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Media Kit   Sports Medicine Weekly is a radio talk  show on ​670 The Score Chicago Sports  Radio​, along with a supporting Blog  and Syndicated Podcasts, featuring  team physician Dr. Brian Cole and  Bulls Radio Host Steve Kashul.    Authoritative, informative and  engaging content is presented on a  broad range of topics, by nationally  recognized guest speakers and  authors. Lineups include surgeons,  therapists, coaches, trainers, elite athletes and suppliers of related  products and services.    Serving a community that is passionate about sports and requires the  most accurate, reliable and efficient resources to remain active with a  focus on the prevention and treatment of sports injuries, nutrition and  fitness.     Net Proceeds from Sports Medicine Weekly are donated for the  Advancement of Orthopedic and Cell Biology Research at Rush University  Medical Center in Chicago IL.      1

Dr. Brian Cole   Dr. Brian Cole is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in  sports medicine at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush and a  Professor of Orthopedics and Anatomy and Cell Biology  at Rush University Medical Center. Since, 2017, Dr. Cole  has served as Managing Partner of Midwest  Orthopaedics at Rush.     He is the Associate Chairman of the Department of  Orthopedics at Rush and the Section Head of the  Cartilage Research and Restoration Center. Since 2011,  he has served as Chairman of Surgery at Rush Oak Park  Hospital and as the head of the Rush Orthopedic  Master's Program.    Awards and honors given to Dr. Cole range from the  “Best Doctors in America”​ since 2004 and “Top Doctor” in  the Chicago metro area since 2003. In 2006, he was  featured on the​ cover of​ Chicago Magazine​ as “Chicago’s Top Doctor” and was selected  as​ ​NBA Team Physician of the Year​ in 2009.​ ​Orthopedics This Week​ has named Dr. Cole  as one of the top 20 sports medicine, knee and shoulder specialists repeatedly over the  last 5 years as selected by his peers.    Dr. Cole’s research interests include cartilage restoration, therapeutic biologics, and  minimally invasive surgical techniques for the treatment of the knee, elbow, and  shoulder. He has published more than 1,000 articles and 8 textbooks on orthopedic  surgery and sports medicine. He received an MD and MBA from the University of  Chicago, completed his orthopedic residency at the Hospital for Special Surgery at  Cornell Medical Center, and a Sports Medicine fellowship at the University of  Pittsburgh.    His professional career outside of academia includes serving as team physician for the  Chicago Bulls, co-team physician for the Chicago White Sox and team physician the  Chicago Dogs and DePaul University. He also co-hosts Sports Medicine Weekly, a talk  show on ​670 The Score Chicago SportsRadio​, after seven years on ESPN Radio. 



Steve Kashul

For the past 18 years, Steve Kashul has served as the  pre-game, halftime, and post-game host for the Chicago  Bulls working alongside the play by play team of Chuck  Swirsky and Bill Wennington on the Chicago Bulls Radio  Network. Kashul is co-owner of Channel Fore, Inc. which  produces “The Golf Scene” TV Show on Comcast  Sportsnet, of which he serves as the principal host. He is  also Host of “Sports Medicine Weekly”, a radio show  airing on The Score – WSCR 670-AM in Chicago.    Honors and awards include two Emmy Awards for his  work as host of Chicago Bulls Basketball on  SportsChannel (1991-1997) and winner of a Telly Award  in 2006 for his work as host on “The Golf Scene”  television show. His work has also appeared on a national scale, having served as the  lead announcer and voice of the Senior PGA Tour for CNBC, as well as live events on  Golf Channel.      Kashul has also served as the play by play voice for the Celebrity Golf Association’s  Professional Golf Tour, Big Ten Women’s Volleyball, Illinois High School Association  sporting events, Men’s Professional 16” Softball, and was a reporter and host for the  Notre Dame Football Coaches Show as well as host of “The Spirit of Sports”, a show  focusing on Special Olympics in Illinois.    Steve has also been a feature writer/columnist for the Chicago District Golfer  Magazine, and is a former sports writer for the Chicago Sun-Times, covering High  School athletics. He has also served on numerous committees including those  representing The March of Dimes, LaRabida Children’s Hospital, Midtown Educational  Foundation, Illinois Special Olympics, and the Greater Chicago Club Managers  Association.       


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Unique Users: 99,176 (+.7% growth m/m)   Page Views: 318,525 (+9.5% growth m/m)    Sessions: 209,715 (+8% growth m/m)    E-blast Database: 18 K Active   


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Sports Medicine Weekly becomes an integral part of the fabric of Chicago’s leading Sports Station providing sponsors with the market’s most  advanced broadcasting assets:      ● SMW will broadcast every Saturday from 8 to 9 AM for 52 weeks.  ● SMW will receive 1,300 total promos, 25+ weekly, driving listeners to  the Saturday show.  ● SMW will receive 104 total billboard mentions, 2 per show.  ● SMW will receive five on-air 30/30 vignettes per week during  primetime M-Su 6a-12m, available for advertising.                            6

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Sports Medicine Weekly and its Sponsors will receive the most advanced broadcasting assets and be woven into the fabric of Chicago’s leading  sports station:    ● Sponsors receive a total of 208- thirty second commercials on Sports  Medicine Weekly, 4 in each Saturday show from 8-9 am for 52 weeks.  ● Commercial spots will be produced from Sponsor scripts, in the  station studio with voice-over.  ● Sponsors will have the opportunity for 2 different scripts per show  and script changes during the year to accommodate special  promotions and campaigns.   ● Sponsors will have the opportunity for on-air interviews to discuss  relevant topics, explain the features & benefits of their brand and  promote a campaign.  ● To supplement the interviews, the show hosts will separately present  and discuss content from recent sponsor articles posted in the SMW  blog, with sponsor mention.  ● Annual sponsors will receive a total of 260 shared promotional  mentions on ​670 The Score​,​ f​ ive per week Monday - Sunday​.  ● Sponsors will receive 104 shared billboard mentions, 2 per show,  open and close.  ● All show Podcasts will be posted on the SMW portal in the ​670 The  Score​ website and on the SMW Blog along with a Sponsor linked  Banner.  ● Podcasts will be accessible from the main menu and sub-menu by  Sponsor.  ● Podcasts will also be syndicated through advanced distribution  channels, custom Apps and Social Media.     


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SMW Blog Advertising is included for Sponsors with the preceding SMW  show package on ​670 The Score Chicago Sports Radio​ and is available to  non-show sponsors by subscription:    ● Publishing of two articles per month from sponsor blog, videos or  other content resource with embedded links where appropriate.   ● Articles are accessible from the Articles menu and sub-menu by  Sponsor, Category list in the sidebar and the Topic Search function  at the top and bottom of all pages.  ● All posts are promoted on social media. Article shall include  contributor credits and sponsor Logo Banner with embedded link.  Banner image to be supplied by Sponsor.   ● Skyscraper Banner (160×600 pixels) displayed in sidebar with  embedded link. Banner locations will be rotated weekly. Banner  image to be supplied by Sponsor.   ● Logo Banner (300×250 pixels) displayed in footer of each page with  embedded link. Banner image to be supplied by Sponsor.      9

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SMW Media Kit  

Sports Medicine Weekly Media Kit

SMW Media Kit  

Sports Medicine Weekly Media Kit