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Lessons Table by table • Begin at HQ • Clarity on vision – are there hidden assumptions; clarity • Proactively learn from partners • Focus on output not input • Identify where/how regional fits • Re-focus on external • Accountability • Cooperation vs competition needs to better managed (acknowledge) • Identify clear incentives for change • Actions speak louder than words • Demonstrate learning – need clear mechanisms/channels • communication is a strategic tool for change • need real investment in South • Recognize both strengths and weakness • Sytems less rule more trust • More outward focussed, no naval gazing • SIMPLIFY • Be clear what oxfam’s value is to local CSO • Co-creation with big and small affiliates – power mapping • Work toward excellence • More support in implementation phase • Challenge assumptions about vision, see above • Identify global glue – interdependence • NO non-negotiable – be open • Don’t leave out any part of one program • Be bold! No pillows • PA can work well where there’s no presence • Address how funding and resource allocation effects/interplays with power – money matters (imbalance) • Behaviour: role of induction and incentivizing • Agreements at top level, burden of implementation at country level • Be driven by vision, not pragmatics • Exercise internal power analysis • CULTURE MATTERS…how we relate to each other, external; need to take stock and assess • Be clear about decisions to be made organizationally, internationally • Risk of becoming over governed and under managed • Rationalizing northern affiliates

Brainstorm list of key points of learning  

Group outcomes after brainstorming (Brussels learning & design event - 9th December 2013)

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