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TRINITY TIDINGS November 2012 Volume 61


Table of Contents Saturday Morning Study ............. 2 Sunday’s Com’n ............................. 2 Confirmation Ministry .................. 2 New Traditions .............................. 2 New Members............................. 2 Children, Youth & Family ........ 3 Care for Creation ....................... 3 Adult Lunch Bunch ...................... 4 Thanksgiving Service ................... 4 New Minister of Music .................. 4 Opportunities for Ministry............ 4 Financial Stewardship ................. 5 Lines from the Library .................. 5 Social Ministry/CUSH ............. 5 Memorials .................................. 6 Thanks ....................................... 6 Calendar of Events .................... 7 Getting into the “Tidings” .......... 7

Published Jan.-Dec.

I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel—not that there is another gospel, but there are some who are confusing you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ. Galatians 1:6-7 The word ‘gospel’ means good news. For Christians, the ‘gospel’ of Jesus Christ is that our relationship with God has been restored and death defeated through Jesus. God freely gives us the faith and trust to believe this is true. This news is life giving and renewing and freeing. Yet there are other gospels we hear every day. One ‘gospel’ is that happiness is best found through consumption. In other words, we can experience life more fully when we make that next purchase (never lasts, I’ve tried it). Or the gospel that if one is good enough and trusts enough, God will bless them with all sorts of things—money, cars, Larry Bird autographed basketballs ☺. Yet the gospel spoken about in the Bible is not only good news but more importantly is a person—Jesus. This one who comes to us, lives among us, loves us and dies and rises for us. Jesus proclaims the good news of God’s love for us and is also this good news in the flesh. This fall we haven’t pursued a typical fall stewardship appeal. You know what I mean: five or six Sundays during which we speak about how God is at work through the ministries of the church and then we ask for financial pledges so we can develop a spending plan for next year. Instead, we have sought to focus our stewardship on our relationship with Jesus Christ—the good news. I believe that as we care for our relationship with Jesus, our relationship with everyone and everything else will begin to fall into place. Will everything be perfect? No. But as we care for our faith, we will begin to see things from His perspective more clearly and in seeing things from His perspective, experience renewal in all our relationships. For practical planning purposes, I hope you’ll make a pledge this month in response to Jesus’ presence in your life. Your gifts of time and money really do make a difference in people’s lives and faith. And while life giving ministries are happening here at Trinity, I also know they are happening through you at your places of employment and schools and homes. I thank God for each of you for living out your (Continued on page 2)

Worship and Christian Education Baptism Adults who desire to be baptized, or those who want to have their child baptized, are invited to contact the church office. In the case of Adult Baptism, candidates are encouraged to worship and attend a Sunday morning Bible Study. Those who want to have their child baptized are asked to schedule a Baptism Preparation session with Pastor Tom prior to the baptism. P.T. looks forward to talking with you! Please speak with him if you have questions.

Saturday Morning Study Saturday, November 10th, 8:30-10:00am (No meeting November 24th) Downstairs in the Great Hall How do Lutherans understand baptism? Why do we make such a big deal about it? How does it tie to how we live? For answers to these and more questions, we finish up our 5-session audio series from Rev. Susan McArver, Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary. You do not need to attend every session. Come for coffee and conversation as your schedule allows. For additional information, contact Tammie at or 654-3256.

Sunday's Com'n Each Wednesday morning at 8:30am, gather with Pastor Tom in the Gathering Space to reflect on the scripture reading for the coming Sunday. No experience necessary. We read the text and share how it makes us feel and the thoughts and questions it generates. It's all good!

New Traditions We had our first New Traditions service on October 14th and I feel that it was a great experience. As we welcome new traditions we also celebrate old ones. So beginning in November, on the first Sunday of the month, when you enter the sanctuary please do so silently so that those who desire may experience a quiet time of pre-service meditation and prayer. The doors to the sanctuary will be kept closed before the service begins to allow fellowship and conversation to take place in the Gathering Space. I hope both these worship opportunities—the New Traditions service and the quiet prayer time before New Members worship—are seen as Worship and Music’s efforts to Please welcome Trinity’s new members: provide a variety of worship experiences for God to Tom and Kim Stevens refresh our lives. Kelly Schmitz Linda Kluck Christian and Eleanora von Dehsen Patricia Hasselburg Andrew and Karen Terry Mary Siebert Eric Lin Ann, Haddon and Margret Harms (Continued from page 1)

faith this way. So whether you pledge or not, give or not, know this: God’s good news in Jesus Christ is for you, always. There is no better gospel than that. A blessed Thanksgiving to each of you and remember: thankful and generous people truly are the happiest people on earth. Love, Pastor Tom 2

Children, Youth and Family Ministry Fall Fest Due to a conflict in schedules, the Second Annual Fall Fest has been rescheduled to Sunday, November 18th, 12:00 – 4:00pm. We are looking for volunteers to help out and to bake pies for the pie sale. A volunteer signup sheet will be in the Gathering Space. New this year—we will be selling Pie in Your Face tickets for $3. Please continue to watch for updates in the bulletins and eTidings.

Veggie Tales Movie Event Trinity’s Children, Youth and Family Ministry is pleased to offer a Veggie Tales Movie Event: The League of Incredible Vegetables! The event will be Friday, November 23rd (“Black Friday”) from 9:00am to 12:30pm and includes the movie, snacks, activities, and lunch. This is offered to children ages 3 (self toileting) to 8. This is a public event but space is limited so pre-registration is required. To register, please contact Misty Van Laningham at or 262-653-1282.

Confirmation Ministry The date for the fall retreat at Lutherdale is December 7th-9th with the theme of the Lord’s prayer. Registration and $100 is due by November 21st. Drivers are still needed.

Care for Creation According to Green Christmas: How to Have a Joyous, Eco-Friendly Holiday Season by Jennifer Sander, Peter Sander, and Anne Basye, “Every year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, Americans generate 25 million extra tons of garbage (about 25 percent more than during the rest of the year) and spend billions of dollars on purchases that may trigger an uptick on Wall Street but leave consumers burdened with more debt.” This Advent season your Care for Creation team will be sharing with you ways to minimize that “holiday effect” on God’s creation. Watch for “greening Christmas” tips in the December Tidings and weekly bulletins during Advent. Also look for examples of eco-friendly decorations, gift ideas, and wrapping alternatives on display. In keeping with this Green Christmas theme, the congregation’s Christmas tree in the Gathering Space will have a “homemade ornaments” theme. Please represent your family by bringing a homemade ornament to hang on this community tree. Your family’s contribution could be an ornament you’ve been hanging on your tree for years (made by a child at school, Sunday School or scouts, made by you in your “crafty stage” or made by a friend or loved one and given to you as a gift) or it could be something made between now and December as a family project. Try to reuse and repurpose items you already have, rather than go out and buy a lot of supplies. A Recycling Station will be set up to collect various items throughout the coming church year. During the month of December Christmas lights will be collected. So please hang onto those old strings of lights you were going to throw away and bring them to church any Sunday in December. Consider replacing your current lights with LED lights. These use around 90 percent less energy than incandescent Christmas lights. Look for lights that are Energy-Star-approved. As we give thanks to God this Thanksgiving for family, food, and all creation, let us look forward to Advent preparation and Christmas joy by reflecting on how we can celebrate the blessed birth in a more earth friendly and responsible manner, remembering that God so loved the “whole world”. 3

Trinity Adult Lunch Bunch 41st Year Nov 8th Chicken and dressing with bread and whip cream salad. Pumpkin pie squares for dessert and we will celebrate November birthdays. Let’s play Bingo. Dec 13th Chicken wrapped in foil, rolls and birthday cake for dessert. *If school is cancelled due to bad weather, there will be no lunch served that day. Linda Kluck, 262-653-9491

Thanksgiving Service of Gratitude November 21st, 7:00pm Thankful and generous people are the happiest people on the planet. So join us for a service of thanksgiving followed by fellowship time featuring a slice of homemade pie. Invite a friend and tell them how thankful you are for them!

New Minister of Music We welcome Kerri Sherwood as the new Minister of Music at Trinity. She comes to us with a diverse background as a recording artist, performer, composer, conductor, inspirational speaker, counselor and teacher. Kerri has had 21 years of experience as a church music director. In addition she has recorded, produced and marketed 15 albums. She has performed in various venues, many of which have been benefits for various cancer foundations. Trinity is blessed to have Kerri share her talents with us.

Opportunities for Ministry Equipping Ministry—Who do you call? Within our congregation there are many ministries to serve God and others. Pastor Pastor Tom Smith 287-8098 President Linda Kluck 653-9491 Vice-Pres Mike Spitzer 859-2032 Treasurer Jim Lichtenheld 654-3940 Finance Mike Spitzer 859-2032 Secretary Linda McKinney 843-2851 Property Bruce Milne 694-5859 Social Scott Blanchard 945.2756 Stewardship Open Youth Sue Torres 515-1844 Witness Rhonda Brennan 942-0587 Worship & Music Tom Johnson 652-7476 Children, Youth and Family Minister Mike Van Laningham 653-1282 Adult Ed Open Opportunity Altar Guild/Flowers Donna Dezoma 298-5464 Bowling Woody Knutson 658-3052 Busy Bees (Quilters) Donna Dezoma 298-5464 Care for Creation Dru Spitzer 859-2032 Choirs Kerri Sherwood Communion Asst 694-5050 Co-op Pre-School Lea Ann Taber 694-5192 CROP Walk Rhonda Brennan 942-0587 CUSH Jay Labedz 654-8852 Lenore Baumann 654-1261 Nancy Lehrke 694-2624 Fair Trade Coffee Nancy Lehrke 694-2624 Grace Safe Place Summer Lunch Program Scott Blanchard 945.2756 Health Ministry Cindy Johnson 652-7476 Lectors Office 694-5050 Library Dru Spitzer 859-2032 Lutheran World Relief Lucille Brenneman 694-4097 Memorials Linda McKinney 843-2851 Money Counting Ken Larsen 654-4801 Mutual Ministry Jay Labedz 654-8852 Parish Visitors Cindy Johnson 652-7476 Saturday Bible Study Tammie Sorenson 654-3256 Senior League Linda Kluck 653-9491 Soup Kitchen/Shalom Center Linda McKinney 843-2851 Sunday Morning Coffee Rhonda Brennan 942-0587 Sunday Morning Nursery Kaley Gerou Sunday School Open Opportunity Tidings & Website Sheri Villers 697-8238 Urban Outreach Center Scott Blanchard 945-2756 Ushers Woody Knutson 658-3052 VBS Mike Van Laningham 653-1282 Women of the ELCA Roseann Knutson 658-3052


Financial Stewardship Dear members of Trinity, How are We Doing? September was a very September 2012 YTD 2012 good month; we had enough Income $17,885.77 $157,476.39 funds for both Unified $14,738.02 $160,187.90 Giving and Debt Reduction Expenses $3,147.75 ($2,711.51) accounts. However, we are Unified Overage (Shortage) still behind in Unified Estate Gift Transfer $0.00 $2,447.96 Giving for the year. The Building Debt Reduction Funds $5,445.00 $44,622.00 expenses for September Mortgage Payment $4,900.83 $43,637.78 were a lot lower with no music director salary, but Mortgage Overage (Shortage) $544.17 $3,432.18 that was a temporary reduction. Please make sure to keep up with your Unified Giving and Debt Reduction offerings. Also, keep everyone in your prayers; they help! Thanks, Jim Lichtenheld, Treasurer

Lines from the Library In keeping with the Care for Creation Green Christmas theme the library has added two new books that are filled with eco-friendly ideas for gifts, decorations, and entertaining. In I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas: Gifts, Decorations, and Recipes that Use Less and Mean More Anna Getty shares decorative craft ideas, delicious recipes and advice on how to choose the best tree, light and heat your house, give sustainable gifts, and organize and recycle after Christmas. Sara Snow, host of Living Fresh and author of Sara Snow’s Fresh Living gives this review of I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas. “Anna Getty’s way of living, to protect her children and the planet, is inspiring and worthy of applause. This book draws upon her love of children, family time, and holiday feasting to help make a special time of year not only a little greener and healthier, but more enjoyable as well.” Green Christmas: How to Have a Joyous, Eco-Friendly Holiday Season by Jennifer Sander, Peter Sander, and Anne Bayse focuses on giving more of ourselves and consuming less of what is wasteful. It focuses on time together rather than gifts received. Green Christmas calls for family involvement, entertaining without waste, reducing spending, cutting energy use and reducing your carbon footprint, preserving the environment, and supporting local business. If you are looking for ideas to not only “green” your Christmas but to de-stress it as well, you most likely will find those ideas in these books. Because of their timely subject matter, during the months of November and December we ask that these books be returned within two weeks instead of the usual three.

Social Ministry and CUSH Corner The Social ministry and CUSH committee will meet on November 4th so we will not conflict with the New Tradition service. Please join us in the library at 9:10am. Please remember CANS FOR CUSH on November 4th. Please drop off any bagged aluminum cans in the back hallway of the church on the first Sunday of each month. The recycling money will benefit CUSH. Thank you for your support of CUSH and

Trinity’s Social Ministry programs. Many volunteers donated time and prizes for the October Bingo party at Brookside. Many people ordered pecans through the CUSH fundraiser. Social Ministry will adopt the volunteers at the Urban Outreach Center again this Christmas. A tree with ornaments containing names and gift ideas will be in the gathering space at the end of November or early December. 5

Memorials and Gifts An offering from Ginny Onserud was given towards the Unified Fund in honor of her 90th birthday. Offerings were given in honor of Ginny Onserud’s 90th birthday towards the Worship and Music Fund from Vernetta Belongia, Darlene and Ken Larsen, Helen Oechler, Fran and LaVerne Zuehlsdorf, Margie Slavik, Laurie Jacobs, Jim and Audrey Steel. Offerings were given in memory of Wayne Haney towards the Building Fund from Jim and Audrey Steel, towards the Memorial Fund from Stanley and Nancy Demske and towards the Baby Grand Fund from John and Sue O’Day. Offerings were given in memory of Lyle Krahn towards the Unified Fund from Ken Krahn and Carol and Leslie Gillmore. An offering was given in honor of Nash Schmitz’s baptism towards the Memorial Fund from grandparents, Donald and Jane Schmitz. Total offerings received: $1280

Funerals Wayne Haney Robert Johnson Donald Shidagis

Passed away 9/14/2012 Passed away 9/24/2012 Passed away 9/13/2012

Funeral 9/20/2012 Funeral 9/29/2012 Memorial Service 10/18/2012

Thanks A big thank you to all my Trinity friends for the surprise reception and gifts. It is indeed by the grace of Jesus that I’ve been able to assist you in singing your hymns of praise. Margie Slavik —— Thank you to all my Trinity family and friends for all the kindness to me on my birthday. It is greatly appreciated. Saved by grace through Christ to serve. Ginny Onserud

Lutherdale Fest Final results from Lutherdale’s Fest have come in. Over $36,000 was raised on the auction of quilts, $9,800 in other areas (bakery, silent auction, etc.) plus over $15,000 in supplemental funds from Thrivent Chapters for a grand total of $61,655. Plan on attending and providing a quilt for next year’s auction on Saturday, August 10, 2013!


Sunday, November 4th Daylight Savings Time 8:00am Worship 9:00am Coffee & Hospitality Hour 9:15am Sunday School 9:10am CUSH/Social Ministry 10:15am Worship 11:00am Boy Scouts Monday, November 5th 6:00pm Boy Scouts Troop 525 th Tuesday, November 6 6:00pm Cub Scouts 525 6:00pm Security and Housekeeping 7:00pm Venture Group 7:00pm Worship and Music Wednesday, November 7th 8:30am Sunday's Com'n 6:30pm Choir Practice 7:30pm Bell Choir Practice Thursday, November 8th 9:00am WELCA Bible Study 11:30am Trinity Adult Lunch Bunch Saturday, November 10th 8:30am Saturday Morning Bible Study 4:30pm Boy Scout Spaghetti Dinner Sunday, November 11th 8:00am Worship 9:00am Coffee & Hospitality Hour 9:15am New Traditions Service 9:15am Sunday School 10:15am Worship 12:00pm Jade Schmitz Baby Shower Monday, November 12th 6:00pm Boy Scouts Troop 525 6:30pm Care for Creation Tuesday, November 13th 6:00pm Cub Scouts 525 6:30pm Witness Ministry 7:00pm Venture Group 7:00pm Pre-school Board Meeting Wednesday, November 14th 8:30am Sunday's Com'n 6:30pm Choir Practice 7:30pm Bell Choir Practice





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Sunday, November 18th 8:00am Worship 9:00am Coffee & Hospitality Hour 9:15am Sunday School 10:15am Worship 12:00—4:00pm Fall Festival Monday, November 19th 6:00pm Boy Scouts Troop 525 Tuesday, November 20th 5:30pm Finance Ministry 6:00pm Council Ministry 6:00pm Cub Scouts 525 7:00pm Venture Group st Wednesday, November 21 No School Registration for Lutherdale Due 8:30am Sunday's Com'n 7:00pm Thanksgiving Eve Worship & Pie Social nd Thursday, November 22 Thanksgiving No School Friday, November 23rd No School 9:00am VeggieTales Event 4:00pm Soup Kitchen th Sunday, November 25 Christ the King Sunday 8:00am Worship 9:00am Coffee & Hospitality Hour 9:15am Sunday School 10:15am Worship th Monday, November 26 6:00pm Boy Scouts Troop 525 Tuesday, November 27th 6:00pm Cub Scouts 525 7:00pm Venture Group Wednesday, November 28th 8:30am Sunday's Com'n

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November 2012

Getting into TRINITY TIDINGS The deadline to receive information for the December 2012 issue: Wednesday, November 21st Articles may be left in the church office or E-mailed to Sheri Villers at


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November Thanksgiving Service of Gratitude November 21st, 7:00pm Followed by fellowship and pie!

TRINITY TIDINGS November 2012 Volume 61

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Trinity's Tidings Newsletter for November 2012.

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