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Shiv Mistry MIS11326932 Project 04

BRAND VALUES - Purity - Playfulness




- Sound - Interaction - Shape - The 4 Elements

Unto This Last

Anish Kapoor

Story Deli


Lom Bok


Idea Generation

Initially, I started by generating ideas that replicated the concept of nature as part of my focus on natural elements and the brand value of purity.


I focused on the floor of the exhbition stand, trying to create the sounds and feel of walking through a forest with mud and leaves. I also had the idea to display the furniture as if it was growing from the ground, highlighting purity.

After exploring purity by nature, I wanted to explore science and in doing so came across ferrofluid. This is a magnetic liquid which, for me, instantly resembled both the brand values purity and playfulness.


I immediately looked for ways in which this would apply to the brief and started by simply sketching out various shapes for containers, which the ferrofluid could be kept in. I considered creating a glass A stool to contain the fluid.


Sketching initial shapes led me onto the symbolism behind by sketches. For me a sphere is the most pure shape, relating to the curvature of the earth and planets., a symbol of natural purity.


Having played around with the shape, I prototyped the idea of placing the raw plywood form of the furniture range, in spheres along with the ferrofluid. The reasoning here being to strip the colour away to emphasise the raw form.

As a focus for my idea, the furniture would be placed in glass spheres, one for each piece, and the audience would be able to interact with it by using a magnetic wand to feel as though they were revealing the purity of the stool by removing the colour (ferrofluid)


Proposal Stand

The exhibition stand I presented to Alex (Company) featured no walls as for me I felt this represented the purity of outdoor space, relating back to the aprroach of nature. It also featured a black and white scheme.


Promotional Material

Black and white are commonly understood as pure, keeping the stand looking spacious and emphasising the featured playfulness of the glass domes and the furniture that would be on display adjacent to the spheres.

A playful idea, before I came across the ferrofluid, was to create pop up business cards that featured the furniture, a description and a QR code to direct the user to the ByAlex website. This could also apply to a leaflet (above)



Having presented my idea, I recieved positive feedback with an emphasis on linking my promotional material to the ferrofluid and to define a tag line.


Idea Changes

I also looked for further feedback on how to improve the exhibition stand (yellow notes) after attending a tutorial session with Paul Jackson. I found this insightful and it gave me more areas to explore, using the ferrofluid.

Working on my feedback I came across thermo-sensitive ink which reacts to body temperature, revealing an image, and immediately linked it to the ink and purity of the ferrofluid idea, designing a business card and poster to use the ink.


I also worked on a strapline, using a play on the two brand values to construct a meaningful term. ‘Purely playful’ keeps the two values but emphasises the playful aspect more which, for me, is a representation of the ferrofluid use.

Final Proposal


Magnets on the legs of the ByAlex furniture range allow people to move the stools over the glass flooring.

The magnets cause the ink to follow the stool wherever the user decides to move it. The idea is to use the ink to reveal the purity of the furniture, with the ink being a representation of the colour that covers the furniture range.

The ink is attracted to the magnet on the bottom the of the A range. This is an emphasis on the natural plywood material that the furniture is made from.

The glass flooring and no walls emphasise the purity and space of an outdoor atmosphere extending to the experience of a playground with apparatus that can be used.


I found working on this brief to be a challenging experience. As a project it was completely different from what I normally work on which gave me the opportunity to extend my style to a new format and subject matter.


The learning experience showed me that there was more to an idea than what meets the eye and this is what I feel is represented in what I personally consider, a successful project as an addition to my portfolio.

ByAlex Exhibition Stand Design