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Jessie J Jessie J has been writing songs all her life, but she wrote her first official song when she was 17. She recorded shortly after but kept it for herself. She then wrote songs for many artists through working with Sony. Jessie has spent four years writing songs and producing an album for her. She first shot to fame after writing a song for Rihanna. Her agent loved it and encouraged her to record it herself. It was the best career move yet as it became number 2 in the UK charts. Since then she has been releasing chart topping singles constantly! Today we’re talking to Jessie J about her first single, The voice UK and what Jessie plans next! Hello Jessie, great to see you again how are you?: Busy, very busy with the voice and my Ibiza concert and summertime ball! I’m looking forward to everything but I cherish each day I have! You say you cherish each day, does this help when writing songs?: Yeah, it’s something I’ve always done and I defiantly think it helps when reflecting on my life and writing songs. It helps me to get that raw emotion across to my audience. So many of my songs have come from me just reflecting on things that have happened. Who’s laughing now was about your experience of getting bullied and big white room was from when you were in hospital. Tell us a bit more about the experiences: Big White Room is a very important song to me. I feel it should be a simple song, just my voice and an acoustic guitar. I was very angry after a little boy on my ward had died, I didn’t think it was fair so the song represents that but at the same time it’s light and can be read completely differently too! I just want my music to inspire people. Small or big, quiet or loud, that’s all I want! Who’s laughing Now is a more jokey song for my younger audience but has a lot truth.

So your inspired by your memories but who in your life inspires you?: My family of course, but if I’m honest other artists. Sometimes I can just spend all day at home crying and listening to beautiful songs and it will remind me of a certain time and then I just write. How long does it take you, from start to finish, to make a song?: First of all writing a song will differ every time. Sometimes a month sometimes a year. Then I’ll show the producers and band so we can jam and get a good feel for the song. After it’s just recording editing and publishing. I’d say majority, not including writing, give or take six months. What is your favourite part of producing a song?: Ever since I was young I’ve dreamed of doing this job. It’s all amazing and I never ever feel like giving up. Last year I broke my leg and still did all my shows! Writing is amazing, making my videos is so much fun. Then also getting to do things like the voice! There is not one part that I favour other any other! Interview by Laura Taylor.

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Jessie J Magazine  

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