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Ignace, Ontario Volume 34, Number 16 April 20, 2011

Nuclear Waste Management Organization holds public forums The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) filled the curling hall with information about the issue of Ignace’s quest to become a nuclear waste depository site. Several scheduled public forums were supplemented by special meetings with the Ignace Area Business Association, an Elementary and two high school classes at the hall, a presentation to the Ignace Interagency luncheon and a visit to l’école Immaculée Conception. NWMO staff addressed about 150 people during their four days in town, leaving everyone better informed about the process. There will be follow-up information in Driftwood and more visits. For additional information please go to, or visit the displays in Ignace Public Library and in the Municipal Offices.

From left, Marj Salavich, Gwen Kurz, Ignace Economic Development Officer Doug Pronger, Lionel Cloutier, Mayor Lee Kennard, Youth Intern Joe Lecuyer, Mary Berglund Community Health Centre Health Promoter Yvonne Romas, Librarian Pam Greenwood. (Participant Dennis Smyk took the photo.)

Tackling municipal cultural planning

Several Ignacians met last week with Kenora District Resource Mapping Project Lead Advisor, Community Cultural Resource Mapping, Marj Salavich and Community Development Practitioner Gwen Kurz to learn about cultural mapping. “Cultural mapping is defined as a systematic approach to identifying, recording and classifying a community’s cultural resources. It involves a process of collecting, analyzing and synthesizing information in order to describe and visualize the cultural resources in terms of issues such as links to other civic resources (e.g. transportation, green infrastructure, public gathering spaces), patterns of usage, and unique character and identity of a given community” stated Dr. Greg Baeker, project consultant and cultural guru. He went on to say that, “The Regional Cultural Mapping Project yielded a wider range of cultural resources than many in the community (as in most communities) might have anticipated”. Tangible Ignace area cultural resources wil be identified and Geographic Information System (GIS) mapped in cooperation with the City of Dryden’s IT department. These include areas such as Creative Cultural Industries, Spaces and Facilities, Festivals and Events, Cultural Heritage and Community Organizations and Occupations. The longer-term vision is a GIS-based mobile application that will serve as an investment attraction tool for the Kenora District, to be used to evaluate site location attributes and demographics analysis and present the information to potential investors in the format of an interactive and accessible branded web site.


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