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DAY 1 – SATURDAY JUNE 25, 2016 The Voyage Begins

We have settled into a very comfortable cabin on board MS Norröna,

Oh, and one thing to bear in mind is that the cabin keycard should

the Smyril Line ferry sailing from Hirtshals, Denmark, to Tórshavn,

stay tucked in the bathrobe pocket and not, I repeat, not be allowed

Faroe Islands, on to Seyðisfjörður, Iceland, and back again. We are

to sneak out and soar across the Atlantic… That incident earned us

on our way to an island-hopping holiday in the Faroes. But, before we

a little extra stroll in bathrobes and bathing suits down to the Infor-

reach our destination, we need to set our bodies and souls to holiday

mation Desk on Deck 5. The service was friendly, efficient and fast

mode, and the tranquil (on our trip) 575 nautical mile/1065 km cross-

and Mogens was issued a new card. People trudged past us wearing

ing to Tórshavn is the perfect way to get in the right mood.

caps and jackets zipped up to their chins, it was could out there on deck after all… just not for us in the hot tub! The sun set over the

In the Sky Bar on Deck 8, we have booked ‘our favourite hot tub,’

coast of Norway and regaled us with the most ‘far out’ sunset hues

that is number 3, which has a nearly 180 degree view. At least if we

ranging from golden yellow to bright neon orange and finally deep

crane our necks just a little and lean forward over the edge of the tub.

red-violet hues. Wow!

At 9 pm Saturday evening (10 pm Danish time) we slid into the hot saltwater gently sloshing along to the ship’s gentle rocking. It had a captivating view of the endless Atlantic Ocean, and the wind and rain merely heightened the unique and stirring experience.

DAY 2 – SUNDAY JUNE 26, 2016 We slept like babies in the big double bed and enjoyed the little sofa

are. Gannets circle the ship taking advantage of the rising winds from

set in the cabin. We head down to the Norröna Buffet restaurant for

the bow. Fulmars follow us close to the ocean’s surface, and a little

an incredible breakfast buffet. It makes no difference which table we

flock of terns dashes past us towards the Shetlands. A solitary puffin

choose, they all have a view. We are on the lookout for the Shetlands

sails along majestically, but dives in a flash as we approach. It was a

and what William Heinesen in his book ‘The Good Hope,’ describes

wonderful experience and we certainly had our fill of the crisp ocean

as ‘a showering hose’ – whale spouts.


From time to time we take a stroll out on Deck 8 and let the wind whip

As the diary is being updated in the cabin, we sail past an oilrig,

our cheeks. We spot many different seabirds, recognizing the fulmar

which, as I write, is receiving a visit from a supply boat. Fascinating

and northern gannet, then, suddenly, we glimpse the Shetland Isles,

that there are such big workplaces out in the middle of the Atlantic.

like a shadow in the distance. After 20 hours of sailing and intense


scouting from Deck 8 through binoculars and cameras, the Shetlands

In the evening Simmer Dim Steakhouse, the exclusive a la carte

finally emerge. MS Norröna sails relatively close, so we can really

restaurant on board, dished up a fine meal in a relaxing environment

admire the 32 rough little ragged and fascinating islands right there,

with ocean views! We had delicious lobster, steak and saddle of lamb.

in the middle of the Atlantic. The closer we get, the more birds there

Another great on board experience!


Trip Description From Faroe 2016  
Trip Description From Faroe 2016