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“I’m a teenager and I’m pregnant and people are going to talk about me.” p.12


Taking Center Stage

repertory theatre students gain acting experience as well as lasting friendships in class by isabelle frankel

A select cast in West’s performance of “Radium Girls.”

Students in repertory theatre get to practice their acting skills while also gaining confidence and creating friendships. Repertory theatre, a class where student actors explore different types of theatre, gives opportunities to student thespians. “These are kids who are interested in all aspects of theatre whether it be performance or the tech side,” Michael Reiff, the teacher, said. “We apply what we’ve learned as student actors to rep shows throughout the year,” senior Jordan Stacy said. Each semester the students in the class put on a production. “We’ll either do a full length play or one or two one acts and usually the running time is one or two hours,” Andy Larson, senior, said. Larson started rep theatre his sophomore year. He took drama class as a freshman and decided to enroll in rep theatre after hearing about it through Mr. Reiff. This is also how Stacy discovered it.

Don Cola

#SelfieCentral By Brianna Cole



During class students rehearse for the production. They spend their time making sets, writing scripts, and practicing their improvisational skills. Having to fit this all into a 50 minute class proves to be difficult. “We have to get all of our rehearsals done in class which can sometimes be a problem especially when we only meet for so long each day,” said Reiff. “Memorization is always a struggle. also sometimes it’s harder to get into certain characters if you are nothing like them,” Larson said. Last year the production, Westerday Night Live, was a collection of short skits. The performance this year was after school on December fifth and sixth. It consisted of two one act plays, Check Please and The New Margot. Check please was a humorous series of blind dates two characters attended, all of which went horribly wrong, and The New Margot was the dramatic story of an unsuspected murderer. If you haven’t heard the great news, Oxord Dictionaries named ‘selfie’ as the word of the year. As a lover of selfies, I am happy that one of my favorite actions is receiving the recognition that it rightfully deserves. We may hate them, and we may love them sometimes, but we all have snapped a couple of front-facing camera pics accompanied by a duckface. With the popularity of Instagram and Snapchat, selfies have exploded throughout the cyber world. Selfies are awesome, theres no denying it. The only issue to point out are the people that obtain ESS, or Explosive Selfie Syndrome. What is Explosive Selfie Syndrome? ESS is when one with a smartphone feels the need to post selfies on social media multiple times a day. How can one get rid ESS? Delete Instagram, and if you are still taking a million selfies, then I advise you to downgrade from your smartphone. Remember the Motorola Razor? Yeah, go back

After the performance on Thursday Stacy said “I think it went pretty well. That was probably the best run through of both of the shows!” Students gain lots of other things aside from knowledge of theatre. “What I have benefitted from this class is learning how to be confident,” said Stacy. “I really like the people in it. We laugh all the time and just talk about the most random stuff,” Megan Bartlett, sophomore, said. According to Reiff, the class helps students get out of their comfort zones, challenge themselves, and grow as performers. “The students worked really hard on these shows. It’s really fulfilling to watch the students take a role and make it their own. From the acting to the technical elements the student performed at a high level,” Reiff said.

to that. If I scroll down my Instagram feed and see pictures of you multiple times, I will unfollow you. I’m sorry, I don’t care how adorable your dimples are, I’d rather look at a dozen pictures of your cat. I guess I’m just confused on to why one would post/tweet/share a photo of their face thousands of times a day. If taking a selfie makes you feel better as a an individual then I’d like to encourage you to gain self confidence by doing something more fulfilling. Read a book, make someone smile, or give that kid in your fourth hour a high five. Putting on makeup or a SnapBack in order to take a super cute pics all the time is outrageous. At the end of the day, I love receiving and delivering a good selfie. Selfies are best when they’re funny. In the words of Jenny Brown: “If you do selfie sunday without a sense of irony: don’t.” I hope your selfies are prosperous with a sense of irony. Until next time, Snapchat me.

BRIEFSfemales gain


by andy gottschalk

Not #HOT, not #NOT

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Katniss Everdeen helped make $161 million for the “Catching Fire” its opening weekend. Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock as Dr. Stone, was number one at the box office for three straight weeks. Dr. Martha Lauzen investigated films featuring women vs. men and their profits. “What we found makes the difference is the size of the budget. It doesn’t have anything to do with gender,” Dr. Lauzen said.

Broadmoor students spend time between classes playing Pokémon on The Bridge.

in business


The online retail giant is testing drones designed to deliver packages directly to houses. It plans to begin making deliveries with these unmanned machines within the next few years.

Calling it a clean slate, Newtown, Connecticut recently demolished Sandy Hook elementary, the site of the mass shooting of 27 people. “We still consider it sacred ground,” Robert Mitchell, chairman of the town’s public building and site commission, said. As the one year anniversary passes states are adding more to their mental health care budgets. Texas recently approved $259 million for the new two years for mental health.

amazon sandy hook, developing one year later drones for deliveries/ because it can

75% 90% source: NPR


of Alaska’s general fund budget is paid by oil taxes source: New York Times

of people are unemployed, the lowest rate in 5 years source: Bureau of Labor Statistics


the weeknd Sings at a high pitch.

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We’ve kind of lucked into being quoted. It’s not like we sit around and come up with a line and go, “People are gonna quote it!” Will Ferrel, star of Anchorman 2, to

junie B. Gone

“some of the pushback is coming from, sort of, white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were and their school isn’t quite as good as they thought they were” Arne Duncan, U.S. Education Secretary, on Common Core standards in schools




of the world’s car output used to be produced by Detroit. The city’s now bankrupt


BitCoin School planners YouTube ads Khaki pants “The Hobbit,” a simple fantasy, being drawn out into an epic trilogy Name tags Five minute passing period The first ten minutes of seminar Chairs that don’t have wheels

sideshow bob That hair.

Attempts to kill Bart Simpson.

Barbara Park, author of the beloved Junie B. Jones books, passed away at the age of 66 this past November from ovarian cancer. Her series sold more than 55 million copies.

study finds baby’s gaze may be linked to autism How long and often a baby looks into other people’s eyes may indicate early signs of autism, a study by Ami Klin and Warren R. Jones of the Marcus Autism Center reports. Babies whose eyes stop looking at other eyes are most likely to develop autism, the study finds.


photos (cc): John Penny, C. McKee, Fred Zilla, Auntie P

but #MEH

ground in movies


contents How does your morning coffee compare to nearby places? p.23


Dory’s back at reviewing art for us. Read what he has to say about Manet.

Potty Problems The potty. The bathroom. The John. Whatever you call it, everyone knows what it is, and everyone has to use it. At our own houses, we use them however we please, but in public places people are often a bit more wary in their approach to relieve themselves. Public bathrooms are notorious for less than clean conditions and huge messes. Paper towels are often strewn around the place, and water and other liquids cover the floor. Unfortunately, our own school is no better. At West, we are a community, a family, a group of people that tries to help each other out no matter the circumstances. We fail to come together in one vital area: the restrooms. This is supposed to be a place where we can enjoy our time while we are there, but West offers a radically different experience. Our bathrooms here are littered with profanity and drawings of certains part of the male anatomy. There is soap

all over the floor and paper towels are all over the place. Now, we at “The Epic” don’t blame the janitorial staff at all, in fact we applaud them for their hard work and willingness to deal with students and their messes. The blame should fall more on the student body itself that slowly poisons the bathrooms every day by trashing them. We all have to use it at one point in the school year, so why make our time there a bad experience? Students, please don’t ruin it for all of us. What does one get out of trashing a bathroom? A feeling of sticking it to the man? The fun of destroying something? No matter the reason, it doesn’t make sense to everyone else. We all have to use the bathroom, and by trashing them you ruin it for everyone, student and staff, that have to use the bathrooms. We don’t expect a state of the art bathroom. Our bathrooms pale in comparison to the restrooms at places like



the Nelson Atkins Museum or Union Station, but they don’t need to be garbage heaps. The amount of litter and graffiti on the walls is disgusting. The best bathrooms at West are arguably the ones in the Spanish hallway. Even then, they still get disrespected by unruly students who think it is okay to ruin the bathrooms by littering, drawing graffiti and leaving other messes in there. So, how can we fix the bathroom situation? Well the obvious solution is to install cameras in every bathroom, so the SROs can monitor all bathroom activity and stop it at the source. Just kidding, but a real solution could be all of the students pitch in and help clean up the bathrooms. If there are paper towels all over the floor pick up one or two. If every student works to wipe up soap from the floor, clean off bathroom stall graffiti and pick up all of the litter on the floor maybe, just maybe, our bathrooms here could provide a pleasant experience.

This issue we have stories from a senior’s experience with pregnancy and raising a child to art students and their work. We have an interview with a swimmer and some holiday movie recommendations.


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Feature Finals: Questions Finally Answered

Finals Apps apps to help you study for finals by brianna cole

Grades 3 Tapity, Inc. Price: $1.99 Rating: 4 1/2 stars out of 5 This app does it all. Don’t allow the price to change your mind because this app includes many useful features. This app comes with the essential tools that all students need. Equipped with a planner, reminders, and notes. There are a couple more great features that every student needs. The first useful tool for all students is the GPA calculator. This app will tell you what you need to get on the next big test in order to get the grade you want. The next best thing about this app is it allows you to send group messages/emails with your classmates and teachers. This is easy access for conversation over your most difficult final.


by max meyer

he time for finals has come around once again. Every December and May students test the knowledge they have learned throughout the semester, and also test their short term study skills. The thoughts of teachers and students regarding finals are rarely seen together, but that is what this article aims to do. Most teachers believe that finals are used as an ultimate test of knowledge. Finals are the perfect way for teachers to see if students have captured the information that was taught to them throughout the semester. Students also agree on the fact that finals are very important to their growth as a student. “It shows what you’ve remembered over a long period of time,” Algebra 2 and Calculus BC teacher, Helaine Cohn said. “or what you’ve been able to re-teach yourself.” “It’s good to reflect on what you’ve learned over the last few months,” Constance Benolkin, Honors world regional studies and world history teacher, said. “You remember what you’re learning and why you’re learning it.” “I do think it’s important to have finals,” Renny Ma, Sophomore, said. “ We have to ensure that students actually have been learning and paying attention throughout the semester.” “Finals are important because it shows that you accumulated lots of knowledge over the semester,” Nick Vance, Sophomore, said. “What’s the point of learning material if you aren’t going to remember it?” Teachers agree that students should prioritize in studying for their finals. Students often prioritize by looking at how much a final is worth and at what their current grade is in that class. Then, after this process students can better decide where the majority of their study time needs to be focused. Cohn thinks that students should “absolutely” prioritize their studying. “I think they should prioritize,” Benolkin said. “They feel


overwhelmed otherwise.” Students study in a variety of ways that range from flashcards to re-reading old information to looking over old tests. “I plan to study a little bit each night and cram the night before,” Vance said. “It’s what works best for me.” “I’m pretty sure I learn through writing, so I’ll probably either use flashcards, taking notes, or looking up videos/mnemonic devices,” Ma said. There is one thing that is commonly overlooked when it comes to finals. In addition to testing your knowledge from the semester, finals are also used as a way of preparing students for their finals in college. Finals in college are often worth a larger portion of a student’s grade than the 20 percent that a final in high school could potentially be worth. Both Benolkin and Cohn point to preparation for college as a small portion of why they think finals are important. In addition to being a great test of knowledge finals can also be used as a tool for students to achieve the grade they want. “There are many cases that that may negatively affect the student,” Ma said. “Sometimes I don’t think finals are the best way to measure if students really have learned anything because even the most prepared student could make a careless mistake or get distracted causing the student’s grade to plummet.” “I like how finals make an impact,” Vance said. “For instance if you have a high B and want an A, you can do well on the final to raise it.” Overall, finals week is perhaps the most important week of a semester. It’s a week full of tested knowledge, the opportunities to raise grades, college preparation, and lots of studying.


Connor Zwick Price: Free Rating: 4 1/2 stars out of 5 Flash cards are absolutely necessary when it comes to studying and with the help of our phones, we can access what we need quickly. This app offers an unlisted amount of flash cards and the organization is of the app is very helpful. I use this app constantly for memorization and studying, I always receive successful results because of it. This app also provides flash cards with different categories such as: Basic Spanish, Standardized Tests, Math and Science, and finally 100 Most Common SAT Words. These flash cards are free and are always in your pocket, go ahead and download this app.


Bagatrix Price: Free Rating: 4 stars out of 5 This is what we’ve all been waiting for, an app that can assist us with our math homework. This is a great study tool for your math final because while you work on that final packet, you can double check your answer with this app. If you pay for the premium, you can access step by step work and explanations. This app is useful for all math students. Whether you’re enrolled in algebra, statistics, or calculus, this app is a lifesaver.


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The Hardest Worker vicki iseman, our custodial worker, has been through abuse and a divorce. now she’s looking up by lauren scobee Vicki Iseman is tougher than many would Currently Iseman works part time at Nova inpossibly think. Iseman, one of our custodians, corporated, with mentally handicapped adults. is a woman who had spent her life as a single “I have been working here for six months mother with two kids, Brandon Worley and Mi- and had to go to a lot of training classes. I had chelle Iseman who are both West graduates. to take a week vacation from here for classes “My son is getting married in July and his to be certified to pass meds,” Iseman said. fiance’s father, Jeff Baxter, won teacher of the She takes her patients on outings to casiyear for Kansas,” Iseman said. nos and movies. At Nova the employees wear Iseman, approving of her future daughter- normal clothes, not scrubs so that the patients in-law, is excited for the prospect of grandkids. would feel like just any other person. Pregnant with her first child at nineteen Ise“The patients have Prader Willi syndrome man left Kansas City Kansas Community Col- which is a food disorder where they are conlege to be with her child and husband. Around stantly hungary. Some patients weighed 300the time when her daughter was four she di- 400 pounds when they came in. We spend vorced her husband due to abuse. time trying to get them motivated so they don’t “I left and never looked back,” Iseman said. eat,” Iseman said. The only thing that Iseman regrets is stayAlways working hard, Iseman never got ing a year after the abuse started. She now the chance to follow a childhood dream until has no contact with later in life. One of her him at all nor do her best memories now “I just wanted my kids. Ever since then are going to Disney daughter to know that Iseman’s kids have World. I am a strong woman learned how they “When I was a kid and to never let should be treated and I remember watching people treat you that that abuse is never Disney shows every way” okay. Sunday, it was always “I just wanted my a dream of mine to go daughter to know that I am a strong woman to Disney,” Iseman said. and to never let people treat you that way,” IseIt was a bittersweet moment for Iseman man said. when she finally made it to Disney World at Never planning to remarry Iseman is com- age 45. fortable remaining single since that is how she “I cried when I saw the Cinderella castle,” has spent most of her life. Iseman said. “I am set in my ways unless I meet a king Iseman’s favorite part about working at or a prince but, that is not going to happen,” West would be the people. She is close with a Iseman said. few teachers, one of whom is english teacher, Ever since her divorce Iseman has been a Mimi Rainen. Another reason is pulling pranks. single mother working several jobs. Iseman likes pranking her co-workers like put“I worked for a cleaning service for eighteen ting salt in soda cans or hiding other’s equipyears in a medical building for the Shawnee ment when they leave it out. Mission hospital,” Iseman said. Iseman is a sweet, loving mother who is Before her job as a custodian here she strong and determined. She plans on continuworked at a law firm, Wallace and Saunders ing working here and one day becoming head which was her day job before getting laid off. of of the custodians at an elementary school.



TEACHER BATTLE vs. Thomas VanLeeuwen by brock burnett Laura VanLeeuwen Choir


Baroque. Classical, Romantic Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Oboe

Grave, Accelerando, Allegrissimo



Flugelhorn and Trumpet

‘Twas a tie. Congrat’s. PHOTOS BY MADDIE LOE

Bill Thomas Band How many keys on the piano? (88)

Put these 3 musical periods in order: Classical, Baroque, and Romantic. (B, C, R) List four woodwind instruments

Put these 3 tempos in order from slow to fast: Accelerando, Grave and Allegrissimo (G, Ac, Al) How many major key signatures are there? (15) What year was Ludwig van Beethoven born? (1770) A flumpet is hybrid instrument comprised of what two instruments? (Flugelhorn & Trumpet)


Baroque. Classical, Romantic Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Oboe

Grave, Accelerando, Allegrissimo



Flugelhorn and Trumpet

Tie. ‘Grats.


Feature dory’s REVIEW by betty thomas

Opening Up the mentoring program in cadet teaching is proving successful by isabelle frankel During fifth and sixth block, the orchestra room is occupied by two classes, cadet teaching and social skills. In the classes students that face social challenges are able to befriend students who they would otherwise never know. Social skills is made up of disabled students and the Cadet teaching students are students who model appropriate ways to behave. Each quarter a cadet teaching student is paired with a social skills student and they teach them how to act in public. The current cadets are juniors and seniors that have been recommended for the class by teachers and peers. Next years cadets will be chosen from students who fill out applications and are then interviewed by the teachers Anne Flora and Melanie Bandel. “My brother, who graduated last year, was in the class,” said Alex Elliot, senior. “Mrs. Bandel just called me to the office and was like ‘we’ll do anything to get you into this class.’” Cadets focus on teaching communication skills, respect, controlling emotions and a variety of other things. Although the cadets are teaching, they also gain a lot from the class. “Cadets get a huge benefit from interacting with kids with disabilities,” said Bandel. “It helps them understand the challenges they face both physically and emotionally” “I decided last summer that when I grow

up I want to be a personal care aide,” said Melanie Onando, junior. The class helps her with achieving this goal. In the class students participate in a variety of games. “We do a lot of skill building, what would you do, and real world things,” said Onando. These games help students open up and participate in class. “Social skills kids are able to interact with kids they’d never know. They establish lifelong friendships,” said Bandel. Each pair of students also completes a “stepping out” project. These are planned by the cadet and are a way to help social skills students participate in things outside of school. “Some students will make blankets for a homeless shelter or help out at a food kitchen,” said Bandel. For one of Elliot’s projects she and her partner attended a varsity football game. The class also goes on field trips. The students decide on where to go on these trips. They as an opportunity to practice social skills in a community setting. The class has gone to the Zoo and Powerplay for some of these field trips. “My favorite thing is seeing the kids just really enjoy themselves and laugh with everyone and act like they’re with their best friends, just seeing them be themselves,” said Elliot.

European and world history teacher Scott Dory choSE an artwork BY EDOUARD MANET to BRIEFLY EXPLAIN WHY HE LIKES IT AND WHY IT’S EFFECTIVE. “[Manet] is interesting because he refuses to be defined in any school of art. He straddles realism and impressionism. Manet predates Claude Monet, but his work shows signs of impressionism. Two of his most controversial works are Picnic on the Grass and Olympia. Some of his works are being displayed currently at the Nelson Atkins Art Museum.” Casey Martin lent his abilities in this illustration.


Fiery Passion


music truly is life for three students who plan to pursue music as a career by kristin wells


From early beginnings, music has taken hold of the lives of students. Sophomore Lucas Lowry and Juniors Katherine Riedel and Carly Pennock all want to pursue a career in music and the arts. Music entered their lives at a young age, and it has stuck with them. “I’ve always loved it. I started singing and playing guitar when I was young and started choir in fifth grade,” Pennock said. Pennock has been singing ever since then and is now a part of the Madrigals. She wants to teach music to others as a career. “Most likely music education. I’d love to teach music in the future, high school for sure, mostly because I’m not too great with small children. I’m looking more towards WSU, but UMKC and Emporia are others I’m thinking about,” Pennock said. Pennock is also involved in theater, but is sure where it fits in yet. “I’m not sure yet. I love it, but I’m still trying to figure all of that out,” Pennock said. Riedel also loves the arts, but choral singing was Riedel’s first taste of the arts. “When I was in third grade, a choir called Young Singers

of Overland Park came and sang at my school. I liked it and joined it,” Riedel said. Riedel has a different plan for her career that brings in her love for acting and theater. “I would like to do arts managing. That’s being in charge of a theater where plays and musicals are put on,” Riedel said. Her love for theater also began at a young age. “I always thought it would be cool to do plays. I was in 4H when I was little and we did plays. The judges at 4H told me that my acting was good, but I consider my first real show at middle school,” Riedel said. Like Pennock, Lowry plans to attend WSU and become a music teacher. “I started piano when I was in first grade. My mom thought I would be good at it,” Lowry said. He has a back-up plan, if music education doesn’t work out. “If music doesn’t work, then I’ll pursue acting,” Lowry said. In addition to being a part of the Madrigals and the theater department, he also writes his own music. “My friends used to write music in elementary school and I thought it was cool so I started,” Lowry said. There’s a lot of thoughts, time and components that go into writing a song.

“I try to come up with the music, rhythm and melody first and then I try to come up with lyrics. Lyrics take longer and they’re harder,” Lowry said. All across the board, students have all been impacted by Laura Vanleeuwen, the choir director that’s more commonly known as “Coach V”. “She’s my inspiration. She’s an amazing teacher and without her, I don’t think I would have realized how much choir and music means to me,” Pennock said. “She is so encouraging and supportive. It’s easier to love music when you’re around people that love music. She makes me want to be the best,” Riedel said. Vanleeuwen is not the only one that Lowry owes his inspiration to. “V has inspired me in so many ways, especially pushing me to be a performer. Chris Funk and Calista Martin have also helped me in becoming the man I am today,” Lowry said. Pennock, Riedel and Lowry will all carry their high school music experiences with them as they continue on to careers in music and the arts. “Being in the choir department at West has really made me realize how much I love choral music and how much more I want to learn about it,” Pennock said.


and some nine months later... lasharay had to get used to carrying a child in her body down the halls. now she’s getting used to caring for it by andy gottschalk

Lasharay Daniels sometimes sings to her baby when she’s home. That is, she sings when she’s not at school, or trying to do homework for the next day, or working long hours at her job. She’s a high school student, and her baby is not yet even a month old. Before her baby was born, Daniels spent nine odd months trying to adjust to caring for two people, her and her child. “I was crying all the time because I didn’t know what I was going to do,” Daniels said. “‘I’m a teenager and I’m pregnant, and people are going to talk about me and be mean to me,’” she thought. She didn’t know how her future would pan out with a baby, or how her education would continue with another mouth to feed. “I kind of got depressed when I found out. I thought my life was ruined. I was like, ‘how am I going to go to college?’ But my mom made sure I was going to go to college,” Daniels said. She considered her choices.

“I didn’t know what to do at the beginning. I thought about giving her up for adoption, but I didn’t want to go through all that and give my baby away.” She made the decision to keep her baby, and didn’t spend long considering other options, but it took a while to warm up to the idea of being a mother. “It took forever for me to get comfortable with it. I wasn’t comfortable until I was seven months [in],” Daniels said. Still, during those nine months of teenage pregnancy, she was struggling to keep up in school and balance her studies with work. “When I was pregnant I always came back from lunch late,” Daniels said. She walked back slowly. Carrying a baby wasn’t easy, she realized. At McDonald’s, where she worked, she found some coworkers were unsympathetic to her problems, working late hours, sometimes to midnight. “They did let me sit down,” Daniels said. “They always put me in the back so I could sit down, but I don’t like to sit down. I like moving around.” Daniels has been proud of the support she’s received from her family and her baby’s father. “My mom watches her a lot, and her dad is with her when I’m at school,” she said. Daniels’ boyfriend and the baby’s father, Lawrence Pickett, recognizes Daniels’ hard work. “I have to give her props, because you don’t see a lot of pregnant women who are still motivated to go to school and go to work and do all this stuff. And they might not be big things to her, but they’re big things to me,” Pickett said. “It makes me proud that I have her as my girlfriend and the mother of this child. She’s really dedicated, and she still tries in school. That’s what makes me feel proud, that she went to school and work and did what she had to do.” Daniels and Pickett decided on naming their baby Nyla

together. Before deciding on that, they toyed with different names, entertaining the idea of naming her Latha, which Pickett said means creeper. “No, we were not going to name her creeper. We did look for L names because both our names start with L, but not Latha,” Daniels said, laughing. Daniels spends much of her time with the baby, but still focuses on school. Even though she has tried to keep up, Daniels still sometimes has trouble finishing her work. “I do get really tired and fall asleep in class, but I try not too. In my English class we’re reading Hamlet, and I don’t have any time to read at all,” she said. “Ms. Hanson says, ‘read whenever you can, because I know you have to take care of the baby and all.’ They [my teachers] are pretty understanding.” She’s trying to normalize her schedule, though, and with her baby’s father and her mom helping she’s finding a little more time to study. She’s even looking forward to college. “Everybody always asks, ‘what are you going to do about school?’ I went to JCCC and they said I could enroll in their spring classes and take online classes,” Daniels said. But she’s thinking about taking a semester off, with the baby to care for and all. “Next fall I was going to enroll in JCCC. That would give me time to be with the baby before going to school. I was going to go through college, go to medical school and become a neurosurgeon,” Daniels said. Spending time with the baby, Daniels says, usually entails playing with her until she falls asleep. “When I get home from school she’s ready to eat, depending on whenever my mom fed her last. I feed her and change her diapers and play with her until she falls asleep. And she always falls asleep,” Daniels said. “When she’s up I’m excited and I just want to play with her.” “She smiles all the time,” Daniels added. “It’s so cute.” PHOTO BY ANDY GOTTSCHALK


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300 Words by brock burnett

everyone has a story. this is the belief behind the series “300 words.” each issue, a student or teacher is chosen at random and their story is told in 300 words


echnology surrounds us everywhere now, but do you ever wonder what makes your iPhone apps work? What about what runs your newest Xbox One game? One student at West aspires to be a game coder. Sophomore Raymond Rennock aspires to be a computer programmer. Computer programmers create lines of code that make up almost every interface and game you see that runs on some sort of technology. They make everything from internet browsers to video games, but Rennock wants to focus more on the games side of things. “I definitely would love to be a computer programmer, hopefully a game programmer. I have wanted to do this since middle school,” Rennock said. Even some of the simplest things in a game can be a ton of work. “I do it a couple times a day, just taking a good look at some code. It makes you appreciate it. Even menus take quite a bit of coding to open up. I usually just take a good look at RPG games or even shooting games have a little bit of code in them,” Rennock said. Rennock might only be a high schooler, but he has his dream job in mind.

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An Early Exit some students have the opportunity to graduate in december, leaving the high school realm for the real world a bit early by jordan johnson


e usually end school in May, but not for this lucky group of seniors who decided to finish high school in December after final exams. “I’m graduating early because I’m going to Israel for three months before I leave for college. I have felt the calling to be there for five years ever since the last time I was there. I’ve been three times before and it’s my favorite place. I’m going to be with friends and to be at peace because it is the most peaceful place on Earth. Next semester, I’ll be working January through March then leaving in April to go to Israel. I am coming back and going to Stephens College in the fall with a full tuition scholarship,” Anna Feldman said. However, for Chad Vanderpool, things got a little tougher in his senior year last year. “I decided to graduate early last year when I realized I would be a half credit away from graduation at second semester. I want to finish early because I feel like I’m ready to be a part of the real world; I plan to work in my free time, then possibly go to JCCC in August, ” Chad Vanderpool said. Students don’t only work or travel before going off to college. Some attend more school to get a head start on required freshman classes when they either continue on at a Commu-

nity College or go on to a university. “I’ll be taking classes at JCCC till August,” Kyle Morris said. “The reason why I am graduating early is because I don’t like high school, and also to get started early on college and reach my goal to get my major computer science and computer engineering. I’m going straight to JCCC to get my basics done in two years or less, then go to K-State for my major,” Tony Saenz said. “I am graduating early so I can start classes at JCCC for spring semester. I plan on going to Pittsburg State next fall to major in Elementary Education. Starting college a semester early will make it a lot easier to minor in Special Education when I get to Pittsburg. I plan on taking a few summer courses at JCCC too, so when I start at Pittsburg I will technically be qualified as a sophomore,” Shelby Thomas said. Or, a more thoughtful reasoning not just for yourself but for others on graduating early. “I’m also wanting to graduate early so I can show other people that it is possible to graduate early and also give them advice on how I did it. The other reason why I wanted to is to prove some people wrong that I would get something in life

instead of being another waste of time smoking pot. It’s not a lot of hard work to graduate early, all it needs is time out of my free time. I’ve done it and I’m proud I did,” Saenz said. Many students don’t need that extra semester of school when they have completed their required classes and finished English 12 over the summer. They had to change their schedules around to finish any year long classes still needing to be taken. “[I took] a semester of senior English over the summer,” Morris said. It may have taken some planning in case you were going out of the country like Feldman. “I decided this a year ago. All I had to do was take English 12 in summer school for a semester,” Feldman said. For Vanderpool and Thomas, they decided to finish classes a little differently. “I am currently enrolled in night school at Horizons every Monday and Tuesday to make up for my English credit next semester,” Thomas said. “I have to take night school every Monday and Wednesday for two hours after school,” Vanderpool said.

I’m going to be with friends and to be at peace because it is the most peaceful place on Earth.



Ice, Ice Baby

photo (cc): Colby Stopa

kansas may not have ice, but it does have ice hockey by kristin wells


ven though hockey is not the most common sport nor is it played in public high schools, many compete in the game outside of school. Ice hockey, nicknamed the fastest game on earth, is a sport not offered in most high schools, but still played through club teams outside of school. Four boys from West play through such clubs. Senior Tanner Hadenchuk has been playing hockey for 10 years. “I have family that plays: my uncle, grandpa and great-grandpa all played, so they put me on skates as soon as I could walk,” Hadenchuk said. He plays defense for his team, the Kansas City Stars high school Metro team. Hockey is played on an ice rink with five players on the ice at once from each team, plus the goalie. There are three periods in the game; the first and second periods are 15 minutes long with no stoppage and the third is 12 minutes long with stoppage. “Hockey is a fast-paced, contact sport. My favorite part is the contact, hitting, fights and the adrenaline rush,” Hadenchuk said. Freshman Adam Leligdon and junior Hunter Ryan also play for the KC Stars, but on different teams within the club. “I learned how to skate at age three. I took a hockey class with six year olds. I wanted to do it but mainly it was my dad’s influence. My dad played hockey starting from age three and he trained me to like

hockey,” Leligdon said. Leligdon is the goalie for his team, a select team. “I play select, it’s the best players in House and they play against the best of other teams,” Leligdon said. Although many people’s knowledge of hockey extends only to the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team’s spectacular underdog story, there is a lot more to the sport. “My favorite part of hockey is probably the intensity of the games. It’s not stop and start, stop and start. It’s always going. The reason why I like hockey is because you have to be well-rounded. You need to be fast. You have to have finesse but you also have to be strong and be able to take a hit,” Leligdon said. Because he is the goalie, a position with different requirements than others, Leligdon has to wear special equipment. “It’s very expensive, for me especially. Mine are only $600, but goalie pads can cost up to $1,000,” Leligdon said. Even though goalie pads may be the extreme, equipment is expensive, even for field players. “It’s very expensive. A season is around $2,000. Then equipment for everything good is around $2,500,” Ryan said. Ryan plays for the KC Stars as a right winger, a position where a lot of goals are scored from. For Ryan, it took some time to learn the

sport. He started playing about 10 years ago, on the request of a friend. He’s been playing since then. “It took a long time to learn actually. To become a natural player it took about a year or longer,” Ryan said. For Ryan, the people are an important part of hockey, in addition to the sport itself. “I just love bonding with the team, and I just love going to practice and just everyone involved with it,” Ryan said. Hockey, as do other sports, requires a big time commitment. Especially if the team travels, like junior Thomas Flick’s team does. “I play on Jets High School Hockey Team in the Midwest league, which has teams from Nebraska and Iowa. We travel mostly every weekend,” Flick said. Flick has been playing hockey since he was four years old. His dad used to play, so it only seemed natural that Flick would give it a try. “It’s as difficult as any other sport to learn, but skating is the biggest challenge. My favorite part is probably when you make a really big hit or score a goal. I like the high intensity and you have to think quickly on your feet,” Flick said. Like any other sport, only practice can make perfect. “We have practice twice a week for an hour but I get there early. Then games

normally are an hour and a half,” Ryan said. There are opportunities to play hockey in college and beyond. “There are different kinds, D-1 then some D-2 and then club teams. I would like to play but we’ll see,” Ryan said. Leligdon and Flick also see playing hockey beyond high school as a goal. “My dream would be to keep on playing hockey and playing in college would be cool,” Leligdon said. “I do hope to play hockey as I get older, maybe in college,” Flick said. Kansas City used to have a professional hockey team from 1974-1976 called the KC Scouts. “I really think that Kansas City deserves an NHL team and it’s something that I would love to see and I’m sure many others would like to see too,” Leligdon said. While only Rockhurst High School has a school hockey team, it is still a pretty popular sport in the KC area. “I think that people underestimate the amount of hockey that’s in Kansas City. It really is a big community but people don’t understand that. Hockey is underestimated and overshadowed by other sports,” Leligdon said. For Hadenchuk, Leligdon, Ryan and Flick, hockey is more than just a sport. “If I stopped playing hockey, I don’t know what I’d do,” Flick said.



Anonymous Athlete Survey we asked 25 winter athletes about pressing sports questions. here are there anonymous answers compiled by marleah campbell, max meyer, brock burnett & brianna cole; graphics by andy gottschalk

Are you Satisfied with the student section’s support?


by spence lassalle


LEAST favorite school in the sunflower league? 40%

Free State Leavenworth

Olathe South

Olathe North

S.M. East

S.M. South


S.M. North




are you satisifed with how hard your team works?



Who is the most disciplined winter sport coach? 44%

32% 16% 8%





Jacob Overholtzer



Q & A



SL: So you play sports? JO: I swim on the swim team. SL: Do you have any talents? JO: Guess you could say singing is sort of a talent of sorts. SL: Awesome, how long have you done swimming? JO: I’ve been swimming competitively since 2nd or 3rd grade. SL: What made you want to do swimming? JO: I decided to do swimming in high school to meet friends and compete at the high school to meet friends and compete at the high school level, and I’m really glad I did it it. SL: Do you have any awards for swimming? JO: I don’t have any awards really, but I’ve been captain since sophomore year. SL: Do you have a role model or hero? JO: I definitely love to watch Michael Phelps swim. He’s a role model. SL: Do you have a quote or something you would say to somebody who wants to be on the swim team? JO: Definitely try it out, it’s fun and everybody knows how to have a good time and it’s a great way to get involved in a sport that’s both fun and challenging. SL: How often do you swim a week? JO: Swim team practice is 5 days a week after school and we usually have a Saturday morning practice. SL: Do you find swim challenging? JO: Oh yeah. Practices are rough and you’re always sore, but doing well in meets is fun and so is getting in good shape. SL: Have you encouraged anyone to be on swim team? JO: Yeah! We’re always telling younger guys to come out and swim even if they aren’t good. We have some guys who brought their younger brothers on and everyone has fun. SL: What will you miss most about the swim team when you graduate? JO: Just being able to hang out with all my friends at practice and the competition. It will be hard to move on from all of it. SL: All time favorite part of swim team? JO: The camaraderie between all of us and the memories we’ve all made.


Sporting Goods or Bads? dick’s sporting goods, sports authority, academy sports: which sports store is the best? by max meyer


Dick’s Sporting Goods

Sports Authority

Dick’s has a plentiful selection for every sport. From golf to hunting to football, you can find it here. One thing that stands out at Dick’s is the quality of products that are offered. The top of the line from name brands (Nike, Under Armor, etc.) can be found here. The best part about Dick’s is that when football, basketball and baseball season roll around, they expand their inventory to give you everything you could need. Another glaring difference is that Dick’s has largest and nicest selection of shoes and cleats.

Sports Authority has equipment for each sport in their store, but don’t have as many options as Dick’s. They have all the name brands too, but once again they don’t have quite as many options. Also, Sports Authority lacks a seasonal rotation of their sports selections. Sports Authority has a great selection of tennis shoes and running shoes, but is pretty far behind in the cleat department.

Academy Sports Sports Authority has equipment for each sport in their store, but don’t have as many options as Dick’s. They have all the name brands too, but once again they don’t have quite as many options. Also, Sports Authority lacks a seasonal rotation of their sports selections. Sports Authority has a great selection of tennis shoes and running shoes, but is pretty far behind in the cleat department.

Dick’s wins this portion of the comparison. The biggest and highest quality selection makes it hard to argue against.


You can find the top of line products at Dick’s, so with that comes the the highest prices. In addition to that, the normal coupons for Dick’s are not always very helpful. Many of the most expensive products (Nike Pro Combat and North Face are the most notable) can’t be bought with a coupon.

Sports Authority has fairly cheap prices, and this is especially true for their shoe and cleat department. Sports Authority also has great coupons. In the Sunday ads you can find coupons for $10 off of a $50 purchase and $25 off a $100 purchase . These coupons also come with very few restrictions.

Similar to how Academy Sports is in between Dick’s and Sports Authority with their selection, they are also in between with their prices. Academy Sports does not offer as many coupons as either of the two other stores.

Sports Authority is the clear winner in this category. Their low prices combined with the amount of coupons they give out put them very far ahead.


No matter the time of year Dick’s always has plenty of help. There is always a worker at the door greeting you, and there are always workers to help you find what you are looking for. Especially now during the holiday season there is no need to worry about finding a worker to help you.

Sports Authority is rather light on workers. The workers that are there are very knowledgeable and helpful, but during the holiday season when there is a large influx of shoppers it can be very tough to find help here.

Since Academy Sports opened in August they have not been short on help at all. But, the store is new to the area, so it’s hard to say how they will handle the holiday season. If the past four months are a sign of what is to come Academy Sports should do just fine.

It is a tie between Academy Sports and Dick’s. There is always help at either store, so they have a clear advantage over Sports Authority.


Dick’s is the winner. Their selection is the greatest, and their prices, though higher, match the quality of the products. Sports Authority is the runner-up. They have a smaller selection, but the lower prices and coupons make it a great second choice. Academy Sports falls into last place because they their selection is not as large as Dick’s and Sports Authority has lower prices and more coupons.



Christmas Classics check out some of our vintage holiday specials by lauren scobee & jordan johnson

“I TRIPLE-dog-dare you!” “We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.” Buddy, played by Will Ferrell grew up on The North Pole with Santa Claus and all the other elves. But when he finds out that Papa Elf is not his dad and that his real dad Walter lives in a magical land called New York City and is on the naughty list. Buddy goes to find out who he really is, being a human and not an elf. However, his dad doesn’t even know he exists; has his own family, a wife and a kid. Getting through many hardships of their relationship, it is up to Buddy to save Christmas when Santa is in need of help.

A Christmas Story is a movie cherished in all hearts, young and old. This is the movie of memories, memories of childhood and mischief and memories of striving for that Christmas day most wanted toy. The story is told as a flashback to when the narrator was a boy and how what he wanted most was a Red Ryder Ranger Model Air Rifle. Ralphie states his case to three different people why he should get a BB gun. Through his incidents with behaviors fulfilling the actions of any eight year old boy, Ralphie finally gets his dream on Christmas day.

“You guys give up, or you’re thirsty for more?” Every kid at one point in time wished to make their crazy family disappear and take on burglars that our out to get you. Home Alone is the story of a boy who was forgotten while his family went on vacation and the “wet bandits” were on the loose robbing the houses in his neighborhood with his as the motherlode. After the initial shock Kevin McCallister has the time of his life doing what he wants, when he wants. In preparation for the attack on his home Kevin boobytraps the place they way only a kid could do. When his family finally manages to come home to his Kevin realizes the importance of family and how much they really do love him.

“We’re your worst nightmare. Elves with attitude.” Introducing Scott played by Tim Allen scares Santa Claus right off the roof. The reindeer are left with no owner, but him and his son Charlie played by Eric Lloyd deliver the rest of the presents to all children and return to The North Pole. But waking up, was it a dream or is Santa really gone? As the year goes on, Scott is soon to find that he is the new Santa Claus. A dream come true for Charlie, but it starts to interfere with his job; a new white fluffy beard, a joyful stomach full of milk and cookies; how long till someone believes that he is really Santa Claus?

Marleah & Me

Tis the Season by Marleah Campbell


Holiday season means one thing in the Campbell household: Christmas movies. Everyone knows these movies put you in the holiday spirit, but if you watch carefully, they can give you some of the best advice. Here are some tips to make your winter break successful and enjoyable, given to you via movie quotes. “We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.” -Buddy the Elf (Elf, 2003) If this doesn’t sum up my diet for the entire month of December, I don’t know what does. You don’t often get the excuse to stuff your face with sugar, so take advantage of this one. Eat up, enjoy and worry about the consequences of that horribly poor decision next month or something.

“The Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more?” (How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, 1966) It’s easy to get caught up in the materialistic side of the holidays. But hey, even the grinchiest of all grinches, the Grinch himself, found a way to see past that. If he can do it, you can too. It took the Grinch stealing the possessions of an entire village to learn this lesson though, hopefully you can find a less constructive way to get the message. “The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.” -Buddy the Elf (Elf, 2003) Pretty self-explanatory why this quote is a winner. The month of December is the only

time when you can go door-to-door to your neighbors singing carols without completely weirding them out; the same activity in any of the other 11 months of the year would cause confusion and some extreme judgement. “The most enjoying traditions of the season are best enjoyed in the warm embrace of kith and kin.” -Clark Griswold (Christmas Vacation, 1989) Although this is a pretty serious sounding quote from one of the least serious Christmas movies ever made, it’s a perfect way to wrap up this column (pun intended). Enjoy your holiday break, Vikes. Have fun, stay safe and most importantly, spend time with your loved ones. See you all in 2014.


How Do They Line Up? comparing coffees from breweries nearby by isabelle frankel






The caramel mocha was tasty but was essentially just hot chocolate, a large majority of the cup was whipped cream and there wasn’t much coffee taste.

Starbucks didn’t taste terrible, but if you were to get this in the morning on the way to school, it would take a lot of time and the baristas aren’t very friendly.

Scooters tasted pretty good and they offered a very wide variety of drinks without sacrificing convenience.

The coffee at Panera was delicious but it took a long time to get and had a lot of calories.

QuikTrip’s coffee tasted great and I like having the ability to serve yourself, it made it pretty fast and was the cheapest by far.


cup. Like these students, I often find myself power-walking through the Antioch lot, praying that I make it into class by the 7:40 bell. As a true senior bell-pusher, I have nearly perfected the last minute entrance. However, despite my growing pride on the subject I seldom have the time to treat myself to a cup of joe. Instead I stare piteously into at my classmate’s cups. They range from the economically and ecologically conscience cups from home, to those of the disposable variety, usually adorned in a sleeve from QuikTrip, Starbucks, or Scooters. The majority of these beverages are imposters. Instead of the rich, delectable liquid gold of coffee, they contain froufrou, sugary concoctions. It is easy to get lost in the world of these oddly named drinks. Cappuccinos, frappuccinos, macchiatos, lattes, frappes; it’s enough to make your head spin. They all have one thing in common: they shouldn’t be in your breakfast. While there are a few healthier

options, most contain more sugar and calories than a cupcake. That white chocolate mocha in a grande you’ve been craving? It has a whopping 470 calories, 12 grams of saturated fat and 59 grams of sugar. Or the on-the-go pumpkin spice latte from QuikTrip? It has 320 calories, 16 grams of fat and 48 grams of sugar. Instead of starting out your day on a sugar high I suggest sticking to an old fashioned coffee for your caffeine needs. A black cup of coffee will set you back about 5 calories. Even if you add milk and sugar, you will fare far better than your cappuccino/macchiato/frapped friends. I personally suggest adding almond milk to add flavor to your drink. Purchasing coffee beverages en route to school is also harmful on your wallet. High schoolers constantly carp about their lack of money, but buying a beverage on the way to school is a huge drain on your discretionary funds. Imagine if you went to Starbucks twice a week, and spent a borderline conservative four

dollars per visit. Within a month you would spend $32, over the school year you would spend about $328. Instead of wasting money on these drinks we should do something different with our money. The $328 dollars from the Starbucks drinker could supply 1,640 meals from Harvesters. You could even treat yourself to an iPad mini. This winter protect your wallet and your waistline by making a good ole’ fashion cup of coffee at home.

Coffee Conundrum often the best coffee is the one you make at home an opinion by betty thomas


ntil the Spring comes, with its warm temperatures and sunshine, many of us will be relying on caffeine to get through the dark, frigid winter days. Students are seen stumbling into school at approximately 7:36, zombie-eyed and carrying an all too familiar sight: a coffee




What Movie Should I See? this flow chart will help you narrow down some titles by andy gottschalk Do you want human interest or big effects?

How do you feel about historicals?



Superhero movies: Yay or nay?

Where Should I See It? Cinemark - They’re hecka cheap, especially for matinees, and they have a wide selection. Alamo Drafthouse - Alamo is partly a revival house, so it screens old movies, new ones, and indie picks.


I dig ‘em.

Do you like laughing?

You want a recent story, or older? Recent Old

Dallas Buyer’s Club


12 Years A Slave

Glenwood Arts - Those harder to find movies will probably play at Glenwood Arts. And they’re in the neighborhood, too.



You like ‘toons? Yes

Not today Her

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Thor: The Dark World

How about fantastical adaptations of literature? Frozen

No. Make me cry. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug



Anchorman 2

Catching Fire

Poetically Inclined




four students were selected to be solo performers for a poetry slam by gretchen yearsley

You can feel the passion in the words, all of the emotion behind a two minute performance, and see the bond and trust of a team. Holding back tears while spilling words from their past and voicing what makes them who they are. Since 2001, Chicago has held the world’s biggest youth poetry slam, known as "Louder Than a Bomb". What is really different about this competition is that it is more focused on the teamwork, rather than the single poets themselves. This year not only are the Chicago area schools participating, but also Kansas City, which has never been offered. The festival will be held in March and Kansas City schools will be invited to do their spin of what Chicago has been doing for the past 12 years. So as our school has been recognized in the previous years for our poetry skills, of course we will be involved in the festivities. Our team will consist of seniors Brianna Cole, Eli Southwick, Andy Larson, and Emma Van Deventer. The coaches will be teachers Mrs. Scholtes, Mrs. Flurry, and Mr. Carter who have been teaching writers workshop and english classes throughout the years. All of the poets have their own way of performing, Larson uses his vocal cords to belt out a few tunes while he has performed in the past. “I do like to sing in my poems, so im looking for ways to incorporate that into future pieces” Larson said. What is really useful for the performers is that two out of the four have been in theatre

prior to Starving Artists, Larson and Van Deventer. “I have been doing theatre since I was in elementary school” Van Deventer said. A main focus for Louder Than A Bomb is teamwork, and that means depending on other people to hold the performance together. “It will be easier knowing there are other people up there with me and the fact that everyone on the team is so talented will really help me to push myself” Van Deventer said. The audience for Louder Than A bomb is expected to be an outstanding number since this is the first time this has ever been offered in KC. While most of the performers have written in the past to just express themselves, now it is for a competition, which means they will be judged by the crowd of people and the selected judges. Does that create stagefright? “The best advice former student Cam Kirk has given me is ‘perform like nobody’s watching’ so right before a performance I close my eyes and try to imagine myself at home in the kitchen. That’s a place where I practice a lot” Southwick said. The phrase is “picture everyone in the audience in their underwear”, it might work for some performers, but everybody has their own way of dealing with fear. “I try to use that nervous energy to make my performance even bigger” Larson said. A lot of excitement is being built up for the festival in hopes that West will take away yet another victory.


jessi sailer and emily franchett get involved in art by brianna cole

Vice President Jessi Sailer and Emily Franchett are seniors who are a part of National Art Honor Society. This group provides opportunities for dedicated art students in order for them to better themselves and their work. To be a part of NAHS students must join in the beginning of the school year, but the induction isn’t until March, also students must maintain at least a B average in all of their art classes. A requirement for NAHS is volunteer work, students must gain a total of fifteen hours of volunteer work. Because there is a new featured artist every month, students can volunteer to help set up the gallery openings. NAHS features an artist every month for the gallery. These artists are from the Kansas City area who can sell their art through the gallery. “Sometimes artists come in and have gallery talks. The artist will come to the gallery, show a powerpoint, explain his/her progress since high school and what inspires them,” Sailer said. Some of these artists have been alumni, teachers, and janitors. At the beginning of the school year, NAHS hosts a faculty art show in the gallery that displays their work. “Its very impressive, you would’ve never guessed how talented our staff is,” Sailer said. At the end of the school year, seniors are

able to promote their artwork through their Senior Show. The Senior Shows are held at the gallery, here they are able to display their artwork and are able to sell it too. Sailer has sold her artwork prior to her senior show. “I’ve made eight hundred dollars from my artwork. I’ve never been featured in a gallery yet because I haven’t had my Senior Show, but I put my artwork on FaceBook so students have bought my work,” Sailer said. Franchett has had offers from people for her artwork, but she has turned them all down. “I haven’t gotten to the point where I am comfortable with letting my art go. I am still definitely willing to sell my art in the future though. I have been thinking about going up to the Black Dog or other local places and see if they can hang my artwork up there,” Franchett said. Franchett has considered to make a career out of her love for art. “I’ve thought about being a gallery owner and also an art purchaser. An art purchaser would be hired by wealthier people to pick out artwork for their homes. I’ve also thought about going into illustration for children’s books,” Franchett said.



Alex Ralston

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