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Face: Pg 1: F O U N D A T I ON Pg 2: C O N T O U R & B L U S H Eyes: Pg 3: E Y E S H A D OW Pg 4: E Y E L I N E R Lips: Pg 5 :L I P S T I C K

FOUNDATION APPLICATION 1 Swipe 3 chosen shades along skin, blend gently, The correct colour will match your natural skin tone the best

2 Check and see if selected colour matches forehead

3 Check to see if selected colour matches forehead

4 Blend foundation upwards and towards your hairline. Apply foundation all over face or only the sections which need it.


Use a matt colour one or two shades darker than your natural colour on area’s that you want to recede. You can use: - Matt eye shadows - Lipsticks in brown tones - Crème powder blushes in nude - Apply under cheek bones and on side of nose, do not blend until highlighter is added


Select a highlighter.

This time a few shades lighter than skin tone. Apply on T zone, under eyes and on the mid chin. Blend all contour lines well with a kabuki brush.


Using your favourite blush, Smile and apply blush to apples of cheek.


Blend upwards towards hairline

E Y E S H A D OW 1 Fill entire lid up to brow bone with eye shadow primer / highlighter. Using a blending brush, smudge all over eye.

2 Place scotch tape from underneath eye, meeting top corner of eye. Fill upper lid with brown / black / dark blue (depending on how heavy you want the look) Blend out edges using same blending brush using the scotch tape as a guide for a perfect shape.

3 Use selected dark colour, brush onto outer corner of eye and blend.

EYELINER 1 Draw a mark from the outer corner of eye and another marking where you want the wing to end.

2 Join the marks together forming a wing for your eyeliner


Draw a thin line from the inner corner of your eye/ mid eye and join to the end of wing creating rounded shape. Add fake lashes to complete eyes.

LIPSTICK 1 Line inside shape of lips with darker colour than chosen lipstick shade.

2 Fill in bottom lip carefully making sure to avoiding leaving lip line.

3 Rub lips together and fill in any gaps on upper lip and lower lip

Makeup user guide pdf  
Makeup user guide pdf