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Volume 1, Issue 4

Mike Marsh Cordillera Resident and Clubhouse Mastermind

Live Music

in the Heart of Texas

Great Homes

by Robert Thornton

The Fisher House

Balancing Style and Family

this is living. pure and simple.


May/June 2009

Western, Hill Country & Old World Styles

Over 30,000 sq. ft. of Unique Furniture, Rugs, Lighting & Accessories for Home, Ranch and Office



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his is an exciting issue of Cordillera Ranch Living for me personally. The feature story about Mike and Paula Marsh is a truly interesting story and testament to all that this community is about. I have not only developed a great respect for Mike Marsh and his company during the past 5 years, while working with them as we’ve built the club and clubhouse, but we’ve also become friends and I couldn’t be happier to have such great people as a part of this community. In addition, the Fisher family opened up their gorgeous home to us and many of you will certainly enjoy the new service being offered to the Cordillera Ranch community by FlighTime Business Jets of San Antonio. As most of you know, we really try to emphasize that Cordillera Ranch is not just a golf community. There is so much more here than just a fantastic golf course. When you read through this issue you will notice there are more stories about the golf course in this issue than in previous issues. As we move into the prime golf season and are coming off some incredible golf course recognition by the Dallas Morning News, I just felt it was appropriate for this issue to have a little more emphasis about the golf course. Our Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course is very special and it affects all of us who are a part of this community, whether you play golf or not. Many of you have given us positive feedback on how much you enjoy the Cordillera Ranch Living magazine. It is our mission to bring new ideas to each issue so that it always gives you something new that you are interested in hearing about. The best ideas for future issues will come from those of you who live and socialize in Cordillera Ranch. I encourage you to call or email me with any ideas you think will interest you and your fellow residents, members and property owners. Please don’t hesitate to send your feedback and ideas.

Publishers: Schooley Media Ventures, LLC/Cordillera Ranch Development Corporation Schooley Media Ventures, LLC Benjamin D. Schooley – CEO/President Cordillera Ranch Development Corporation Chris Hill – Vice President

Creative Director: Laura Kaples

Operations Manager: Natalie Meadlin

Assistant Operations Manager: Amber Crawford

Contact: Cordillera Ranch Living Magazine 113 South Plant, Suite F Boerne, TX 78006 210-507-5250


Chris Hill Vice President Cordillera Ranch



May / June 2009

Cordillera Ranch Living is published bi-monthly through a joint venture between Cordillera Ranch Development Corporation and Schooley Media Ventures, LLC. No reproduction in any form is authorized without the consent of both Cordillera Ranch Development Corporation and Schooley Media Ventures, LLC. Cordillera Ranch Living is a registered trademark of Cordillera Ranch Development Corporation. 203 Shadywood, Boerne, TX 78006. Printed in the USA. All rights reserved 2008. All rights reserved. No responsibility is assumed for unsolicited submissions. Manuscripts, photographs, and other submitted material can be acknowledged or returned if accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope. The content contained does not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Cordillera Ranch Development Corporation, Schooley Media Ventures, LLC, or Cordillera Ranch residents. Cordillera Ranch Development Corporation and Schooley Media Ventures, LLC assumes no liability for misinformation, omissions, or errors.

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Integrity Salon




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Contents 10: Developerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Corner

What Does a Golf Course Ranking Mean?

15: The Cordillera Jet Card

Taking Flight

16: Live Music in the Heart of Texas


20: Club News

Upper Guadalupe River

24: Home Feature

The Fisher House - The Beautiful Balance of Style and Everyday Family Life

30: Feature

Mike Marsh â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Cordillera Resident and Clubhouse Mastermind

37: Golf

Golf Course Maintenance

44: Dining

Savory Spring at the Cabana Grille

46: Shindig 50: Builder Feature



May / June 2009


Great Homes by Robert Thornton

53: Staff Feature 54: Calendar of Events 57: In the News

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May / June 2009

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developer’s corner

What Does a

Golf Course Ranking Mean?


ost of you have probably heard by now that our Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course at Cordillera Ranch recently debuted at No. 4 in the ranking of the top 100 courses in the state, as compiled by the Dallas Morning News. You hear about all of the different publications that produce rankings of golf courses around the world and wonder which publications provide the most valid rankings. Some of you aren’t even golfers and may not care where the course is ranked but I can assure you the reputation of the course in this community affects the value of real estate whether you play golf or not. I am going to try to give you some insight into how rankings are developed, what they mean and how important they can be to the mystique of a golf course and the surrounding community. For twenty one years now, the Dallas Morning News has produced its annual “Texas Golf” section which is widely considered the most thorough and unbiased source of information about golf courses in Texas. Because they are in Texas and only focusing on golf in Texas, they put an emphasis in having their panelists see and rate the many great courses in the state.



May / June 2009

by Chris Hill

The panel consists of 87 men and women golfers across the state ranging from professionals, competitive amateurs, superintendents, architects, journalists and others in the golf industry. The point is, these people understand golf and golf courses. For those of you who have played our golf course, when you read this criteria it’s not hard to figure out why we ranked so high. There isn’t anything on this list that we can look at and see how a member of the panel wouldn’t give high marks on. In addition to the overall course ranking, we also garnered some other honors in this special section. The Texas Golf panel distinguishes the “Eighteen Best Holes” and “Eighteen Most Beautiful Holes” in Texas. It may come as no surprise to some of you that our hole No. 16 was selected to both of these distinguished lists. Hole No. 5 was also selected as one of the “Eighteen Best Holes”. These designations are an incredible honor when you consider there are several thousand golf holes in the state to choose from. As I pointed out previously, there are many other publications that produce rankings for golf courses throughout the US and the world. You may wonder what’s different about the Dallas Morning News

The entire panel is given a set of standard criteria which they judge the courses by. The criteria are made up of the following: • Versatility – does the course have a good mix of holes for the high and low handicappers? Are the good players challenged and is it enjoyable for the higher handicappers? • Shotmaking – does it test accuracy, finesse, length and putting without overemphasizing any of them? • Design – Is there a good balance of golf holes? • Afterthoughts – Do you remember the golf course? Does anything stand out as good or bad? • Maintenance – how are the course conditions? • Enjoyment – from arrival to departure, was the experience good, bad or indifferent?

ranking process than some of the other national or worldwide rankings we hear about? There are some publications whose panel doesn’t have enough panelists in certain areas or states to get adequate reviews at all the best courses, particularly new ones. Some publications don’t have a thorough set of criteria defined for their panelists so the results are much more subjective. Many publications essentially require you to spend money advertising with them before they will send their raters out to your facility. No matter what ranking you read or put the most weight into, the bottom line is this, Cordillera Ranch has received the most attention and highest ranking from the publication which has had the highest number of panelists come “rate” our course.

What does this mean for real estate?

For those of you who don’t play golf but own real estate in Cordillera Ranch you should be quite proud of this as well. First, just the fact that you own real estate in a community with a Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course bodes well for the long term value of your investment. In studies done by the Golf Research Group regarding the value of golf course architects, the “Nicklaus effect” is quite noticeable. Here are just a few of the findings: • Homes on Nicklaus courses had an average value of nearly double what the average home value is on all golf courses. • Communities with a Nicklaus course sell out 25% quicker and at 27% higher prices than communities with the other top 12 golf course architects. • Nicklaus clubs generate an average of 60% higher membership sales revenue in a period of 1/3 less time than clubs with the other top 12 golf course architects. When you factor in the value of a Nicklaus designed course to the community and then magnify it further because of the reputation of it being a highly ranked golf course, we should all have great comfort in the long term strength of real estate values in Cordillera Ranch. Whether you are a golfer or not, knowing that your real estate is in a community that carries the strength and reputation of a highly ranked Nicklaus golf course should provide great comfort in the investment you have made. We all owe a great thanks to Jack Nicklaus and his team at Nicklaus Design for taking the gorgeous piece of land that God

provided and carving this masterpiece which is so highly regarded today. With this beautiful design and the incredible quality of turf and level of maintenance that is provided by KD Davis and his crew we can all enjoy the experience each time we get to play it. Having a course that receives this kind of attention is something we should all be proud to have right here in our back yard.

Top 10 Golf Courses in Texas 1. Whispering Pines Golf Club, Trinity, Private, Designer: Chet Williams/ Nicklaus Design Group, Open: 1999, Par: 72, Yardage: 7,330, 2008 Rank: 1 2. Dallas National Golf Club, Dallas, Private, Designer: Tom Fazio, Open: 2002, Par: 72, Yardage: 7,372, 2008 Rank: 2 3. Boot Ranch, Fredericksburg, Private, Designer: Hal Sutton, Open:2006, Par: 71, Yardage: 7,135, 2008 Rank: 3 4. Cordillera Ranch, Boerne, Private, Designer: Jack Nicklaus, Open: 2007, Par: 72, Yardage: 7,464, 2008 Rank: NR 5. Colonial Country Club, Fort Worth, Private, Designer: Perry Maxwell, Ralph Plummer, John Bredemus, Open: 1936, Par: 70, Yardage: 7,054, 2008 Rank: 4 6. Brook Hollow Golf Club, Dallas, Private, Designer: A.W. Tillinghast, Open: 1920, Par: 71, Yardage: 6,703, 2008 Rank: 6 7. Preston Trail Golf Club, Dallas, Private, Designer: Byron Nelson, Ralph Plummer, Open: 1965, Par: 72, Yardage: 7,021, 2008 Rank: 7 8. Carlton Woods, Nicklaus Course, The Woodlands, Private, Designer: Jack Nicklaus, Open: 2001, Par: 72, Yardage: 7,402, 2008 Rank: 10 9. Carlton Woods, Fazio Course, The Woodlands, Private, Designer: Tom Fazio, Open: 2005, Par: 72, Yardage: 7,358, 2008 Rank: 12 10.Escondido, Horseshoe Bay, Private, Designer: Tom Fazio, Open: 2006, Par: 71, Yardage: 7,165, 2008 Rank: 8



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The Cordillera Jet Card

Lets You Take Flight

lighTime Business Jets of San Antonio is now offering the Cordillera Jet Card, which allows property owners and members of Cordillera Ranch enhanced access to FlighTime’s fleet of private jet aircraft at special reduced rates. This unique arrangement will provide the Cordillera Ranch community direct air service from our local airport in Boerne. You’ll now be able to fly in style and comfort knowing that the safety of you and your guests is cared for by the best aircraft operations, service and maintenance team available. FlighTime has an FAA Part 135 air carrier designation which means that the aircraft used by Cordillera Jet Card customers are owned or managed by FlighTime, and are flown by staff pilots. With FlighTime, you will command a virtual in-house flight department providing round-the-clock support with a full-time staff that includes a director of operations, chief pilot, flight coordinator, and director of maintenance.

most value when traveling with business associates, family members or even when flying solo. All you have to do is contact the Cordillera Ranch visitor’s center to register and pick up your Cordillera Jet Card. The card costs you nothing but provides discounts off of retail charter rates, as well as allowing for aircraft relocation to Boerne Stage Airfield for pickup and drop-off. The Cordillera Jet Card gives you access to several Cessna Citation jets, including Citation I and Citation II series aircraft which allow seating for 6-8 passengers. A Beechcraft King Air 200, which seats 8, and Cirrus SR22 round out the FlighTime fleet, allowing for a full range of options to reach over 5000 airports too small to be served by commercial airlines, like Boerne Stage Field, which is just off Boerne Stage Road south of Boerne. Simply arrange travel plans with your personal FlighTime concierge who will be available 24-hours by phone at 210-930-3613.

Sample Trip Options Include:

However, FlighTime Business Jets is not only in the business of providing safe and convenient private air travel to business and leisure travelers. Since its establishment in 1999, FlighTime has also been helping to save lives by providing transportation for organ transplant teams. Medical organizations regularly charter private aircraft to transport teams of doctors harvesting organs from donors and then deliver them to patients in need of transplants. Contracted by non-profit organizations such as TOSA (Texas Organ Sharing Alliance), FlighTime keeps its fleet ready to transport doctors and vital organs, quickly and safely, to patients all across Texas at any time of the day or night. This same high level of convenience and safety provided by FlighTime for medical professionals is now available to Cordillera Jet Card holders for business or pleasure. You can select an aircraft that will provide the

Flying in the comfort of a King Air 200, you can make day trips directly from Boerne to either Houston or Dallas in about an hour. Take the guys to enjoy a day of golf, or some friends for shopping and lunch, or invite another couple to catch dinner and a show; roundtrip to Houston, $4,994 or to Dallas for $5,441. When you choose a Citation SII, New Orleans is just and hour and a half away, with an overnight roundtrip for up to eight passengers costing only $10,984. And international trips are no problem, so you can get to Cabo San Lucas in less than three hours; spend three days and two nights, all for just $16,594. Where would you like to go next weekend? You can learn more about Flightime Business Jets at Photos courtesy of Paul Bowen



live music

Live Music Heart

by Ben Schooley

in the

of Texas!


River Road Icehouse is one of the newer live music venues in one of the oldest locations around New Braunfels. It’s a live music venue with inside and outside entertainment with musicians such as Pat Green and Roger Creager. The place offers a down home atmosphere and also features a full convenience store with fresh-cooked turkey legs, chopped barbecue beef sandwiches, corn dogs, breakfast tacos and sausage-on-a-stick. Dress at River Road Icehouse is casual — what you’re wearing on the water will work just fine. Hours of Operation: Thursday and Friday, 2 pm – Midnight; Saturday, Noon – 1 am; Sunday, Noon – Midnight. For more information: (830) 626-1335 or


gruene hall GRUENE HALL, Gruene Built in 1878, Gruene Hall is legendary. Not just because it’s the oldest, continually operating dance hall in the state of Texas, but also because it has served as both a starting point and a warm limelight to some of the most prolific talent in American history. It has helped launch the careers of such musicians as George Strait, Lyle Lovett and Hal Ketchum, among others. This famous stage has also welcomed the likes of Bo Diddley, The Dixie Chicks, Jerry Lee Lewis, Garth Brooks and Willie Nelson. Open Daily. For more information: (830)606-1281 or visit



May / June 2009

Over the past 60 years, John T. Floore’s Country Store has been the showcase for some of the biggest names in American music. “The Home of Willie Nelson”, this authentic Texas Honky Tonk has hosted such stars as Bob Wills, Ernest Tubb, Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan and Merle Haggard to name a few. Opened in 1942 by Mr. John T. Floore himself, John T. Floore’s Country Store was not a store at all, but a unique Texas Dance Hall and Cafe. Renowned for its world famous tamales and homemade bread. John T. Floore’s is a favorite of locals and travelers alike. Floore’s offers good food, cold beer and all the boot scootin’ you can stand. The casual, relaxed atmosphere of this Texas landmark is known for its “family” environment. Open for Lunch and Dinner, Tuesday – Saturday 11 am – 9 pm. For more information: (210) 695-8827 or

AUSLANDER BIERGARTEN & RESTAURANT, Fredericksburg The Ausländer Restaurant and Biergarten has been Fredericksburg’s most popular eating establishment for over twenty years. Located in the heart of historic Fredericksburg, Texas, The Ausländer offers the finest in authentic German cuisine, as well as award-winning steaks, seafood, sandwiches, and homemade desserts. Patrons can enjoy a candlelight dinner in our comfortable dining room, or relax to the music in our festive, outdoor biergarten. We proudly offer the largest selection of beers in the Hill Country,

as well as live music every Thursday through Saturday. Restaurant Open: 11 am – 9 pm. Bar Open: 11 am – Midnight. For more information: (830) 997-7714 or

11TH STREET COWBOY BAR, Bandera The 11th Street Cowboy Bar is a world-famous destination for all brand of folks, from cowboys to cowgirls, bikers to businesswomen. They come for the good brew, top-tier live Country Western and Country Swing and Dance music, and of course, the good times that only the Biggest Little Bar in Texas can provide. On the back street behind Main Street in the Cowboy Capital of the World, Bandera, Texas, (a town you wouldn’t think has 11 streets!), 11th Street Cowboy Bar is an old, wood-framed building with a porch out front prime for shooting the bull. Inside, don’t be surprised to see bras of all sizes hanging from the ceiling, and don’t be offended if you’re not asked to leave yours. There is a lot more room for fun out back, where you will find the only jet-cooled dance floor and patio in Texas, and a bandstand featuring top Texas talent every week. The bar often has pickers and jam sessions, so bring your guitar and join in the fun! 11th Street frequently offers drink specials, steak nights, free hotdogs and hamburgers, and other attractive draws for our patrons. For more information: (830) 796-4849 or



LUCKENBACH DANCE HALL, Luckenbach Many consider the Luckenbach Dance Hall the “Best Dancehall in Texas” and the Luckenbach bar has more soul per square inch than any other, anywhere. Featuring live music 7 days a week, Luckenbach also stocks many brands of beer in both longnecks and cans and for the non-beer drinkers, they offer a house Merlot, Zinfandel and Chardonnay by the glass, sodas and bottled water. For more information: (830) 997-3224 or (888) 311-8990 or

ROLLING OAKS SPORTS BAR & GRILL, San Antonio “The Oaks” is a San Antonio’s Live Texas Music venue offering Texas Music every Thursday night, 8 pm – 10 pm, Live Texas Blues every Friday night, 8 pm – Midnight, and more Live Texas Music every Saturday night, 8 pm – Midnight. “The Oaks” shares 16 acres with San Antonio’s best golf driving range Rolling Oaks Golf Center and is located in Northwest San Antonio. With two stages, one outdoors overlooking the range and one indoors, not even Mother Nature can stop Texas Music at “The Oaks”. Along with kickin’ up your heels, you can enjoy a delicious burger, homemade Texas Queso, great service, and some of the coldest beer in town. For more information: (210) 655-4745 or






May / June 2009

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club news



May / June 2009

Upper Guadalupe River


by Shane Reynolds

rom its headwaters outside Kerrville, the Guadalupe River flows over a limestone bed lined with beautiful, huge, old Cypress trees accented by Pecans, Sycamores, Elms, Live Oaks, and others that add to the scenic attraction of the river. The river is slightly narrower near the headwaters with shallow banks and gravel bars, with fewer rapids. The gradient increases as it moves towards Cordillera Ranch, where rapids exist just below the ranch at Bergheim as the river makes it way towards Canyon Lake and the Gulf of Mexico. The water quality in the Upper Guadalupe is generally very good. However, it will become muddy after rainfall, and may become cluttered with debris during flood stage conditions. The river slows down during the dog days of summer unless there is adequate rainfall to keep the water flowing. The Upper Guadalupe is a free flowing river at the mercy of rainfall and spring flow. We have three spring fed creeks on Cordillera Ranch that contribute to this beautiful waterway. The first is Spring Creek, which has steady flow as it drops underground in dry times just south of the bridge across Cordillera Trace. The next is Swede Creek, which has a steady constant flow and feeds the lake at Swede Creek Park. The last is Panther Creek, which is on the undeveloped tract of the KWW Ranch. This beautiful creek is also lined with Cypress trees and has a steady flow down into the Guadalupe River. Early spring to late June is generally best, followed by late September through early November. With proper cold weather gear the Upper Guad can be paddled in the winter when temperatures are permissible and adequate flow is available. Summer paddling is fun and adventurous with adequate rainfall, but can be a bit challenging in the small rapids when flows are below about 100 cubic feet per second (cfs). Summer temperatures should be considered a hazard if proper precautions are not taken. Always have protective clothing, sunscreen and plenty of non-alcoholic liquids to prevent dehydration. I have paddled every section the Upper Guadalupe between Comfort and Canyon Lake over the past three years.

During that time I have witnessed many changes in the character of this river. The Upper Guad is my favorite river to paddle because it is serenely beautiful, seldom crowded, and offers an enjoyable paddle trip for almost any paddler. There are some good Class II drops, and at high water levels some of them can become Class III ratings. The Upper Guad is a pool-and-drop river typical of most Texas rivers. I have paddled the Upper Guad in the heat of the summer and cold of winter. The giant Cypress trees that line this river make for a beautiful paddling experience in the spring and fall, when the grasses are green and the trees are in full bloom. I highly recommend this river for anybody wanting to experience the joys of kayaking. The river club also has tubes and canoes, but can be challenging when the flow is slow. Headwinds can also be a challenge unless the water is moving, so plan trip distances according to flow rate and wind conditions for the most enjoyable paddle trip. Contact the Club Outfitter, Shane Reynolds srey nolds@cord illera ra, at 210.616.6051 or the Cordillera Ranch Outfitter Center at 830.336.4823 for detailed float times and current river conditions.

River Distances Around Cordillera Ranch Hwy 474 to Swede Creek at Cordillera Ranch

12 miles

Swede Creek at Cordillera Ranch (FM 3351) to Bergheim Campground 1.8 miles Bergheim Campground (FM3351) to Edge Falls Road 3.8 miles

Shane Reynolds Outdoor Recreation Director The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch

Edge Falls Road to Guadalupe State Park

4.5 miles

Guadalupe State Park to Spring Branch

9 miles

Spring Branch Road to Hwy 281

4 miles



Stadler Custom Homes Concept Home in Cordillera Ranch

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Lance Welch


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Natalie Hill

May / June 2009

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o: 210 545 1533 930 Proton | Suite 300C San Antonio, Texas 78258



The Fisher House



May / June 2009

home tour

The Beautiful Balance of Style and Everyday Family Life


by Ben Schooley

s anyone that has ever undertaken the construction of their custom home understands, it can be a daunting task. While it is tremendously rewarding, the entire process can be very much a “work in progress” that continues after you move in. Bill and DeAnn Fisher, their 4 boys, and Stadler Custom Homes created a home that fit their lifestyle, while leaving the Fishers the ability to finish the home as their needs and lives changed. “We started the design process for this home in August of 2004,” Bill says. “We used Gustavo Arredondo as our architect. We wanted that country look, but with a bit of that German Tuscan mix. We found rock that looked like the Fredericksburg style rock, and Gustavo understood immediately what we were trying to accomplish and we were off to the races. There were many variations that we went through, however. It went from 5,500 feet to 7,500 feet because DeAnn’s mom moved in with us, and so that changed things tremendously.” Once this 7,500 square foot, 4 bedroom, 6 bath, 3 car garage home on approximately 4 acres was designed, the building portion of the process began with Stadler Custom Homes. “Ray has been a good friend and has stayed with us for so long. We’ve been working with him for years, and we couldn’t be happier. On a custom builder level, his follow up and processes have just been stellar.” With construction beginning a year after the first drafts of the layout, the Fishers moved into their new home in August of 2006, exactly two years later. As DeAnn began the interior work, it was initially a project

she thought she could tackle herself. “I initially tried to tackle the interior design work myself, but it was overwhelming, so we moved on to Rene Vinson. We bought furniture in Fredericksburg, downtown Boerne, and all over San Antonio and just filled in the bits and pieces. In terms of the furniture, we were really shooting for a bit of a European country feel to the home. We wanted a relaxed ranch feel that highlighted a more upgraded Tuscan look.” While she’s pleased with the work that was accomplished with Vinson’s help, she knows there’s still more to do. “I’m not done. I wanted it to be livable because of our 4 boys, and it needed to be comfortable. It can’t be a showplace because of the rough and tumble lifestyle. We’re still adding to the game room, and there’s a lot of landscaping that we’re trying to do. So it continues to be a work in progress. With 4 boys, we’re involved with sports and school, and so time has been an issue. We knew it would take a long time, and we’ve been comfortable with just slowly working through it.” Rene agrees with DeAnn, “Mrs. Fisher had some great ideas, and a great sense of what she likes. The only real challenge was finding some finishes that were kid-friendly, that looked good and were reliable and had the durability we needed. So making it look like a star-stellar home but making it possible to put up with the abuse it would take.” As for the location for their dream home, the Fishers were enthusiastic about Cordillera Ranch. “We just loved the Ranch itself. It’s wide-open, homes are spread out, the land…we just knew the club was coming and would be spectacular. We also have some family on the Ranch, and so all the parts of it just made sense.



We’re also close enough to have some great neighbors…we didn’t expect it, but the residents of the Ranch that we’ve met have brought all of our kids together, and those close-knit relationships are probably one of the bigger reasons for being here. We have family on the Ranch, and a “family” of friends. Also, Sysco (Bill’s employer) has 4 or 5 executives that are retiring out here, so I’m just surrounded by people I know and respect. Cordillera is becoming less of a well-kept secret!” Raising a family in Cordillera Ranch provides opportunities that the Fishers identified early on, and name it as one of their favorite aspects to calling Cordillera Ranch home. Bill begins, “The kids and I like to take adventures. We take the dogs with us, we go down to the river, go on the trails, go to the parks, and just waste a bunch of time. We have walked all over the Ranch, ridden our bikes, and just explored every corner. The club is also a big draw, as the boys like to take their friends, get some lunch, play in the pool, and just spend a day up there. The Family Nights at the club are just great too. They drag out a big screen tv, put it on the golf course, and just make some fantastic memories.



May / June 2009

It’s just such a great environment. All of these things are activities I know the kids and I will remember for our entire lives.” As for the home itself, both Bill and DeAnn are in agreement that the living areas of the home are the big draw for them. DeAnn says, “I love my kitchen. It’s where everyone congregates when people are here, and it just brings us all together. The boys love to eat out back, but for me, the kitchen is my favorite.” Bill agrees, “The whole kitchen and living space is my favorite. It’s the most active room, and it’s where we all come together and enjoy one another.” Looking back on the entire project, DeAnn has learned some valuable lessons. “I learned a lot going through this. I’m still trying to figure it all out and bring it all together. The early stages were tough because you have to think so far ahead. You look at each room and have to think of where the furniture is going in, the dimensions, the line of sight…it’s a bit confusing and overwhelming. So looking that far ahead and knowing what we wanted to have is hard to do when you can’t physically see the room you’re designing. The outdoor area had some challenges as well, because we wanted to be able to entertain, and Stadler’s folks helped us to design it to be most productive.” She credits Renee Vinson with a tremendous amount of help that really helped her bring the home together. “Renee was just so easy to work with. She was very sweet, very accommodating, and really listened. She also gave me a lot of choices, and that was key for me. She really took what I wanted, and helped me to sculpt it. And I love to have choices.” From the back patio of their home, overlooking the pool, the Sport Court, and the Guadalupe River, the Fishers have created a utopia for their family to enjoy and create memories. Bill and DeAnn took their time making the decisions concerning the home, consulted professionals, and are now able to see the fruits of their labor. When asked if they would ever consider leaving, Bill emphatically answers, “If we can get this house paid for, this will be it for us. We could live here forever. Regardless of if we downsize homes, I see us being at Cordillera forever. I’ve told the corporation I work for as well that we’re not moving. If I have my way, we’re not moving ever.”

Home Checklist: 7,500 ft – 4 bedrooms/6bath/3 car approx. 4 acres Gustavo arredondo – architect Premier pools – pool d&d Landscaping – landscaping René Vinson – Vinson Interiors – interior design dominion home networks – media stadler CUSTOM HOMES – builders herndon concrete – concrete work KEVIN AYERS – texture armoires and accents - furniture hill country cabinets – cabinets kevin best – sales representative



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Exclusive “Designs of Distinction”

w w w. R i v e r O a k s P o o l s . c o m

May / June 2009

t h e h o m e y o u h av e a l wa y s i m a g i n e d . . .

. . . i s o u r s o u r c e o f i n s p i r at i o n . At MAI we understand the emotional as well as financial investment you make in your home. You want it to express your character and fit your lifestyle. Our award-winning architects and designers translate your desires to create spaces for Living. Warm, inviting rooms for quiet and casual retreat; elegant and formal spaces for entertaining in style â&#x20AC;&#x201C; entrusted to us, your ideas, your vision, will become your grand design.

Clubhouse Architect of

c ordillera ranch, b o ot ranch, and dall as c ountry club



architecture & interior design for more information contact michael marsh at 116 West Blanco Road Suite 204 B oerne, Texas 78006 t. 830.249.6873

w w w. m a i - a r c h i t e c t s . c o m




Mike Marsh

Cordillera Resident and Clubhouse Mastermind


s everyone knows, Cordillera Ranch sports some of the finest facilities in the country. From the equestrian center to the new clubhouse (opening this fall), the ranch has amenities that are without rival. As with everything that Cordillera Ranch undertakes, the clubhouse facilities were carefully considered. Interviewing architects from across the country, the decision was eventually made to have Mike Marsh of MAI Architects design the clubhouse. However, as you’ll see, Marsh’s association with the Ranch did not end with the construction of the clubhouse. Marsh, a Pennsylvania native, has now lived in something like 20 states throughout the course of his life and career. However, it wasn’t always by choice while growing up. “My dad is a metallurgic engineer. He designed the processes for creating some very high end metals….the stuff used to make fortunes on golf clubs. He was working with some guy in 1972 to



by Ben Schooley

make a titanium golf club, but they gave up on it. But for his career, he would build these specialty plants to build these metals, and once it was up and running, we’d move on for the next one. Once we got to Washington state, he stayed put long enough for me to almost get through high school. Almost.” While in high school, Marsh dated Paula, his “first serious girlfriend.” As he recalls, “My parents moved me away our senior year in high school. The world almost ended. We were apart for almost 10 years. 9 years out of school, I was living in Colorado, and Paula called me. I dropped the phone. We corresponded for 4 or 5 months, and one day she called and said I’m coming through Denver, and she told me where she was going to be. She told me to come see her, or not, but if not, to not ever write or call her again because she couldn’t deal with this anymore. She was on her way to Los Angeles for her job. I saw her, flew off for work that weekend, got a job in LA, sold my house, car, and moved to LA to be with her. I dumped everything and

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May / June 2009



moved out there and never looked back. We’re celebrating 21 years together.” With Paula firmly at his side, Marsh got to the business of focusing on his career. Upon graduating from college with his degree in Architecture, a field he had a lifelong dream to work in, Marsh set about finally making some decisions about his location on his own. “I got my degree from Iowa State. I graduated, and on the last day of my last class, I packed my car and have never been back to Iowa. That’s when I moved to Colorado. I just wanted to live somewhere that I chose, so I chose Colorado. Got a job in about a week, lived there for 4 years until Paula called. Then, when she showed up, I moved to LA for a really big, huge firm. We lived there for 5 years, and bought 3 spec lots in Bel Air. I designed a home on those 3 lots, and I think we

‘You know, this is the first time I’ve ever felt at home.’ I feel more at home here than anywhere we’ve ever lived. The people are so genuine and welcoming.



May / June 2009

made $400,000. I figured we were rich and we retired back to Washington State. We fished, and enjoyed it from our place in Sequim, Washington.” However, being 35 years old at the time, Marsh had a lot of work left to be done, and Paula was there to encourage him. “We had a home and some horses, and it was just beautiful. But Paula walked in and said, ‘You need to go get a real job’. So I looked all over the country, really looked for a great place to live, and my folks had settled in Denver, so I interviewed with a firm that did clubhouses there in Colorado. I figured, ‘Hey, this is a great niche’. So we moved back to Denver in 1992.” However, it wasn’t all that easy to make the move. Paula remembers, “The real estate market was tough. When Mike went back to Denver, I stayed behind to sell the house. It took almost 2 years to sell the place.” Mike jumps in, “I remember having to think through a cup of coffee – do I buy this cup of coffee? It was so hard. A big night for me was Totinos pizza and 6 pack. Living in LA you saw all this money, and very few happy people. We learned very early on that our happiness is not dependent on money. It just brings new pressures.” Eventually settling into their Colorado home, Marsh again began to build his career and face some important decisions. “When we were in Denver with that firm, that’s what they did – clubhouses. They weren’t the greatest company to work for, but I was able to work on some amazing projects, and I had considered over and over again starting my own company. Finally one day I just quit. I was working with a client that had encouraged me to branch out on my own, so I went to Scottsdale, told the client I had quit and started my own company, and the guy dialed a number, put me on the phone with a developer in Florida, and I was working for him the next week. That’s how MAI was born. I’m a very careful person with decisions, but the big decisions just seem to be very spur of the moment with me!” Marsh laughs. From this, Marsh has focused almost exclusively on high-end clubhouses ever since. Winning awards year after year, Marsh built a reputation and a client list that is unparalleled. As often happens in the architecture industry, word of mouth eventually brought the name of MAI to the ears of David Hill of DH Investments, the developer of Cordillera Ranch. For David, it was an easy decision. “As we started researching clubhouse architects around the country we kept coming across clubhouses that we really liked and Mike’s name seemed to always be associated with our favorites. We researched he and his company and quickly became convinced that he was the right guy to design the centerpiece of the community. His creativity and understanding of how a clubhouse functions are unmatched and as we now see, this clubhouse will be something very special. Unlike so many architects, Mike valued our input and opinions and didn’t think his way was the only way to design something. We are lucky to have MAI’s professional team on our side and to have Mike and Paula as residents of the community.” The feeling was mutual for Mike, as he quickly brought Paula down to survey the development. “I’ve taken Paula to developments all over the world that I’m working with, but none of them really clicked with her. When I returned from my trip to Cordillera, I told her ‘I think I’ve just seen the most beautiful place on earth.’ So I took her down here, spent the weekend, met Chris, and we were able to really pick and choose our lot and size, and we have never looked back. That was in July when we looked, and we moved here in October.” Paula agrees, “The park on the river was the initial thing that really caught my eye. Chris drove me

down to the park, and I was just in awe. I knew that we really needed to look at this. I told him one time ‘You know, this is the first time I’ve ever felt at home.’ I feel more at home here than anywhere we’ve ever lived. The people are so genuine and welcoming. Where else can you be saddling up, riding your horse through the community, go down to that beautiful park… it’s just heaven.” Being a Cordillera Ranch resident, and being responsible for the clubhouse has brought its challenges, however. “I lived here for 2 years and we didn’t play golf or socialize, because I knew I would be asked everyday about designing the club. We designed the entire complex. They’re (DH Investments) very smart. We phased the construction to really fit in with the need. I have a lot of clients that don’t listen to me…they don’t listen to me, and then build a 50,000 square foot clubhouse, and then run a 3 million deficit. But David and Chris (Hill) have been very smart…they’ve followed what I’ve said, and the whole project has come together great. It is tough, too, because we actually live here. We’re designing things that we’ll be utilizing as well. On Friday afternoons I like to just leave early and go walk the clubhouse. I’ve got several clubs I’ve designed that I’ve never even seen complete. But here, I have a very intimate relationship with it.” As for the process of the construction and planning, it also had some unique aspects that have made the relationship a strong one. “One thing about Cordillera, it’s been the first club I’ve ever done that was planned without it having a full membership. The problem with a lot of clubs is that they build the course, get 20 or 30 members, and then they build huge clubhouses. Cordillera did it in phases, which is what has made it so successful. I’ve been to hundreds of clubs, but the people here are genuinely happy. You go to a lot of clubs, and people just don’t seem happy, but here, it makes my job easier because I could put up a less than perfect club, and people would still enjoy it. Obviously, we will build an amazing facility, and it will be a jewel. The location is ideal, and that’s pretty rare too.” Utilizing a unique relationship with Cordillera Ranch, the Marshs feel they have really found “home”. After an adolescence and a career that has taken them from Iowa to Washington to Colorado, and all points in between, the Marshs name Cordillera Ranch as their favorite. Mike says, “We’ll never leave. We’ll retire here, without a doubt. We’re working to get the house built. We initially bought these 50 acres, and then bought a lot over looking

Swede Creek…but we decided to just build closer to the horses. Paula agrees, too, that the people are just so warm, welcoming, and genuine…it’s just everything we could have ever looked for in a place to call home.” Paula’s equine company has also found a great location at Cordillera Ranch. Wyning Edge Friesians breeds some of the world’s finest Friesian horses for sale all over the world, all from their beautiful custom barn on Sendero Ridge. A lifelong passion of hers, the Friesians are just as happy as she is at Cordillera Ranch. As for MAI Architects, they’re as busy as ever. Mike proudly says, “MAI is one of the top 3 clubhouses designers in the world. It’s the quality we produce, the dedication that we all are focused on, and the details that we understand. It’s the intricacies that we can see, and help the client find that make them perfect. We have been awarded the Best Clubhouse Designer 3 years in a row in 3 different publications, and in 2007, we won all three.” With Paula’s horses galloping in the arena, and with Mike planning yet another project, the Marsh’s elusive search for their ideal location appears to have come to an end. With no signs of slowing down, there are many directions their lives will surely take them, but Cordillera Ranch will surely be part of those plans. Mike laughs, “I gave a little speech at the big kickoff party here at Cordillera for the clubhouse, and I casually said that I was thinking about buying a lot here. People laughed, but I was sort of serious. I guess I lied, though – I didn’t buy a lot, I bought 6.”




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by KD Davis

pring is an exciting time of year for enjoying golf. Fairways and roughs are lush and green, greens are fast and the weather is great. It sure is fun to see a PGA tour event on television at many of the best courses in the country, then come out to our course and enjoy greens that roll at the same speed as the pros. The greens at Cordillera Ranch are consistently “stimping” around 12 feet these days, which is roughly the same speed as many professional tournaments. The history behind the Stimpmeter, which is the tool that gives us the speed of the green, is interesting. This device was invented by Edward Stimpson back in 1935. Edward, a former Massachusetts State Amateur Champion was a spectator at the 1935 U.S. Open played at Oakmont. He noticed the players were having troubles putting accurately from one green to another. Edward concluded that the problem was not the competitors, who were the best players in the world, but rather there was an inconsistency in speed from one green to the next. He set out to create a device that could accurately measure the speed of a green which could then be used to maintain all 18 greens at a similar speed. The USGA adopted the “Stimpmeter” in 1976 at their Open and it has been used religiously since then at all USGA events to ensure consistency.  The USGA officially recommends a speed of 10.5 for the U.S. Open but speeds often average 13-15. The green speeds will vary slightly at Cordillera with the seasons. We will be the fastest in the winter when the stress is the least on the turf, averaging 12-13 on the Stimpmeter. Spring and fall will average 11-12 feet as we balance the needs of a growing plant with the appeal of having fast greens. Summer speeds will be the slowest of the year, around 10 Feet, as we lessen the stress on the turf as much as possible to allow our greens to “beat the heat” so to speak. There are many “behind the scenes” practices that go into maintaining dense, healthy turf at very low mowing heights. Balanced nutrition, aerification practices and finely tuned cutting equipment are just a few of the things that need to come together in harmony to produce a product that we find both playable and aesthetically pleasing. Plant nutrition has advanced tremendously in the past decades. This has allowed American farmers to feed the world and given golf course managers a tool to provide lush, healthy playing surfaces. Today’s fertilizers are more balanced than in the past, and they replenish the soil with a broad range of nutrients and minerals that enable plants to flourish. Another benefit of newer fertilizers is a precise, time-release component. This allows applications that can be made less frequently, saving labor and reducing the possibility of leaching due to big rain events. Aerification is one of the most important practices to a golf course. Aerification relieves surface compaction and promotes gas exchange in the soil. Farmers often plow their fields before they sow a crop to loosen up the compacted soil and promote gas exchange. Since plowing is not an option on a golf course, we have to address compaction with other methods. Core aerification removes small, round cores of the playing surface and we then

KD Davis has been the golf course superintendent at Cordillera Ranch since the beginning of the project. He has overseen the golf course throughout construction, grassing and grow-in and now through the first 3 years of operation. (KD is on the right)

replace that core with a looser material, often sand, that will provide an avenue for the next several months for positive gas exchange. Our goal for 2009 is to aerify all fairways and roughs two times this year. We have purchased a new to the market attachment that will minimize the disruption for players and allow us to provide the healthiest turf possible. One thing to keep in mind, most of the oxygen found in roots, comes from the soil, not the leaves. In order for us to have healthy plants, we need healthy roots. For us to have the healthiest roots possible, aerification will be an important process for us this year. Maintaining all this turfgrass requires many pieces of equipment. Our greens, tees and fairways are all manicured with “Reel-type” mowers. Reel mowers allow us a finer cut, down to thousands of an inch. The current mowing height of our greens is .085 inches, slightly less than a tenth of an inch. These low mowing heights would never be possible with rotary mowers, similar to today’s lawn mower. The cutting units on our mowers float on the ground independent of the rest of the machine to avoid scalping and give the closest cut possible. Later this spring, we will be holding an Open House at the Golf Course Maintenance Facility. This state of the art facility is where we maintain all of the Golf Course vehicles and cutting machinery. We have the most advanced equipment available to sharpen the hard steel of our cutting units. There are lifts to allow our Equipment Technicians access to the cutting units on the bottom of our mowers. We even have living accommodations onsite for a student interested in the field of Turfgrass Science. The current student from Rutgers University will be exposed to all aspects of Golf Course Maintenance in an eight month internship here at Cordillera. Please come out and enjoy the course that The Dallas Morning News rated “Best New” in 2008 and now debuts in their rankings as the 4th best in the state. We are just scratching the surface with how good this golf course will be. Each year of maturity gives us the opportunity to polish this gem even more and with some cooperative weather this year we have the opportunity to deliver a product that is as good as anything in the country. KD Davis Golf Course Superintendent, The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch



Robert Dullnig Broker Associate 210.213.9700

5444± AC. Adamson Ranch Edwards County, Rocksprings

4648± AC. Stone Ranch Maverick County, El Indio

2903± AC. – Eagle Ridge Ranch Mason County, Mason

2300± AC. Box Canyon Ranch Kinney County, Brackettville

44+ AC . South Grape Creek Gillespie County, Stonewall

754± AC. Richter Ranch Wilson County, Gillett

35± AC. Medina River Ranch Bandera County, Medina

912± AC. Leona River Ranch Frio County, Divot

2877± AC. Rancho de Suenos LaSalle County, Cotulla

Tucked away among other long-term family operated ranches, this is a rare first offering! Seclusion & wide open terrain offers ideal hunting & recreation. Pastureland is edged by high elevations to 2290± ft. 3 water wells & seasonal Dry Devil’s River.

Impressive acreage traverses from wide rich valleys to stepped rugged mountaintops of 1500± ft elevations. Its seclusion, large neighbor ranches & water contribute to a wildlife paradise for large whitetail deer, bobwhite & blue quail & dove. Home, 3 barns, pens, 5 wells, 6 tanks.

A great retreat for a weekend or a lifetime! 1800± feet of the flowing, year around Medina River offers fishing, kayaking, swimming or just relaxation. Small home. Paved county road access. Native deer, turkey & other wildlife. 45± minutes to San Antonio & International Airport.

Owned by the same family since 1960, this historic ranch has bold terrain overlooking miles of the wild & scenic Rio Grande River. 1940’s Hacienda-style home has courtyard link to 2nd home. 35± Ac. lake, 5 stocked tanks, irrigation canal & phenomenal wildlife including Trophy Deer.

Set in the heart of the vineyard country of the Pedernales River Valley, this exquisite property has a stunning main home, vintage homestead, barn, well, tank & pastures. Flowing South Grape Creek traverses the land providing recreation & fishing.

This great turn-key hunting ranch is in a highly desirable area & well watered, with 2.5± miles of the Leona River, 4 tanks & irrigation capabilities. Main residence, guesthouse & high fencing. Quality wildlife of whitetail deer, turkey, quail, dove, hogs, javelina, seasonal duck & bass fishing.

Fabulous live water of 1.7± miles of Llano River, 1.7± miles of James River & 2± miles of Mill Creek plus 6 wells & 2 tanks. Highfenced for exotics: Zebra, blackbuck antelope, waterbok, axis, gazelle, plus native wildlife. 5300± s.f. Lodge, foreman’s home, garages, barn, stables, pens, chute.

A great combination ranch is centered by a 10± acre lake & is ideal for hunting & cattle, less than 1 hour from San Antonio. 1 well, cistern, plus San Diego creek, a boundary that attracts whitetail deer, turkey, hog, quail & dove.

Great water, the Nueces River, Los Olmos Creek, 1 lake & 2 tanks, optimizes environment for astounding wildlife including deer, elk, nilgai, red stage & axis. Two nice homes, blinds, feeders, barn, etc. Highfenced except 3000±’ along the river.

Other Hunting, Cattle or Recreation Ranches: • • • •

2869± AC. Chueco Creek Ranch – Maverick Co., Jim Wells 1085± AC. Chiltipin Creek Ranch – Jim Wells Co., Alice 930± AC. Aroki Game Ranch – Uvalde Co., Uvalde 340 AC.Villa Nueva Ranch - Uvalde Co., Knippa 38


May / June 2009

• • • •

766± AC. Hunting/ Cattle – Karnes Co., Helena 512± AC. Los Indios Ranch – Jim Wells Co., San Diego 217± AC. Three Angels Ranch – Blanco Co., Johnson City 211± AC. Hunting/Recreation - Dimmit Co., Big Wells

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The Equestrian Center at Cordillera Ranch would like to extend a huge Thank You to the Lynd family for their generous donation of Poco to our center. Poco is a great addition to our facility and the programs we offer. He has already found his way into the hearts of our kids and adults alike. He is ideal for lessons and solid as can be on the trail. We could not have asked for a better fit! He will be loved and taken care of by all of the wonderful children that ride here. We are truly grateful for your kindness! THANK YOU!

Kassandra Leachman, Diane Haffener and all the Cordillera Kids



May / June 2009

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• Lot clearing • Land and cedar clearing • Brush and debris haul off • Tree Trimming, thinning and pruning • Canopy lifting



• Ball moss removal • Tree removal, take down and haul off • Stump grinding • Consulting and insurance claims • Oak Wilt management




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Savory Spring at The Cabana Grille


s we head into warmer weather, we all crave something light and refreshing to snack and sip on. Ceviche served with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect combination to satisfy those cravings. Ceviche is a great summer appetizer. It is light, citrusy and not too filling. It also tends to lean towards the healthy side. Ceviche is an original and typical dish of the fishermen of the Latin American coast. Peru is often noted as the birthplace of ceviche. However the originality of the popular dish is often disputed by other countries such as Ecuador, Panama and Mexico - all of which also have their own unique varieties. The most common and easiest way to make Ceviche is to marinate your fish or shellfish in a citrus-based mixture, with lemons and limes. In addition to adding flavor, the citric acid causes the proteins in the seafood to become denatured, which pickles or “cooks” the fish without heat. Traditional style ceviche was marinated up to 3 hours, while modern style ceviche usually has a very short marinating period. With the appropriate fish, it can marinate in the time it takes to mix the ingredients, serve, and carry the dish to the table. Ceviche has become the “Favorite Dish” of Latin America and has grown very popular here in the United States. Ceviche pairs nicely with most Sauvignon Blanc wines due to their similar characteristics. They both tend to be light and citrusy, with high levels of acidity, which enhances each other’s flavors and other prominent features.

Sauvignon Blancs originated in the Loire Valley of France. However, New Zealand has taken this grape to new heights in the cool Marlborough region, producing racy wines with tropical fruit and gooseberry flavors. Sauvignon Blanc is a light to medium bodied white wine that is very crisp and refreshing. Sauvignon Blanc is high in acidity and has a wide range of flavors, including grassy notes, hay, tropical and citrus notes depending on the region in which it is produced. Sauvignon Blancs are very food friendly, and usually pair well with most seafood, spicy foods, poultry, sushi and Ceviche. Casa Lapostolle Sauvignon Blanc, from the Rapel Valley of Chile, is the perfect match for Ceviche. This light bodied wine has pear, lemon, lime and tangerine notes with fresh acidity at the beginning followed by a round and concentrated mid palate, and a long lasting finish. Casa Lapostolle was founded by the Marnier Lapostolle family from France and the Rabat family from Chile in 1994, through Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle, her husband Cyril de Bournet and Don José Rabat Gorchs. Today, Casa Lapostolle is 100% owned by the Marnier-Lapostolle group.  The Marnier Lapostolle family, founders and owners of the world-renowned liqueur Grand Marnier, are known for producing spirits and liqueurs, but the family has been also involved in winemaking, originally in the Loire Valley for generations.  While your ceviche is marinating, stop by the Cabana Grille and purchase a bottle or a glass of Casa Lapostolle Sauvignon Blanc.

Mexican Ceviche Recipe: Ingredients: 2 pounds of shrimp, peeled ½ pound of white fish (sea bass fillet would be ideal) dice into 1/3 inch cube 3 large limes 1 small lemon 1 medium fresh tomato, diced ½ small white onion, finely chopped ½ small green sweet pepper, chopped in cubes ½ medium jalapeno pepper, chopped in cubes ½ bunch of fresh chopped parsley or chopped cilantro 1 teaspoon of olive oil Salt and pepper to taste Lettuce leaves (to line serving bowl) 1 avocado cut into slices (to garnish) In a large mixing bowl, gently mix the shrimp and fish with the juices from the limes and lemons and put in the refrigerator for 1 hour or until the shrimp and fish are opaque. In another mixing bowl combine the tomato, onion, sweet pepper, jalapeno pepper, parsley/cilantro, olive oil, salt and pepper. Mix all ingredients; cover the bowl and chill the Ceviche in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve.



May / June 2009


• LEED Program • Build SA Green Program 31007 IH-10 W, Ste 210 Boerne, TX 78006 Office 830.755.4237 Mobile 210.872.8729 Fax 800.372.4880

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ordillera Ranch neighbors got together on April 4 for the bi-annual ‘Shindig, A Good Time for a Great Cause’. Featuring over 600 friends and neighbors, and just as many auction items, the Shindig was, yet again, a tremendous success. Raising approximately $100,000 for local charities, the event certainly accomplished its mission! Beneficiaries of the event included Bergheim Volunteer Fire Department, Christian Job Corps of Kendall County, Hill Country Mission for Health, Kendall County Women’s Shelter, and the Triple H Equitherapy Center.



May / June 2009






Enjoy our new 62-room, 21-suite facility with many amenities including:

h ot e l & s u i t e s s i x f l a g s w e s t • bo e r n e , t e x a s



May / June 2009


• Gift Shop • Pool • Jacuzzi (four in-room & one outside) • 27” Color TV • Coffee maker • 24-hour beverages • Dataports • Iron/boards • Express checkin/out • Voicemail • Valet service • Two phones • Speaker phones

• Business desk & chair • Complimentary Quick Start Breakfast • Free parking • Microwaves • Hair dryers • Mini-refrigerators • Board room • Meeting room • Bus parking • Satellite • Jetport high-speed Internet connections

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builder feAture

robert thornton great Homes by robert thornton


by Ben Schooley

ith a ponytail and a soft smile, you might not assume Robert Thornton is a homebuilder. And you definitely might not assume that he is one of the most preferred, well-respected homebuilders in the Hill Country. You could make many assumptions about Thornton, but “homebuilder” would be low on your list. But after speaking to him, you would change your mind. Growing up in San Antonio, the son of a stockbroker and a Bible Study Fellowship leader, Robert knew early on that he wanted to be in the design/build industry. “When I was in high school, I thought I’d go into architecture, and then honestly, I got intimidated by the curriculum. I worked for an architechtural firm during my late high school years, and once I saw not only what they had to do everyday, but the curriculum requirements I chickened out - but I knew I wanted to be in the design and building field. I also had family members that were in building, and I remember vividly as a child riding around Dallas with my mom and having her tell me about my forefathers who had built homes there. It gave me a wonderful  connection to  great grandparents and extended family that I never knew.” Upon graduation, Thornton left to attend Baylor.  “I went to Baylor and got a business degree as no construction management degree was offered at the time.  I enjoyed  the Baylor experience so much that in spite of not having the perfect degree I had no interest in leaving.  During summer jobs Thornton busied himself



May / June 2009

working construction labor jobs, focusing on “odd job construction stuff” as Thornton puts it. Armed with his degree and motivation to spare, Thornton jumped headlong into the construction industry, with a bit of an inauspicious start.  “I went to New Mexico to take a superintendent’s position with a homebuilder  based in Albuquerque  yet the job was in Las Cruces, so I was just out there by myself, and learned a lot just flying by the seat of my pants.  It was hard  and lonely as  I didn’t know anybody in the area, the company wasn’t located in my town, so that lack of direction and support was  difficult but invaluable.”  After Las Cruces,  Thornton desired to settle back in Texas, but the market had other ideas. “The market was awful in Texas at the time, and I took a job in   the Washington, DC  metro area  as a Superintendent  building condominiums.  I learned a lot there  too, as I finally had some direction and wasn’t just flying by the seat of my pants anymore!” With a couple of years of experience under his belt, Thornton saw an opportunity to move back home. “I left DC in 1990, and came back to Boerne.  The town  and market  was on the  brink of turning around. I capitalized on the foreclosure market,  bought a bunch of lots here in Boerne  and used the cheap inventory lots to get started on building spec houses.  From those, I solicited a couple of customs, and now it’s developed into a program where  we  build very few specs. Back then, we were doing homes that were 1300-1800 sq. ft., and now  we  build some with garages larger than that.”

As his business grew, so did his family. “I got married in  ‘94 to my lovely wife Joanne.  She  came down  from New York City  with a friend to volunteer at Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) headquarters in San Antonio, we met, had a quick but long distance courtship, and got married. She’s now the teaching leader for the Boerne women’s BSF class, teaches at Geneva School as a Grammar and Literature teacher, and is the mother of Nick - an 8th grade student at Geneva and avid golfer who loves the links of Cordillera Ranch.” (The Thorntons are one of the founders of the Geneva School in Boerne).     One of the other people that Thornton happened to meet through the  Bible Study Fellowship  connection  happened to be Carla Northington.  “Carla and Mac Northington were the ones that brought me into Cordillera Ranch.  They recommended me to David Hill. They threw my name out, I was interviewed by David, and then they asked me to build the visitor’s center.  I’m the last of the original builder group of Preferred Builders.” And, as for that relationship, it’s one that Thornton is grateful for. “It is an extraordinary piece of property at Cordillera Ranch.  They have extremely high development standards, and there is no room for compromise.  I’ve gotten to deal with some extraordinary, great people out there. Their means allow us to do some amazing things with  amazing  property.  Enhancing their desires well and with excellence is key. In particular, we don’t like being pigeonholed into a certain style of architecture.  We really mix it up.  It’s not us, it’s our clients…so  you’ll see the full spectrum of contemporary, ranch, Tuscan, and mission style designs based on the client’s ideas and desires.”

In order to succeed Thornton relies on his team.  “My staff is fantastic, and without them this process would go nowhere.   The individual  gifts and talents of each is  crucial to what we do  every day on every job.   My brother-in-law  Danny Kreifels  is  our  project superintendent.  Danny is amazing.  He is very down to earth and a nuts and bolts guy that lives and breathes construction.  We also have Stephanie Latham  as  our full time interior  design  coordinator and  consultant.  She  is brilliant as  she guides  our  clients through the 1000s of decisions  to be made during construction, and follows through with many clients after occupancy with complete  home furnishings. A born and raised Boerne gal, too!  Finally, there’s Erasmo Arreola, Carrie Tyner, Jeff Morris, each of which play a big part of  our incredible team.  Dave Morris is an independent designer, but he shares office space with us and is obviously the originator of most everything  that we do.  Our relationship with Dave  goes back to our early beginnings, and we’ve  grown to compliment each other beautifully as a  design and build team.” Beyond his staff and working relationship with Dave Morris Thornton gives credit to an even higher source.  “We truly all hope to glorify God through our work, and I trust that those we work with recognize that facet of our  standard  of excellence.  Everytime  someone says “You build great houses” I just thank God because it’s only the result of being surrounded  by great people and great clients.”

As to what Thornton credits for his successes: his team and how they each complement one another. “I’ll tell a client, especially one that hasn’t built before, that building is a tremendously rewarding process if the team is right. With a good team, it’s great, and with a bad team, it is awfully stressful. You  start with  large sums of money and emotions, mix in a builder and a pile of subcontractors, stir it all up, and it’s quite a concoction. The difficult part is the mesh of personalities as we’re meeting  with  people from the moment they buy their lot until the day they move in, so that’s 18-24 months. It’s safe to say that we spend a lot of time together.”



Texas will again lift its head and stand among the nations… country upon the globe can compare with it in natural advantages.

– Sam Houston

Those words are as true now as when Sam Houston first spoke them 150 or so years ago, during a period of great turmoil. Nowhere are those “natural advantages” more evident than in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Texas real estate is some of the richest in the world – which is perhaps why European investment in Texas exceeds all United States investment in China and Japan put together*. If buying or selling a piece of Texas is in your future plans, whether you are looking for a luxury home, a weekend escape, ranch property or just want a current market evaluation of your property, call us first. We’ve been helping South Texas real estate owners make smart decisions for 20 years.

* According to John Bruton, European Union ambassador to the United States

6061 Broadway, San Antonio, Texas

210- 805-3616


stAff feAture What’s your favorite sport? Favorite sporting event you’ve attended? Pro football, basketball, and baseball. I’ve been a diehard fan of the St. Louis/ Arizona Cardinals since about 1974, and have taken a beating for it from friends and colleagues for years. But it was all worth it when they finally made it to the Super Bowl this year. (Ohhhh we were soooo close!!)

Favorite quote? Wow, I have so many. But two that come to mind are: “You will never steal second base until you take your foot off of first,” and “Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.” Favorite movie? Why? Shawshank Redemption: Why? Because it is a story of true perseverance that teaches us that no matter what life throws our way, we have the choice to make the best of it and overcome our obstacles and circumstances.

What has been your most rewarding experience in the business? Meeting such a diverse group of people from all over the world and helping them find the lot or home of their dreams. It’s truly amazing that people from so many different backgrounds and with such different

Name: Rick Grimes Hometown: Lufkin, Texas Family: My beautiful wife Tonja and my two boys Landon

& Jackson

Age: 44 Education: Stephen F. Austin State University How did you get into real estate? After spending the first 40 years of my life in Lufkin, I decided it was time for a change. So when David Hill told me about Cordillera Ranch, I knew this was the opportunity I had been waiting for. My wife and I had just started a family and wanted a great place to raise our children….and after seeing what the Hill Country had to offer, we decided it was the place. I immediately started taking real estate classes and moved to San Antonio to work at the ranch a few months later.

How long have you been with Cordillera Ranch? I started with Cordillera in 2005 and have enjoyed every day of it. I just wish I had known about it years ago!

What is your favorite aspect of working in the hill country? I love the natural beauty of the Hill Country. The hills, the views, the sunsets. It’s everything you could want around you. But it’s the people that really make it special to me. Beauty can make a place worth moving to….the people make it feel like home.

What are your hobbies/interests? Anyone who knows me knows I have a huge passion for sports, but my greatest love is playing with my two boys, Landon and Jackson. No gamewinning hit or throw can compare to playing ball in the back yard with my two little guys.

interests and priorities can all find just what they need in this one spectacular community.

Best advice you’ve ever been given? You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.

Favorite aspect or feature at Cordillera Ranch? Other than the obvious—the incredible views and beautiful hillsides, I have really enjoyed seeing the ranch evolve into one of the most unique private communities in the country. With the clubhouse coming to fruition in late summer, it is really going to be a special place for so many families to call home.



cAlendAr of Events

May / June 2009

The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch Visit this site for more information on:

Ladies’ Golf Events Sporting Clay Leagues

Men’s Golf Events Tennis Leagues

Guided Fishing Excursions Equestrian Activities

Cordillera Social Club

A website for the residents by the residents. View this site for more information on these recurring monthly events:

Nature Club Book Club

Bridge Club Men’s Bible Study

April 18 – May 10 KERRVILLE: “Thunderbox Road”. Traveling exhibit of 12 outhouses (thunderboxes) showcasing the artistic talents of 12 of the top artists in the Hill Country is displayed. The Thunderboxes will be auctioned May 9. Museum of Western Art’s pavilion. For more information please visit the website at April 23 – May 10 KERRVILLE: La Rue. Features recent paintings of abstracted thoughts reflecting realities, accompanied by assemblage sculptures and “recycled art” by Kristin La Rue-Chaney. Kerr Arts & Cultural Center, 228 Earl Garrett. For more information please call (830) 895-2911 or visit the website at April 23 – May 17 KERRVILLE: “Random Flowers”. This is a mixed media exhibit of sculpture and paintings by Elementz Gallery Group. Kerr Arts & Cultural Center, 228 Earl Garrett. For more information please call (830) 895-2911 or visit the website at May 1 CLUBS OF CORDILLERA RANCH: Movie on the Range. Grab your blankets and lawn chairs and come on out for an exciting screening of The Wizard of Oz! Ranch-Style concession stand available for individuals interested in dinner or a snack. Ranch-Style Concession Stand opens at 7 pm. Movie begins at 8:15 pm. Please RSVP to Lindsey at or 830-336-4823.



May / June 2009

Movie Night Bunco Night

Cooking Club Fine Wine Club

May 2 – 3 CLUBS OF CORDILLERA RANCH: Sticks and Stones Member Golf Tournament.

preferred builders and learn about all the reasons why now is a good time to build your custom home.

May 9 BOERNE: 2nd Saturday Art & Wine. On Second Saturdays the galleries of Boerne host joint openings from 5 – 8 pm. Come out and enjoy a glass of wine and the latest offerings on the Boerne Art Scene.

May 17 GRUENE: 12th Annual KNBT Americana Music Jam. Celebrates Americana music and features exceptional artists of the genre. Benefits a different local charity each year. Gruene Hall. For more information please call (830) 629-5077 or (830) 606-1601 or visit the website at

May 9 – 10 BOERNE: Market Days. Includes dozens of vendors from all over Texas, arts & crafts, antiques, collectibles, unusual items and great food. Main Plaza. For more information please call (830) 249-5530 or (210) 844-8193, or visit the website at May 14 CLUBS OF CORDILLERA Ladies Tennis Member/Guest


May 15 - 17 CLUBS OF CORDILLERA RANCH: Men’s Club Championship Golf Tournament. May 15 – June 14 KERRVILLE: American Watercolor Society 142nd International Exhibition Traveling Show. Features a collection of works from the 2009 International Exhibition, showcasing the world’s most highly respected artists. Kerr Arts & Cultural Center, 228 Earl Garrett. For more information please call (830) 895-2911 or visit the website at May 16 – 17 CORDILLERA Come meet

RANCH: Builder Fair the Cordillera Ranch

May 22 – 23 FREDERICKSBURG: Crawfish Festival. Enjoy Louisiana style music and food – crawfish, jambalaya, boudin, red beans and rice, of course, some Texas favorites too. Includes the second annual gumbo cook-off, horseshoe and washer pitching, arts & crafts, fun children’s area with jumping castles, face painting and rock wall. 6 pm – Midnight on Friday and 11 am – Midnight on Saturday. Downtown – Market Square. For more information please call (866) 839-3378 or visit the website at May 23 & 27 CLUBS OF CORDILLERA RANCH: Sneaks and Cleats. Find out who the clubs “Greatest Athlete” is in the annual tennis and golf showdown. May 22 – 24 BANDERA: Cowboy Capital Rodeo Association Pro Rodeo. Enjoy three evenings of action packed pro rodeo. Mansfield Park Rodeo Arena. For more information please call (830) 796-7207 or visit the website at

KERRVILLE: Hill Country Quilt Guild’s Show “A Pigment of My Imagination”. More than 200 quilts are displayed along with wearable and fiber arts displays, boutique of handmade items, opportunity quilt, and fabric and notion vendors. 10 am – 6 pm on Friday and Saturday and Noon – 4 pm on Sunday. Edington Gymnasium, Schreiner University, 2100 Memorial Blvd. For more info. please call (830) 257-2752 or (830) 896-6522, email, or visit the website at May 23 – 25 KERRVILLE: Official Texas State Arts & Crafts Fair. Features the work of 200 Texas artists, Texas culinary arts exhibitors, exciting art demonstrations and exhibitions, art activities for youth, continuous live entertainment on three stages, and great food in a beautiful Texas Hill Country setting. River Star Arts & Events Park, 4000 Riverside Drive. For more info. please call (830) 896-5711, email , or visit the website at May 25 BOERNE: Boerne Concert Band Memorial Day Performance. 7 pm. Main Plaza. For more information please call (830) 249-9511, ext. 1181, option 5, 3, or visit the website at May 30 CORDILLERA RANCH: Family Fishing. This fun filled morning of fishing is great for everyone in the families to spend time together while learning the basics of fishing through hands-on instruction. 9 – 11 am. Class size is limited to 10 participants. Children 6 years old or older must be accompanied by an adult. Program held at the Swede Creek Lake. Complimentary/No Fee to members. For more information please call the Outfitter Center at (830) 336-4823 or contact Shane at June 2, 16, 30 BOERNE: Abendkonzerte. Enjoy an evening concert with the Boerne Village Band. Bring your lawn chairs, blankets and coolers to Main Plaza to oompah to the beat of the longest continually playing German band, outside of Germany! Main Plaza. For more information please call (830) 249-7277 or email June 4 – 7, 11 – 14, 18 – 20 KERRVILLE: “Little Women”. Playhouse 2000

presents a production based on Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel, which focuses on the March sisters. Spanning years, their family connection remains strong in the face of tragedies large and small. Cailloux Theater, 910 Main St. For more information please call (830) 895-2911 or visit the website at June 4 CLUBS OF CORDILLERA RANCH: Men’s Golf Night Out. June 5 FREDERICKSBURG: First Friday Art Walk. Tour fine art galleries offering special events, refreshments and extended viewing hours. For more information please call (830) 990-8151, email sandy@ or visit the website at

River between Swede Creek and Guadalupe State Park to clean up any trash on this beautiful waterway after a busy holiday weekend. 1 – 5:30 pm. All equipment and transportation provided to members complimentary, plus a big thanks from Mother Nature! RSVP to Shane at, or call the Outfitter Center at (830) 336-4823. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it. June 14 CLUBS OF CORDILLERA RANCH: Mixed Scramble Golf Tournament. June 18 CLUBS OF CORDILLERA RANCH: Ladies Interclub Golf Play. Men’s Golf Night Out.

June 5 – 6, 19 – 20, 26 – 27 NEW BRAUNFELS: Canyon Trail Chuck Wagon Supper & Cowboy Music Show. Hear the English Brothers-Western Music Artists perform “How the West was Sung” – a high energy, one hour western/cowboy music show complete with yodeling, comedy and the best pickin’ around. This nostalgic show follows an authentic chuck wagon meal with all the fixin’s. Gates open at 6 pm. Call for reservations. 1201 FM 2722. For reservations or more information please call (830) 626-8200 or (888) 408-7245; email June 5, 12, 19, 26 BANDERA: Twin Elm Ranch Rodeo. Begins at 8 pm. Includes a calf scramble and mutton busting for kids. Twin Elm Ranch, Hwy. 470. For more information please call (830) 796-3628, email or visit the website at June 6 BOERNE: Boerne Adventure Fest. Features dozens of outdoor adventurous activities such as horseback riding, kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking, archery, fishing tournament, bungee trampoline, rock wall, live music, birds of prey demonstrations, live snakes, lizards and unusual critters, food and drink booths, and much more. Joshua Springs Park and Preserve. For more information please call (830) 249-7277.

June 19 – 20 KERRVILLE: Kerrville Charity Rodeo. Includes riding, barrel racing, rodeo clowns, roping and other rodeo events. Proceeds benefit Kids Advocacy Place. Sponsored by the Lester Meier Rodeo Company. Begins at 8 pm. Hill Country Youth Exhibit Center, 3705 Hwy. 27 E. For more info. please call (830) 257-9437. June 19 – 21 BOERNE: Berges Fest Celebration & Parade. Annual celebration of German heritage features a parade, live entertainment, lawnmower races, weenie dog races, watermelon eating contest, carnival, mud volleyball, canoe races, lots of food and drinks. Kendall County Fairgrounds, 7 Hwy. 46 E. For more information please call (210) 347-2131, email or visit the website at June 20 – 21 GRUENE: Old Gruene Market Days. Nearly 100 vendors offer uniquely crafted items, collectibles and packaged Texas foods. 10 am – 5 pm. For more information please call (830) 832-1721 or visit the website at June 26th CLUBS OF CORDILLERA RANCH: Ladies Golf Interclub.

CORDILLERA RANCH: Guadalupe River Clean Up. Join the Outfitter Staff as we float the upper stretch of the Guadalupe





May / June 2009

in the news Here’s a list of some of the Cordillera Ranch Family who have been in the news recently. Congratulations! Both Art Burdick and Ken Leonard have companies who were recently honored among the San Antonio Business Journal’s list of “San Antonio’s Top 50 Private Companies”. Burdick, whose company Burdick Custom Homes, has been considered one of San Antonio’s premier custom home builders for many years now. Burdick Custom Homes also includes the partnerships Burdick and Frank, Ltd. and Burdick and Christofilis, Ltd. (which builds exclusively in Cordillera Ranch). Leonard’s company L&H Packing and Surlean Foods is a packing and food processing company with more than 650 employees.

The third annual Cordillera Cup was held on March 28-29. The event features a total of 64 members split into two teams named after the development partners Northington’s and Hill’s. For the third year in a row the Northington team managed to pull out the close victory in this Ryder Cup style event. Final score, Team Northington 32.5 vs. Team Hill 27.5.

On March 28, former Longhorn baseball standout, Brooks Kieschnick had his number 23 retired from the University of Texas. Kieschnick was a two-time Dick Howser Trophy winner and is regarded as one of the best two way college baseball players of all time.

Our tennis players had a great day at the Parent Child Fun Day on March 22. The winners of the different events were Tracie and Katie Rickert, Kris Rittichier and Emilee Bassett, and Martha Barton and Alec Bassett.

The couples “Fiesta” Tournament was held on April 5. The winners were Bob and Vicki Brantley and Gina Thor and Mack Mandell.

The Ace List:

Several of our junior tennis players made their school teams last month. Way to go: Adam Copps, Ted Goles, Heather Schloss, Katie Goles, Catlin Lazzari, Brandon Bearden, Russell Richter and Truit Bloxsom.

Other Cordillera Ranch Results:

The Spring Break Horse Camp was held at the Equestrian Center from March 10-March 13. Fourteen girls participated in the camp and learned about basic horse care and how to saddle and bridle their horses.

Congratulations to Dan Dohnalek for his Hole-In-One #16. Dan made the ace on April 4th, from 131 yards with his pitching wedge. On March 20-21, twelve Cordillera Ranch golfers participated in a home and home interclub match with the Escondido Club. The Cordillera Ranch team prevailed in the match play event by a margin of 58.5 points to 49.5 points.

Cordillera Ranch is now providing updates on twitter. Visit us at to get frequent updates about Cordillera Ranch.

If you know of someone in the community who does something newsworthy please email it to

Key Contact List: Visitors Center – 830-336-3570

Clubs of Cordillera Ranch Cabana Grille – 830-336-3415 General Manager – Ted Keyser 830-336-4024

Cordillera Ranch Sales Staff – 830-336-3570 Tracy Harris 210-240-5840 Kevin Best 210-260-5111 Gary Peterson 210-365-7565 Rick Grimes 210-818-2882

Food & Beverage Director – Patrick Connell 830-336-3417

Property Owner’s Association Mike Sheridan - 830-336-3570

Director of Golf – Marc DeWall 830-336-4653

Architectural Review Committee Valerie Shaw - 830-336-3570 –

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When you are thinking of buying or selling property in Cordillera Ranch look no further than the Cordillera Ranch Realty team to help you. We know the property and values better than anyone.

Already in 2009 the Cordillera Ranch sales team has been involved in more than $9.5 million worth of lot and home sales in the community. See the following pages for some of the homes we currently have listed. For more photos and virtual tours visit our website. Contact Us Today About the Numerous Financing Options Available for Cordillera Ranch Homes and Homesites. 830.336.3570

102 summerglen $599,900

new listing

4,000 Square Feet

Majestic home featuring recently updated finishes with 4 bedrooms and 2 large living areas that invite a huge family.

Ranch style home completely updated and move-in ready Home sits on 4.2 acres with a beautiful Hill Country view Main entrance has high ceilings, golden pine wood beams with high end wood flooring Floor to ceiling rock fireplace Huge family room for entertaining Gourmet kitchen with granite countertops with all new appliances, Jenair double oven and walk in pantry Second floor game room with plenty of storage Spacious master suite with high wood beam ceiling, walk in closet, jetted tub, walk in shower and dual sinks Oversized 3 car garage Great porch with a stone walk to the fire pit Master Ranch membership available | 830.336.3570

194 Augusta $1,149,900

4,495 Square Feet

This rustic hill country home built by McGrath Custom Homes offers golf course & hill country views with stylish outdoor living on 1.04 oak covered acres less than ½ mile from clubhouse.

4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom, oversized 3 car garage Large game room, wine room, 2 indoor masonry fireplaces, summer kitchen, entry courtyard with water feature Granite countertops throughout entire home Hand-hewn beam trusses in family room, balcony, game room and porch Gorgeous travertine, wood and tile flooring Custom faux painting in family room & kitchen Wired for stereo, security system and computer networking Master shower and bath has custom stone surround Luxury stainless steel appliance package LP gas for cook top, fireplaces and furnaces Elegant Price Pfister plumbing fixtures throughout Full Golf Membership Available

price change

25 Augusta

$2,995,000 7,300 Square Feet This Stadler Custom Home was featured as the “WOAI Concept Home.” The ultimate entertainment home on more than 1.5 acres overlooking the 15th tee box on the Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course.

4 bedroom, 4 ½ bath, with 3 car garage Enormous gourmet kitchen features Mi’ele appliances and an abundance of counter space Coffee bar in master bathroom Two-sided salt water aquarium visual in both study and entry way The ultimate outdoor living area with a fireplace, cascading waterfall pool, hot tub and a full outdoor kitchen State of the art Zenpanion electronic/audio/visual home automation system Private outdoor putting green Golf simulator room and golf cart garage Numerous water features Full Golf Membership Available

586 Clubs Drive price change $1,299,000

4,219 square feet

This beautiful home was designed by Gustavo Arrendondo and built by Stadler Custom Homes. It includes fabulous views of the Guadalupe River valley and is on a 1+ acre lot just ¼ mile from the clubhouse at Cordillera Ranch. 4 Bedrooms 4.5 Baths with 3 car garage Fabulous private interior courtyard with a tranquil water feature Gourmet kitchen with gorgeous granite counters, stainless appliances and a Sub Zero refrigerator A convenient butler’s pantry Built in bookcases in study and family room

Oversized shower in master bathroom Covered outdoor living area that takes in the magnificent views Private balconies in both upstairs bed rooms Overhead storage in garage Full Golf Membership Available | 830.336.3570

price change 3383 RIO CORDILLERA $1,415,000

4,730 Square Feet + 717 Square Foot Casita

This beautiful custom home by Burdick & Christofilis sits among the oaks and is on 5.43 horse friendly acres. Enjoy a private setting from the covered patio overlooking the pool with an outdoor kitchen

325 Park ridge $2,100,000

4 bedrooms, 4.5 bath, 3 car garage Detached casita with full kitchen, living, separate bedroom and fireplace with 1 car garage Thermador professional stainless steel appliances including a 6 burnergriddle cook top, double ovens, warming drawer and 48” built-in Elegant slate, wood and travertine flooring 180 bottle built-in wine cooler Sound system is throughout the house and outdoor kitchen Outdoor kitchen with DCS grill and fireplace Media room with HP projector and 96” screen Keith Zars Pool with pebble-tec finish and automated salt water system Full Golf Membership Available

price change

5,953 square feet

This Burdick & Christofilis model home lacks nothing. The 3.38 acre estate features fantastic views of the hill country from the spacious outdoor living area.

4 bedroom suites, including a downstairs guest suite and 3 car garage Luxurious master suite with circular spa, sauna, coffee bar and private exercise room Elegant country kitchen with gourmet touches including Wolf stainless steel oven, hidden super-sized pantry and cabinets galore A secluded 2nd floor casita with a kitchenette & optional separate entry Handsome burgundy hued library lined with hardwood shelves and white marble fireplace Sprawling outdoor living area offers multiple sitting areas with sound system, flat screen TV’s and fireplace Remote control bug screen completes the outdoor living area and makes it a joy to entertain. Separate office/guest suite off the outdoor living offers privacy when working from home or a guest’s retreat complete with full bath Full Golf Membership Available

new listing

344 park ridge

$1,985,000 7,830 square feet This elegant but comfortable family home offers privacy and incredible 30 mile views.There are lots of entertaining spaces, including a media room, large kitchen that opens into the family room, outdoor porches upstairs and down with a wood burning fireplace and a pool complex with summer kitchen.

6 bedrooms, 5 full baths and 1 half bath Luxurious master suite with sitting area and fireplace Elegant country kitchen with sitting bar that opens to the family room Second floor has 4 bedrooms, game/media room, children’s study/play room, exercise room and large balcony Handsome flagstone and wood floors with 2 wood burning and 2 gas fireplaces Sprawling outdoor veranda with fireplace and separate pool area with Casita and kitchen Incredible 30 mile views All of this on a secluded 9.98 acre hilltop Full Golf Membership Available | 830.336.3570

40 Sunriver

new listing

$1,290,000 4,256 square feet + 1,000 square foot Casita Immaculate Mediterranean style home nestled among many oaks on this 4.8 acre homesite. Enjoy the Texas Hill Country with the sprawling porches and outdoor kitchen.

4 bedroom, 4 full baths Oversized 3 car garage Elegant, modern gourmet kitchen Travertine and wood floors throughout Large, open family room Sprawling outdoor living areas with outdoor kitchen and fireplace Spacious master bedroom with wood floors, walk in closet, jetted tub, walk in shower and dual sinks Additional acreage available next to this property 1,000 square foot casita that can be used as a workshop or guesthouse Full Golf Membership Available

145 RIVERWOOD $949,000 3,647 Square Feet + 720 Square Foot Casita Beautiful one story home with a casita and spacious living on 2.03 acres with gorgeous views of the Guadalupe River valley. This is a great buy! Built by Burdick / Christofilis


Single story 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath with 3 car garage Fabulous casita/guest suite with 720 square feet of living area Covered patio with 630 square feet and a wood burning fireplace Roof is a Monier flat concrete tile shake Custom alder cabinets, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances Water softener and RO unit Split master suite with covered porch access Spacious master bath with whirlpool tub and separate shower Hand troweled walls in common areas Breakfast nook opens to family room Master Ranch Membership available

price change

$2,000,000 5,514 square feet This Spectacular home on 24 acres fronting on the banks of the Guadalupe River offers state of the art country living with every possible comfort and beautiful surroundings.

5 bedroom, 4.5 baths with a 3 car garage Rustic scored and stained concrete floors in living area Long leaf pine floors in the study & dining room Fabulous architectural details such as arched entry & beamed ceilings Hand troweled walls & wrought iron accents Gourmet commercial grade kitchen True butlerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pantry including wine chiller Vast covered outdoor living area Approx 1,200 feet of river frontage, easy access Year round spring fed creek on the property | 830.336.3570

117 Riverwood $698,500 3,328 square feet This traditional Hill Country home nestled on a gorgeous 2.82 acre lot with great privacy. No detail has been overlooked from the large cedar beams, travertine/wood floors, interior rock detail, and open floor plan make this a must see in Cordillera! This home comes with the right to purchase a Master Full Golf Membership.

3 bedroom 2 baths with 2 half baths Travertine & Wood floors throughout Large open gourmet kitchen 100% hill country stone and stucco Standing seam metal roof Large cedar beams in family room & kitchen Large front and back porches Granite countertops in kitchen & master bath Private gated entry Full Golf Membership Available

192 Riverwood $1,215,000 4,567 square feet This beautiful home built by Stadler Custom Homes with a unique floor plan on 2.17 acres located less than ½ mile from the breathtaking 62+ acre private Guadalupe River park in Cordillera Ranch


4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms 3 car garage with overhead storage Stunning views from the front terrace off upstairs game room Front courtyard with views from home office Back covered patio with views from master suite, living room and dining room Gourmet kitchen with granite counters and island Fabulous outdoor living with kitchen & double sided fireplace Custom built in wet bar Beautiful Texas Hill Country landscaping The price includes a Full Golf Membership ($60,000 value!)

price change

$1,440,000 4,024 square feet This home not only overlooks the 15th hole of the Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course, but it also has an extraordinary view of the Guadalupe River Valley.

In this 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath home you will find all of the quality and character that you would expect in a Robert S. Thornton, Great Homes/Dave Morris design Designed to feature views of the Twin Sisters horizon, fairways and other golf course features from main living areas and master bedroom Master bath includes walk-in shower, concrete vanity tops and closet fully accessorized by California Closets Large great room with high ceilings. Stunning limestone fireplace, reclaimed long-leaf pine truss beams and breathtaking hill country views Oversized formal dining room and adjacent wet bar-perfect for holiday entertaining Ground floor guest room that duals as a home office or exercise room with full bath and exterior access Private study overlooking golf course views with reclaimed long-leaf pine slat wall for photo and art arrangements Detached cabana with wet bar, cooking center and restroom for outdoor entertaining Open kitchen with spectacular reclaimed long-leaf pine

custom cabinetry, designer appliances, walk-in pantry, polished concrete and formed stainless countertops Two car enclosed garage, porte-cochere and golf cart storage with golf equipment locker and hobby sink for the golf enthusiast Full Golf Membership Available | 830.336.3570

529 cordillera trace

new listing

$959,900 3,400 Square Feet This incredible home is an architects personal residence. It is on one of the best lots in Cordillera Ranch.

5.01 secluded acres with great trees and barranca Incredible privacy and views of the Texas Hill Country. Designed and built on U grid to take advantage of the views from all rooms and angles of the home Native Juniper trusses and limestone fireplace In-ground pool with negative edge Intricate wooden and stained concrete floors Master bedroom situated over romantic barranca Architect’s personal home built by Robert Thornton 3,400 sq. ft. of spacious and well designed living spaces Acreage is fenced with long private drive winding into the estate

just completed

84 river crossing

$875,000 4,462 Square Feet This gorgeous Texas Hill Country style home on 2.06 acres is a great combination of form and function.

4 bedroom 4.5 baths with 3 car garage Travertine tile in main living area Handscraped wood flooring in dining room and study Large back porch with outdoor kitchen Kitchen features granite countertops, separate pantry and butler’s pantry Large open gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances

44 Granadilla

Custom knotty alder cabinets 100% hill country stone and stucco Standing seam metal roof

just completed

$799,900 3,932 square feet Traditional Texas Hill Country home built by McGrath Custom Homes with a great floor plan nestled on a gorgeous wooded 2+ acre lot.

Large gourmet style kitchen with luxury stainless steel appliances Knotty alder cabinets in kitchen and master bath Custom glazing in family room, dining & kitchen LP gas for cooktop, future gas grill and fireplace 100% masonry with over ¾ of exterior covered in Hill Country Stone

5 bedroom, 5 baths, gameroom/media room, large open family room, unfinished bonus room Ceramic tile and wood flooring Granite countertops in kitchen & master baths Standing seam galvanized metal roof Large, open front and back porches Eastern white pine interior beams with sandblasted finish

Upcoming Homes

75 winged foot

$2,650,000 6,543 Square Feet A Mediterranean style retreat with a spectacular view overlooking the 6th green. Enjoy this view from your spacious covered patio equipped with a cooking center and fireplace or from your 720 sq ft balcony.

Custom hand-carved front doors 5 spacious bedrooms, 5 full bathrooms, 2 half bathrooms, 3 car garage 2 game rooms for family enjoyment and entertainment, private study Butler’s area for a carefree lifestyle Bar for entertainment, piano room, elegant spiral staircase Kitchen features barrel ceiling, granite countertops, separate pantry and butler’s pantry Master bedroom features patio & courtyard, washer/dryer in closet for convenience

Master bathroom features a rain shower/steam unit with tile seat, beverage center, whirlpool tub, his and her vanities for a refreshing way to start and end your day Covered patio with a cooking center, fireplace and a view of the lake and #6 green for enjoyment and entertainment Enormous covered balcony Stone/stucco exterior with Claymex tile roof Full Golf Membership Available | 830.336.3570


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Cordillera Ranch Realty Homes for Sale 1 - 194 Augusta 2 - 25 Augusta 3 - 586 Clubs Drive 4 - 344 Park Ridge 5 - 325 Park Ridge 6 - 102 Summer Glen 7 - 3383 Rio Cordillera 8 - 145 Riverwood 9 - 120 Acker 10 - 117 Riverwood 11 - 192 Riverwood 12 - 69 Augusta 13 - 40 Sunriver 14 - 529 Cordillera Trace 15 - 84 River Crossing 16 - 75 Winged Foot 17 - 44 Granadilla










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