food safety and inspection service

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Food Testing Lab In India

The food testing laboratory globally play an instrumental and colossal role to ensure the food consumed by end customers is of the highest food quality and safety.

Thus, We at SMSLA, with our global reach and scientific expertise, strive to provide world-class food testing lab services through our international network of food testing lab services across Gulf, Europe, and India.

Steer clear from any foodborne malady upon its consumption is of utmost importance to consumers and food manufacturers.

Besides this, the manufacturers and food business operators need to offer mandatory conformity to various national and international guidelines correct information related to the accurate nutritional value of food.

SMSLA is accredited by the National and International Authorities on Technical Competence and Proficiency of their Laboratories. SMSLA is accredited with a wide scope of testing services in the fields of Chemical, Biological Scope covering thousands of parameters & for some specific scope in Mechanical Discipline.