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Web Integration with Dynamics AX

Nowadays online business has become very common and it is one of the important mediums used to reach ranges of customers to generate extra sales and engage with customers. It is very important to have a high quality website that will attract your customer base and where customers can obtain valuable information about products and online services.

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides Windows Client and the users from Windows Active Directory easy access to the application from their client machine. For customers who need to access the data from outside of the windows domain, there is a need to extend the access to data to be available via the Internet. This is achieved by building a web application or website.

There are significant opportunities for Microsoft Dynamics AX integration utilising various technologies available in the market to build a web application or a website. Microsoft .Net is one of the popular technologies being used for web development. Using .Net can create highly scalable and flexible applications with the minimum of effort. It also provides easy interoperability of programming languages, key when you have a mixed skills IT department

The external web application can run on any device that supports a web browser, mobile or tablet. Nowadays mobile applications have become so popular that the external application could also be a mobile app which can be downloaded from web stores like Android App and Apple app store.

In this scenario your website is built outside of AX and the Microsoft Dynamics AX integration with your web site uses technologies provided by AX itself. To integrate AX with an external application, AX provides a number of options which can be best decided after carrying out a Dynamics AX review. One of the most popular of these is the .Net Business connector. .Net business connector enables applications to interact with Application Object server (AOS) by using the managed .net classes that facilitate access to X++ functionality.

Another option that AX provides is exposing data through AIF web services. AIF stands for Application Integration Framework, which provides the data through the web services which are running on Internet Information Server. This way your web application can use web services to connect to the AX, retrieve and store the data in AX.

Using the AIF web services has the following advantages.

1. User can connect the external website through internet. 2. External web app/mobile site will connect to AX using the AIF web services exposed by AX 3. Internally AIF will connect AX and reuse of business logic from AX 4. No business logic in external website. Maximum reuse of business logic from AX only. 5. Any number of applications can reuse the web service 6. All the systems will exist independently, but can be still connected.

The diagram below shows how Dynamics AX could link to your website and mobile application.

The handheld web app architecture below provides information about how in real-time a business can utilise this technology.

At SMYL we have many years experience managing and developing integration projects with the most recent focussing on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 integration. If you are considering using or are currently using Microsoft AX ERP we would welcome the opportunity to work with you to determine the best approach for your organisation to realise the significant business integration benefits available as you carry out your Dynamics AX review. About Author: Gaurav Bansal is the author of this article and having a vast knowledge and experience in Microsoft Dynamics AX software. He is working with SMYL which is a certified Microsoft partner and providing services related to Dynamics AX.

Web Integration with Dynamics AX  

Nowadays online business has become very common and it is one of the important mediums used to reach ranges of customers to generate extra s...

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