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FEBRUARY 22, 2013 friday High 55, Low 28 saturday High 61, Low 37



SMU police investigate possible hate crime staff reports SMU Police are investigating a possible hate crime against a student, the Dallas Morning News reported. The student, who is of Asian descent, told SMU Police that four or five men sprayed him with water guns, threw a rock at him and called him a racial slur while he was walking through an on-campus parking lot. The men, who were in a black

SUV, have not yet been identified. Executive Director of News and Communications Kent Best said in a statement, “SMU Police are actively investigating and encourage anyone with information about this reported incident to notify the Police Department.” If you have any information, contact the Police Department at 214.768.3333 or you can provide information online through the Silent Witness form at pd/silent_witness.asp.


Registrar launches syllabus library Courtesy of SMU

Harold C. and Annette Caldwell Simmons donated $25 million to the Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development.

SMU receives $25 million gift JULIE FANCHER Assignments Desk Editor President R. Gerald Turner announced yesterday that SMU received a $25 million gift from Harold C. and Annette Caldwell Simmons to expand the programs and academic positions at the Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development. “We are truly fortunate to count the Simmons as partners in our academic mission and greatly value their leadership and generosity,” Turner said. President Turner made the announcement to a room filled with many familiar names on campus. Board of Trustee members Bobby B. Lyle, Gerald J. Ford and Robert H. Dedman were just some of the members present to honor this announcement.

Former First Lady Laura Bush, another member of the Board of Trustees, was also present, as was the Simmons family. The current school of education, which opened in 2010, was funded by a $20 million endowment from the Simmons in 2007. “We are a relatively new school, so when this building wasn’t here we were spread out on campus,”

new endowed academic positions. At the request of the Simmons, the new building will be named Harold Clark Simmons hall. “It’s a game changer for us. It elevates us. I thought it would be 10 years before our first building and it took us three,” Dean Chard said, ”It puts us in a different tier.” The current school has expanded rapidly over the past half-decade

“Let’s ring in a new era.” — VP of Development & External Affairs Brad Cheves David Chard, Leon Simmons Dean of Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development, said. Six years ago, the $20 million donation was historically large for SMU. But as of today, that’s no longer true. This gift will fund a new academic building and create three

and it is now completely full. “The demand is much higher. We need additional space,” Turner said. For many, perhaps the most surprising part of this gift was the timing. “When I joined in 2007, I had no idea we would be celebrating this new gift just six years later,”

The $25 million gift makes the Simmons’ combined donations a total of $45 million, putting them among the highest endowers in SMU’s history.

Chard said. Harold Simmons spoke to the crowd about having his namesake become an institution of learning. “I am honored to have a building with my name on it. I feel like I am a part of the family, even though I didn’t go to school here,” said Simmons. The crowd gave Simmons a standing ovation as he thanked his friends for being there. As the 25-minute ceremony came to a close, President Turner presented two inscribed silver hand bells were to the Simmons in commemoration of this day. “With that let’s ring in a new era,” Vice President of Development and External Affairs Brad Cheves said as President Tuner, Dean Chard, Caren Prothro and the Simmons rang their bells. While the day was an enormous success, there was one minor issue. “If you’ve seen the morning papers, you know this was the worst kept secret in Dallas,” Turner said. The groundbreaking of the Harold C. Simmons building will begin sometime next year.

eric sheffield Video Editor Many students hate to hear the five words “attendance counts for your grade” on the first day of class. Others might be displeased hearing daily quizzes, required readings or no extra credit. But there’s never been any way for students to know before they get the class syllabus on the first day of class… until now. The registrar’s office has released a brand new online course Syllabus Library. By simply navigating to http:// and entering a valid SMU ID and password, any student can gain access to a whole wide world of syllabi from each department, instructor and course section. Due to the newness of this service, only a few hundred syllabi are found in the library.

However, the registrar’s office is confident that the number will gradually increase over the next few months and be much more packed before the start of the spring semester. The Syllabus Library was created as a response to the both the Student and Faculty Senates that have been asking for such a service. The registrar’s office hopes that this new feature will be able to assist both new and old students. “We hope that the library will provide additional insight on the classes offered,” Associate University Registrar Cheryl Moore said. “This will allow students to make more informed decisions during advising and enrollment.” The registrar’s office wants to remind people who begin using the library to verify that the syllabus listed is correct for the class that they have enrolled in at the beginning of each term.

Screenshot taken by Eric Sheffield

A screenshot of the new online syllabus library system.


Professor comments on looming sequestration deadline, fiscal policy debates katelyn gough News Editor President Obama spoke on deficit reduction Tuesday, a mere ten days before the sequestration deadline. With the nation’s budget at the forefront of many concerns, the focus is on the fact that it “seems less and less likely” that Congress and the President will reach an alternative agreement before March 1. Professor Matthew Wilson of the SMU Political Science Department called the refusal of compromise “a pretty dysfunctional situation.” However, he said that regardless, the sequestration is working the way it is supposed to. “President Obama wanted the sequestration in place to ensure Congress would have no choice but to come up with some deficit reduction package,”

Wilson said. At this point in time, however, Congress “would have to kind of cobble something together pretty quickly” to stop the sequestration cuts from going into effect on the deadline, according to Wilson. When the sequestration terms were originally drafted, Wilson said both parties “agreed at the time” with the expectation that such “looming, automatic cuts [would] guarantee there [would] be deficit cuts.” Wilson said such expectations might have been wrongly preemptory. “Both sides secretly—or, not so secretly—hoped that they would achieve total victory during the 2012 elections,” Wilson said. As this was not the case, Congress and the president are now at a standstill fighting for either party’s terms. “The president has put forth some ideas, mostly in terms of tax increases,” Wilson said. “[However], he’s only

always very vague about spending cuts.” Especially after Obama successfully put in place his first set of tax increases at the start of the year, the Congressional majority is fighting for its preference. “The House Republicans don’t want to entertain the idea of any tax increases of any sort; they pretty much have a cuts-only mentality,” Wilson said. “That’s not an approach President Obama wants to take.” Wilson explained that either way, there are unavoidable consequences through either solution. “Raising taxes or cutting spending will put some drag on economic growth,” Wilson said. “But if you want to do the deficit, you’ve got to do it.” Even with inevitable hits to the economy, Wilson said that a “different configuration of cuts could be less damaging” if either side were willing

to compromise. “There’s an argument to be made that the sequestration cuts are more painful than they need to be,” Wilson said. One aspect in the sequestration debate is an unexpected stance around military cuts. It stems from the fact that come March 1, “a lot of the cuts fall on defense.” The Democrats—at the time of drafting the sequestration— worked on the strategy that “defense has traditionally been something Republicans really want to protect.” Such strategy, according to Wilson, may have been lost. “There’s a growing group of Republicans who think that it is so desperately essential [to significantly lower the deficit] that they are willing to even take defense cuts,” Wilson said. The growing argument to go ahead and “let the sequestration happen” in many ways stems from that.

Courtesy of AP

President Barack Obama speaks about the sequester Tuesday.



The Daily Campus

FRIDAY n FEBRUARY 22, 2013 Restaur ant

Becks Prime second Dallas location hits Greenville

TASHIKA VARMA/The Daily Campus

Becks Prime offers a variety of classic meal options : burgers, steaks, sandwiches and hot dogs.

TASHIKA VARMA Food Editor Dallas welcomes a Houston favorite burger chain — Becks Prime. Becks Prime first opened in 1985 with a location in central Houston on Kirby Drive. The founders — Mike Knapp (operations manager of nine Steak & Ale restaurants), John

Storms (burger enthusiast) and Win Campbell (foodie, one-time burger flipper) — came together in the summer of 1984 and opened the first restaurant. Their goal was fresh, highquality, cooked-to-order burgers, sandwiches and other entrees. And they achieved just that. With 12 Houston locations, the company decided to make

its way north to Dallas with a location on Forest Lane and now its newest location on Greenville Avenue and University Boulevard. The chain has stayed close to its goals with the new location. The interior decor has a ton of open space, which give a casual feel to the restaurant. It feels spacious and casual,

Hilltop Happenings

yet intimate. For warmer weather, they also have outdoor patio seating and for those who don’t even want to come into the restaurant, they have a convenient drivethru. Where else in Dallas can you get a tender steak through a drive-thru. No matter what you order off the menu, it tastes fresh. The burgers are juicy and made from Angus beef, always fresh and never frozen. Don’t forget to order fries because these silvers are crispy, salty, flavorful and addicting. A must try is the bacon cheeseburger made with 1/2 pound certified Angus chuck, crisp bacon, cheese, mustard, pickle, onion, lettuce and tomato. The California burger is also a great choice for guacamole lovers. You can also add additional toppings like cheese, bacon, guacamole, chili, sauteed onions and sauteed mushrooms for a small price to any burger you order. If you’re not in the mood for beef, don’t worry, Becks Prime offers a variety of sandwiches from chicken to veggie to even Ahi tuna. The restaurant also offers entrees, steaks, baked potatoes, hotdogs and

February 22 M.S. Programs Information Session in Caruth Hall from 12-1 p.m.

if you’re sticking with burgers and fries. The steaks on the other hand are about $30. For steaks, it’s better off going to a nice steakhouse to splurge. Becks Prime is the second addition to that area of Greenville, with the first being Start. Greenville Avenue is changing with the welcoming of new restaurants to cater to the residential area surrounding it. Becks Prime is a must-try restaurant for the burger lovers out there.

TASHIKA VARMA/The Daily Campus

Becks Prime on Greenville and University is its second Dallas location.

Police Reports february 18


mouth-watering milkshakes. The chilli cheese dog is another must try because its made with butterflied 1/4 lb boar’s head, chili, cheddar cheese and onion. The shakes are a worth try, especially the Hershey’s chocolate and strawberry flavored shakes. For the over 21 crowd, Becks Prime also offers wine and beer at their Dallas Greenville location. Although your meal is cooked-to-order, the restaurant is a little pricey, but if you don’t eat there everyday it’s worth it

SATURDAY February 23

8th Annual SMU Pulldown Climbing Competition from 8:30 a.m.6:30 p.m.


February 24 Movie Memorabilia from the Jeff Gordon Collection in Hamon Arts Library, all day.

Have your own events coming up? Let us know at

12:40 p.m. Fire Alarm/Failure to Evacuate During Fire Alarm. Sigma Phi Epsilon. The fire alarm system was activated due to burnt food in the kitchen area. Officers and UPFD responded and cleared the smoke and reset the alarm. A student who failed to evacuate during the alarm was referred to the Student Conduct Officer. Closed.

4:48 p.m. Assault. South Quad Lot. On 02/17/2013 at approximately 10:00 PM, several unknown individuals assaulted a student and called him names. This case is being investigated as a “Hate Crime”. Open

february 19 12:16 p.m. Fire Alarm. Law Garage. A water leak was causing low pressure in the sprinkler system at this location. Officers and UPFD responded as well as SMU Fire Safety. The SMU Fire Safety Officer scheduled a service check of the system. Closed.

Best Place to Hang Out with Friends Dallas Hall Lawn Best Place to Study Fondren Library Best Place to Relax Dallas Hall Lawn Best Residence Hall Virginia-Snider Best Campus Office Student Activities Best View of Campus From the steps of Dallas Hall looking south toward downtown Dallas


or the fourth consecutive year, The Daily Campus asked you to tell us the 100 best aspects of life on The Hilltop & in The Park Cities /Dallas and you

responded in record fashion! With more than 1,550 responses to our online survey conducted between Jan. 24-Feb. 1, 2013, we’re happy to present you the results in our fourth annual “Best of SMU & The Park Cities.”

Best Campus Building Exterior Dallas Hall

Best SMU Tradition Boulevarding

Best Place to Take Out-of-Towners The Boulevard Best Place to Find Girls Sorority Row Best Place to Find Guys Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports Best Place to Propose Marriage Dallas Hall Steps Best Professor Bruce Levy Best Aspect of SMU Football Games There’s a game? Stay on the Boulevard!

JOSH PARR/Student Media File Photo

Best PLACE TO HANG OUT WITH FRIENDS DALLAS HALL LAWN Iconic Dallas Hall, the first building constructed on the Hilltop, overlooks a massive lawn — manicured to green perfection. The perfect place to lay out, read a book or throw a frisbee on a cool weather day, the Dallas Hall Lawn is versatile and historic. —Rahfin Faruk

Best SMU Female Athlete Caroline Young, Volleyball

Best Fraternity Beta Theta Pi Best Sorority Kappa Alpha Theta Best Overall Student Organization (non-Greek) Student Foundation Best Sorority Event Theta Late Night Best Eatery (on campus) Einstein Bagels Best Off-Campus Student Housing The Lofts at Mockingbird Station



Best SMU Male Athlete Margus Hunt, Football

Best First Year Memory Residence Hall Experience

Courtesy of SMU News & Communications

Nothing beats the original, and that includes the beautiful architecture at SMU’s Dallas Hall. Built in 1912 and opened in 1915, the first great sight on SMU’s campus was named after the citizens and leaders who helped in the cause of donating money in order to secure the campus’ location. —Matthew Costa

Best SMU Sport to Watch (aside from football / basketball) Men’s Soccer

Best SMU Tradition Boulevarding

“We don’t tailgate, we boulevard.” Fall brings a season of Boulevarding to SMU’s campus. Before each home football game, SMU students, faculty, alumni and friends come out to enjoy food, drinks and games all along Bishop Boulevard — the main thoroughfare in the heart of the campus. With tents from one end of the Boulevard all the way to Dallas Hall, there is something for everyone in this beloved SMU tradition. —Tashika Varma

Courtesy of SMU News & Communications

Best Place to Study Fondren Library Other libraries on campus — Bridwell, Underwood and Hamon — simply can’t compete with Fondren’s 24/5 hours and coffee during finals week. The library, set for an overhaul as a part of SMU’s Second Century Campaign, will soon be home to a coffee shop, modern outlets (even on the East side) and a revamped book collection. —Rahfin Faruk

If you’ve followed any athletics for the past three years, you knew this was a shoe-in. The Estonian native has been a model of consistency for the SMU football team on his way to becoming second on the all-time NCAA record list for blocked kicks in his career. Hunt is projected as a 2ndround draft pick in this spring’s NFL draft. —Matthew Costa

Courtesy of Matthew Visisnsky

Best Professor Bruce Levy


Any Cultural Formations class with Bruce Levy is entertaining, interesting and fun. Dr. Levy makes sure to get every student interested in the subject and relate it back to his or her own life. In addition to an upbeat class, Dr. Levy also has his office door always open whether it is to discuss a paper, classes or even just life. Bruce Levy is not just a great professor at SMU, he is a friend to all students. —TashikaVarma



More people tend to stay on the boulevard rather than head to the football stands. The boulevard is filled with students, old and new, there to have a few drinks and enjoy all the live music and dancing. The boulevard has become such a spectacle, most people don’t realize the game has even started. —Julie Fancher

Best Hair Salon for Girls Avalon Avalon Salon first opened in Dallas on Feb. 22, 1990, in Snider Plaza and has been styling the students of SMU ever since. Avalon is not only a close and convenient location, but their staff of expert stylists always know which looks are in and which looks are out. — Chrystalla Georghiou

Best Women’s Fashion Store Anthropologie Best Men’s Fashion Store Ralph Lauren at Highland Park Village Best Shopping Mall Northpark Center Best Shopping Boutique The Impeccable Pig

Courtesy of Avalon Courtesy of

Best Women’s Fashion Store Anthropologie

Best Resale Store Buffalo Exchange

Anthropologie (100 Highland Park Village, Dallas, TX 75205) offers a wide variety of women’s fashion and home decor. Shopping at Anthropology will help anyone express their one of a kind style in more ways than. Located within walking distance of campus students are able to shop and enjoy everything Highland Park Village has to offer. — Chrystalla Georghiou

Best Cleaners Avon Cleaners

Best Barber Shop for Guys Floyd’s Barbershop

Best Hair Salon for Girls Avalon Best Barber Shop for Guys Floyd’s Barbershop

Floyd’s Barbershop (5706 E Mockingbird Lane, Suite 120, Dallas, TX 75206) is a cross between a barber shop and a salon. The decor and music are rock/pop and the stylists are mostly female, and the clientele is mostly male. For around $20 you get a cut, upper back massage, back of the neck shave, and eyebrow trim. Call in advance as it’s a popular spot to get a cut. — Brent Paxton

Best Bookstore SMU Bookstore Best Wine/Liquor Store Cork & Bottle

Courtesy of Buffalo Exchange

Best Resale Store Buffalo Exchange Buffalo Exchange (3424 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX 75206) prides itself on having a superb collection of gently used designer clothing at a fraction of the brand-new cost. While you won’t be paying full price, the fashion selection will make you look like you did. Clientele often gush at how much fun it is just peruse the store’s unique and trendy collection. Customers come back again and again to look their best on a budget. — Brent Paxton

Best Bike Shop Bicycles Plus at Snider Plaza Best Electronics Store Apple Store Best Bank Bank of America Best Convenience Store 7-11 on Hillcrest Best Place for Your Parents to Stay Hotel Lumen Best Massage Therapy Hotel Palomar Best Place to Get a Facial Hotel Palomar

Courtesy of The Impeccable Pig

Best Shopping Boutique The Impeccable Pig The Impeccable Pig (6607 Hillcrest Ave, Dallas, TX 75025) is a family owned and operated business. The Hillcrest location offers a great selection of women’s fashion and always has something for any SMU occasion, but if you don’t feel like in-store shopping your in luck because the offer an online shopping option. — Chrystalla Georghiou Best Cleaners Avon Cleaners

Courtesy of

Avon (4347 Lovers Lane, Dallas Texas 75225) goes beyond your basic dry cleaner. They understand how important a first impression can be. With offers such as pick up and delivery service, leather cleaning and garment alterations or tailoring Avon makes it easy to dress to impress. Be sure to ask about your 30 percent discount. — Chrystalla Georghiou

Best Bookstore SMU Bookstore on Mockingbird SMU Barnes & Noble Bookstore (3060 Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, TX 75205) is the most popular destinations to pick up textbooks. It’s conveniently located right by SMU and many students enjoy the discounts offered for used books that many online retailers may not have. Switch classes and need a book fast? SMU Bookstore is the place to go. You can always swing by Starbucks while you’re out, too! — Brent Paxton

Best MANICURE / PEDICURE HILLCREST NAIL & SPA Hillcrest Nail & Spa (8611 Hillcrest Ave., Suite 165) has more than 20 years of experience and their ultimate goal is to have complete customer satisfaction. Located just past Northwest Highway, Hillcrest Nail & Spa offers 20 percent off any service with a coupon from The Daily Campus’ Campus Coupon Book and is perfect place to treat your self to a day of relaxation. — Chrystalla Georghiou

Hillcrest Nail Salon & Spa

10% Off

Any Service Good for 1st time visit. Expires 6/1/13.


1 00 best

ies/ park cit

as smu & dall

8611 Hillcrest Ave., #165 214-369-3700 We’re next to Tony & Guy and Equinox

Best SHOPPING MALL NORTHPARK CENTER Northpark Center (8687 N Central Expressway, Dallas, TX 75225) is ‘the mall’ for Dallas natives. While many tourists flock to the much grander Galleria, Northpark Center has a chic boutique feel without being too small to offer up mainstream styles that customers want. You can find just about anything you need at a great price. — Brent Paxton

3424 Greenville Ave. #iFoundThisInDTown FINAL_Best Of_SMU_Qart_Page Ad.indd 1

2/11/13 12:02 PM

Accepting fur donations thru Earth Day.

Best Bank Bank of America Bank of America (4005 Saint Andrews Drive, Dallas, TX 75205) is not only located near SMU, it offers ATMs on campus. This added convenience makes Bank of America ‘the bank’ of SMU students. Students enjoy the benefit of having their picture on their ID cards which prevents theft when you accidently leave your wallet in Umphrey Lee or in your lecture hall. — Brent Paxton

Best Make-Up Counter Neiman Marcus Best Place to Get a Tan Tan Me Best Manicure / Pedicure Hillcrest Nail & Spa Courtesy of

Best Organic Store Central Market

Courtesy of Hotel Lumen

Best Place for Your Parents to Stay Hotel Lumen Hotel Lumen (6101 Hillcrest Ave, Dallas, TX 75205) is a trendy boutique hotel conveniently located across Hillcrest. So, it’s a natural choice for parents to stay when their kids are just a walk away. It’s not just convenient, it’s got a flare of elegance without the extra-large price tag. The pool and rooftop areas have been described as ‘breathtaking.’ You can also check out the bar with your friends on a Friday or Saturday night. — Brent Paxton Best Massage Therapy Hotel Palomar Hotel Palomar (5300 E Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, TX 75206) is pet-friendly, touts one of Dallas’ best hotel staff, has elegant rooms, and houses a delicious restaurant and bar. Of course, the spa is what has locals coming back again and again. If you want star treatment with a massage to get you relaxed and a facial to make you feel fresh-faced, Hotel Palomar is your destination. — Brent Paxton

Best Doctor SMU Health Center

Central Market (5750 E Lovers Lane, Dallas, TX 75206) has a way of making the grocery shopping experience feel trendy, fun, glamorous and even wholesome. In other words, it’s anything but ordinary. Their selections range from exotic European chocolates to local Texas grown grapefruits. The deli has been reviewed as equating “perfection.” The organic selection will make your jaw drop and may even leave you scratching your head with fruits and spices you never knew existed. The flowers are fresh and come in a variety that many competitors can’t offer. — Brent Paxton

Best Pharmacy CVS on Mockingbird


Best Car Wash Vintage Car Wash

For a late night spent studying or out on the town, nothing beats the convenience of a 24 hour store for snacks and drinks. Whether it is a slurpee, a hot dog or one of a hundred other options, 7-11 has cornered the late night snacks market on campus. And, to boot, it is only a short walk from campus. — Rahfin Faruk

Best Flower Shop Central Market at Lover’s Lane & Greenville Best Car Dealer Sewell

Best Cell Phone Service AT&T Best Grocery Store Central Market at Lover’s Lane & Greenville Best Organic Store Central Market at Lover’s Lane & Greenville Best Pet Supplies Store PetSmart

Courtesy of Courtesy of Auto Finder

Best Car Wash Vintage Car Wash

Best Car Dealer Sewell

Vintage Car Wash (6815 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75205) finds itself voted the best for its combination of quality customer service and delivering on what they promise: a clean car. SMU students are busy running from classes, part time jobs and social functions. So, a quick and effective car wash (both inside and out) are what students need to keep their cars looking fabulous. Vintage Car Wash does the trick. Try their “Wheel Deal” for a great value clean. — Brent Paxton

Sewell Lexus of Dallas (6421 Lemmon Avenue, Dallas, TX 75209) has been described as having ‘unmatched’ customer service. The founder/owner, Carl Sewell, has been one of the leading experts on serving customers. He literally wrote the book on it. It’s titled Customers for Life. At Sewell, they’re looking to not just sell you a car, but to establish a long-term relationship. SMU students have obviously noticed the ‘Sewell Difference.’ — Brent Paxton

Thanks to all the Mustangs who voted for Central Market in this year’s Best Of issue. We’re proud to be voted the Best Grocery Store, Best Organic Store and Best Flower Store.

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Best Cookies JD’s Chippery

Best New Restaurant Torchy’s Tacos

Best Italian Food Maggiano’s

Best Cupcakes Sprinkles

Best Meal Deal Jimmy John’s

Best Mexican Food Mi Cocina

Best Donuts Mustang Donuts

Best Sandwich Jimmy John’s

Best Steak Nick & Sam’s

Best Coffee House Starbuck’s

Best Place to Eat After Midnight Cafe Brazil

Best Seafood Pappadeaux’s

Best Breakfast Breadwinner’s

Best Place to Take Your Parents Best Sushi Nick & Sam’s Sushi Kyoto Best BBQ Best Tacos Peggy Sue’s Torchy’s Tacos Best Burger Best Thai Food Twisted Root Royal Thai Palace/Bangkok City

Best Appetizer PF Chang’s Lettuce Wraps Best Salad Eatzi’s Best Lunch Deal Chik-Fil-A Best Food Truck Ruthie’s Rolling Café Best Quick Food (15 minutes or less) Chik-Fil-A

Best Chicken Raising Cane’s Best Chinese PF Chang’s

Best Comfort Food Bubba’s Best Pizza Olivella’s

Best Vegetarian Food Zoe’s Kitchen Best Frozen Yogurt I Heart Yogurt Best Dessert La Duni’s 3 Gelatos Profiteroles

Best SUSHI SUSHI KYOTO Not only is Sushi Kyoto within walking distance of campus, it also has some of the best sushi in town. Located on Hillcrest Avenue, Kyoto is the perfect place to get your sushi fix. Some popular sushi rolls include the Ahi Tuna Tower, the Sexy Roll, which is wrapped in soy paper as opposed to seaweed and the 911 roll for those who want a spicy dish. Not the biggest sushi fan? There is plenty of diversity on the main entree menu. Favorites include the house salad that is made with a ginger dressing and the fried rice that comes in huge portions perfect to share. — Courtney Spalten

JD’s Chippery (6601 Hillcrest Avenue, Suite A, Dallas, TX 75205) has been described as “heaven in your mouth.” Few would argue. The delicious home-baked taste of JD’s snicker doodle, chocolate chip and M&M cookies has folks coming from miles around. JD’s cookies are soft and chewy and will leave you craving a glass of milk…or their famous homemade lemonade. —Brent Paxton Best Cupcakes Sprinkles Sprinkles Cupcakes, located in the Plaza at Preston Center, serves freshly baked cupcakes daily. Sprinkles has a variety of flavors from the traditional red velvet to the more unique salty caramel. The store even offers gluten-free cupcakes. The flavors vary by day, but one thing stays constant: the cupcakes are always fresh, moist and delicious. —Tashika Varma

Courtesy of Sprinkles

Best Donuts Mustang Donuts Mustang Donuts (6601 Hillcrest Ave, Dallas, TX 75205) may only be open from 5 AM to 12PM, but it is worth waking up for. This historic donut shop has been serving breakfast to SMU students since 1983! But be sure to take cash and try the blueberry donut. — Chrystalla Georghiou Best Breakfast Breadwinner’s Breadwinner’s (3301 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75204) is a staple of the uptown restaurant scene. They’ve got one of the most unique restaurant layouts in Dallas. The building is converted from an old factory with hanging plants and sunlight shining through openings in the ceiling and windows. We recommend you head over for their award winning Sunday brunch and to sip on mimosas. — Brent Paxton

Courtesy of Hamhocks and Latkedrops

Best Food Truck Ruthie’s Rolling Café Ruthie’s Rolling Café (location varies) can be found out by the flag poll on most Thursdays and in various locations in Dallas. Ruthie’s offers the best build your own grilled cheese in Texas! When you see them on campus remember to bring your The Campus Coupon Book, because there is a buy one get one free coupon you can use. — Chrystalla Georghiou


Best New Restaurant Torchy’s Tacos Torchy’s Tacos (5600 SMU Blvd Dallas #102, TX 75206) started in a small food trailer in Austin and now is one of the best new restaurants in Dallas. Owner Mike Rypka always suggests newcomers try their Democrat taco. The SMU Boulevard location opened last year and look forward to becoming a staple among the students at SMU. — Chrystalla Georghiou Best Sandwich Jimmy John’s Jimmy John’s 6411 (Hillcrest Avenue, Dallas, TX 75205) really serves your sub so fast you’ll freak. With a large menu and a delivery service Jimmy John’s offers the meal deals for the student on the go. Be sure to check out campus events to see if you can get a free sandwich card, because you never know when those will come in handy. — Chrystalla Georghiou Best Place to Eat After Midnight Cafe Brazil Café Brazil (6420 N Central Expressway, Dallas, TX 75206) is just the place to have a casual meal with friends in the evening after work/class or to stay up into the early hours of the morning studying with a cup of coffee. Its bottomless cups of a variety of coffee are a delight and there’s free Wi-Fi to do all of your school work from your laptop. — Brent Paxton Best Place to Take Your Parents Nick & Sam’s Nick and Sam’s (3008 Maple Ave, Dallas, TX 75201) is arguably the most famous Dallas steak house … and with good reason! The wait staff is renowned for their attentive service and explanation of each item on the menu with detail. It’s a great spot to take your family and friends to ‘wow’ them with a fine dining experience of Dallas’ finest cuisine. — Brent Paxton Best Burger Twisted Root Twisted Root (5609 SMU Blvd #102, Dallas, TX 75206) not only has great burgers but when you stop you can get a celebrity name! Featured on the hit Food Network series Diners, Drive-ins and Dives Twisted Root is a celebrity themselves. Located on SMU Boulevard students can enjoy a beer and a burger that is “slap yo mama good.” — Chrystalla Georghiou Best Pizza Olivella’s Olivella’s has some of the best pizza available in Dallas, and has even been recognized by USA Today as the best pizza in Texas. Tucked away in a corner of Snider Plaza, Olivella’s has an exceptional selection of artisan pizzas and specialty toppings. With selections like pancetta, prosciutto, fried eggs, truffle oil and even the juniperflavored cured ham called speck, the crispy, thin crust pizzas here are always unique and delectable. — Tucker Keene Best Italian Food Maggiano’s If you’re craving Italian food after a long day of shopping, Maggiano’s is the perfect place. Located conveniently in NorthPark Center, Maggiano’s isn’t your typical mall food. Everything from the bread, to the pasta, to the tiramisu is perfectly prepared. When you want to splurge on a nice dinner, Maggiano’s Little Italy is the place to go. — Trevor Thrall Best Frozen Yogurt I Heart Yogurt When you’re looking for a sweet treat in between classes, don’t look too far. I Heart Yogurt is just across Hillcrest from the west side of campus. This place didn’t get the vote just for its convenient location. The frozen yogurt is always delicious, and even better is the wide variety of fresh toppings. — Trevor Thrall

Best Museum Dallas Museum of Art Best Place to Go Jogging/Walking Katy Trail Best Movie Theater AMC at Northpark Center Best Live Music Venue House of Blues

Dallas Museum of Art (1717 N Harwood Street, Dallas, TX 75201) is currently listed on the ‘1000 Places to See Before You Die.’ It’s no surprise as the museum has been reinventing what it means to be…well, a museum. They have Late Nights Program with several musical performers in the atrium. Not to mention they’ve got special tours, movies, Twitter treasure hunts, a storyteller for the kids, and artist talks. With a great permanent and temporary collections, you can’t lose. — Brent Paxton

Best Bar Homebar

Best Movie Theater AMC at Northpark Center

Best Beer Selection World of Beers

AMC at Northpark Center (8687 N Central Expy #3000, Dallas, TX 75225) is truly a unique movie experience with their many special offers such as Die Hard Marathons and IMAX 3D, students are never far from cinematic fun. Be sure to go on Thursdays for their College Night, which offers a ticket discount with valid ID. — Chrystalla Georghiou

Best Happy Hour Drink Special Saturday: Bellinis at Penne Pomodoro Best Margarita Bandito’s Best Cocktail Mi Cocina’s Mambo Taxi Best Club (for over 21) Homebar

Best Movie of the Year The Hunger Games Best Movie of All Time The Dark Knight (2008)

Best Song of 2012 Carly Rae Jepsen “Call Me Maybe” Best Pop Culture Moment of 2012 2012 Election Best TV Show Modern Family

Saturday: Bellinis at Penne POmodorO Penne Pomodoro (6815 Snider Plaza, Dallas, TX, 75205) is SMU’s favorite brunch spot before a Boulevard or on a carefree Saturday. The $1 bellinis are irresistible, especially when you can order a $1 mimosa or Bloody Mary next. Pair these drinks with Penne’s breakfast hash or breakfast pizza to start your Saturday right. — Katy Roden Best TV Show Modern Family

Best Club (for under 21) Lizard Lounge

Best Music Video of 2012 Psy - Gangnam Style

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Best happy hour drink special

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Best Beer Selection World of Beers World of Beer (5600 SMU Blvd #101 Dallas, Tx, 75206) first opened on December 11, 2012 and is quickly becoming an SMU tradition. With over 400 different types of beer available World of Beer is truly a unique experience every time you go. Located on SMU Boulevard students are within walking distance to the newest SMU tradition. —Chrystalla Georghiou

Modern Family again tops the list of SMU’s favorite TV show, and for good reason. The show is masterfully written, with each episode at times both hilarious and heartfelt. Expertly cast, each character in the show is so unique, human and funny that they are all instantly relatable — one of the many reasons the show is so popular. — Tucker Keene Best bar HOMEBAR Homebar is the place to be on Thursday nights. In fact, for many, it’s a tradition and a fond memory for many alumni. Its real name is The Green Elephant, but to everyone on campus it is simply Homebar. Stop by here on a Thursday night for great, trending music, cheap drinks and specials and a great time. — Julie Fancher

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Best MARGARITA BANDITOS Bandito’s (6615 Snider Plaza, Dallas, TX 75205) has long been an SMU hotspot, largely due to its margarita. The classic is popular but it’s hard to miss the pink sangria swirl in the “Ethyl Margarita,” which boasts a twodrink limit. The popular “Mama Grande” includes an upside-down Coronita in its fishbowl glass. Whichever margarita students choose to order, they are never disappointed. — Katy Roden Best POP CULTURE MOMENT OF 2012 2012 ELECTION Spurred by the encompassing coverage of the election — from Ann Romney’s designer choices to Joe Biden’s latest one-liner — politics transcended the political in the 2012 presidential election. For many Americans, the election was less about CNN and more about E! —Rahfin Faruk



The Daily Campus

FRIDAY n FEBRUARY 22, 2013 food

To respond to any pieces on our opinion page, tweet us at @thedailycampus with the hashtag #hilltoptweets. Quote Worthy

“If you want to succeed, you have to focus on the violence part of your initiative. If you don’t stop the violence, if you don’t stop the terrorists coming to Syria through different countries, mainly Turkey and Qatar, if you don’t stop the money coming inside Syria in order to stoke the fire – the whole initiative will fail.” —Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad on his plan for peace “Sometimes you are so brave that it terrifies me. I wonder how it’s even possible.” —Lady Gaga on her fans, “Little Monsters”

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Customers shop for an assortment of fresh produce.

“I did not kill Kathleen!” —Drew Peterson, before being sentenced to 38 years in prison for the murder of a previous wife politics

Join in supporting access to birth control michael graves Contributing Writer How important is it to you that Texas women have access to family planning and birth control, regardless of their income -- is it extremely important, very important, just a little important or not important at all? This is a question that was asked in a recent statewide poll conducted by a pair of Democratic- and Republicanleaning pollsters for the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund. The TFN Education Fund is an Austin-based grassroots organization that does research and civic engagement in support of religious freedom, civil liberties and strong public schools. You can read the poll at According to the poll, 68 percent of registered voters in Texas support access to family planning and birth control for all women, regardless of their income. Support is especially strong among young people under the age of 30; a whopping 84 percent say they support full access. But too many Texas lawmakers have taken to playing cupid when it comes to matters of love, birth control and family planning – which is downright stupid. They think they know what is best for Texas women and families, while most Texans, and especially young people, disagree. Politically, this is a dicey position for politicians to take because the Millennial generation, our generation, is becoming increasing civically engaged. Lawmakers are way out of step with our views. When asked whether or not they support “teaching about contraception, such as condoms, birth control, along with abstinence, in high school education classes,” 93 percent of young people also said yes. And 85 percent of young people said they support state funding

for family planning services, including birth control, for lowincome women. Support for both among all registered voters in Texas was also strong – 84 percent for comprehensive sex education and 73 percent for state funding for birth control. During the last legislative session the governor and the state Legislature slashed state funding for family planning and birth control programs by two-thirds, threatening access to those services for thousands of women in Texas. According to the TFN Education Fund poll, young people support reversing the budget cuts to those services by 64 percent. A large majority of young people also told pollsters for the Texas survey that they oppose allowing any employer or boss to deny their employees health care coverage for certain services, including birth control and Plan B, because it violates the employer’s religious or moral beliefs. Like most Texans, they clearly think government and employers have no business interfering with the freedom of women to make decisions about their own health care and when or if to have children. We know that a strong majority of Texans and the vast majority of young people support access to birth control and family planning. We’re fed up with far-right politicians’ war on women and now their “war on birth control.” Later this semester we’ll be taking petitions we have collected to the Texas Legislature to let our lawmakers know what young people think. Will you add your voice? Consider joining the Texas Freedom Network Student Chapter at SMU today. Find us on Facebook and get involved.

College students should eat their vegetables mallory ashcraft Contributing Writer Every time I sit down to eat in Umphrey Lee, my friends almost always comment on the contents of my plate. Their reactions range from inspiration to guilt as they scrutinize it. Total strangers have even approached me just to ask what I am eating. My secret ingredient: vegetables. According to a list of “fun facts” posted on my residence hall bulletin board, very few college students eat fruits and vegetables. To me, this isn’t a fun fact. It’s a depressing absurdity. Day after day I watch as hordes of students load their plates with burgers, fries, pizza and cookies. The blinding absence of anything green doesn’t seem to present itself to them. It’s obvious from the long lines at the salad bar, though, that I’m

not the only one getting my greens every day. But one can’t assume that everyone makes the effort. Mid-bite into a piece of zucchini the other day, I overheard someone asking a friend if they “liked vegetables and stuff like that.” I felt an urge to look down at my ratatouille and assure my vegetables that I loved them. It’s true that it’s not always easy to eat salad in place of meat and potatoes. Then again, I’m not really a meat-and-potatoes kind of girl. As far as I’m concerned, the trick to healthy eating is making it taste good. Otherwise, it’s pretty hard to find lasting motivation. Believe me, I used to love nothing more than a good slice (or four) of pizza. But after trying some healthier options and declaring new favorite foods, I became a very healthy eater. My father used to work as a chef in a famous restaurant, and

his cooking has always influenced my taste for good food. My family enjoys the best food at home, and it’s always healthy. So when I moved into the dorms and purchased a meal plan, I already had pretty good habits. More impressively, I never even felt tempted to eat differently. I actually enjoy many of the dishes at Healthy on the Hilltop. I don’t think enough students take advantage of what our cafeteria has to offer in terms of a healthy diet. It’s true that we’ve got an endless supply of burgers, fries and pizza. But, there are also fresh steamed vegetables, lean meats, whole grains and a full salad bar available 7 days a week. Pretty impressive, compared to most school cafeterias. Part of the problem, I think, is that it can be hard to come up with something tasty from just basic ingredients. In that

respect, I have had to get a little creative. The trick is to scope out everything available in the cafeteria on a given day, and put something together that combines multiple flavors. For example, my go-to lunch is quinoa with broccoli, grape tomatoes, olives and red onions with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. For dinner, I focus on putting a meal together that has lean protein such as chicken or turkey, a whole grain and two varieties of vegetables. While nothing beats home cooking, I’m thankful that I’m at least getting the right nutrition during my time spent at college. I want food to taste good and to make me feel good; for me, bringing those desires together defines comfort food. Ashcraft is a junior majoring in journalism.

firing line As both parties look to revitalize the economy, a classic debate has reemerged: What is government’s role in entrepreneurship and small business? We all remember the “We Built It” slogans used by the Mitt Romney camp against Barack Obama in the last presidential election. Obama was criticized for discrediting entrepreneurs and their efforts, but he had a point. As he conceded, entrepreneurship and human capital are important. But, without infrastructure, good governance and efficient institutions, it doesn’t matter how good of a businessman you are. America is a land of opportunity because it provides entrepreneurs with an environment in which they can succeed; roads, bridges and a good public education system are all key elements of the American dream and its fulfillment. We must not forget to protect, revitalize and grow the foundations that America’s entrepreneurs and businesses rely on. — Rahfin Faruk, Editor in Chief


Graves is a junior majoring in communication studies and religious studies.

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FRIDAY n FEBRUARY 22, 2013 preview


Adele, MacFarlane headline 2013 Oscars Chase wade Staff Writer Producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron must have a bevy of favors owed to them from the hills of Sunset Boulevard as this year’s Academy Awards is a who’s who of the industry and features only the best, and top-billed, of film’s elite. Seth MacFarlane, the creator of “Family Guy” and “American Dad,” is acting as masters of ceremonies for the show and is expected to bring his quick-witted, and sometimes sparring, comedy to the stage for the award’s 85th annual presentation. “It’s truly an overwhelming privilege to be asked to host the Oscars,” MacFarlane said in a release from the Academy. “My thoughts upon hearing the news were, one, I will do my utmost to live up to the high standards set forth by my predecessors; and two, I hope they don’t find out I hosted the Charlie Sheen Roast,” MacFarlane said. While talented, MacFarlane won’t have to do much of the heavy lifting; Zadan and Meron managed to pull an impressive list of presenters and appearances that include the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Michael Douglas, Jamie Foxx, Melissa McCarthy and Jane Fonda. Even the night’s nominees will get in on the presenting action as Ben Affleck (Best Picture – “Argo”), Jessica Chastain (Best Actress – “Zero Dark Thirty”) and Jennifer Lawrence (Best Actress –“Silver Linings Playbook”) are slated to make their way to the Oscar’s podium. Last year’s big winners in the four main acting categories will present too. While not much detail has been given as to what awards they will be presenting, one can speculate that

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“Skyfall” and, for the first time ever, Dame Shirley Bassey will make an appearance at the show. Bassey’s career has spanned six-decades as she has recorded over 44 albums, sold over 135 million records and been the voice behind iconic Bond songs such as “Goldfinger,” “Diamonds Are Forever” and “Moonraker.” Speaking of first, the Oscars have announced that the show will not end in its traditional format after the Best Picture is announced, rather

Courtesy of AP

Ben Affleck’s film, “Argo,” is nominated for the Best Picture category at the 2013 Academy Awards.

the quartet of awarded actors will be handing down the trophies in their respective categories. The quartet includes Meryl Streep (2012’s Best Actress – “The Iron Lady”) Octavia Spencer (2012’s Best Supporting Actress – “The Help) Jean Dujardin (2012’s Best Actor – “The Artist”) and Christopher Plummer (2012’s Best Supporting Actor – “The Beginners”). “We are honored to have Meryl, Octavia, Christopher and Jean, last year’s Oscar winners in each of the acting categories, return to the Oscar stage,” Craig Zadan and Neil Meron said in a release. Not to let 2012’s big winner’s have all the fun, past Best Actress winners Sandra Bullock (2009 – “The Blind Side”), Halle Berry (2001 – “Monster’s Ball), Nicole Kidman (2002 – “The Hours”) and Reese Witherspoon (2005 – “Walk the Line”) will be on hand for the presentation of the year’s Best

SR. SOFTWARE DEVELOPER Dallas, TX. Must have Bachelors in CS or related field & 5 yrs progressive exp. Masters will substitute for above exp. Will also accept any suitable combination of education, training or exp. Candidate will develop, maintain & support Secure Call Platform for US correctional facilities Req: Telecom background, VoIP/SIP, Exp. with Java Middle Tier, J2EE-EJB/ Servlets/JMS ,JBOSS, JDBC ,XML, Eclipse IDE, Oracle, Web Services, Subversion, Excellent written/oral skills. Mail Resumes to R Schmitt Securus Technologies, Inc. 14651 Dallas Pkwy #600 Dallas TX 75254 WE ARE NOW hiring at Qariah Lebanese Restauraunt located at 1811 Greenville AVE. Suite 145 Dallas Texas 7520. We have Full-time and Part-time positions open. We are hiring for all positions. Please email or fax resumes to 214-946-1614.


Actress trophy. This year’s race is hotly contested between Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence. When the show isn’t busy doling out awards, Zadan and Meron must worry about the Oscars’ entertainment value as well. This year, the producer’s draw from multiple sources to fill the show’s three-hour run time. With “Les Miserables” as one of the front runners for the night’s top trophy, Zadan and Meron plan to pay tribute to movie musicals of the past decade (namely, “Dreamgirls,” “Chicago” and “Les Miserables”) with rumored performances from Oscar winners Jennifer Hudson and Catherine Zeta-Jones. A special tribute is being planned for Zeta-Jones’ “Chicago” as co-stars Richard Gere, Renee Zellweger and Queen Latifah will join her onstage for a reunion of sorts for 2002’s Best

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Picture winner. Barbra Streisand will perform at the Oscars for the first time in 36 years. Streisand last sang the love theme from “A Star Is Born” on the March 28, 1977 show, winning the Best Original Song Oscar for “Evergreen” that same night. “In an evening that celebrates the artistry of movies and music,” said producers Zadan and Meron. “How could the telecast be complete without Barbra Streisand? We are honored that she has agreed to do a very special performance on this year’s Oscars, her first time singing on the show in 36 years.” After Skyfall’s dominant year at the box office as the first James Bond film to gross over $1 billion, the Academy Awards plan to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary character. Adele will be on hand to perform her Oscar-nominated single

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Seth MacFarlane and Broadway star Kristen Chenoweth will send off the telecast in song. Zadan and Meron call it a “can’t miss” moment. While the jury’s still out if MacFarlane and Chenoweth’s untraditional send-off will work, one thing’s for sure, the 85th Annual Academy Awards will quite the spectacle. Catch the show Sunday Feb. 24 at 7:30 p.m. on ABC.

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ACROSS 1 Foxx who played Ray 6 Place for shades 10 Hard-hitting sound 14 Look embarrassed, maybe 15 “Metamorphoses” poet 16 He helped get Cassio demoted 17 Carving tools 18 North African prison wear? 20 Bring down to earth 21 “Rats!” 22 Nancy Drew books pseudonym 23 Disinfectant brand 25 Scout leader 26 Went on a date, perhaps 28 Soft material 30 Affectedly reserved 31 Rugrat 32 Trifle 36 Rapper who founded Aftermath Entertainment 37 Lint depository? 40 Bustle 41 __-Indian War 43 It has some crust 44 Makes more elegant, with “up” 46 Pillages 48 Storied swinger 49 Spot for a belt 52 “The Fox and the Crow” writer 53 Fugitive’s invention 54 Helper 56 Begin to dive 59 Really short haircut? 61 “Today” anchor before Meredith 62 Nasty 63 Case for pins and needles 64 Chilling 65 Take away 66 Capital of Estonia 67 Grant player


By Ed Sessa

DOWN 1 Old ski lift 2 Bisset’s “The Mephisto Waltz” co-star 3 Dogcatchers? 4 Phrase in a tot’s game 5 Questioning utterances 6 Nearby 7 Viva by Fergie fragrance maker 8 Big name in artifacts 9 Adobe file format 10 Old and wrinkled 11 Made indistinct 12 Gemini docking target 13 Sat 19 Barely got (by) 21 Spoil 24 Turf mate 25 Banished, in a way 26 Counts (up) 27 Garr of “Mr. Mom” 28 Shoe store array 29 One crying foul 33 Ride a Russian statesman? 34 Notion

Wednesday’s Puzzle Solved

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35 Cap’n’s mate 38 Skin cream target 39 Tijuana relatives 42 Mrs. __ cow 45 Insidious malware with a classically derived name 47 Thereabouts 49 __ Tigers: Sri Lankan separatists

50 Mrs. Kramden of Chauncey Street 51 NyQuil manufacturer 52 WWII Italian beachhead 54 Rwanda native 55 Bleu shade 57 Chuck E. Cheese et al. 58 Review target 60 Opie’s great-aunt 61 Camping org.



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Where’s the spirit?

Coach Rompola notches 400th victory

Greeks ignore call for white-out, worsen school-pride woes


PRESTON HUTCHERSON Contributing Writer While attending the recent SMU Men’s Basketball home game verses Memphis, I noticed a strange phenomenon. The students at the game, out in impressive numbers by SMU standards, seemed to be sporting a wide variety of the spring seasons’ hottest colors on their shirts: green, red, yellow, maroon, shades of blue, purple and more — all complimented by an array of Greek letters stitched on the front. This seemed an interesting choice of attire for the big game against a conference rival that was advertised as a “white out.” Instead of a white out, Moody Coliseum resembled a bowl of Fruit Loops, patches of white intermingled with blobs of color. The colors were not the familiar red and blue of SMU, but rather those of the many fine sororities and fraternities on campus. I do not wish to offer another stale rant about the lack of school spirit, low student game attendance and the rest; we are all familiar with those issues. I only wish to ask: what is the value of wearing Greek letters and colors instead of school colors to a sporting event and sitting in segregated groups around the arena instead of as one student body? Does it benefit the rest of the fans, the school, or the team? Surely the alumni and community members in attendance are more concerned with the action on the court than seeing whose pledge class

is most visible in the stands. The school and team would certainty enjoy a sea of white, red, and blue filling the stadium more than the current rainbow of representation. The atmosphere at the basketball games has been much improved, even electric at times this year. The crazy hats, animal costumes, American flags and oversized cutouts of Coach Brown and Ron Swanson are both hilarious and encouraging. Many of these outpourings of spirit have come from members of the Greek community and other large campus groups to whom I say thank you. Keep it up – but let us not forget the reason we attend colligate sporting events, to cheer on and support our team in every way possible. A group that cannot put aside its own identity for even a brief two and half hour basketball game is likely to miss out on a growing part of the SMU experience — real school spirit. Yes, it exists, it’s growing and it’s here to stay. A glimpse of that spirit was on display in the second half when a Memphis player was ejected from the game and the entire student body united in booing and screaming obscenities at the player as a proud, passionate group of college students. This is exactly what you would expect from a college basketball game taking place at a university on the move in both academics and athletics. Things are slowly changing at SMU. This change will need to continue to improve as SMU moves to the Big East. Things are slowly changing at SMU.

With a 69-60 win over Tulsa Thursday night, SMU head coach Rhonda Rompola joins 45 other Division 1 coaches with 400 career wins. The Mustangs claimed their 20th win of the season (20-5) are now 11-1 in ConferenceUSA play, marking the fifth time in eight seasons they have had 10 wins or more. Keena Mays along with Alisha Filmore paced the Mustang offense combining for 45 of the Mustangs’ total points. Tulsa’s Ashley Clark scored a-team-high 20 points and added four rebound and two assists in 35 minutes of play. Clarks play in the final minutes kept the score close and forced SMU to make plays. In the second half Tulsa tied the game at 51-51 before four-time C-USA Player of the week Mays hit two consecutive

three pointers. After Tulsa tied the game, Mays scored 13 of her second half points in the final eight minutes. Filmore and Mays finished with 29 points six rebounds five assists, three steals,and one block. Filmore added 16 points three assists, and three steals on the night — she now needs only eight points to become the 20th 1,000-point scorer in SMU history. She has scored at least ten points in 19 games this season. The only sad thing about the Mustangs performance is that it was in front of a paltry crowd of 556 at Moody Coliseum. Up next for SMU are the Houston. The ladies will look to make it three straight against the Cougars. Dallas Voice Houston is led by Porsche Coach Rompola calls out a play from the sideline. Landry who is averaging 16.8 points. The Cougars are sixth in the league in scoring second in C-USA and 52nd in with an average of 9.2 points. offense and but are 11th in the NCAA in scoring margin SMU will hope to scoring defense. and leads the league in out- win C-USA within the However, the Mustangs are scoring conference opponents coming week.


Men look to overthrow Pirates at home BILLY EMBODY Staff Writer

SMU will welcome East Carolina to Moody Coliseum on Saturday at 2 p.m. for the first of the last two home matchups in Moody Coliseum’s current configuration. The Pirates, 6-6 in conference play, face the Mustangs for their first and only matchup against each other on the season. East Carolina is one of the highest scoring teams in the country this season, averaging 76.9 points per game, which is good for 18th nationally.

Senior forward Maurice Kemp, leads the Pirates in scoring with 18.2 points per game while shooting over 50 percent from the field, and for the Mustangs, that has to be where the team’s attention is on Saturday afternoon. In the post is where the Pirates have done the best, with Robert Sampson grabbing over nine rebounds paired with Kemp’s average of seven rebounds per game. The Pirates veteran roster includes senior Miguel Paul, who is the second leading scorer for the Pirates with 12.9 points per game and also adds 6.7 assists per

game to help get the ball to East Carolina’s post threats. SMU on the other hand has struggled with depth this season, but Jalen Jones continues to be the Mustangs’ best scoring option with 15.1 points per game and also leads the Mustangs in rebounds with an average of 8.1 boards each contest. The biggest part of Jones’ game has been his ability to crash the offensive glass, grabbing over three offensive rebounds per game and the Mustangs will rely on him to get second chance opportunities against the Pirates. The Mustangs have relied on junior Nick Russell and

sophomore Ryan Manuel to share the job of point guard and the two have had an up and down season doing so, but the two have improved over the course of the season in their ability to operate head coach Larry Brown’s offense. SMU has one game left in Moody Coliseum after its game against the Pirates before two road games and then the season finale in Garland against the UTEP Miners. The Mustangs are 3-8 on the season in C-USA play, which leaves them second to last in the conference in their final season of C-USA play.


The print edition of The Daily Campus for Friday, February 22, 2013. Special section: The Best Of SMU & Park Cities/Dallas