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Students WilmU Lesson Planning in 3 Easy Steps

1 Login to TaskStream and click on Lessons, Units & Rubrics. Give your lesson a name and choose the Wilmington Lesson Plan Framework.

2 Click on each item to enable the pop up window where you can select the desired response. NOTE: There are Guiding Questions located at the top of each frame to help you design your lesson.

3 When you are finished with your lesson plan…select “Generate Link” at the bottom of the page. To submit your lesson plan to TaskStream and/or Blackboard, you can do ONE of the following… 1. Copy and paste the link (example shown here). 2. Convert your Lesson Plan into a WORD document. (Click on Print View and save the Lesson Plan as a webpage. Open WORD. Click on “insert” (select text from file). Select the saved Lesson Plan in webpage format and save your document.

TaskStream Student Guide - Lesson Planning