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Foster The People are taking over the World.

# 72


FOSTERED THE PEOPLE ‘Waste’ is a track on Foster The People’s debut album, Torches, that is filled with meaningful lyrics, a captivating drumbeat and catchy synthesizer. ‘Waste’ showcases a different side to Foster The People that can be considered more melancholy but also an interesting form of one of their usually electronic, indie-pop songs. The song still maintains an electro beat but it also includes a wider range of minor chords. ‘Waste’ is the perfect song to portray Foster The People’s versatility and diversity to slightly more mainstream bands.

However, to say that Foster The People is not a chart Topping Band would be an incorrect statement. Foster The People became a viral success in 2010 after their hit track ‘Pumped Up the Kicks’. Foster The People gained a fan base after appearing in California’s Coachella, a renowned music festival in southern California.

“A more interesting form of electronic, indie-pop This fan base was strengthened when ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ became a crossover hit on commercial radio and also reached number 1 on the alternative songs chart, number 3 on the rock songs chart and charting in the Adult Top 40 and Mainstream Top 40. The two main producers of ‘Waste’ were Greg Kurstin and Mark Foster. Greg Kurstin is an award winning music producer and famous musician.

In 2009 Kurstin won an award for ‘Best Music Producer of the Year’. Kurstin has produced other artists such as Lily Allen; consequently winning Kurstin an award for producing the bestselling album ‘The Fear’. Kurstin produced songs such as ‘Waste’, ‘Helena Beat’, ‘Miss you’ and ‘Warrant’. Kurstin has also produced other renowned artists such as Sophie Ellis Bexter, Ke$ha, Little Boots, Sia and Britney Spears, amongst others. Additionally, Mark Foster is the only member of the band that contributes to the production of every song.

Foster the People had several interviews with labels such as Warner Bros, Columbia, Atlantic and Universal Republic before deciding on signing up to the record label Startime International, in which they would release ‘Torches’. The record label has signed many artists, some of those include Calvin Harris, Does it offend you yeah?, French Kicks, Foreign Born, Magnetic Ma and many more. Each band has a slight electro- pop, indie infusion. Many people could classify some of these artists as ‘alternative’. From the diversities of each artist, you can infer that the label picks artists for their appealing individuality. Foster The People’s songs are slowly taking over the world, and we can safely say we have fostered the people.


An ICT project centering around Foster The People


An ICT project centering around Foster The People