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• Freshly baked buns at Amalia’s in Kirkja

The whole of the Faroes Islands is one big nature experience

• Coffee, open sandwiches and Floksøl beer in Hattarvík

To mention a few

• Restaurant Áarstova, Gongin 1, Tórshavn

• Bird cliffs • The ravine in Gjógv

A bit of this and that

• Saksun valley

• The fishermen in Eiði harbour

• Beach and sand dunes in Sandur

• Thomas Kingo hymn singer in Tjørnuvík • The warmth of Amalia in Kirkja

Wonderfully refreshing sailing trips

• The hospitality of the woman sheep-breeder in Hattarvík

• Sørvágur to Mykines

• The navigator from Hattarvík

• Along the Vestmanna bird cliffs

• The memorial in Gjógv

• From Hvannasund to Kirkja with postal boat Ritan

• The Norðoyatunnilin subsea tunnel • Kalsoy’s four dark narrow tunnels

Incredible hikes

• Kópakonan – The Selkie in Mikladalur

• Mykines and Mykineshólmur through the puffin breeding ground

• The story of rower Ove Joensen and his boat

• Saksun to Pollur • Fugloy from Kirkja to Hattarvík

Cultural and historic highlights

• From Sandur to Søltuvik in the witch’s footsteps

• Húsavík • Altarpiece by Svend Havsteen-Mikkelsen

Challenging, hair-raising, fascinating, breath-taking drives

• Kvívík Viking settlement

• Húsavík to Dalur

• Kirkjubøur with the Magnus Cathedral

• Haldarsvík to Tjørnuvík

• Faroese hospitality and helpfulness

• To Skarvanes along road No. 37 from road No. 30 • Sørvágur to Gásadalur

Highlights on board MS Norröna

• Oyggjarvegur with the Valley of Fog

• Hot tub saltwater bath

• Hvalvík to Saksun

• Deck loungers

• Funningur to Gjógv

• Deck 8 sundeck • Breakfast buffet

Delightful dining experiences

• Simmer Dim Steakhouse

• Lobster and lamb at Simmer Dim Steakhouse on board Norröna

• Deluxe Cabin

• Common murre at Matstovan hjá Elisabeth on Viðareiði

• Drinks at Sky Bar

• Packed lunch by the lighthouse on Mykineshólmur

• The ocean breeze and views across the Atlantic

with views of the gannet colony

• Sitting on the back deck following the ship’s wake

• The generous breakfast buffet on board MS Norröna


Trip Description From Faroe 2016  
Trip Description From Faroe 2016