 $99 LONG DROPS Q2993 $89 RING French Cameo Collection

Q2570 $245 Large Etruscan Pearl & Crystal Flower Spray Brooch/Pendant.

Etruscan Collection Large Oval Etruscan Crystal and Black Diamond Dress Ring. Q2569 $225

Q2520 $99 Etruscan Large Claw Set Swarovski Drop Earrings.

Q2541 $179 Etruscan Large Round Double Row Cluster Drops with Pearl Centre.

Q2514 $79 Teardrop Swarovski Crystal Etruscan Drop Earrings.

Q2554 $135 Etruscan Large Round Cluster Ring.


Early signed French articulated 18ct Swallow $5,985 BRISBANE CITY Shop 7, Tattersall’s Arcade Cnr Queen & Edward Streets p.3221 1588 TOOWOOMBA 175 Margaret Street p.4632 8670 Errors & Omissions Excepted. Some items enlarged to show detail. Printing process may slightly alter colours. Prices subject to change.

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