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Saint Mary’s University 2016–2017 Undergraduate Viewbook Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

President’s Message Welcome to Saint Mary’s University. Saint Mary’s is a unique and nurturing environment full of dedicated and passionate faculty, staff, and students. By choosing Saint Mary’s, you will join an academic community that supports all aspects of your learning—both inside and outside the classroom. We’re proud to offer small classes, a wide range of programs, opportunities for experiential learning and research, athletic and cultural activities, and comprehensive student services. You’ll find all of this and more on our campus in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our vibrant Santamarian community embraces many cultures and encourages students to consider the intersections of their local community with the world. I look forward to welcoming you to Saint Mary’s. There’s simply no better place for you to be your potential.

Dr. Robert Summerby-Murray, President


7,400 119 Students




in Undergraduate programs

100 +

all 3 faculties



international partner institutions




available in student scholarships


Canada Research Chairs

3 Research Centres and Institutes

on average, in a 1st and 2nd year class

Co-op available in STUDENT CLUBS & SOCIETIES

All in 1 city block!

9 19



Graduate programs

48 Students



of full-time professors hold PhDs

The highest in Nova Scotia!


Be your Potential


It all starts here. You already have the potential to accomplish incredible things. What you need now is the right university to help you develop it. With one-on-one access to professors, supportive student services, an international student body, and a perfectly-sized campus, Saint Mary’s has what it takes to bring your potential to life. So what are you waiting for? Be your potential.

Gain valuable experience while you study. Research and international opportunities are available in every faculty. 3

Why SMU? Bring your potential to life. Saint Mary’s has a long history of academic excellence dating all the way back to 1802. Our faculty is smart, engaging, and enthusiastic about undergraduate teaching. Plus, 98% of our full-time professors hold PhDs—which is more than any other university in Nova Scotia. Small classes = big deal. Since most of our introductory classes have an average of just 48 students, you’ll not only have easy access to your professors, you may even have the opportunity to gain valuable research experience by working alongside them. Best of all: you’ll never feel like just another face in the crowd here. Instead, you’ll be an integral part of a supportive and inspiring academic community. Beyond the classroom. SMU gives you countless opportunities to put your classroom experience to work in the real world. From research opportunities and lab work to co-op and studying abroad, we believe in rounding out theory with practice and offering a range of exciting possibilities to enrich your degree.

Our first-year classes are impressively small. Our upper-year classes are even smaller!

48 4




Average first- and second-year class size.

Average third- and fourth-year class size.


Life in Halifax


Welcome to Halifax, Nova Scotia. In Halifax, there’s no compromise. It’s the big city with small-town charm. It’s Atlantic Canada’s centre of culture, innovation, and commerce nestled at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s filled with vibrant urban energy—with art galleries, coffee shops, live music, shopping, sports, and more—yet it retains the laid-back vibe of a cozy Maritime town. Coastal climate. Nova Scotia has a temperate climate, with an average summer high temperature of 22º C (73º F). Winters are never too cold to enjoy great outdoor activities. Average temperatures during the winter months of December to March range from -5º to -1º C. Natural beauty. Nova Scotia is home to some of the world’s most beautiful natural sites, from sandy beaches and cliffs to pristine lakes and lush farmland.


Your guide to downtown Halifax 1. Point Pleasant Park (1.8km) Walk or bike this beautiful 190-acre park.

7. Argyle Street Restaurants (2.3km) Two full city blocks of lively pubs and restaurants.


2. Pier 21 (1.9km) Haligonians’ favourite late-night eats.

e To w

Canada’s last standing ocean immigration terminal. Now home to the Canadian Museum of Immigration.

8. Pizza Corner (2.2km)

9. Scotiabank Centre (2.5km)




Explore tons of year-round and seasonal shops, stalls, and restaurants.





en Rd

t is S





R a in n ie

Did you know? In Nova Scotia, you’re never more than 50km away from the ocean! Even better: at SMU, you’re less than 2km from it.

rd g Ga





t on S

Have a picnic or enjoy free public skating.

S p r in

St a te r er W

13. Halifax Commons & Emera Oval (2.5km)



12. Halifax Boardwalk (2.4km)

S o u th



A Victorian-era garden that makes the perfect backdrop for photos.

L ow

Step back in time on this block of vintage clothing shops.

11. Halifax Public Gardens (1.6km)



6. Vintage Row (2km)

In g li s

t kS

Halifax’s first start-up lab for local entrepreneurs.

Enjoy the view from Halifax’s most famous historic landmark.

ar th P

5. Volta (2.2km)

10. Citadel Hill (2.9km)


Halifax’s most architecturally stunning public space.

r Rd

4. Halifax Central Library (2km)

Watch basketball, hockey, or your favourite band.

ve gA

You’ll find way more here than just fruits and veggies, with over 250 different vendors on the weekends.

n Yo u

3. Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market (2.1km)



Where is SMU? Our little corner of the world. Saint Mary’s University is located on a single city block in the South End of Halifax, Nova Scotia. But don’t let our size fool you. We’re a globally connected institution that brings together students from all over the world.



Vancouver St. John’s Halifax Toronto

Flight times to Halifax* Boston / USA 1 h : 25 min

Montreal / CA 1 h : 30 min

Chicago / USA 5h

Toronto / CA 2 h : 15 min

London / UK 6h

Calgary / CA 5 h : 30 min

Beijing / China 17 h +

Vancouver / CA 6 h : 20 min

New Delhi / India 17 h +

New York / USA 2h

Nassau / Bahamas 6 h : 40 min




St John’s / CA 1 h : 30 min

New York


China India

*Flight times are approximate.



A Supportive Campus The support you need to succeed. For four years, your campus is your home. From studying for a final exam to grabbing a bite to eat, you’ll likely spend more time here than anywhere else. Our friendly and inclusive campus is located on a single city block and has a number of student services to help you achieve your goals. Student Services


Academic Advisors

Writing Centre

An Undergraduate Academic Advisor is available in each faculty. They can help you make informed decisions and achieve your academic goals.

The Writing Centre provides free academic support for students, faculty, staff, and alumni. They offer in-person, one-on-one tutoring, as well as workshops, in-class presentations, and online support.

Career Services Career Services consists of a team of counsellors and staff who provide students with a comprehensive package of services related to career exploration and development.

The International Centre The International Centre provides a wealth of services designed to help international students adapt to university life, from administrative support to social events to conflict resolution.

Student Employment Centre Connecting SMU students with employers, the Student Employment Centre is a hub for job searching and networking. Both current students and recent grads can take advantage of employment services. The Counselling Centre The Counselling Centre offers free and confidential personal counselling, as well as academic and life skills coaching and consultations.

Centre for New Students The Centre for New Students provides assistance for incoming first-year students regarding registration, navigating campus, and more. Fred Smithers Centre for Students with Disabilities For over 40 years, Saint Mary’s has played a leadership role in ensuring that higher education is accessible. The Fred Smithers Centre provides support for students with disabilities. Financial Aid & Awards

NEED MORE INFORMATION? A full list of student services can be found at smu.ca/campus-life 10

Financial Aid & Awards gives students access to a variety of financial resources, tools, and information, such as rewarding academic excellence with awards, offering expertise on government loans, and creating job opportunities for students through the Work-Study program.

Make the transition from high school to university easier by joining an academic learning community in your first term. Peer Mentor program.

Organized study sessions.

With four peer mentors per learning community, LEAP students are matched with a peer mentor who will be in contact with you in the summer via email. Peer mentors will help you find your way around, locate classrooms and faculty offices, and more.

Hosted by peer mentors, these sessions provide space for you to discuss common work and learn from each other about effective study habits and practices.

Early leadership opportunity. LEAP encourages leadership skills, and many first-year LEAP students become involved in leadership roles in subsequent years, especially as LEAP peer mentors.

Weekly workshops. In LEAP 1000 workshops, students complete small activities that build skills and knowledge for success in your first year. LEAP 1000 takes place once per week, and is built into your schedule when you register.


Campus Life Be spirited. SMU is known for its spirited campus culture. Our students are engaged and enthusiastic inside and outside of the classroom. Whether you choose to join an intramural sports team, an academic club, a cultural society, or all of the above, you’ll meet likeminded peers and lifelong friends on our campus.

Here is a sampling of the societies, clubs, and intramurals you’ll find on campus:

Stay active. With 13 varsity teams, plenty of intramural opportunities, the Homburg Centre for Health & Wellness, and a range of fitness classes, healthy living is a priority for the SMU community.

Enactus Society

Speak Up

Histor y Society

Chemistr y Society

Ultimate Frisbee

Sailing Club

Discover your passion. A big part of university life is exploring new interests, hobbies, and friendships. When you attend a school with as many clubs and societies as we have, it’s easy to find your place.

Looking for something else? Not to worry. We have many more clubs and societies! Head to smusa.ca /societies/list


Varsity sports teams NEED MORE INFORMATION? For additional details about athletics and/or the Homburg Centre for Health & Wellness, visit smu.ca/athletics 12



Sports intramurals

11 Sports clubs

fitness classes offered at the Homburg Centre for Health & Wellness.


Residence Life Your home away from home. Our students often describe living in residence as one of their most memorable SMU experiences. Residence gives you the opportunity to meet great friends, stay connected with your peers, and become familiar with campus services. You also get the benefit of living just minutes away from your classes. Approximately 1,000 students choose to live in our three interconnected residences (Loyola, Vanier, and Rice) and experience life at the heart of the University.

Single, double, and apartment rooms available

Both co-ed and same gender residence options

Three meal plan options

Social gatherings and floor events

24-hour security in all buildings

Gender neutral washrooms on select floors

NEED MORE INFORMATION? Visit smu.ca/residence to see a video tour of our residence options. 14


International Opportunities

Procida, Italy


Canada’s international university.

International students.

SMU students come from all over the world. A third of our student body is international and many of our students choose to take advantage of our wide offering of international programs. Studying here gives you an exceptional opportunity to make global connections and close friendships that span continents.

As an international student, you’ll find a welcoming and supportive community here at SMU. On our close-knit campus, more than a third of our students are international, coming from over 119 countries around the world. We have a number of student services dedicated to international students, including the International Centre, the Language Centre, Students Acting for Global Awareness (SAGA), and more.

Expand your world.

Study and work in Canada.

SMU students are global citizens. We have active linkages with more than 120 institutions internationally, have implemented capacity-building projects and consultancies in more than 40 countries, and offer exchange programs in 25 countries at over 80 partner institutions. Bursaries are available for eligible students who study abroad.

International students are permitted to work while studying, which allows you to earn money and valuable work experience. Specifically, the Government of Canada allows full-time academic international students to work on or off campus part-time (20 hours per week) during the academic year and full-time (40 hours per week) when classes are not in session. The International Centre at Saint Mary’s is a helpful resource, conducting regular sessions about working in Canada. For more information, consult Citizen and Immigration Canada at cic.gc.ca.

Some of our international learning opportunities include: •

Study or work abroad programs where students study/work at a partner institution Course abroad programs where classroom learning is enhanced by international travel Individual student exchanges

SMU has one of the highest


of international students in Canada.

Gyungju, South Korea


Career Focus Graduate with knowledge and experience. Throughout your time at SMU, you’ll have countless opportunities to go beyond the classroom and gain valuable real-world experience. From assisting with faculty research to co-op, we provide a variety of ways to enrich your degree. That means you’ll graduate fully prepared to take the next step in your education or career. Co-op programs available in every faculty. It may seem like a long way off now, but four years goes by a lot faster than you think. Choosing to study at SMU allows you to begin gaining valuable professional experience while you earn your degree. We offer co-op opportunities in all three faculties, which gives you a major competitive advantage over your peers. Many students who complete co-op programs have the possibility of receiving full-time job offers after graduation.

Begin your co-op journey. Eligible students typically join the co-op program in their second year of study and alternate three co-op work terms throughout their degree. This gives them one full year of professional experience upon graduation. 18




Apply for your first co-op.


Start your first co-op.

Based on your program and personal interests, you begin by applying for co-op placements in October of your second year.

You’re invited to interview with organizations to determine whether you’d be a good fit. Only a limited number of placements are available.

You spend a term at your co-op gaining valuable professional experience and making connections. All co-op placements are paid positions.

TRY OUT CAREER COMPASS Career Compass is essentially a built-in career GPS for your phone. It’s an intuitive and clever way to browse hundreds of different education paths, based entirely on you and things you’re interested in. Visit smu.ca/careercompass

YOUR MAP TO SUCCESS Start planning your education with Success Maps. Success Maps is a brand new tool to help you build knowledge, develop skills, participate in campus life, connect locally and globally, and ultimately reach your academic goals. Visit smu.ca/sucessmaps




Complete your second and third co-op.

Graduate with a competitive edge.

Get hired faster.

Once you’ve completed your co-op placements, as well as your degree requirements, you’re ready to graduate. With one full year of relevant professional experience on your resume, you have a major leg up when you begin your job search.

Co-op students often receive great job offers after graduation.

STUDENT EMPLOYMENT CENTRE The Student Employment Centre helps current students find on- and off-campus employment. Over 1,000 positions are available each year. Visit smu.ca/studentemployment


Areas of Study Sobey School of Business

Faculty of Arts



Majors & Minors

Graduate Degrees

Majors & Minors


Sobey MBA 2,3

Anthropology 1,2,3

Computing and Information Systems1,2,3

Sobey MBA (CPA stream)

Asian Studies1,2,3

Sobey EMBA 2,3

Atlantic Canada Studies1,2,3,5

Economics (Honours)1,2,3,5

Master of Applied Economics 3

Business Studies 2,3,4


Master of Finance 3



Master of Management 2,3 (Co-operatives and Credit Unions)

Creative Writing 2,3,4

Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation1,3


General Business Studies1,2,3 Global Business Management1,2,3 Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations1,2,3 Management



Ph.D. in Management


Graduate Diploma in Co-operative Management 3

Criminology 1,2,3,5 English1,3 Entrepreneurship1,2,3 Film Studies 2,3,4 French1,2,3

Philosophy 1,2,3,5 Political Science1,2,3 Psychology 1,2,3,5 Religious Studies1,2,3,5 Sociology 1,2,3 Spanish and Hispanic Culture1,2,3 Women and Gender Studies 5 (Master’s degree only)

Certificates Atlantic Canada Studies Linguistics

Geography 1,2,3,5

Human Resource Management

German Studies

Financial Instrument Analysis

History 1,2,3,5

Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture

Intercultural Studies1,2,3

Chinese Studies

International Development Studies1,2,3,5

Japanese Studies

Latin American Studies 2,3,4




Irish Studies1,2,3

1. Co-op


2. International Opportunities

3. Active Research

4. Minor Option Only

German Language and Culture

Human Resource Management Health, Wellness and Sport

5. Graduate Degrees Available

Faculty of Science




Majors & Minors

Graduate Degrees

Astrophysics 2,3

M.Sc. in Applied Science 3

Biology 1,2,3

M.Sc. in Astronomy 3

Chemistry 1,2,3

M.Sc. in Applied Psychology 3

Computing Science

(Industrial/Organizational Psychology)

Computing Science and Business Administration1,2,3

M.Sc. in Applied Health Services Research 3

Environmental Science Geography 1,2,3 Geology 1,2,3



Mathematics Physics



Psychology 1,2,3

After successfully completing the two-year Diploma in Engineering at Saint Mary’s, students enter their third year of the Bachelor of Engineering program at Halifax’s Dalhousie University or Ontario’s University of Windsor, where they will have co-op and internship opportunities. See available disciplines below: Dalhousie




M.Sc. in Computing & Data Analytics1,2


Ph.D. in Applied Science 3


Ph.D. in Astronomy 3


Ph.D. in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology 3

Mechanical (option streams) • Aerospace • Automotive • Environmental • General


Certificates & Diplomas


Human Resource Management Forensic Science


Mineral Resource

Engineering students can transfer up to $5,000 per year of renewable entrance scholarships to Dalhousie.


Engineering 3

School of the Environment smu.ca/environment Degrees with an Environmental Focus B.E.S. degree (Bachelor of Environmental Studies) B.A. degree with Major/Minor/Honours in Geography B.Sc. degree with Major/Minor/Honours in Environmental Science B.Sc. degree with Major/Minor/Honours in Geography 21

Sobey School of Business At the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary’s, you will join a large community of graduates who share a commitment to excellence and ethical business. You will learn from both your classmates who come from all over the world and from alumni in businesses, government, and not-for-profit organizations who are eager to support you. Your experiences in hands-on learning will extend beyond the classroom through co-op work placements, travel, and exchanges. You will develop leadership skills, a global outlook, and an appreciation of how to use entrepreneurial thinking to address complex problems. As a business student, you will have the opportunity to join student groups and take part in competitions that expose you to real-life business challenges. Thanks to our rigorous course work and talented faculty, you will be ready to compete. For instance, in 2016, the David Sobey Centre for Innovation in Retailing and Services hosted a hackathon competition with Sobeys Inc. and IBM. Sobeys Inc. provided actual aggregated sales data and IBM prepared students with lessons in using Watson—their powerful computer software. Student teams helped Sobeys Inc. recognize substantial savings through a fresh look at their data. These types of experiences help you graduate ready to succeed on your own terms.




of the world’s business programs are AACSBaccredited. We are one of them.

Faculty of Arts A Saint Mary’s Arts degree is based on solid, transferable skills that employers are looking for: critical thinking, analysis, collaboration, creative expression, and more. Since we are the only university in Atlantic Canada to offer a co-op program for all of our Arts academic subjects—as well as a plethora of international opportunities—our students graduate with real-world experience. Combine that with 30 programs of study, taught by extraordinary professors engaged in leading and innovative research, and you’ll stand out, wherever your life and career take you. Explore the world with Arts field schools. Debate politics on an international stage at the National Model United Nations in New York City. Teach conflict resolution to school children in Northern Ireland’s divided communities. Use cutting-edge technology to unearth ancient Roman artifacts in Italy, or piece together the remains of Nova Scotia’s Acadian settlements. You can complement and enhance your studies with a variety of experiences at home and around the world. Participating in an international field study gives you the chance to immerse yourself in your subject matter, gain valuable research skills and life experience, and learn to work in unfamiliar territory. Arts with impact. Visit smuarts.ca for a glimpse of some of the ways students, alumni, and faculty are making a real-world impact—helping police solve missing persons cases, changing how we think about Islam in the 21st century, and pinpointing Atlantic Canada’s place in Canada and the world.


Arts majors offer co-op opportunities. That’s every single one! 23

Faculty of Science There’s one thing that unites students from the diverse Science disciplines at Saint Mary’s: a passion for discovery and a desire to test limits. Many of our undergrads participate in their professors’ research projects, a valuable experience that provides exposure to state-of-the-art facilities and a collaborative atmosphere. Our researchers are active: in the latest study * on international research, Saint Mary’s was rated the top Canadian university for international research collaboration. SMU students also benefit from our rich network of successful Science alumni around the globe. All new Science students are encouraged to use SNAP, the Science Numeracy and Academic Proficiency Centre. Staffed by Dean’s List Science students, the free tutoring at this academic support centre helps first-year students succeed. This invaluable resource, plus small lab sizes and award-winning professors dedicated to teaching excellence, combine to prepare students for graduate studies, professional programs, and careers. *Research Infosource Inc.’s 2014 university research rankings.

Engineering Engineering at Saint Mary’s is a hands-on program with a focus on collaborative and experiential learning. New students benefit from personal attention from their professors and close interactions with second-year peers. After successfully completing their diploma at Saint Mary’s, students enter the third year of an Engineering degree program at either Dalhousie University in Halifax or the University of Windsor in Ontario, where they will have co-op and internship opportunities.




of first-year students in science recieve a peer mentor.

School of the Environment The School of the Environment is the hub for environmental education at Saint Mary’s University. Research experts from across the different faculties join forces in our School of the Environment to address current global challenges. Students learn how to apply knowledge from other disciplines toward solving complex problems, such as climate change, food security, and more.


Atlantic Canadian University offers B.E.S., B.Sc., and B.A. degrees in Geography and Environmental Studies—and we’re it. 25

How to Apply

Dates & Deadlines

Apply in 3 easy steps. STEP 1 Start by creating a Saint Mary’s account at connect.smu.ca. Complete the entire admissions application and upload your current high school transcript to the system. STEP 2 Check your admissions status through your Saint Mary’s account. STEP 3 If accepted, celebrate! But don’t forget to send in your final transcripts. STEP 4 (for international students only) Apply for your study visa at cic.gc.ca. Do this early as processing times will vary. SEPTEMBER




September–December Early admission. Visit our website or log on to connect.smu.ca to find Open House dates or upcoming events in your area.

NEED MORE INFORMATION? Have questions on applying? Please contact recruitment@smu.ca 26










March 1


Regular admission.

Deadline for guaranteed Renewable Entrance Scholarships and Named Entrance Awards.

Rolling admissions allow us to accept new applicants. It’s not too late to join us in the fall!

Submit final first semester marks.

End of April

May 15

End of June

First-year course registration opens.

Deadline for first round of residence room selection. For more information visit smu.ca/ residence or email residence. life@smu.ca.

Mail in final transcripts.


Admissions Domestic admissions requirements Nova Scotia

New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

Prince Edward Island


Alberta / NWT / Nunavut

British Columbia / Yukon









GRADE 12 (CEGEP one year)


English 12 academic

English 121 or 122

English 3201

English 621 or 611

English 4U

English 12


Environmental Studies

English Language Arts 30-1

Four additional academic 12 courses

Four additional academic 12 courses

Four additional 3000 level academic courses

Four additional academic 12 courses

Four additional 4U or M courses

Four additional academic 12 courses

Four additional academic courses


English 12 academic

English 121 or 122

English 3201

English 621 or 611

English 4U

English 12


Mathematics 12 or Advanced Mathematics 12 or Pre-Calculus 12 or Calculus 12

Foundations of Mathematics 12 or Pre-Calculus 12B or Calculus 120

Mathematics 3200 or Mathematics 3201 or Mathematics 3208

Mathematics 611B or 621B or 621A


Foundations of Mathematics 12 or Pre-Calculus 12


Three additional academic 12 courses

Three additional 4U or M courses

Three additional academic 12 courses

Three additional academic 12 courses

Three additional 3000 level academic courses


English 12 academic

English 121 or 122

English 3201

English 621 or 611

English 4U

Accepted science courses: Biology, Physics, Chemistry

Pre-Calculus 12 or Calculus 12

Pre-Calculus 12B or Calculus 120

Mathematics 3200 or Mathematics 3208

Mathematics 611B or 621B


Two academic 12 science courses from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Computer Programming

Two academic 12 science courses*

Two 3000 level academic science courses*

Two academic 12 science courses*

One additional academic 12 course

One additional 3000 level academic course

One additional academic 12 course

Four additional 30 level academic courses English Language Arts 30-1 Mathematics 30-2 or 30-1


Three additional academic courses

Three additional 30 level academic courses

Three additional academic 12 courses

English Language Arts 30-1

English 12


Pre-Calculus 12


Two academic 12 science courses*

Two academic science courses*

One additional academic 12 course

One additional academic course

English 12


Pre-Calculus 12

Pre-Calculus or Calculus

Mathematics 30-1 Two 4U science courses* One additional 4U or M course

Two academic 30 level sciences* One additional 30 level academic course

One additional academic 12 course

Diploma in Engineering

English 12 academic

English 121 or 122

English 3201

English 621 or 611

English 4U

Pre-Calculus 12 or Calculus 12

Pre-Calculus 12B or Calculus 120

Mathematics 3200 or Mathematics 3208

Mathematics 611B or 621B


Physics 12

Physics 121 or 122

Physics 3204

Chemistry 621

Chemistry 12

Chemistry 121 or 122

Chemistry 3202

Physics 621

One additional academic 12 course

One additional academic 12 course

One additional 3000 level academic course

One additional academic 12 course

Chemistry SCH4U Physics SPH4U One additional 4U or M course

English Language Arts 30-1 Mathematics 30-1 Chemistry 30 Physics 30 One additional 30 level academic course

Please note that the minimum average required for admission is 70% with no mark less than 60% in the five appropriate courses listed above, depending on the program.


Chemistry 12 Physics 12 One additional academic 12 course

Physics Chemistry One additional academic course

International admissions requirements American Patterned System

British Patterned System

Indian System CBSE

Students must have a 70% average with no mark below 60% in five academic subjects, depending on program.

Students must pass five subjects, two of which must be at the Advanced level. Students who achieve above average results in GCSEs / IGCSEs will be considered for admission. Grades of A–C are required from O-Levels and grades of A–E are required for A–Levels.

Admissions average requirements vary by school board. No mark below 50% will be considered for admission.




Standard XII or Class XII


English (College Prep)



Environmental Studies

Four additional college preparatory courses

Four additional courses

Four additional courses


English (College Prep)





Three additional college preparatory courses

Three additional courses

Mathematics (Class X 60% or higher)


English (College Prep)



*Accepted science courses: Biology, Physics, Chemistry

Pre-Calculus Mathematics

Additional Mathematics

Mathematics (Class XII)

Two college preparatory science courses*

Two science courses

Two science courses

One additional college preparatory course

One additional course

One additional course

English (College Prep)



Pre-Calculus Mathematics

Additional Mathematics

Mathematics (Class XII)

Physics (College Prep)



Chemistry (College Prep)



One additional college preparatory course

One additional course

One additional course

Diploma in Engineering

Three additional courses

NEED MORE INFORMATION? If your admission requirements are not listed here, please contact recruitment@smu.ca

*Science pathways available, inquire at recruitment@smu.ca to learn more. 29

Admissions Gone above and beyond? We recognize your achievements. Early Admission

Advanced Placement (AP)

Advanced Level (A Level)


Students who have an overall average of 80% or above in Grade 11 with no individual result below a 70% will be eligible for early admission.

If you have completed Advanced Placement courses and score Grades of 3, 4, or 5, you may be eligible to receive up to 30 hours of credit toward your undergraduate degree. Grades of 3 or higher will be considered for admission. Students may receive scholarship bonus points.

If you achieve a final Grade of A, B, or C in approved British patterned GCE Advanced Level examined subjects, you may be eligible for up to 30 hours of credit toward your undergraduate degree.

If you have completed one year of CEGEP and have the appropriate prerequisite courses for your program, you are eligible to apply as a Grade 12 student.


Recognition for AP Ž Capstone™

International Baccalaureate (IB) Admission is based on a minimum IB Diploma score of 24 with no individual mark below 3. If you have completed the IB Diploma with Diploma Programme (DP) results of 30 or above, you may be granted up to 30 hours of credit toward your undergraduate degree, equivalent to one year of study.

For students who take one or more DP courses but choose not to complete the full DP, and have achieved Grades of 5, 6, or 7 on HL courses, you may be granted up to 18 hours of credit toward your degree. Students may receive scholarship bonus points.

If you have completed the full CEGEP/DEC program and have the prerequisite courses for your program, you may be eligible to transfer up to a full year of courses toward your undergraduate degree.




English SL/HL

Environmental Studies

Four additional courses


English SL/HL Math Studies or Mathematics SL/HL Three additional courses


English SL/HL

Accepted science courses: Biology, Physics, Chemistry

Mathematics SL/HL


Two science courses* SL/HL One additional course

Diploma in Engineering

English SL/HL Mathematics SL/HL Physics SL/HL Chemistry SL/HL One additional course


Studying in your second language? Language Requirements

On-Campus English Language Programs

It’s important to speak and understand English at a level that will allow you to make the most of your classes, assignments, and study groups. If English is not your first language, as is the case for some of our international students, one of the following is often required for undergraduate programs. •

iBT TOEFL: minimum score of 80 overall with no band score below 20

IELTS: minimum score of 6.5 with no score below 6.0

CanTEST: minimum of 4.5 with no individual score below 4.0

CAEL: minimum of 60 with no individual band below 50

Improve your English at one of the leading English language centres in Canada. As part of the Saint Mary’s University family, our students have the benefit of many facilities and services on the SMU campus, including our library, wellness centre, and advising services. We offer a variety of language and cultural courses throughout the year, and will ensure you have the best preparation possible for further studies—or for just getting to know Canada. Students accepted into our Bachelor Degree programs will gain automatic admission into our English for Academic Purposes or University Bridging programs. Achieve your language goals—whether for university, work, or travel—by enrolling in one of our top English language programs.

Cambridge ESOL Exams CAE: Grade of A, B, or C

Some of the programs offered:

Pearson PTE: score of 58 or higher

English for Academic Purposes

University Bridging Program

One-month Immersion Program

English for Personal and Professional Communication

If you are academically qualified but have not submitted a test score, Saint Mary’s University will offer a conditional acceptance until your proof of proficiency is received. A conditional acceptance can help you obtain your study permit.

We also offer customizable programs for both student groups and professional groups.

NEED MORE INFORMATION? More details can be found at smu.ca/tlc or email language@smu.ca 31

Money Matters A university education is an investment in your future. Which means you expect returns on your investment—but which also means there are costs. When calculating how big an investment it might be, remember to consider costs like residence, meal plans, and textbooks, in addition to tuition. Canadian Students Fall and Winter Term 1 (30 credits hours)

Arts and Environmental Engineering Studies Business Science (36 credit hours)

Tuition: Nova Scotia Students 2





Tuition: Other Canadian Students













Total for Nova Scotia Students





Total for other Canadian Students





Student Fees 3 Residence and Meals 4

International Students Fall and Winter Term 1 (30 credits hours) Tuition





Student Fees 3





Residence and Meals 4










1. Costs are in Canadian dollars, include mandatory fees, and are based on 2016–2017 rates that are subject to change.


Arts and Environmental Engineering Studies Business Science (36 credit hours)

2. Canadian students who are residents of Nova Scotia typically receive a bursary of approx. $128.30 per half credit, included here.

3. Student fees include: student association membership, bus pass, gym membership, medical and dental coverage. Costs of books is additional and will vary.

4. Residence and meal rates are based on a double room with a Husky Freedom Plan. For other options, please visit: smu.ca/residence.

Scholarships Saint Mary’s University rewards academic excellence with over $5.5 million dedicated to student scholarships annually. As a high school student, if your application is received by March 1, you will be automatically assessed for an entrance scholarship. Students who apply after March 1 will be considered for entrance scholarships as resources permit. We also reward continuous improvement: you may be eligible for a scholarship, or a higher valued scholarship, should your admission average increase by July 31. Entrance Scholarship $14,000 total value / $3,500 per year

Scholarship Average *

IB Result



$8,000 total value / $2,000 per year



$4,000 total value / $1,000 per year



$3,500 total value / $500 first year, $1,000 per year afterward






total value






total value



per year (renewable)

per year (renewable)



*Scholarship average is based on admission average in five subjects at time of application.



total value



per year (renewable) NEED MORE INFORMATION?


Refer to our tuition calculator to estimate your undergraduate tuition* and fees, available at smu.ca/calculator

To apply, please submit the online application form, along with all supporting documents, by March 1. smu.ca/scholarships

200 $ 19,000 $


value (renewable and nonrenewable)

*Check our tuition calculator in November 2016 for updated tuition fees for the 2017–2018 academic year.





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Admissions and Recruitment


Saint Mary’s University

Application or entrance scholarship status recruitment@smu.ca Tel: 902.420.5415

residence.life@smu.ca Tel: 902.420.5598

923 Robie Street Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 3C3 smu.ca

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