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breathe. stretch. relax. repeat.

Summer 2006

Rolling Right… by Amir

Why do we roll to the right side after Savasana? I’ve heard many different answers, ranging from physiological to symbolic; the answer depends on the tradition in which it originated. I have my own reasons for instructing students to roll right (which I’ll get to later), but in all honesty, I’ve experimented with this and can’t tell the difference and suspect that most other yogis can’t either. So for now, let’s just say it’s about tradition.

Here’s an example of one tradition that I’ve heard. In many parts of the world, the right side is “clean” and the left side is “dirty” — so you pick up garbage with your “dirty” left hand but greet somebody by shaking with your right “clean” hand. So rolling to your right is rolling to the “clean” side. In energy terms, I’ve heard that rolling to the right keeps the Ida Nadi (the nadi that corresponds to cooling energy) active, which would encourage more passive, receptive, open, and creative modalities as you come out of Savasana. I suspect that if you wanted to come out in a more energized or “warm” state, you’d roll to the left side (Pingala Nadi) which would encourage a more doing, active, and analytical state. Somehow, I suspect that there are some that would say the drastic change in energy by rolling to the left is not good for you for whatever reason, but I’ve never seen anybody explode from doing it. Personally, I think it’s probably safe to experiment. Physiologically, I’ve heard that since your heart is on the left, when you roll to the right, there’s less pressure on your heart. I've also heard a similar logic as “the heart pumps from the right ventricle to the left. After lying quietly for some length of time it's better to turn to the right so it fills and can then pump to the left.”

However, I’ve also heard that the order in which your heart's chambers fill puts more pressure on the heart when rolling to the right — so that’d be a vote for rolling left. I’d also think that rolling to the left would be easier on the digestive system — I’m just using similar logic with the heart for a different body system, but it makes sense to me.


At this point, you may be wondering that if I’m not sold on the reasons for rolling to the right, why do I tell my students to do this? Well, first there’s the practical reason — when everybody rolls to the right, there’s less chance of crashing into the person next to you. However, the real reason that I do is more subtle and maybe hard to accept as real for some. That reason is that when everybody rolls in the same direction, a nice wave of energy flows through the room, as opposed to a chaotic turbulent wave when everybody rolls in a random fashion. It’s similar to the effect of everybody in the room chanting OM at the same pitch: it creates a powerful resonant wave that moves through you.

Virabhadrasana One (Warrior One) by Annie

Unlike the many poses in yoga named for geometric shapes, animals, or other things found in nature, this pose is named for the fierce warrior Virabhadra, described as having a thousand heads, a thousand eyes, a thousand feet, wielding a thousand clubs, and wearing a tiger’s skin. Most yoga students at some point along the way learn that the first of the ten “rules for living” set forth in the yoga sutras (the first written distillation of yogic teachings) is ahimsa, or non-violence. So what is a pose named for a belligerent beast doing in our repertoire? And not just one pose, but three of them!

The Bhagavad Gita provides one answer. This revered text is a conversation between Arjuna, a young warrior, and Krishna, an incarnation of God, posing as his charioteer. Arjuna is fearful of the consequences of battle and worried about his role in the war (after all, the enemy includes members of his own family). Krishna tells him that it’s too late to question his role — fate has already assigned him the duty to fight. He explains that the point is not the fight itself, but his equanimity of mind during the fight, regardless of its outcome. He must fight and fight well, but not necessarily to triumph. “Those whose consciousness is unified abandon all attachment to the results of action and attain peace. They live in abiding joy.” Get grounded and lifted Stand in tadasana. Make sure both feet are pointing straight forward, with outer edges parallel. Find the bottom of an exhale, and firm your belly back toward your spine. As the next inhale draws in, lift and broaden through the collarbones and get as tall as you can, all the way up through the crown of your head. As you exhale, allow your shoulder blades to descend toward your waist, and your tailbone to drop toward the floor. Create a comfortable stance On the next inhale, step the right foot back about 3 to 4 feet, depending on (in increasing order of importance) how long your legs are, how flexible your hips are, and how steady you feel on your feet. A shorter stance makes the pose more accessible for shortness, unsteadiness, or tightness; likewise, a wider stance for the opposite. Let steadiness be the first priority, just as in anything else.


Virabhadrasana One (Warrior One) continued

Protect your knees The front foot should still be facing straight forward, the back foot should be angled forward about 45 degrees. A good rule of thumb is that the toes, knee, and hip point of the back leg should all be pointing the same direction, mostly to protect the back knee from getting torqued. In order to protect the front knee, make sure the quadriceps (front thigh muscles) are firm on the bent leg, and the knee is tracking directly over the middle toes. Do not allow the front knee to move further forward than the ankle; rather, stand it directly above the ankle with a vertical shin. More flexibility in the hips will allow the front thigh to be parallel to the floor, but will require a wider stance.

Square your hips Take your hands to your hips at the crest of the pelvis. Gently draw the hips down toward the floor, and feel the sides of your torso lengthen, creating lots of space between the top rim of the pelvis and the bottom ribs. Now square the front of your pelvis as much as possible with the front of your mat, again by gently drawing the hips into place. The hip of the front leg moves slightly back, and the hip of the back leg moves slightly forward (but keeping in line with the knee and the toes). Remember that these can be very subtle adjustments. Don’t look for anything too dramatic, and certainly remember that the steadiness and the breath are what make the difference between doing a yoga pose and simply moving your body around. Like Krishna advises Arjuna, surrender attachment to any particular outcome.


Opening up Return awareness to the breathing, allowing the exhale to relax the tops of your shoulders away from your ears. Keep this space long and free through the neck as you once again find the bottom of your exhale, and firm your belly in and up. As the next inhale comes, enliven your arms all the way down through your fingertips, and then sweep your arms forward and all the way up to the ceiling. If it feels right for your neck, turn your gaze up; otherwise, simply look forward. If it feels right for your shoulders, bring your palms together above your head; otherwise, keep the arms parallel to each other.

Protect your lower back The key is to keep the belly engaged, which allows the deepest abdominal muscles to hug and support the lumbar spine. In doing so, the tailbone continues to descend away from the waist and down toward the floor, creating lots of space between the lumbar vertebrae. This also strengthens the standing pose, as the tailbone’s descent continues energetically through the legs, into the floor, into the earth. The grounding channels are cleared, and the pose is connected both downward through the legs and feet and back upward through the open heart and shoulders.

Modifications For unmedicated high blood pressure or shoulder injuries, choose a different variation for the arms: palms together in front of the heart; or arms straight out to the side, parallel to the floor; or arms bent at the elbow 90 degrees in a cactus shape. It’s always an option to simply rest the arms down by your sides.

Present your heart Observe your shoulder blades with your mind’s eye. As they draw down your back, create the sense that they are receiving the heart and holding it up for all to see. In this way, the pose becomes an expression of an open heart, protected by the strength and valor of the limbs. This is the yoga in the pose, creating an environment in the body that can hold its center in the midst of opposing energies: the warrior’s commanding stance, and the spiritual seeker’s true devotion.

Come out carefully On an exhale, release the arms down by your sides if they’re still raised. On an inhale, shift your weight onto the front foot. In order to maintain your steadiness as you make the transition back to tadasana, look where you plan to step before you move there. On your next exhale, push off the back foot and step gracefully forward. Don’t forget to do the second side: equanimity in our bodies goes a long way toward helping us find the same in our hearts and minds.

Teacher Feature – Summer 2006 Meet Mara Burk

Describe your path into yoga. When I was a teenager I took up jogging. I would run for physical fitness, as a way of dealing with stress, and for the meditative trance into which I fell from the repetitive motion of putting one foot in front of the other. My mind enjoyed the experience; sadly, my body did not. After 18 years of running my body rebelled, no longer able to deal with the impact of a run; too many years in high heels and not enough stretching found me in my early 30’s with crippling arthritis and a ruptured disc in my low back. As I recovered from two back surgeries, I was overwhelmed by an unfathomable sadness. It took me another six months before I awakened to the knowledge that I was mourning my meditative running practice. Wanting to avoid daily pain medication to combat the effects of arthritis, I knew I would have to find an alternative. I found my way to my first yoga class in 1994 — arthritic, stiff, and not the least bit fluid; I finished that first class and found joy, self perception and humor. You mention humor & joy. How did you find those? Imagine the rusty old Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz next to you in class — I was he & he was me. I wouldn’t be surprised if the creaking was audible, and not just in the first class! This was the image that came to me, but instead of being discouraged by the lovely poses around me (because when you are as stiff as I was , everyone else looks liquid), I was laughing at myself and inspired by those around me. I felt better moving and expanding. May I tell you — that first Savasana was positively heavenly.

How long have you been teaching and what inspired you to teach? I’ve been teaching since 2000. When I began teaching, my inspiration to teach was the desire to give back of the experience I so enjoyed. I wanted to make yoga accessible to everyone. I would have to say my teaching continues to evolve with my inspiration now coming from the people attending the classes. I love the energy as it moves through people as they practice together, the “ah ha” moments — sometimes those of achievement, other times depth of understanding, many times moments of peace.

You talk about “making yoga accessible to everyone.” How so? I really enjoy teaching “All Levels” classes. People come in with whatever “body” they’ve been gifted with that day — aches or pains, illnesses, varying body types, feeling 100% and/or different levels of yoga experience. I use props to allow students to find their comfort zone in a particular asana. I encourage them to ask questions or request modifications, thus hopefully increasing body awareness and being present in the moment. Sometimes seeing an instructor need modifications gives permission for people to be where they are and open to receive the benefits of the practice. I spend a great deal of time coaching “the breath” as a practice of awareness — where is it, how are you using it, what sensations are you experiencing. Awareness of the breath further centers one in the body, facilitating health and well-being. And how is your health now after a dozen years of yoga? I still have some “Tin Man” mornings, particularly when it is cold and damp. Fluidity usually returns after a few gentle Sun Salutes with focused Pranayama. I’m a big believer in walking meditation and try to walk at least four times a week along with my yoga practice. I also find laughter, humor and gratitude to be immensely healing.

Who are you when you’re not teaching? Like everyone, my hats are many — I am a wife, mother of two, glass artist, friend, and always a yogini!


Upcoming Workshops















7/3, 7/5-7/7 9:30-12:30














Yoga Retreat in Montana

JJ Gormley & Baxter Bell

Tweens Yoga Camp, Ages 10-15

Mara & Cynthia

Kids Yoga Camp

Restore With Amir

Joyce Cmiel & Virginia Woodhead


$120.00 $90.00



Katie Banfield


12:30-2:30pm Arl

Yoga Food & Fire

Alex Levin


Veggie Potluck

Katie Banfield

12:30-2:30pm Arl All Day



Laureen Smith

Jackie Shaffer & staff


Wed-Sun 8/2-8/6

All Day


300-hr Mod B Intensive

Jackie Shaffer & Tanya or JJ





Exploring Ashtanga

Katie Banfield


700 hr Mod I Intensive

Sat Sat




7/15 7/22


Wed-Sun 7/26-7/30


Wed-Sun 8/9-8/13 Sat

8/19 8/19

All Day 6-7pm




Universal Yoga and the Dance of Shiva Meditation for Beginners 300-hr Mod A Intensive

300-hr Mod C Intensive

Veggie Potluck

Rixie Dennison

Asya Haikin & Alex Levin

Katie Banfield

$25.00 N/C



$550.00 $25.00 N/C



Mon-Thur 9/25-9/28

All Day varies


Please see our website for further details.

Workshop w/Kausthub

JJ Gormley

Kausthub Desikachar


• 300-hour-Hatha Teaching Certificate Begin this program at any time throughout the year and start taking weekend workshops to fulfill program requirements. • 700-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Certificate Continued study of how to teach more advanced yoga poses (Level 3 & 4) and learn more of the esoteric practices, philosophy and spiritual beliefs of yoga.

• Therapeutic Certificate An additional course of study of how to use yoga as a holistic mind/body practice that examines out physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual makeup. Sun & Moon’s Teacher Certification programs are registered with The Yoga Alliance.


Class Descriptions, Resources and Staff

Ashtanga: Synchronizes a set sequence of yoga postures, yogic breathing and the practice of mula and uddiyana bandhas (energy locks) to produce an internal heat. The poses are done in rapid succession, making this a flowing and vigorous workout. This class is not recommended for beginners. Deepening Your Practice: Each class explores a specific topic related to a yoga pose, body part, philosophy or whatever comes to mind. The class emphasizes the significance of the topic and how it integrates physically and psychologically into our being. This class is practical for all levels; however, the student must complete one full session of Level 1 at SMYS before taking this class. Level 1: Learn the fundamentals and relax. This class can be joined at any time during the session. Level 2: Refine the basics and gain more awareness of the body through more advanced breath work.

*Level 3: Progress to advanced standing and seated poses and begin integrating inversions.

*Level 4: Intensify your strong asana practice by developing a deeper internal understanding of yoga. Must be comfortable with deep back bending and inversions.

All Levels: Appropriate for all students, this class introduces the basics and challenges more advanced students.

Combination Classes: For the student who doesn’t quite feel ready to move on to the next level, but is trying to ease forward slowly, combination classes (i.e. Level 1-2) provide the avenue to do so.

Gentle: Introductory poses at a slow pace. This class is ideal for beginning students and students with health concerns. Kids Yoga: A fun class for children 3-6 to begin playing with yoga.

Meditation Group: A general survey and practice of various meditation philosophies and practices. Open to beginners and advanced students alike. No registration necessary.

Parent/Child: Practice yoga with your children ages 5-12 and have fun learning yoga together. This light-hearted class is designed to be playful and to help build motor coordination, balance and strength. Yoga practice also helps children to reduce stress in their lives.

Parent/Toddler: This is a class for parents and toddlers to have fun exploring yoga together.

Pilates 1: This exercise system focuses on correct breathing, posture and core strengthening. No admittance after week three without permission of the instructor.

Pilates 2: The progression in this class is faster than in Pilates 1 and provides an energetic, full body workout. Prior Pilates experience necessary. Post-Natal Yoga: The focus of this class is on supporting the new mom in relating to both her own new body and her new baby. Babies are welcome!

Pre-Natal Yoga: An all-levels course that will support and empower expectant mothers. The focus is on easing aches and pains and making the body comfortable during pregnancy.

Teach the Teacher/Parent: This class has been developed especially for those who teach children. The class will include yoga poses, games, breathing and relaxation practices. Handouts and ways to incorporate all of these in a classroom or learning environment will be included. No previous yoga experience necessary— all levels of teachers/educators welcomed! Parents Too!

Teens Yoga: For the adolescent yogi we offer teens class (age 12-18) focusing on a playful, yet disciplined practice of asana, pranayama and relaxation. Yoga can help stressed out young people to increase focus, self-esteem and personal awareness.

*Vinyasa 1: A challenging practice that builds stamina and strength through a faster-paced flow. Students must have some yoga experience.

*Vinyasa 2: Adding more advanced poses to the fast pace of Vinyasa 1, this class is open to level 2+ students ready to test their focus and core strength.

Yoga for Arthritis A special 4-week class with gentle yoga stretches to increase flexibility of the joints, increase balance and increase strength. Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques will be used to help relax the body and mind. Although geared toward people who have arthritis this class is for anyone who is looking for a gentle stretch. Yoga for Athletes: Targets the improvement of flexibility, balance and coordination. The focus of this class is on counteraction of muscle imbalances brought up by athletic training, restoration of healthy posture, and increased body awareness. No one is too inflexible to be in this class, beginners and “gym” athletes are welcome!

Yoga for the Feet: Join Rixie and get to know your feet intimately! Use yoga poses to strengthen, add flexibility, balance and proper alignment to your body while you learn simple therapeutic techniques to help plantar faciaitis, flat feet, bunions, and hammer toes.

Yoga for People with Cancer/Yoga for Recovery: These slow paced classes will be a combination of yogic breathing, and deep relaxation combined with gentle movement to restore strength, range of motion and vitality. The practice will be modified for individual needs.

Yoga for Tweens: This class is suitable for that special in-between age from 10-15, no matter what their skill level. We will introduce poses to increase flexibility and strength, develop coordination and posture and learn how to relax.

* These classes require completion of at least two quarters of the previous level and permission of the teacher before registering. TEACHER BIOS

For a listing of Sun and Moon teachers, please go to our website at and click on “about sun & moon” and then “our teachers”.

VOLUNTEER STAFF We just couldn’t do it without these helpers. Thank you all!!

Agi Fry, Anne Meador, Ashlee Richey, Barb Lewis, Belkis Hazera, Carole Rodero, Cynthia Maltenfort, Dana Cook, Dawn Savitski, Deb Martin, Debbie Kidd, Debi Davis, Deborah Gribbin, Deborah McKay, Dee Seymour, Desiree Garcia, Elizabeth (Lib) Row, Gail M Wood, Gwen Paulson, Gwen Stone, Harriet Snope, Heather Humphrey, Ingrid Resch, Jackie Zovko, Jacquelyn, King, Jeritta, Jessica Althaus, Jessica Woolard, Jevene Summers, Julie Manuel, Kamala Mohammed, Kara Bowling, Kay Flanagan, Kristin Golias, Lea Gaffen, Lee Meinke, Linda Becker, Linda Kleckner, Linda Sultan, Lindsay Salins, Lisa Gunther, Lynne Mavracic, Maria Smith, Mary Blackwell, Mary Jane Vizachero, Mary Owen, Michelle Knapp, Murli Dhage, Olynda D’Alesandro, Pauline Howard, Phyllis Haney, Rebecca Ferree, Rita Bartolo, Sandra Kilburn, Sharon Safran, Stacey Lasseter, Stephanie Roth, Susan Hennessy, Susan M.Jelinek, Theresa Esterlund, Theresa Prych, Colin Haller.

Volunteer at one of our studios in exchange for yoga classes! Shift availability varies. Please check with the studio in which you’d like to volunteer. Call the studio at 703.525.9642.

STAFF: Lee Bory, Carol Confino, Noralea Dalkin, Arlene Greenfield, Honora Price and Amir Tahami.


Class Schedule

Sun & Moon Yoga Studio is

a place for people to experience and study yoga. We

believe in a holistic approach to the study of yoga, giving

our students a well-rounded

yoga education, bringing in teachers with an eclectic background of yoga.

We believe in combining

alignment techniques of the

body with breath techniques

for calming and balancing

the mind and the belief and

faith that our work feeds us

and is fed by the (spirit) Divine Universal Energy present in us all and in all things.

First Class Free!

Sun & Moon Yoga Studio offers each new student the first class free. You may want to give this coupon to a friend who wants to try yoga. Bring this coupon to the studio for your first class free!

breathe. stretch. relax. repeat.

Arlington • Fairfax City Rappahannock 703.525.YOGA (9642) 8

Time SUNDAY 9-10:30am 9-10:30am 10:45am-noon 10:45am-12:15pm 12:30-2pm 3-4:30pm 3:15-4:45pm 5-6:30pm 5-6pm 6:30pm-7:30pm MONDAY 7-8am 10-11:15am 10:15-11:45am noon-1:15pm 4:30-6pm 4:30-6pm 6:15-7:45pm 6:15-7:45pm 8-9:30pm 8-9:15pm TUESDAY 10-11:30am 10:15-11:45am noon-1:30pm 3-4pm 4:30-6pm 4:45-6pm 6:15-7:45pm 6:15–7:45pm 6:15-7:30pm 8-9:15pm 8-9:30pm

WEDNESDAY 7-8am 9:30-11am 10-11:15 noon-1pm 1-2:15pm 4:30-6pm 4:30-6pm 5:30-7pm 6:15-7:30pm 6:15-7:45pm 8-9:30pm 8–9:30pm

THURSDAY 10:30am-noon 10:30-11:45am 1:30-2:15pm 4:30-6pm 5-6pm 6:15-7:45pm 6:15-7:30pm 8-9:30pm 8-9:15pm FRIDAY 10-11:15am 10:15-11:45am noon-1pm 1:15-2:15pm 4:30-6pm 6:15-7:45pm 6:30-8pm SATURDAY 8-9am 9-10:30am 9:15-10:30am 9:15-10:15am 10:45-12:15pm 10:45-12:15pm





9-Jul 9-Jul 9-Jul 9-Jul 9-Jul 9-Jul 9-Jul 9-Jul 9-Jul 9-Jul


$120.00 $120.00 $112.00 $120.00 $120.00 $120.00 $120.00 $120.00 $104.00 Donation


All Levels Level 2/3 Level 1 Pre-natal Yoga for Athletes Ashtanga Pre-natal Level 2 Teen Yoga Meditation

Enid/Phyllis Laura Dillon Enid/Phyllis Allegra Gulino Alfia Khabullina Jessica Harris Maureen/Vicki Deborah McKay Jessica Harris Various teachers


All Levels Level 1 Level 2 Gentle Level 2 Level 2/3 Level 4 Level 2 Vinyasa 1/2 Level 1

Pauline Howard Jackie Shaffer Asya Haikin Asya Haikin Gayle Fleming Jackie Shaffer Alex Levin Amir Lilly Draney Amir

10-Jul 10-Jul 10-Jul 10-Jul 10-Jul 10-Jul 10-Jul 10-Jul 10-Jul 10-Jul

$104.00 $112.00 $120.00 $112.00 $120.00 $120.00 $120.00 $120.00 $120.00 $112.00


All Levels Level 1/2 Level 2/3 Gentle Level 2 Level 1 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1 Level 1 Level 2/3

Gayle Fleming Annie/Judith Annie/Judith Alex Levin Jackie Shaffer Diana Herskovitz Asya Haikin Jackie Shaffer Laura Dillon Asya Haikin Laura Dillon

11-Jul 11-Jul 11-Jul 11-Jul 11-Jul 11-Jul 11-Jul 11-Jul 11-Jul 11-Jul 11-Jul

$120.00 $120.00 $120.00 $104.00 $120.00 $112.00 $120.00 $120.00 $112.00 $112.00 $120.00


All Levels Level 2 Level 1 Pilates Level 1 Vinyasa Gentle Level 2/3 Vinyasa Level 1 Level 2 Level 1/2 Level 3

Pauline Howard Jackie Shaffer Phyllis Haney Zahra Sadry Michele Renfield Pauline Howard Annie Moyer Alexes Pereira Jackie Shaffer Andrea Kiss Heather Humphrey Amir

12-Jul 12-Jul 12-Jul 12-Jul 12-Jul 12-Jul 12-Jul 12-Jul 12-Jul 12-Jul 12-Jul 12-Jul

$104.00 $120.00 $112.00 $104.00 $112.00 $120.00 $120.00 $120.00 $112.00 $120.00 $120.00 $120.00


Level 2 Level 1 Kids Yoga 3-6 yrs Level 2 Pilates - All Levels Level 2/4 Yoga - All Levels Ashtanga Level 1

Alex Levin Annie Moyer Allegra Gulino Suzanne Morgan Zahra Sadry Alex/Jackie Zahra Sadry Jessica Harris Michelle Renfield

13-Jul 13-Jul 13-Jul 13-Jul 13-Jul 13-Jul 13-Jul 13-Jul 13-Jul

$120.00 $112.00 $80.00 $120.00 $104.00 $120.00 $112.00 $120.00 $112.00


Level 1 Level 2/3 Post-natal Vinyasa 1 Gentle Level 3 Pre-natal

Jackie Shaffer Laura Dillon Allegra Gulino Allegra Gulino Pauline Howard Suzanne Morgan Maureen/Beth E.

14-Jul 14-Jul 14-Jul 14-Jul 14-Jul 14-Jul 14-Jul

$112.00 $120.00 $104.00 $104.00 $120.00 $120.00 $120.00


Pilates Level 1/2 All Levels Level 1/2 Pilates Level 1 Level 2/3 Level 1/2

Zahra Sadry Suzanne Morgan Amir Zahra Sadry Amir Gayle Fleming

15-Jul 15-Jul 15-Jul 15-Jul 15-Jul 15-Jul

$104.00 $120.00 $112.00 $104.00 $120.00 $120.00


Time SUNDAY 9:15-10:30am 10:45am-12:15pm 5:45-6:45pm 7-8pm

MONDAY 10-11:30am 11:45-12:45pm 4:45-6pm 6-7:15pm 6:15-7:45pm 7:30-9pm 8:00-9:15pm TUESDAY 7-8:00am 10-11:30am 11-12:30pm 4:30-6pm 6:15-7:45pm 6:15-7:30pm 7:45-9:15pm 8-9:15pm

WEDNESDAY 10:15-11:45am 10-11am 12-1:30pm 12-1:30pm







Level 1 Level 2/3 Yoga for Teens Meditation

Amir/Asya Amir/Asya Cynthia Maltenfort Jon Waterman

9-Jul 9-Jul 9-Jul 9-Jul

$112.00 $120.00 $104.00 Donation

All Levels Gentle All Levels Level 1 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1

Mara Burk Mara Burk Pauline/Allegra Rixie Dennison Pauline/Allegra Rixie Dennison Carol Confino

10-Jul 10-Jul 10-Jul 10-Jul 10-Jul 10-Jul 10-Jul

$120.00 $104.00 $112.00 $112.00 $120.00 $120.00 $112.00


All Levels Level 2/3 Level 4 Level 1/2 Level 2 Vinyasa 1 Level 2/3 Level 1

Mara Burk Noralea Dalkin Alex Levin Rixie Dennison Rixie Dennison Kelly Johnson Pauline/Allegra Donya Bauer

11-Jul 11-Jul 11-Jul 11-Jul 11-Jul 11-Jul 11-Jul 11-Jul

$104.00 $120.00 $120.00 $120.00 $120.00 $112.00 $120.00 $112.00


Deepening Your Practice Parent/Child Yoga for Arthritis (4 Week Class)

Yoga for the Feet (4 Week Class)


Rixie Dennison Mara Burk Carol Confino

12-Jul 12-Jul 12-Jul-2-Aug

$120.00 $104.00 $60.00


Rixie Dennison




4:00-5:00 pm 4:15-5:45pm 6-7:30pm 6:30-8:30pm 7:45-9pm

Tweens Yoga Gentle Yoga Level 2 Level 2/3 and up Level 1

Cynthia Maltenfort Noralea Dalkin Carol Confino Pat Pao Carol Confino

12-Jul 12-Jul 12-Jul 12-Jul 12-Jul

$104.00 $120.00 $120.00 $160.00 $112.00


6:15-7:45pm 6-7:00pm

All Levels Level 3 All Levels Teach the Teacher/Parent Level 2/3 Parent/Child

Mara Burk Judith/Noralea Carol Confino Cynthia Maltenfort

13-Jul 13-Jul 13-Jul 13-Jul

$104.00 $120.00 $120.00 $120.00


THURSDAY 7-8am 10-11:30am 10-11:30am noon-1:30pm

7:15-8:30pm 8-9:30

Prenatal All Levels

Maureen Vasquez Audra Monk

13-Jul 13-Jul

$120.00 $112.00 $77.00 $112.00 $120.00

11:45-1:15pm 1:30-2:45pm

All Levels Deepening Your Practice Yoga for Recovery Level 1

Mara Burk Rixie Dennison

14-Jul 14-Jul

$120.00 $120.00


Level 2 Level 1 Pilates Level 1/2

Andrea Kiss Andrea Kiss Zahra Sadry

15-Jul 15-Jul 15-Jul

$120.00 $112.00 $104.00


FRIDAY 10-11:30am 10:15-11:45am

SATURDAY 9-10:30am 10:45am-noon 11-noon

(2nd child)

Pauline/Allegra Audra Monk

13-Jul 13-Jul


Noralea D/Cynthia M. 14-Jul Cynthia Maltenfort 14-Jul

$120.00 $112.00

Rappahannock Studio Summer 2006 July 9-Sept. 2 (8 weeks) Please call Mary O’Meara for information or see the website. Mary O’Meara: 540.825.1215 or Rappahannock classes are $10 per class for registered students and $12 for drop ins. MONDAY 9:30-11am

WEDNESDAY 5:45-7:15pm FRIDAY 9:30-11am

All Levels




All Levels




All Levels

Mary/K. Johnston






From Rt. 66 heading East: Take Exit 72 (Spout Run/Lee Hwy). Turn left onto Lee Hwy. Continue on Lee Hwy. until you reach your 3rd light. Turn right onto N. Pollard. The studio is on Lee Hwy. on the right in a small strip of stores.

From GW Parkway/Alexandria: Take the Spout Run Exit (left exit) off GW Parkway. Turn right onto Lee Hwy. Continue on Lee Hwy. and at the fourth light turn right onto N. Pollard. Park in lot on your right. The studio will be on Lee Hwy. in a small strip of stores. FAIRFAX CITY STUDIO 9998 Main Street Fairfax, VA 22031

From Rt. 29/211: Take 236 East (Main Street). Pass downtown Fairfax City. We’re located on the left in Main Street Plaza.

From I495: Take Rt. 236 West (Little River Turnpike). Little River Turnpike turns into Main Street. We’re located on the right in Main Street Plaza.

From Rt. 123: Take Rt. 236 East (Main Street). We’re located on the left in Main Street Plaza. RAPPAHANNOCK STUDIO P.O. Box 348 Sperryville, VA 22740

Classes are held at the Belle Meade Inn. For directions, see their website at or call Mary O’Meara at 540.825.1215.

While this schedule is current as of the printing, there may be changes prior to and after the start of the Summer session. Please check our website at for the most up to date information.


Registration Information

Registration Information To register, please read all of our policy information before filling out the registration form on the following page. If you have any questions, please call the studio at (703) 525-9642. We accept beginners or new students at any time throughout the session as long as space is available in your class choice. If you are joining the session late, your tuition will be prorated based on the chart below.

Students new to our studio receive their first class free by presenting the free class coupon provided in this newsletter.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, checks or cash. We do not accept registrations by phone. A $20 fee will be charged for checks returned to Sun & Moon. If you fax in a credit card registration, please do not mail a copy — you may be charged twice. Sorry, we do not call to confirm registrations. However, we will call if the class you requested is full.

Fees Registered Students Class Length Prorated fee per class* 45 minutes $10 1 hour $13 1 hour 15 min $14 1 hour 30 min $15 2 hours $20 *To receive the prorated fee, you must pay for a minimum of 6 classes. Drop-ins/Non-registered Students Class Length Fee per class 1 hour or less $15 More than 1 hour $18 Arlington students send payment and registration to: 3811 Lee Highway, Arlington VA 22207 Fax: 703-525-5524

Fairfax City students send payment and registration to: 9998 Main Street, Fairfax, VA 22031 Fax: 703-934-9481

Rappahannock students send payment and registration to: P.O. Box 348, Sperryville, VA 22740 Fax: 703-934-9481 Register Early Registrations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Please register early to avoid disappointment.


Make-ups If you miss a class, you may make it up in any other yoga class within the current session. Classes cancelled due to inclement weather may be made up during the session. Call the studio or visit our website to find out if your class has been cancelled. (For your safety, when making up classes we ask that you stay at the same or lower level yoga class.) You do not need to call ahead to do a make-up, however, you should inform the teacher that you are taking their class as a make-up for your regular class. Make-ups may also be done at the Health Advantage Yoga Center, Willow Street Yoga Center or Boundless Yoga Studio under our reciprocity agreement and at any of the three Sun & Moon Studios. Drop-ins A Drop-in is a student not currently registered, wishing to take a single class or a current student wishing to take an additional class. Drop-ins are permitted only if space is available, so please call first. You may come to a class that is full, but you will need to wait until class begins to see if you can take the place of a “no show” that day. Drop-in fees are under Fees on this page. Please inform the teacher that you are taking the class as a drop-in.

Refund Policy You must fill out a Refund Request form. The forms are available at the front desk. The date the written request is received rather than the last class attended is the criterion for determining refunds. • A $30 non-refundable administration fee is deducted from all tuitions. • After week one, all tuition less the $30 registration fee is refunded. • After week two, 75% of tuition less the $30 registration fee is refunded. • After week 3, 50% of tuition less the $30 registration fee is refunded. • After week 4, 25% of tuition less the $30 registration fee is refunded. No refunds are given after the fifth class. Refunds are made by check and may take up to six weeks. Class size/location Minimum number of students for a class is 8. Classroom location may change depending on enrollment.

What to wear Comfortable clothes such as shorts, footless tights or leggings with a T-shirt or leotard. Please do not wear baggy sweats or pants (this inhibits the teacher’s ability to spot misalignments). Please remove shoes before entering the yoga rooms. We have men and women’s changing areas. No heavy perfume/cologne or noisy jewelry please. Please leave cell phone and valuables locked in your car. Sun & Moon Yoga Studio, Ltd. reserves the right to dismiss (with or without a refund) any student who disrupts the harmony of the class and/or studio environment.

Arlington Studio 3811 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA 22207 Fairfax City Studio 9998 Main Street, Fairfax, VA 22031 Rappahannock Studio P.O. Box 348, Sperryville, VA 22740 703-525-YOGA (9642)


DISCOUNT POLICY We offer a 10% discount to those who believe they need it (seniors on reduced/fixed income, students, teachers, multiple family members taking yoga classes and students taking more than one class). For any student who feels they need more than 10% off, please pick up a financial aid form at the office and we would be happy to help. Sun and Moon also has a work exchange program for students who wish to trade work for yoga classes. Please cut along dotted line

Registration – Summer 2006

breathe. stretch. relax. repeat.

Please read the registration information below. One form per person please.

Name __________________________________________________________________ Date _______/_______/_______

By affixing my initials here, I declare myself to be responsible for my own health and safety while participating in class:

Address _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

City _________________________________________ State ___________________________________ Zip ___________________________ Phone (day) _________________________________ (evening) _____________________________________________________________

Email ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How did you hear about Sun & Moon Studio? __________________________________________________________________________ Class



Start Date



■ Arlington


■ Fairfax

■ Rappahannock ■ Arlington ■ Fairfax

■ Rappahannock

■ Visa

■ MC

■ Disc# _________________________________________ Exp. Date ______ /______

Signature __________________________________________________________________ (for fax-ins only)

Please make payment to Sun & Moon for full amount. You may drop off, fax or mail to: Arlington students, mail to 3811 Lee Highway, Arlington VA 22207 Fax: 703-525-5524 Fairfax students, mail to 9998 Main St., Fairfax, VA 22031 Fax: 703-934-9481 Rappahannock students, mail to P.O. Box 348, Sperryville, VA 22740 Fax: 703-934-9481 Office Use: ■ Cash Reg. ■ CC Proc. ■ Reg. Book Circle: V/MC/Disc/CA/CK# __________ Date rec’d _______________

10% Discount Need Basis ■ Senior ■ Family ■ Full-time Student ■ Teacher ■ Multiple Classes 10% Discount $_________ TOTAL DUE


PR________GC$________INI_____________ Database by__________________________


Kids Yoga Camps!!! July 3-7, Ages 5-10 - Arlington June 26-28, Ages 6-9 - Fairfax July 5-7, Ages 10-15 - Fairfax Please stop by one of our locations or check our website at for further details and registration information.

Yoga Workshops!!! Please check our website at for workshops and retreats at our Arlington and Fairfax studios during the Summer Session.

3811 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA 22207

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Sun & Moon Yoga Studio 2006 Summer Newsletter  

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