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Apolo 11 By:Sandra Mu単oz


APOLO 11 • APOLO 11 is the name of the spacial mission in which the NASA reached the moon. • It was sended on July 16th of 1969 and it was driven by a Saturn V rocket, from the plataform LC 39A launched at 9:32 in Florida (United States). • The tripulation was composed of Neil A. Armstrong, the mision's comandant; Edwin E. Aldrin Jr, the pilot; and Michael Collins, pilot of the command module. • Eagle was the name of the lunar module and Columbia the command module. • On the July 20th of 1969, Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the surface of the Moon in the south of the Sea of the Tranquility and it was transmitted in all the world fron the installations of the Parkes Observatory (Australia).


One giant leap for mankind • They stayed on the moon a time of 21 hours, 36 minutes and 20 seconds. • On July 24th, the three astronauts landed in the Pacific Ocean in order to end the mission. • When Neil Armstrong arrive to the surface of the moon, he pronunced the famous words: "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" and he refer that from that moment the world would never be again because we could reached our dream of new frontiers.



Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins


apolo 11  

apolo 11 is the mission in which the NASA reached the moon

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