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mission west

teaching the positives With rumors about his future as head boys basketball coach, Mike Brinsko continues to thrive in 44th year. [profile, pg. 17]

english excursion

bringing home broadway

The band traveled to London, England to play in the New Year’s Day Parade over winter break this year. [pg. 12-13]

Intense preparation for the winter play, Thoroughly Modern Millie, should lead to an exciting performance. [pg. 20]




new ways of staying connected With Facebook growing, some of its changes are receiving mixed reviews. by marina sarkisova


A painting by R. Gregory Summers depicting downtown Kansas City. Summers’ works were dislpayed in the art gallery until January, 25.

news in brief

Renowned Penn State coach Joe Paterno passed away Sunday morning. Paterno was diagnosed with what doctors determined a treatable form of lung cancer shortly after being fired from his head coaching position in November. Paterno’s storied career spans 61 years in which he garnered over 400 victories and ended 35 seasons in the top 25, but was tarnished by his failure to correctly handle the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal.

by connor henderson

Junior Erin Lanigan achieved a feat most of us could only dream of: scoring a perfect 36 on the ACT college entrance exam. The test contains over 200 questions in English, mathematics, science, and writing. Lanigan is part of a select group, representing less than a tenth of a percent of the 1.6 million who take the test every year. At West, she is involved in orchestra, Out of Hand, Coalition, NHS, and Categories.

january/february 27Pep Assembly 28 Thoroughly Modern Millie Varsity Boys Basketball

SAT Testing Thoroughly Modern Millie

4 Mr. Viking 7 p.m. Auditorium



Spotlighter Meeting Varsity Girls Basketball @ Lawrence- 7 p.m.

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords announced in a YouTube video her plans to step down from her position in Congress. The announcement comes about a year after the shooting that left six dead and Giffords in critical condition. Giffords cited her need to focus on recovery but said she would serve again some time in the future. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer will set a date for a special primary and then general election date to fill Giffords’s seat.


29 6


30 7

Early Dismissal AMC Test Varsity Boys Basketball @ Lawrence

Varsity Boys Basketball vs. Lawrence Free State - 7 p.m.

8 Varsity Girls Basketball @ SM North - 7 p.m.

The debate team took home a first place trophy after beating out seven other schools at the state debate tournament at Olathe Northwest. The topic this year dealt with whether or not the federal government should increase space exploration. Team members included Maddi Duncan, Grace Rogers, Reed Norman, Spencer Jones, Hunter McTarsney, and Lauren Scanlan, and was coached by Kenneth King.



Varsity Girls Basketball vs. Olathe East - 7 p.m.

9 Progress Reports 10 NHS Meeting StuCo Meeting Parent Teacher Conferences 5-8 p.m.

Parent Teacher Conferences No Classes Varsity Boys Basketball

3 Varsity Boys Basketball vs. Olathe East - 7 p.m.


ACT Testing @ SMW Glenn Miller Orchestra - 7 p.m.

With each log into Facebook, there is always something new to see. “What’s interesting is it shows a lot more stuff in the timeline that hapIt started with the simple, “Add me on Facebook” to now, “Facebook me” pened in that month with you on Facebook,” Alyssa Gregory, freshman, said. as a source of connection. Facebook started with simple features - an add, As Facebook updates, some people get switched without their consent. chat and message - but as the website became more and more popular, us“I did choose to get the timeline myself,” Gregory said, “most of my ers could start playing games and there were other add ons to keep the site friends have it, but not all of them.” interesting. Once some one switches to the timeAs the years have passed, Facebook has line, there is no switching back. made major changes such as video chat, “I personaly like the changes just beadding ads as another source of profit, hidcause it’s getting more updated. I don’t ing the chat boxes completely, incorporatknow what I would want to stay the same ing the “like button”, altering how the news because I like the changes,” Taylor Sheets, feed looks as soon as the user logs in, and junior, said. much more. However, the big change the For some, the switch was involuntary company recently made is how the users’ but for the majority it has been a choice, as profiles look. This change is the “Timeline.” of now. However, in the future the layout “I got it three weeks ago. I saw someone could be permanent. else on Facebook with it and there was a Facebook layout in 2005. Source: “I decided to get it myself. It was super button that said preview [your timeline],” confusing at first, but I thought I would Reed Norman, senior, said, “so I’m looktry something new and I saw some of my ing at my preview which shows up every friends had it. I would say about 30 of time you go to your profile. A few days go them [have it],” Sheets said. by and I’m hating this thing. I’m checkSome people complain that the new ing it out and I see a countdown on my Facebook causes other things on their profile. It says four days until it is on your computer to run more slowly. profile, and I couldn’t figure out any way “I hate it. I can’t figure out how to get to undo it. Sure enough, four days later, it back. It’s confusing and inconvenient. that’s what everyone sees.” It does not make sense to me: random The timeline allows users to add a fablobs from your wall shotgunned on a vorite picture as a banner above the trascreen with no flow,” Norman said. ditional profile picture. On the right side Facebook has become global, and the of the profile, there is the actual timeline, Facebook layout in 2012. Source: changes are as well. For some, adjusting which shows everything from when a user first made their Facebook to the is not a problem, but many do dislike how often the changes occur, and at present. By scrolling up and down through the months on the timeline, times it can be confusing how things are arranged. Facebook still remains a friends can see what others have posted on their walls, pictures of the user, popular social media source, but the company is implementing these changand more. es as it competes with their newer competition Twitter and Tumblr.

faces in the hall Kyle Wright senior Kevin Baynham junior Natalie Bjorklun sophomore Kathleen Lansdon freshman

by alex leininger

What do you eat for breakfast?

Eggo Waffles

Twitter name?


Last person to text you?

Marleah Campbell

@kevbaynham Becca Schmidt

Who would play you in a movie?

One word to describe your mother?

Will Smith




Yogurt with almonds



Tyra Banks




Kathryn Brown






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beating the winter blues Ever feel like life has just got you down? It’s cold outside yet there are no snow days, spring break seems like an eternity away, and just waking up each day seems like an impossible task. If you play a winter sport or do another activity after school, you might not even see the sun at all. People find a lot of reasons to be gloomy during the winter. It doesn’t have to be that way. There’s nothing we can do about Mother Nature and no amount of wishing will make the warm weather come faster. Winter is filled with things to do, so there is no reason to complain and waste away three months of your life. It may seem like nothing could possibly top the festivities of winter break, but there is no reason third quarter can not be equally, if not more, awesome. Simply put, there is no lack of activity going on in the weeks ahead: Groundhog Day, President’s Day, Super Bowl XLVI, high school and college basketb all, the Daytona 500, Valentine’s Day, Heart of the West Week, WPA, Black History month, Mardi Gras, The Leap Day, spring sports tryouts, the Mr. Viking pageant. If nothing on that list interests you, then you ought get your head checked out. If you wake up at the same time every morning and do the same stuff, of course it will get boring. You have to mix things up. Ever hit a plateau in your fitness regimen? Your body adapts to doing the same thing over and over, and your progress stops. The same concept applies to school. The reason some of us dread school is the fear that it will be the same as the day before. That’s why it’s important to do something new each day, whether it’s large or small. Try a new food you’ve always been scared to try. Buy a fun new pen and use it to take notes (or doodle) in class. Break a sweat in a class at the gym, or strike up a conversation with a person you would not normally talk with. Trying new things can not only expand your horizons, but also leave you feeling energized and accomplished. Wake up each day with the goal of doing something new. Little steps turn into long strides which become leaps and bounds. When you look back on 2012, we hope it is the year you weren’t afraid to broaden your experiences. You’ll be all the better for it.


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the intimidator by tim dodderidge

what i’m saying just to take up white space


leininger lexicon

by alex leininger

things i love I feel like I complain a lot in all of my columns. Actually, I know I do, because I just looked through a few old issues, and I sound like an old person in a nursing home. I realized that if you haven’t had the pleasure of getting to know me yet, I might sound like a negative person. NOT THE CASE. Those that do know me (the lucky ones) know that I am actually in a great mood about 98 percent of the time - smiling and laughing like it’s nobody’s business. The reason for that is because I hate taking things too seriously. There are times to leave the fun and games behind and get to work, but there’s no reason to act like the chief guard to a national prison in high school science class (right, Mr. Bair?). It’s just asinine. Make the most out of every moment and have fun! But without further ado, (and because Valentine’s Day is coming up) I’m going to share a few things that I love in this world, to help you all get into the positive spirit. Since I already made a dig at old people, I’m going to continue on in that direction. I love when old people contort their face, thinking it’s actually going to help them see the object they obviously need assistance viewing. I usually


offense, though, because I’ll be one of you someday. On a serious note, I also love when old people are nice rather than cranky. It’s nice to think that after SO many years and negative situations in their life, they’re still able to focus on the positives. So that’s nice. I love compliments, both receiving and giving. You can make the day of any random person with a simple compliment, even if it’s about their shoes or something. It shows that you notice them, and it’s nice to feel noticed in such a selfish world. However, it’s important to be honest when handing out compliments. Don’t tell someone how pretty/handsome they look if they look like Jabba the Hut (but if they look like that, probably just don’t say anything). I love the people you can always count on. Whether it’s for reassurance, confidence, criticism or laughter (even when it’s shady as to what the actual joke was), the best friends aren’t only at your service three days a week. It’s 24/7/365 or nothing, even if they aren’t with you. That’s what cell phones are for. That and Words with Friends. Lastly, I love everybody I’ve been able to look up to and model myself after. Teachers, you taught me how to shut up and pay attention, succeed, and showed me what I do/don’t want to do with this life of mine. Parents - while mine are obviously the greatest (I mean, they are to blame for the wonderful creation you see above), some of the other parents I’ve gotten to know are pretty great too. Especially the moms who called me cute. I know you say it to every kid that passes through your foyer, but it’s still a nice ego-boost. Most importantly - the class of 2012: I’ve grown up with you guys, I love you guys, and when the time comes, I’ll miss you guys. Love conquers all. Goodnight.

What does it mean to be honest? I’m writing a column right now, but what makes anything I say authentic? Am I writing for your entertainment? Do I want to reach out to everyone reading and make them realize something? It could mean all of those things, but how do you know for sure? I’m sure that over the past few years you’ve read a column of mine and gotten something out of it. Being a fairly serious person, I stopped writing critically and negatively, and began to search for something more. Okay, wait a do you know this is a sincere statement? Is it the fact that it’s in a high school newspaper? Does that make it grandiose enough to be believed? I could be making this whole thing up without any meaning intertwined whatsoever. The point I’m actually trying to make is that everything has meaning, whether it intends to or not. I’ve read tons of books for English class, and in every novel, things I wouldn’t expect happen to have meaning. For example, “the curtains are blue because they represent the lonely man’s sadness.” How do you know they’re not blue just because they are blue? The same can be said with my writings. Over the last few issues, I’ve talked about many topics, but how do you know they really mean anything? Did my car breaking down three times really change me? Did I really become inspired by Billy Mills? I hear that writing honestly is always better than writing pretentiously. What would be the point of putting random meanings in my writing if they don’t mean anything to me? If it doesn’t mean anything to me, it wouldn’t mean anything to anyone else. You probably got caught up in those columns because they seemed to be bursting with meaning and morals, just like the previous paragraph. In other words, they were meant to be read to get something out of them. I talked about a lot of topics and probably sucked you in with my honest tone and swept you away with my enticing choice of words. And that’s really all I need for people to trust what I say is sincere. Now, as I sum things up, just think about something: was everything I said in this column sincere or truthful? How do you know what you think this column means is what I intended for it to mean? Is it because I am an honest person? I could be lying. In fact, how do you know I actually wrote this column? Is it because my name’s at the top? I think the only way you would really know is if you knew me. And I don’t mean just know me, but know me well enough to trust me and the words I say. If not, I just hope you trust me anyway. I hope I just blew your mind. Or did I? How do you know I really meant that?


the drawing board: GARRETT WILSON

abbs of steel

by abby banning

memory lane

Ahh the good ol’ days. I seem to hear that phrase a lot when I spend time around my older family members. But sometimes I find myself reminiscing on how easy life used to be. Now, I know I’m nowhere near the end of my life (hopefully), but sometimes I still catch myself with a bit of nostalgia. Don’t you remember how back in elementary school when people had birthday parties literally EVERYONE was invited? Even if they only invited everyone because their mom made them, the thought was still appreciated. Nowadays, if people even have birthday parties, they are super cliquey. Just hanging out with people in general is cliquey. Once we reach middle school suddenly our best friend since first grade just isn’t as cool anymore. All of your friends begin to go their separate ways and nothing is the same as it used to be. Suddenly peace signs and duck faces are all the rage, and so is making drama. The cliquey and oh-so-high-school behavior begins in middle school and only gets worse once you reach high school. Girls start rumors about other girls and say mean things behind their backs because it makes them feel better about themselves. But contrary to common belief girls are not the only ones that start drama. Almost all of the boys I know are constantly in a fight with someone. Back when we were kids rumors didn’t exist. We were always upfront with each other and said what was on our minds, there was no need to say things behind people’s backs because everyone knew how you felt about them. Now, when we have a problem with people, instead of politely pointing out how we feel, we often feel the need to talk to someone else about it inevitably causing more drama. So why does everyone feel the need to cause problems? My guess is attention. Face it, you love being the center of attention and talking bad about someone is one very efficient way to have everyone listen to you. But do you ever think about the effect your words have on others? Just imagine hearing that someone you thought you were friends with was spreading rumors about you, how does that make you feel? Now think about all the bad things you’ve said about people you are friends with. Then, punch yourself in the face, because chances are you could think of too many instances you where you said mean things about people. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I have never said anything bad about anyone. When it comes to trash talking I’m one of the best. But I will tell you that I’m trying to work on it. No matter how good of a front you put up it still hurts when you find out something bad that a so-called- friend said about you. I think we should all make an effort to make West a drama/gossip free, safe place for everyone. Then we can really mean it when we say “West is best.”

sarah’s slice by sarah mcgreevy

you only live once

For most of first semester I was dying to get my hands on a column and the fact that I’m a photographer made that desire nearly impossible. Now that I finally have one... (yay!) I am at a loss for what I can tell you that will hold your attention but aspiringly touch a small part of who you are as a person (deep I know). A friend told me I needed to write about something I am passionate about so here it goes. Although it is hard for most people to see the big picture instead of living for every Friday night of the week, I think I have managed to see everything from a larger perspective. Sometimes we can get so caught up in everything we are involved in and we lose track of our goals. Some of my goals for this year include making time for things that I really enjoy doing like painting, drawing, and taking pictures. I have always been fond of art classes but as soon as my schedule became too full to take the classes I really enjoyed I noticed that I wasn’t as content with my day to day life as usual. I was missing that extra creative and independent thinking time that I became too busy for so now I set time aside a couple hours out of the week. I’m not saying that you need to pick up a paint brush and try to be the next Van Gogh, or attempt to take a capturing

photo of water and get frustrated because it looks nothing like Ansel Adams’ work. Just step back and think of something you are passionate about doing and try and make time to do it. I guarantee it will make you a happier person, and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t appreciate that? As my senior year is coming to an end, and approaching quickly, as most seniors probably agree, I have come to realize the purpose of having an overall perspective on life. The song, “You Only Live Once” by The Strokes has a line that I think illustrates the meaning of cherishing every moment. They explain that there are twenty ways to see the world and twenty ways to start a fight. It is just as easy to find ways to get upset as it is to keep a positive outlook on life but you have to consider that nothing is worth feeling disappointed in the end. I may not be 100 percent sure on where I will be next year, but I do know that as of now I am going to focus on having a great wrap up to my senior year. That means setting aside my differences with people I normally don’t reach out to. Along with getting to know people I have never met. I think we can all relate to this one; when you are walking down the hall and you think to yourself, “I literally have never seen that person in my life.” Let’s be honest, there is not one person in this school that is on a first name basis with all 1,850 of us. As for all of us seniors, time here is limited and we can’t let this be the time for holding grudges. I for one will remain optimistic about the rest of the year. It’s all about making the memories we want to cherish in the future now. So I challenge you fellow classmates and students, don’t be afraid to be yourself and rediscover what you are passionate about. Even if it sets you apart from everyone else; our time here is too short to judge harshly on each other. (cake courtesy of Madeline Frankel & Pintrest)




Everyone has a story. This is the belief behind the series “300 words.” Each issue, a student or teacher is chosen at random and their story is told in 300 words.

written by: madeline frankel


- NAME - IS”


From her soft-spoken mannerisms and welcoming, warm brown eyes, you may never guess that Adrianna Bagby has dealt with unique situations her entire life. But having two parents that are legally deaf is nothing unusual to her. “It is relatively normal to me because it’s all I have ever known,” Bagby said. She began learning sign language at 10 months old, and picked up the ability to talk shortly after. Bagby often is a translator for her parents and helps them understand e-mails or text messages. “I have had to mature much faster than some people my own age,” Bagby said. Bagby finds plenty of ways to have fun. She competes for the Vikings swim team and has been the boys’ swim manager for the last two years. “At first, I wasn’t sure, but I quickly found that the swim boys are the sweetest, funniest guys I have ever met,” Bagby said, “And swimmers bodies are an added perk.” Having a good relationship with her family is very important to Bagby, and many weekends are spent with her grandparents. Bagby isn’t shy about her family life and insists that there are perks to having deaf parents. Some of the activities she enjoys include seeing ASL [American Sign Language] movies, visiting the deaf school, and hanging out at the deaf club. “I really enjoy it when people ask me questions,” Bagby said, “One question people always ask me is ‘Is your house really quiet?’ and that question always makes me laugh.” Bagby has ambitious goals for the future. She previously volunteered on six mission trips with her church and plans to spend three weeks in Africa this November. “After college, I plan on joining the Peace Corps, then becoming a teacher and traveling a lot,” Bagby said.


Senior Devin Mitchell devotes much of his time and hard work to playing competitive hockey. He has spent many years of his life working hard to develop his skills and make it onto a top-notch team.




geared for success by terri harvey One could say that Devin Mitchell is like every average high school senior, he has his hobbies and friends and spends a lot of his time studying, but that wouldn’t be the entire truth. Much of his time is monopolized by a life-long pastime that he began in the first grade. Devin plays competitive ice hockey. Devin may have been too young to remember his first interest in the sport, but his family recalls actions of his that were clear signs that he might have a future in ice hockey. “ When he was in Kindergarten, I went to pick him up one day from Y-Care at Apache Elementary and the teacher had displayed all of the kids’ New Year’s resolutions. His said he wanted to learn to play hockey. It Seemed rather odd because we have no family history of hockey players. So I signed him up for ice skating lessons … the rest is history,” Angel Mitchell, Devin’s mother, said. “My mom remembers taking us bowling at King Louie and I would be over watching the hockey players on the ice in the basement. She also remembers me watching Happy Gilmore a lot, so that might have contributed to it,” Devin said. He began on local teams in his youth and worked his way up to increasingly competitive teams throughout the years. He has practiced hard and earned his promotions; he spends three hours a day after school training at the Independence Events Center, and then spends the rest of his night doing work for school. “He wasn’t very good in the beginning, at all,” Angel said. Due to his dedication, he has been able to play for an outstanding team. “For the past three years, I have played on one of the top teams in the top league in the country,” Devin said. He plays for a very diverse team with which he travels all over the country competing. In just this season they will play in Boston, Detroit, Wisconsin, Denver, Los Angeles and many other cities. Several players on the team have turned down other great opportunities and even moved to Kansas City just to be a part of such a wonderful team. Devin first found out about the team in seventh grade. The coaches watched him through the years as he got older and moved up the ranks; when he tried out in tenth grade, he made it easily. “Since then, I made a name for myself with the coaches and other players. This year, I was in Canada training while they held tryouts, and I didn’t even have to try out. I automatically had a spot on the team,” Devin said. He has made some great connections on the team as well along with honing his talents. “One of my best friends on the team is a goalie and he is from Connecticut. He came to play here instead of playing at a boarding school in New England because this team provides better opportunities to move on,” Mitchell said. This hobby of his has been very expensive, costing his family several hundreds of dollars over the years. His mother claims that it has been an enormous decision for the family to continue supporting Devin as the years have gone by. When he started out at such a young age the local league only cost a few hundred dollars a year and they were able to save a little money by buying his equipment on eBay. Though, as he continued to play and grew older they had to regularly replace equipment and purchase better quality equip-

ment to protect Devin from injuries. Then when he began traveling for competition, the expenses increased once again. Overall Devin and his family agree that his hockey playing has helped him in other aspects of his life and that he should attempt to continue playing in the future if he has the opportunity. His mother believes that his involvement in sports has helped him learn responsibility, balance in his every day life, the importance of teamwork and his ability to stay true to himself and his passion even when it means not following the crowd. However he doesn’t only rely on his athletic ability for a successful future. “I am currently fifth in the class, so I also have that going for me. I kind of have a dream of developing video games. I feel like that would be a blast, and I have already came up with some really good ideas,” Devin said. Devin trains year round, spending most of the off season in Minnesota and Canada. In reality, he does not lead a very average life at all, though it may seem like that to most. He hardly ever has time to do anything but work hard to assure a future for himself in his favorite sport and his future career.



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accident prone As winter weather and icy roads approach, students recall their worst car accidents. by tim dodderidge and hayden lassalle

Alley Ulrich, Junior What happened in your accident? I was driving to school, and the car in front of me had stopped but I didn’t notice until it was too late. I slammed on my brakes and slid into his car.


What caused your accident? I wasn’t paying close enough attention, and I should have been more careful because the roads were slick.


Did you take any safety precautions before the accident? Did that accident change things? Why? I was driving under the speed limit, and after the accident I stay farther away from the cars in front of me. I think if I had paid a little more attention the accident wouldn’t have happened.

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Warren Johnson,

Will you go to WPA with me ? <3

-Lauren Metzler

What advice would you give to young drivers about preventing accidents? Always pay close attention and be aware of what kind of roads you are on, and how the weather effects your driving.

Blake McMillan, Senior What happened? The truck in front of me slammed on his brakes. I tried stopping but didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have enough time. What safety precautions do you take now? I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t drive as fast as I did and pay more attention. How did it change your life? I used to think that I was invincible on the road and now I know that it [an accident] can happen to anyone.

Maddie Phelps, Senior How did you get in your accident? I was driving to a meeting in Westport, and I was going like five miles over the speed limit, and I came up over a hill. A girl in front of me was going really slow because she was looking for her phone on the floor of her car, and I just nailed her going 50. What was the damage to your car like? My car was completely totaled. The windshield was busted out because of the airbag, and the radiator was completely ruined. Her car was fine. Her car just had a crack in the bumper. Were you wearing a seatbelt? Why? Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m going to make a confession: I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t wear my seatbelt hardly ever. And in this instance, the only difference between me coming out with just a couple of scratches and being in the hospital was my seatbelt. How has this incident changed your life? Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m more scared to drive now. I never thought that I would be the one to get in an accident. Now Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m a lot more cautious and wear my seatbelt all the time.



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Why do you think road safety is important, especially around this time of the year? Wrecks can happen in the blink of an eye and can happen to anyone, and if the roads are slick there is way more of a chance of a wreck happening.

Brett Sterbach, Junior What happened? I slid my car on ice and hit a tree to dodge a car. What safety precautions do you take now? I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t take turns as fast and Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m more cautious on neighborhood streets. How did it change your life? It made me realize all the risks of driving. Why do you think safety is so important this time of the year? The roads are a lot more dangerous this time of year and especially when thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ice, so thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a lot of risk.


Attractions Visited:

London Talk, Mate

Stonehenge: A series of rock formations in Wiltshire County dating back as far as 2400 B.C.

Mind the gap: watch out for space between the platform and the train The tube: the subway The band recently got the privilege of playing in the New Year’s Day parade in London, England.

Stonehenge Bath: A world heritage site, Bath contains numerous theatres, museums, and other venues.

Biscuits: cookies

by // erin feller, lauren scobee, and landon ochsner

Diaper: napkin


London Eye London Eye: The London Eye is a giant Ferris Wheel located off the banks of the River Thames, the longest river in England.

Roman Baths: Located inside the city of Bath, the Roman Baths are a well-preserved spot for public bathing.

Huff and bone: phone

Over winter break, the marching band traveled 4,370 miles to London. Even though it literally “rained on their parade,” band and dance team members said it was a trip of a lifetime. London is very different from America, according to Codie Smith and others. “Some of the biggest differences are that the drinking age is 17, everyone smokes, when the tube doors are closing they are not going to stop, and people never say excuse me when they run into you,” Schauna McCully said. There were many things they found out about London. For example, around London, there are pickpocketing warning signs. There are areas of high risk around the city and tourists are often victims. “We all learned that the buses always win. They will stop for no one so you have to watch out,” Tory Robinson said. Another thing is that its not the actual tower that is called Big Ben, its the Bell inside. When they visited Buckingham Palace, they saw a dollhouse that is modeled exactly after the palace; when the lights turn on in the actual room they turn on in the doll house as well. On New Years day the band and dance team marched in the London parade.

“It was fun, wet, and cold,” said Robinson. The parade is put on for the queen and band from all around America attend. “The parade was around two miles but it felt like five,” said Robinson. There were 17 other universities and high schools in the parade. Some of the other parade participants were the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, the Donkey Breeding Society, and the Red Hat Society. The best part of the whole experience was getting to see another country, according to Robinson. The West Pride Marching Band hopes to return to London in the Winter of 2015.

Favorite Part of the Trip? “Windsor Castle and seeing the kids’ excitement.” -Bill Thomas, band teacher

“The New Year’s party.” -Codie Smith, junior

Roman Baths

“The New Year’s Day parade.” -Kirk Kennedy, junior

“The Chelsea vs. Aston Villa soccer game.” -Corbin Warner, sophomore

Clockwise from top: The band performs in the parade. Geo Hough, senior, and Jackie Barth, sophomore, pose outside of Stonehenge. Big Ben. Kirk Kennedy, junior, poses infront of the London Bridge.

Watch your wife: mind your trouble Iced lolly: popcicle Crisps: potato chips


by natalie stephens and claire hug



New Years resolutions are popular among many people. Things like losing weight, saving money, and becoming a better person, are common goals shared among people at this time of year. We take a look into the goals of your very own Epic staff members. visit The Voyager, the online home of Shawnee Mission West.

SARAH MCGREEVY, PHOTOG This year I am really trying to live out my resolution. I want to start paying more attention to the little things in life that make me happy. Since I am going to college next year I want to take advantage of every opportunity of adventure.

TIM DODDERIDGE, CO-EDITOR IN CHIEF I keep complaining about how much trash people put into their bodies with so many energy drinks out there, but I also overlooked the fact that soda is also really harmful. I need to stop drinking so much of it, as I have recently had to have cavities filled due to my addiction to Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew.

JOSHUA SMITH, ASSISTANT AND SPORTS EDITOR This year I want to make goals and actually achieve them this year. If I can do this, I’ll be a better person and people will appreciate that. ERIN FELLER, WRITER “My new years resolution is to not procrastinate homework until Sunday nights, and it’s been working pretty well so far and gives me more time to relax before the week starts.” TOMOS RIDENHOUR, PHOTOG I really need to stop texting and spending so much time on my phone and just look up at the world around me while I can. I need to stop paying so much attention to Facebook and Twitter and everyone’s drama, and focus on what really matters, and that’s my family, friends, and soccer. And my puppy, Jojo, of course. So, that’s my resolution!

NATALIE STEPHENS, WRITER I’ve got two resolutions for 2012. One: I am not allowed to eat McDonalds but I can still drink it. I need that sweet tea! Two: I want to reach 800 followers by my birthday (December 2nd). If you have a twitter, you would understand that having a lot of followers is an accomplishment!


LAUREN SCOBEE, WRITER I would like to grow taller for this year because it hasn’t happened in a very long time and even just an inch would be great or anything! But I don’t want to be super freakishly tall either.


MARINA SARKISOVA, WRITER Starting this new year, I’ve decided I would like to travel more. I say this because all the money I waste on stupid stuff I could save on a plane ticket and go see somewhere I’ve always wanted to see.

RYAN MILLER, WRITER This year I am going to start flossing again because everytime I go to the dentist they tell me I need to do it, and I don’t want to get a cavity because I have never had one.


new year, new resolutions

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by marleah campbell

Head basketball coach Mike Brinsko shares his life and career as a coach.



freeze frame

Sophomore, Jacob Overholtzer, comes up for a breath while swimming in the Butterfly event at North. Along with West, North and Northwest were in attendance. PHOTO BY LANDON OCHSNER


just joshua by joshua smith The popularity of an athlete these days is usually derived from many things, and they are often combined with one another. Things like personality, good looks, morals, and of course player statistics, but is there ever a point of having too much popularity? Alright I know that everyone’s thinking it. We see him in the newspaper, our tv’s, the Internet, and every other spot possible. Will the world ever get over the “great” Tim Tebow, does the world need to? Is it humanly possible? As I’ve learned from high school, (the best source on popularity by the way) many people will start liking things just because their friend likes them, or doing things because the great persuasive technique propaganda has told us that everyone is doing it. Now I know that this may be controversial to some, a testimony that they’ve been dying to say for others, but where does the Denver Bronco’s starting quarterback Tim Tebow fall in this popularity conversation? Known for spectacular passes, heartbreaking



the growing of “tebow”-ing fumbles, and respectable morals that any parent would love to have their daughter date, Tebow is probably one of the most intriguing athletes to follow in my eyes. Personally his belief system and faith is something that I admire, and adds to my admiration for the athlete. Each and every week the hype of Tebow lingers in the air, held by the mercy of fate and reality. True fans stick with him and stand by him in support every week compared to others who simply like him for a few days while SportsCenter talks about him all day. But is the hype of the young quarterback necessary and sincere or a result of too much exposure from the media. I remember holding a conversation with one of my friends lately on the topic of Tebow, and asked him his opinion on the matter. He was quick to tell me that indeed he would have no problem with Tebow if people would just shut up about it. It seemed to him like most of my friends they agree that Tebow is a great player, but not one to talk about all the time. From gracing the cover of NCAA Football

2011, to being the main character of a Saturday Night Live skit that aroused a lot of controversy, it seems like ever since first hearing about the bible- verse-bearing player in his college days, the world just can’t get enough. Is there ever a time when an athletes popularity meter reaches its brim, and the athlete may no longer be in the spotlight. For me there isn’t and I’m perfectly fine with all the attention this respectable athlete receives. How long will all of this last though? Though I could sit here and go on and on typing out my feelings about the second most complicated man in the NFL (first being Chad Ochocinco, or whatever his name is now) , the fact is chances are the man himself is up there (in Denver, no I’m not talking about God) probably sitting at home coming up with his plan to intrigue everyone’s minds into subduing themselves into the kneeled position and accepting to come along for the Tim Tebow train ride. The sad part is that you don’t even realize you’re on the ride until its too late to get off... but I’m certainly okay with it.

Coach Mike Brinsko didn’t plan on becoming a basketball coach. Originally, he planned on being a baseball coach, but coaching basketball was the first job he took in coaching. He has now coached basketball for a total of 44 years and is in his 11th at Shawnee Mission West. Junior Jay Temaat is currently playing his first year as a varsity player under Brinsko, and his second on the JV/varsity squad. Temaat says that practices are intense and contribute to the team’s success. He believes that the positive attitude of Brinsko helps the team as well. “He knows how to motivate players and makes us believe that we can win no matter who we play,” Temaat said. Senior Nick Thayer is playing his second year on Brinsko’s varsity squad. He believes that the competitive practices that Brinsko runs and the team chemistry that the players share help lead them to triumph on the court. “Coach Brinsko is really dedicated to the program,” Thayer said. Thayer and Temaat both agree that although Brinsko can be laid back, he has a competitive edge and is determined to win games. “Making mistakes will get you pulled out,” Thayer said. Brinsko focuses on making sure that the team takes pride in their defense and puts emphasis on being a good teammate. Players like Thayer and Temaat agree that the attitude on the team is positive, and players are encouraged to pick each other up. “He tries to focus on the positives more than the negatives,” Temaat said. Alongside Brinsko on the sidelines is assistant coach Ryan Darst, who has been coaching with Brinsko for four years. The good chemistry that they share helps lead the team to success on and off the court. “He [Brinsko] communicates with his players very well. He trusts his players and assistant coaches,” Darst said. Brinsko looks for his players to be gentlemen on and off the court. He finds it important to teach his players how to win and be successful in life. He insists on having a close team that is able to play together well. “They’ve got to respect the game, respect each other, and play hard,” Brinsko said. A benefit of coaching that Brinsko enjoys is the relationships with players that lasts beyond just basketball season alone. The lifelong connection with his players is important to him and one of the many joys of coaching. “They have to look back at high school basketball and think, ‘that was fun,’” Brinsko said. Both Thayer and Temaat agree that Brinsko’s dedication to encourage his players helps them become better athletes. Brinsko hopes that these lessons can be used in his players’ later lives. “A lot of times in life you fail, but you’ve got to pick yourself up. Life’s not always fair,” Brinsko said.









staff members take on the daily conditions of practice for spring sports

1. Went to track and ran with the distance runners. 2. Started with stretching, mostly our leg muscles to prepare for the run. 3. Run of the day was the Westridge route, which is approximately a five mile run. 4. First half of the run I kept up with the runners I started with, during the second half the group I was with got a bit ahead of me and was struggling, but made it back to west. 5. Hardest part was having the mental toughness to just keep running. 6. Once back at west ran a few 200’s on the track followed by some strength exercises inside, during these I really felt the burn.


playing your cards right a look into some of our winter sports best athletes statistics

by ryan miller & kyle becher



a day by day condition

written by//molly smith photos by//landon ochsner



1. Started with dynamic stretching and exercises led by seniors on bridge. 2. Ran multiple sprints on the bridge in small groups, everyone ran hard. 3. Weight workout in weight room, did bench press, squat, incline, and other lifts. 4. Athletes are challenged to do as many reps with as much weight as possible. 5. Upperclassmen and coaches helped the underclassmen push through that seemed to be wearing down from the combination of running and lifting after it.

1. Started with light jog around the halls of school and stretching downstairs to get ready. 2. Next we pair up and Coach Gonzalez tells us were doing “stairway to heaven”, one of the hardest workouts in girls soccer. 3. Starts with one partner running a loop up the stairs by Dory’s room, down the science hall, and back down the stairs and back to by Dory’s room. 4. While one person runs the other stays and does a random strength exercise that Gonzalez calls out. Once the runner gets back the two trade rolls. 5. We did “stairway to heaven” for 30 minutes and the combination of running and strength work for that long is physically exhausting.

There wasn’t one workout that stood out as being significantly harder or more challenging than the other two because each sport had certain aspects that made it harder than the other two. Baseball put the most emphasis on building muscle, therefore their strength training was harder than the other two. The hardest thing about track was having the mental toughness to just keep going despite being being out of breath, this made track the most mentally challenging. While track was the most mentally challenging, girls soccer was the most physically challenging. When you combine trying to run fast and push through the strength exercises you’re not only trying to catch your breath but your muscles also wear down, which was the hardest part about girls soccer.

what brown can do for you

by jenny brown

I’ve recently been told that I shouldn’t talk about sports, but I was assigned a sports column before I was told that. So consider this my first/ last hurrah. I have been a KU fan all my life, so of course I always argue with the K-State and Missouri fans. Let me start off by saying that “EMAW” is quite possibly the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my entire life. It is not physically possible for any man to be a wildcat, much less every man ever. Now I’m not saying that “Rock Chalk Jayhawk” makes the most sense, either. Neither of them really make sense, but hey, they look darn good on a t-shirt. Missouri’s chant is my personal favorite; one MU fan says “MIZ-” and another fan says “-ZOU.” Congratulations, Missouri! You learned how to spell! Although you don’t even spell Missouri correctly, it’s at least a step in the right direction. I don’t mean to hate on K-State or Missouri.


for love or the game?

Junior Kyle Summers and junior Madison Baker are dating, but Summers and senior Mitchell Witters have played basketball together for years. Who knows Summers better? written by// madeline frankel photos by// kendra hoffman

rivalry roundup They both are great schools with quality athletic programs. Everyone has established that KU is dominant in basketball, and K-State is way better at football. As for Missouri...well...they have a decent volleyball team! They actually do have a good volleyball team, and Missouri can hold their own in basketball and football. Unfortunately, their competition in the Big 12 is fierce. Every single year they get matched up with football powerhouses Texas and Oklahoma, and strong basketball programs like Kansas and Texas. The rivalry situation between these three schools is super confusing. The KU and K-State rivalry isn’t really a rivalry. The Wildcats beat the Jayhawks almost every year in football, and KU beats K-State almost every year in basketball. The rivalry between KU and Missouri is a little less clear. Mizzou is never consistent when their teams are actually decent. This year, Mizzou

has the potential to be really good at basketball. Their seniors have a lot of experience and their guards don’t turn the ball over, but they probably won’t be good next year. With Missouri’s move to the SEC, the rivalry between MU and KU has the potential to be shattered. It never really was much of a rivalry, anyway. The results of the games were predictable, and the stronger team rarely got upset. It’s not really a rivalry when one team consistently beats the other at a certain sport. What makes it a rivalry is that the fans hate each other with a passion. KU, K-State, and MU are all good schools, even if they might not be the best at every sport. Rivalries cause great excitement about games, but try to have rivalries without hating other people for liking a different team than you. After all, we all are part of the Big 12. Oh wait...Missouri has to mess it up again.

favorite basketball player? favorite snack?

Madison Baker

Kyle Summers

Mitchell Witters







fruit snacks



shoe size?




how does he like his eggs?

he doesn’t like eggs

i hate eggs



Wow, looks like it’s a tie. Hmmm what now?




more beyond the boxing two of todays biggest tablet rivals take stage to duke it out and see who reigns surpreme by joshua smith The cast and crew of Thoroughly Modern Millie works hard to produce an amazing preformance. by jordan johnson



14.6 OZ 0.45” thick 4.7” X 7.5” 1 GHZ DUAL CORE

1.33 lbs 0.34” thick 7.31” X 9.50” 1 GHZ DUAL CORE


“The Underdog”

“The Heavyweight”


The winter musical is “Thoroughly Modern Millie”. “It’s fun, it’s energetic, it brings the pizazz of 1920 back to modern day, I love that it is 1920’s,” Emeri Eaton, senior who plays Millie Dillmount. “It’s corky, playful and lighthearted. A lot of really good talent this year,” Garrett Viets, junior, who plays Jimmy Smith said. This show is about a girl, Miss Dorothy Brown, played by sophomore Trenna Keltner, who comes to New York City wanting to be an actress. She goes to the Priscilla Hotel run by Mrs. Meers, played by Makaela Terance, junior, where Millie lives. Later that night there is a party, Millie brings Miss Brown to introduce her to everybody in the hotel. They both meet Jimmy, Millie doesn’t realize the feeling she is developing for him until later with some unexpected turns. Miss Brown unexpectedly leaves without telling anybody; Millie, Mr. Graydon and Jimmy find it suspicious; they go back to the hotel to Mrs. Meers to discuss her whereabouts and leaving on such a short notice. The choir director Laura Vanleeuwen has been participating in making sure the music flows smoothly and everyone is in beat. Alongside Vanleeuwen, Michael Reiff is the director of the musical and makes everything happen to have such a great show. “I think they [the audience] will really love the dance number and opening number, and the overall spectacle of musical theatre,” Reiff said. Behind the curtain everybody is trying to memorize lines and rehearsing till six just weeks before show week. “Show week OMG it’s the toughest week of them all. You go to school all day, go home for a a little more than two hours, come back to school and stay till 10; it’s a lot of work, cycle repeated for a week. It’s tiring but fun because the musical is your entire life. Everybody has to work together, everybody depends on everyone so much, if someones messes up we have to help them out to get everyone on track so the audience doesn’t miss a thing,” Eaton said. Once show week arrives, everyone involved with the show comes to school and pretends that every night is the opening night just to get a feel for when they have a real audience. Everyone is working hard to make this the best show possible. “I think it’s going to be good and we’re gonna have a superb show come next week,” Andy Kinkeaar, jubior said. “[to play the role of Millie], there’s a lot to memorize and a lot of people depend on me. If I mess up, then it messes up everybody else,” Eaton said. “[sometimes you should relate to the character or get to know the character you are playing. Like Eaton has], Millie is such an independent person and we have so much in common.” According to Viets, “the cast is strong and the music is really cool.” Tech is also an important part to bringing this show together as smooth as possible. “Without tech, there is no show, just like without actors there is no show,” Kinkelaar said. Kinkelaar is the head stage manager and is in charge of the set and lighting crew. “I make sure everything happens,” Kinkelaar said. This is a family fun musical and a must see for everyone. The musical will be playing January 26, 27 and 28 at 7 p.m. With activity pass one ticket is free for one night. All other nights are $3 and $7 for adults. The seats fill fast so reserve yours early.

Score Card

Junior Garrett Viets sings his solo while incarcerated after being captured at a speak-easy. PHOTO BY AARON ROBERTS.

Speed - Winner - (iPad 2) The kindle fought with shots of speed every now and then, but the iPad was efficient and constant in the speed of its delivery. Portablility - Winner - (Kindle Fire) - Though the iPad was able to hide into small spaces in the ring due to its thinness, the Kindle was able to move wherever he wanted with ease due to its overrall height combined with weight. Build Quality - Winner - (iPad 2) The plastic build type is no match for the iPad’s durable strong aluminum back, making it easy to withstand a sheek look while taking hits. Battery - Winner - (iPad 2) - After using up energy to fight the Kindle with absolutely no fatigue, the iPad boasted of his ability to exert the energy to do it all over again for up to 6 hours more! Prices - Winner - (Kindle Fire) - Though with starting values at $499 up to $699 the iPad was no match for the Kindle as it fought for the win at a single price of $199.

Overall Winner

(iPad 2) - 3 of 5 Rounds - Though a very respectable competitor, the Kindle was average but not able to stand up to the quality and consistency of the iPad 2. Efficiency was a key factor in this match. The iPad walks away with the champions belt this time although, both are surely able to exceptionally hold to any use that you may like.


[A&E] By Andy Gottschalk, Claire Hug and Tim Dodderidge



Three staff members chose their favorite movies, music albums, books and video games from 2011. What made the list? Look below.

the best of local arts and entertainment in the kansas city metro area

With two new cupcake bakeries nearby we find the best choice. by molly smith and andy gottschalk // photos by landon ochsner

by molly smith


This paperback volume produced by the powerful rock artist, Patti Smith, gives an intimate account into the young artist’s life as a bohemian in an age of sex, love, music and art. Deep content and stories aside, her insights and moving comments on her life as a youth gives a deeper look into how she became the person she is today. Her personal documentation of her life alongside her lover is stirring. Told like poetry, Smith is able to connect the dots from the different chapters of her life and easily explain it to her readers. More of one long song rather than the usual autobiography, Just Kids is an excellent read. AG

This movie is about Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) and Dr. Watson (Jude Law). Downey Jr. plays Sherlock perfectly. He shows Sherlock’s weirdness and genius at the same time. Law is a great Watson. He plays the smart doctor very well. They have good chemistry on screen and play off each other well. Holmes and Watson attempt to stop Dr. Moriarty (Jared Harris) from succeed- ing in his complex scheme of start about what was going on. I also liked the shooting style with the slow motion action scenes. Sherlock Holmes 2 had humor, action, and was a great mystery. It’s definitely one of my favorite movies of 2011. CH


21 is Adele’s second album. Some of the popular singles on the album are “Rolling in the Deep”, “Someone Like You”, and “Set Fire to the Rain”. I really liked all of the songs on this album. They have great lyrics that are meaningful and relatable. Adele sings about breaking up and everything she went through on her recovery. Her songs express her feelings about her heartbreak, anger, and eventually being able to accept. The songs also have good melodies and catchy tunes. The album is R&B, and very soulful and bluesy. This album has great songs that incorporate different genres and are heartfelt and real. Adele manages to have lyrics in her songs that have meaning and aren’t superficial. She also creates great melodies with instruments like the piano, drums, and saxophone for her songs. Adele has a unique voice that sounds great on this album. The music on this album is some of the best from 2011 and my favorite from the year. CH

Following the fortuitous success of the the game’s predecessor, Portal 2 not only redefined puzzle games, but became an essential game of modern times. The game features a compelling single player story, where main character Chell is tested by a robot named GlaDOS in a number of test chambers. After escaping thanks to the help of another robot (named Wheatley), Chell then goes through an adventure of sorts to help stop the power-hungry Wheatley. In co-op mode, two players, online or offline, must work together to solve puzzles in the same sense of the single player mode. The tests in both modes are a series of physics-related puzzles where the player must move a block onto a platform. Armed with a gun that shoots portals onto walls, players must use critical thinking skills to strategically place portals in order to move the blocks. Portal 2 not only looks good, but is a hilarious, entertaining, and addictive game experience with unexpected turns at every corner and every portal. TD

It’s not every day that you hear an album as perfect as the Foo Fighters’ “Wasting Light”, but one little fact often goes unknown when hearing such a successful release: the band recorded the entire thing in Dave Grohl’s garage solely on analog tape. In a day and age where technology is crucial in the music industry, “Wasting Light” broke the cliche and became one of the best records of the year. For a band that seemed to be a bit unsatisfied with “Echoes”, “Silence”, “Patience, & Grace”, an album that still put them on top of the rock world, “Wasting Light” is a huge step up. Recorded by Butch Vig (who recorded the everfamous “Nevermind” by Nirvana), it’s full of great hooks, layers upon layers of grungy guitar, and many guest appearances, the most notable coming from former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic in the track “I Should Have Known.” “Wasting Light” is the epitome of modern rock and represents everything that’s good about music right now. TD

The environment did not impress me at all. Walking into The Cupcakery is like walking into a hospital, the environment is very dull and boring. Blank walls, a black sofa, a few tables, and bland looking floors is not what I would call a great decor. The room definitely effected my mood and made me curious of how good the cupcake would actually be.

The Zeros- 1/27 @ 7pm Uptown Theatre

At the mall, the Cupcake A La Mode is a simple booth with little decoration, but it looks simple and welcoming. There’s not much stress on sitting down, so you can just grab your cupcake and continue shopping.

Paper Mache- 1/31 @ 2pm Kearney Branch Library Ryan Adams- 2/1 @ 8pm Municipal Auditorium

Cupcake A La Mode has more interesting flavors to choose from. You’d actually be surprised you’re even eating cupcakes when the flavors that are offered are PB&J and Raspberry Lemonade (I KNOW, THESE EXIST). I felt the price was somewhat justified because the flavors were something I definitely wouldn’t make at home. Not too sweet, the cupcakes were enjoyable, and not overly sugared.

The cupcakery had quite a bit of choices, but I tried a “vanilla vanilla” flavored cupcake. A vanilla cupcake topped with Madagascar Bourbon butter cream and rainbow sprinkles doesn’t sound like it could taste bad, however i found cupcake to taste dry. The icing was a little too sweet, but the best part of the cupcake by far.

Mat Kearney 2/7 @ 8pm Beaumont Club In Flames- 2/11 @ 7:30pm Beaumont Club ‘ Winter Jam- 2/16 @ 7pm Municipal Auditorium Excision- 2/20 @ 8:30pm The Midland in KCMO

At $3.25 a cupcake, the price can be seen as a bit too high, but comparatively it doesn’t differ too much from competing bakeries. Sure, staying at home and fixing up your own Betty Crocker would be much cheaper, but for a GOURMET and QUALITY cupcake, the splurge is okay.

My total came to about $3.00. I think it would be cheaper to just by cupcake mix at the nearest grocery store for the same price and double the amount of cupcakes!

George Strait- 2/25 @ 7pm Sprint Center Torche- 3/9 @ 8pm Beaumont Club Radiohead- 3/11 @ 7:30pm Sprint Center Needtobreathe & Ben Rector- 3/11 @ 8pm The Midland in KCMO Young The Giant- 3/30 @ 9pm The Midland in KCMO

OTHER THINGS TO WATCH FOR Jeff Dunham- 2/2 @7:30pm Sprint Center

drake -gurpreet singh, sophomore timeflies -nick banman, sophomore board games at lunch -2nd lunch senior boys


Just married, Justine has lived a life of hardly treated depression. Her family and boss seem almost oblivious to the fact that her crippling illness makes her sometimes so unable to function and be content. She struggles to find happiness in a harsh world. Meanwhile, a newly discovered planet, Melancholia, looms closer to the Earth, threatening the Earth’s very salvation. As others come to fear the apocalypse, Justine is nearly satisfied with it as it is a part of nature’s cruel plan. This story is moving not because of what it covers (the end of the world) but how it is covered (deep emotions, beautiful cinematography, pulling characters). The theological questions it presents make for a stunning film that leaves the audience stupefied. AG

patriots -cesar luna, senior running outside -peter dring, freshman losing -rachel overmohle, junior

Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour- 2/21 @8pm Sprint Center Dr. Seuss Film Fesival- 3/3 @10am Liberty Memorial


comic corner brochacho by


Can you spot the 6 differences?

Aaron Roberts/Landon Ochsner

Issue 5  

Issue 5 of the Epic