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Students Activating your Account

efolio/TaskStream You should have successfully registered and paid for your efolio lab course (EDU 102 Undergraduates; MED 6102 Graduate Students; EDD 6102 Doctoral) through WebCampus. The key code you have been issued is intended for your use only. Follow the directions below to activate your efolio/TaskStream account. If you should need additional assistance, please contact Mentoring Services at 800-311-5656.

1. Login to Blackboard and click the efolio/TaskStream tab and then click on efolio/TASKSTREAM LOGIN. (Be sure to disable your Pop-Up Blocker) If you DO NOT SEE the efolio/TaskStream tab, then go directly to to activate your account.

The TaskStream Login link will launch a new window to begin the registration of your efolio account.


2. First, select “Create a new TaskStream subscription.� Next, enter your personalized key code (found in Step Three within your efolio lab course on Blackboard) and click the Continue button to proceed.

3. Use the drop down menu to select your degree program. Click the Continue button to proceed.


4. Enter a Username and Password and complete all required areas of the registration form. Then accept the end-user agreement and click the Continue button.

5. Confirm your registration information and click Continue. The next page will display a link to the home page where you can enter your username and password and begin using your efolio TaskStream account. Once you login for the first time, your account will be forever linked to Blackboard. You can also login at at any time.


TaskStream Student Guide - Activating Your TaskStream Account