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Dear Valued Customer,

Mike Granger, President & CEO

Our thoughts and prayers remain with our fellow Canadians who have faced the wildfires of Fort McMurray and continue to deal with the aftermath of this human and material tragedy. The devastation is extensive, as many lost their homes and businesses. We stand with them as they rebuild. SMS Equipment as a company, as well as SMS employees individually, continue to offer help and support. The wildfire forced several operations in the oil sands to halt production. This contributed to a rise in Alberta’s unemployment rate, exacerbating what was already the highest jobless rate among the provinces. British Columbia has the lowest rate, followed by Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario. However, Canadian construction employment is up 1.4 percent year-over-year and is among the country’s leading industries for employment. One company that has grown considerably in the past few years is Alberta-based Taurus Projects Group. Owner Fab Loranger started Taurus as a common services business, and the company has flourished by providing a wide range of services for a variety of customers. Read more about Taurus in this issue of your SMS Solutions Magazine. You will also find an interesting feature on Bellemare Excavation as well as Jenik, a company that specializes in under bridge bucket trucks. François Bellemare has big plans for both of these growing enterprises, which are located in Quebec. The leaders of these featured organizations believe that the future is bright, and so do we. The present is exciting, as well, with state-of-the-art equipment such as Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control excavators and dozers, and driverless trucks with the FrontRunner Autonomous Haulage System. You can learn more about SMS Equipment’s Advanced Technologies initiatives designed to help you incorporate technology into your business. Visit our website to learn more about these solutions and many more to optimize your competitiveness. In this issue, you will discover other exciting new products as well as more traditional machinery such as Komatsu’s new WA600-8 wheel loader. Give your sales representative or local branch a call to explore how you could incorporate these proven solutions in your business. Sincerely, Mike Granger, President & CEO

SOLUTIONS magazine


Learn about two companies, with one solid management team, and the large-scale projects they have in the works.


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See how diversification and a clean reputation have given this Alberta based company an advantage.


Understand the new intelligent Machine Control technology and how it enables greater precision.


Step into SMS Equipment’s new virtual system, which accurately simulates the interaction between autonomous haul trucks and their control center.


Hear about SMS Equipment’s new initiative to give customers comprehensive information about equipment technology.


Here are some tips on how to follow the proper regeneration procedures on Tier 4 equipment.

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EXCAVATION BELLEMARE INC. & JENIK Two vital forces: a solid management team and the assets to complete large-scale projects

I François Bellemare, President

In the Mauricie region of Quebec, the Bellemare name immediately refers to the construction trade. Born into a family of builders, François Bellemare proudly honours his lineage. Since 2009, he has served as the leader of two companies, Excavation Bellemare and Jenik, which together specialize in excavation and bridge structural inspection and maintenance. They are located in Trois-Rivières, between Montreal and Quebec City. François spent his childhood in oversized “sand boxes” since his father, Raymond, and grandfather Thomas developed sand pits, quarries, concrete plants, etc. Naturally, his entrepreneurial drive was developed at an early age, and François quickly acquired experience and expertise through the family business.

The headquarters for Excavation Bellemare (below) and Jenik are located in a new industrial park in Trois-Rivières, at the junction of Highways 40 and 55. The new Bellemare facility, built in 2015, is modern and ecological. The structure is made entirely of concrete and the shop floor is heated with glycol.


In 2009, he started Excavation Bellemare Inc. and purchased Jenik, a company established in 1984. In 2012, he expanded the group through the acquisition of four concrete plants in the region. With this addition, he was well-prepared to attain his professional objectives.

Complementary business activities Excavation Bellemare offers short-term excavation services to general contractors in the Mauricie region. The company primarily rents equipment on an hourly basis and provides the services of its expert operators with each rental. Mario Bélisle, Excavation Operations Manager, assists François in leading this business. Jenik specializes in the rental of under-bridge bucket trucks throughout North America. These systems are used to inspect, build, repair and maintain bridge decks, viaducts and hydroelectric dams. With custom equipment that meets all ANSI standards, Jenik responds to the growing needs in this sector. A look at Jenik’s website ( illustrates the full measure of François’ expertise and vision in this field. He is currently working on various national and international projects.

Notable achievements The majority of Bellemare’s customers are general contractors involved in hydroelectric projects. Bellemare enjoys a strong reputation for its competence and efficiency in high-voltage powerline work – from excavating for pylon footings through raising the wires. For example, the company installed 300 pylons to connect the hydroelectric complex for La Romaine. It built all of the pylons (as a sub-contractor) for the electrical transmission line between Bromont to Granby, including the access road. Currently, for Thirau Ltd., the Bellemare team is installing


High-performance tools that are flexible and well maintained are one of the keys to success at Excavation Bellemare and Jenik.

56 pylons to connect a private wind farm to the municipality of Pointe-à-la-Croix in the Gaspé region. This project is expected to be completed in October 2016. Bellemare is also known for the quality of its work restoring stone embankments. One of its notable contracts was completed on the nearly 50-year-old Laviolette Bridge across the St. Lawrence River. Bellemare repaired the bridge pillars that were damaged by erosion. The company also brought in 4,000 tonnes of material of various grades carried on a barge equipped with a PC360LC-10 excavator to do the work. Two other Komatsu PC200LC-8 excavators were on the shore filling barge containers while divers inspected the stone setting. Another noteworthy project involved the installation of lampposts on Highways 40 and 55 in July 2015. The company used a Komatsu HB215LC-1 hybrid excavator for the foundations, slopes, and work-site access roads as well as to install the lampposts. Excavation Bellemare is an all-inclusive contractor on houses that contain pyrrhotite, a major issue in the Mauricie region since the beginning of the last decade. The problem originated with the use of inappropriate concrete aggregates, which caused foundations on thousands of residences and public buildings to deteriorate. In such cases, the work involves lifting up the house, demolishing existing foundation walls and then casing and concreting new walls, plates and slab. Bellemare also specializes in demolition and recently took down an overpass on Highway 40 in Berthierville. For this job, the company used its Komatsu HB215LC-1 hybrid excavator to load 3,500 tonnes of up to eight-inch-thick concrete in eight hours. This job also used 14, four-axle trucks. The advantages of using the

hybrid excavator included an additional 60 hp compared to the standard model; increased rotating speed; and a 20-percent savings in fuel compared to the PC210. The HB215LC-1 handled similar volumes as a 36-tonne excavator in this application. In addition to civil engineering work, Bellemare teams are involved in municipal roadwork for the provincial Department of Transportation. For instance, in Montreal and Lacolle, Bellemare replaced the piping system bordering the road and culverts. The company’s Komatsu PC138 excavator offers the perfect size and specs for this type of work. Bellemare also performs renovation, landscaping and drainage of the Hydro-Quebec distribution center as well as some commercial snow removal.

Strong teams François counts on the dedicated teams of qualified personnel in both of his companies. In fact, his machinery operators demonstrate such exceptional expertise that customers seek advice from Bellemare to help plan jobs and determine what methods to use. The chief executive recognizes that he has the ability to support his customers with their work methods while also suggesting improvements to save costs, speed up execution, increase durability, etc. In fact, each contract is a special project in itself, where François and his team develop an approach on how to proceed with the job at hand. The team relies on external services for engineering and design work. François is in charge of business development and management. His door is always open, and he makes decisions with his operations team. He said that he appreciates his employees for their unique values; they are important at all levels. “I never ask anyone to do anything that I’ve not done myself,” he said. “That is why I am thankful to them, and I repay them with good employment.”

Dominic Bérubé, Sales Rep for SMS Equipment, has conducted business with François Bellemare for more than seven years. “The continuity of our service is the basis of trust we build with our customers,” said Bérubé.

Continued . . .


Bellemare and SMS: working together to match the right equipment to the application . . . continued

“The work atmosphere is exceptional, both at Jenik and at Bellemare,” added Bélisle. “People in the trade hear about it, and more and more people are asking to join us.”

The company also owns a Komatsu wheel loader and a track loader as well as a D65EX-15 dozer equipped with a winch. This is mainly used to lift cables into transmission towers.

The right tools

SMS Equipment, an essential partner

Efficient, safe and reliable equipment represent another critical component in the success of both Excavation Bellemare and Jenik. Bellemare’s equipment fleet includes 14 Komatsu excavators that can be equipped with an exceptionally diverse range of attachments, such as a brush cutter, hydraulic hammer, hydraulic thumb, comb, ripper or demolition ball.

When it comes to equipment maintenance, François noted, “It is more cost-effective to have repairs done by SMS.” This is why he entrusts all his maintenance work to SMS while taking advantage of the Komatsu CARE program. This program maximizes machine performance by targeting maintenance according to a schedule specific to each machine, thereby reducing the frequency of maintenance intervals.

The majority of the excavators are configured to the specifications of Hydro-Québec: a hydraulic shut-off valve (lock valve), load-sensing valve and a reach-limiting device. The excavators use biodegradable oil to meet the latest environmental standards. Given all their features, Bellemare’s excavators offer outstanding versatility on work sites. They are able to lift and install pylons without a truck crane, which creates significant cost savings for the contractor.

François can attest to SMS’ courteous and quick service, whether it occurs in the shop or at a customer’s site. A telling example is the interprovincial service SMS provided when a block heater for a PC210LC-10 that was sold in Trois-Rivières was installed by technicians from the Baie-Comeau branch, who flew to the customer’s site in Belmont for the Romaine hydro project on Quebec’s North Shore.

PROJECTS Jenik performs an under-bridge inspection in Baie-Saint-Paul for the Quebec Department of Transportation, using one of the 16 under-bridge bucket trucks owned by the Jenik division. Workers install a new power transmission line in Bromont using a PC360LC-10 excavator with safety valve and load-sensing system. This is the very first hybrid excavator in Mauricie – a Komatsu HB215LC-1 hybrid. This machine was the “green” turning point for the company. Stabilizing the pillars on Laviolette Bridge in Trois-Rivières with a Komatsu PC200LC-8 excavator.


François is convinced of Komatsu’s quality, especially the reliability and low maintenance costs. He said, “I appreciate the continuous technological advances of the brand.” He also explained that Dominic Bérubé, his SMS Sales Rep, acts as a consultant who plays a key role in maintaining efficient operations. Bérubé provides sound advice on the selection of new machines, as well as on the applications and choice of attachments throughout the life of the equipment. Furthermore, Komatsu Finance programs offer preferential rates and flexible terms. “Komatsu Finance representatives visit customers and tour their companies to better understand their activities. They offer appropriate plans, which provide significant assistance,” explained François. Bellemare and Jenik purchase all wear parts, such as GET, belts and filters, from SMS. In addition, SMS performs all regular equipment maintenance in the company’s shop.

Growth through diversification In recent years, many Canadian entrepreneurs have felt the impact of limited public-sector

investments. In spite of this trend, François is determined to grow his company, and he is very ambitious. Bélisle noted, “We are privileged that François is willing to take risks to develop his business. He believes in the projects we bring to the table, and I believe in this company. I am really proud to be a part of it.” As for François, he said that even when the regional market is limited, “We are lucky to be able to work everywhere in Québec.” Because the majority of his customers are in the civil engineering field, he doesn’t plan to start doing sewage and water projects, which would place him in direct competition with those customers. He prefers to look at new projects that will result in increased diversification. At this stage in the evolution of his two companies, François knows that he can count on teamwork from enthusiastic and professional employees. “We need projects to ensure a return on our equipment investment; we must also be proactive and build on a vision for the future,” François remarked. ■

Restoring the pillars under the Laviolette Bridge using a Komatsu PC360LC-10 running on bio oil.

Rock is loaded on a barge with a Komatsu PC200LC-8 excavator, which uses bio oil. Work begins on the installation of a hydroelectric power line in La Romaine using a Komatsu PC210LC-10 excavator equipped with all the attachments required to meet the highest safety standards applicable for this type of project. Installing a hydroelectric power line in Pointe-à-la-Croix in the Gaspé region with a Komatsu PC360LC-10 excavator equipped to receive a hydraulic hammer.


TAURUS PROJECTS GROUP INC. Diversification and a clean reputation give this Alberta-based company an advantage

F Fab Loranger, Owner

Fab Loranger has always been proactive. When he ran out of money pursuing an architecture degree, he started framing and then moved to concrete cribbing, high-rise precasting and estimating. He even travelled to Germany to build houses. When he returned to Canada, he joined a large company and eventually became part-owner. However, his journey was far from over. He decided it was time for something new, so he ventured out on his own and started Taurus Projects Group Inc., a common services business. The company performs facilities installations, moves and maintenance; material handling; parking lot construction and maintenance, including snow removal, sanding and dust control; and has a supply of electricians, gas and pipe fitters, carpenters and other tradesmen.

The North West Redwater Partnership – an $8.5 billion diesel oil refinery – is one of the highest-profile projects in Alberta. Taurus Projects is in charge of material handling and road maintenance at the site.

“I was looking for something else to throw myself into, and I had worked in common services for so long that it was the only logical thing to do,” recalled Loranger, who is the company’s Owner. “It wasn’t an easy decision. It’s difficult to get into the business and be successful, but we’ve been able to make it work.” Today, Taurus Projects enjoys the fruits of Loranger’s experience and operates in a growing number of provinces. Loranger, however, credits the early success of the business to the help of many people along the way. “Our first big break came from Tom Eggleston, who got us on the bidders’ list for the Shell Projects Expansion 1 job in 2006,” said Loranger. “Originally, Shell thought we were a ‘prototype’ company since we were so new, and tried to drop us. Tom knew me from earlier projects and fought for us to remain on the list. We did, and we ended up winning a bid. It was our first industrial project, and the growth we experienced from that was phenomenal – we could barely keep up with payroll because we were growing so fast. We were fortunate to have people lend us the money – sometimes as much as $1 million – until we got paid. Without the help of these people, we wouldn’t be where we are now.” Equipment Manager Ryan Midgley credits the organization’s safety-conscious attitude for its ongoing success. “Our safety-first mind-set shows in our daily activities and enhances the company’s image by setting a higher standard for others to follow,” Midgley explained. Loranger also says a dedicated staff of employees has been central to the success



This Komatsu PC308USLC-3 excavator moves a pile of dirt at the North West Redwater Partnership in Alberta. The excavator was the first piece of Komatsu equipment that Taurus Projects purchased. “The Komatsu machines are perfect for what we do,” said Owner Fab Loranger. “They are reliable and have excellent power and maneuverability.”

of the business. Longtime employees like Midgley and President Dave Zubko have helped to create and sustain a culture of honesty and accountability among Taurus Projects’ 225 employees. Even though Loranger’s reputation and vision have helped the company flourish, he continuously deflects credit. “I may be the owner, but I’m just another guy,” he said. “I don’t like being called ‘boss;’ it makes me feel uncomfortable. The only difference between my employees and me is that I take more risks – that doesn’t make me any better. I treat everyone who works here with respect; I appreciate everyone.”

Diversification and expansion From its inception, Taurus Projects has grown considerably, both in services and geographic footprint. The next area of growth for Taurus Projects is to create a maintenance division. “Diversification is key to a company’s success,” said Loranger. “There is so much uncertainty in this industry that we don’t want to focus too heavily on one area. We hope to open a maintenance division to create more stability in the future. Hopefully, it will give us

A Taurus Projects operator uses a Komatsu GD655-5 motor grader to perform road maintenance at the North West Redwater Partnership jobsite in Alberta.

something else in our toolbox to keep people working, our bills paid and our lights on.” Its service portfolio is one of many things that has expanded. Roughly 90 percent of Taurus Projects’ work occurs in Alberta, but it

Continued . . .


KOMTRAX pays off for Taurus Projects Group . . . continued

has begun to branch out to other provinces. It recently worked on a project for Saskatchewan Co-operative Association refinery in Regina. The company started the project on an 18-month contract and was extended to 52 months due to the quality and safety of its work. Loranger expects Taurus Projects to continue to look for opportunities in other provinces. “We don’t want to leave any stone unturned,” he said. “The Saskatchewan project gave us some hard-earned respect there, and now we’re looking to do the same in Manitoba and British Columbia.”

‘Prototype’ to pacesetter It is safe to say that Taurus Projects has shed its “prototype” image in the industry. The company that was almost dropped from a bidders’ list 10 years ago is currently working on two of the largest projects in Alberta. It joined the North West Redwater (NWR) Partnership – an $8.5 billion diesel oil refinery construction project in Edmonton – four years ago and has maintained a presence ever since. “NWR is probably the highest-profile project in Alberta right now,” said Loranger. “Our package of services that we offer have made us a valuable asset to the project. We are performing material handling; road maintenance, including snow removal, sanding and road grading; and

(L-R) Taurus Projects’ Owner Fab Loranger and Equipment Manager Ryan Midgley call on SMS Territory Manager Troy Gallagher and PSSR Mike Montpetit for all of the company’s equipment and service needs.

we were added to the bidders’ list for larger earthmoving projects.” The NWR Partnership has experienced its share of hiccups along the way, mainly due to the global recession and a drop in oil prices, but Taurus Projects continued doing its job. “When we started, the project was on hold because of the economy,” explained Loranger. “The site was graded, but the grass had grown back. We looked after the site – watched beaver dams and creeks. The main thing we did was dewatering because there was so much water on the site due to its condition. We felt it was important to maintain a presence there.” The job was the driving force behind Taurus Projects’ decision to develop a maintenance division. Loranger says the company is contracted through 2017 at NWR, and he hopes the new division will offer services that can be attractive to NWR in its next phase. Taurus Projects is also involved in the Fort Hills oil sands project in Fort McMurray, sponsored by Suncor. In the summer of 2015, Taurus Projects came on board to do material handling. “We are fortunate to be able to be on two very big jobs, especially at an economic time like this,” said Loranger. “Our goal is to do a quality job and continue to offer as many services as we can. Hopefully, our role continues to grow at each site.”

SMS support Taurus Projects has been working with SMS for seven years, and Loranger said he considers SMS and Sales Rep Troy Gallagher as integral components of his business. “Our first purchase with SMS was a Komatsu PC308 excavator,” recalled Loranger. “Then we bought three WA380-7 wheel loaders, and it’s continued from there. Komatsu machines are perfect for what we do. They are reliable and have excellent power and maneuverability.” The rest of the company’s Komatsu fleet includes two dozers (a D65PX-17 and a D155AX-7), two more excavators (a PC490LC and a PC210LC-10), a GD655-5 motor grader and an HM300 articulated truck. Taurus Projects’ decision to continue to buy Komatsu equipment


was influenced by the service and product support it receives from SMS. “Being able to call SMS when we have an issue and reach a person – not an answering machine – is amazing,” remarked Midgley. “We can get an answer right away. That’s so valuable.” Taurus has also taken advantage of KOMTRAX, Komatsu’s remote machinemonitoring system, in a commitment to reduce idle time. Loranger noted that there was an immediate impact. “When we started, we noticed we had a motor grader that was running for nine hours a day but was used for just 45 minutes,” said Loranger. “It was getting turned on in the morning with the rest of the equipment to warm up, but it wasn’t getting turned off if no one was using it. We put 700 hours on it, and it had barely left the garage. “What KOMTRAX did was provide us with hard numbers to show our employees,” he added. “That helped get them on board, and there’s been a definite change. As a result, we’ve used significantly less fuel, our maintenance costs are lower and we’ve gotten more out of our warranties.”

The next step

Komatsu machines – like this D65PX-17 dozer – make up a large part of Taurus Projects’ fleet. The company has another dozer (a D155AX-7), three excavators (a PC308USLC-3, a PC490LC and a PC210LC-10), a GD655-5 motor grader, an HM300 articulated truck and three WA380-7 wheel loaders.

When Loranger thinks about the future of his company, he sees challenges, but also opportunities to expand. “We’ve been fortunate to experience growth at a time when a lot of other companies are scaling back. It’s a nice feather in our cap, but it’s due in large part to our people and our reputation. We are honest and transparent. We give a fair price and do quality work. I think that’s why we’ve experienced growth, and why it will continue for us,” stated Loranger. He concedes that growth will be difficult going forward because of ramped-up competition. “Two years ago, there may have been three bidders for a project, now there are 60 because everyone is looking for work,” he reported. “Luckily, we are on some long-term projects right now, but diversification is going to be key going forward. We make improvements every day to ensure we have the right systems in place, so we can keep chugging along.” ■

Taurus Projects has come a long way in 10 years. Today, it is working on two of the largest projects in Alberta – the North West Redwater Partnership and the Fort Hills oil sands project, sponsored by Suncor.


Short-Term Rentals Ready When You Are Completing the circle of services offered by SMS Equipment, KRents takes equipment rental to a whole new level of convenience, service, performance, and reliability. KRents offers a full line of Komatsu and complementary OEM equipment to meet the increasing rental demands of the resource- and construction-based industries. As a division of SMS Equipment, KRents is your solution for short-term rentals throughout Western Canada.

1 855-4KRENTS (457-3687)

FIRST-TIME BUYERS FROM SMS Baie-Comeau Innus Pessamit Council

Roadways Foreman Dany Vachon (pictured) and Innus Pessamit Council Utilities Manager Sylvie Vollant were looking for a small wheel loader (WA150-class) for snow removal and maintenance work. They tested a Komatsu WA200-7 and then rented it. Although the model was slightly larger than what they were initially looking for, they were quickly convinced that it met all of their requirements, so they purchased it. Both managers are very impressed with the productivity of the new loader, and they especially appreciate the service provided by SMS Equipment, Baie-Comeau branch.

Saint-Augustin Pavages de Beauce Ltd.

Louis-Vick Poulin (pictured) and Denis Poulin are owners of Pavages de Beauce Ltd. Their company has built a solid reputation in excavation and paving based on its expertise in and strict observance of standards and regulations, without compromising its quality of work. To help accomplish this, Pavages de Beauce always strives to master the latest technological advances and the best practices in roadway renovation. It recently acquired a Wirtgen W 50Ri milling machine to offer the most advanced milling technique for paved surfaces. The W 50Ri is an intuitive, precise levelling machine equipped with the exclusive Level Pro Plus system, which is fully integrated into the machine management system. Milling depth is measured via displacement sensors in the hydraulic cylinders of the side plates.

Timmins Paré Logging

Pascal Paré is the owner of Paré Logging, established in Kapuskasing in Northern Ontario. He works as a tree-harvesting subcontractor for RTMI, a contractor in a forestry-operation sector of Eacom Timber Corporation in Cogoma, which is located 580 km (360 mi) northwest of Toronto. Paré recently acquired a Komatsu XT430-2 tracked harvester (left) equipped with a cut-to-length C144 harvesting head. He also purchased a Komatsu 895 wheeled forwarder (right) for collecting and carrying harvested trees to the road for pick up and transport to the mill. Paré selected Komatsu equipment for its ruggedness, the low production costs of the tracked harvester and the productivity reputation of the 895 forwarder. Paré also knew that he could count on SMS Equipment for reliable service; he has complete confidence in the expert recommendations of his Sales Rep, Kevin Ormandy, who’s based at the SMS branch in Timmins. Continued . . .


Dorval Duroking Construction

Duroking Construction was founded in 2008 by Mathieu Kingsbury in Saint-Jérôme, Québec. The company specializes in civil engineering and recently selected this Komatsu D51PXi-23 crawler dozer with intelligent Machine Control for its road-building work. This Komatsu technology ensures that the dozer performs accurate and efficient levelling from start to finish, which saves time and material for Duroking Construction.

Michel Lanegan

Michel Lanegan has more than 25 years of forestry-road building and construction experience. Recently, he won a contract that required a tracked dozer. He worked closely with SMS Sales Rep Alain Bertrand, from the Dorval branch, to purchase a Komatsu D65EX-17 dozer with forestry protection and winch. Lanegan selected the Komatsu dozer based on the machine’s reputation for reliability and fuel economy as well as SMS Equipment’s commitment to after-sale support.

Robert & Gilles Demers

(L-R) President Robert Demers, Director Éric Demers and Operator Sylvain Contant are proud to show their new 2016 Komatsu PC360LC-10 excavator. Robert & Gilles Demers is located in Terrebonne on the north shore of Montreal and owns several sandpits. As a third-generation family enterprise with 25 employees, it specializes in the sale and transportation of sand. The company selected the excavator based on its reputation as a highly productive, low-maintenance machine.


Debien Excavation

Since 2000 Pascal Debien has served as the President of Debien Excavation, which is located in Saint-Jérôme, Québec. When the company was founded three generations ago, it specialized in sand transportation. Since then it has diversified and offers a wide range of services such as excavation, demolition, installation of septic systems and transportation of raw materials as well as commercial and industrial snow removal and sweeping. This new Komatsu PC170LC excavator has proven to be very productive in the company’s excavation work.

Serge Alie Transport Inc.


RecréEnviro’s motto is “To live the environment while living in it.” The company focuses on projects related to the environment, fauna, flora and tourism. Until recently, Owner Yves Lamarche rented excavators to build forestry roads. “I compared brands and distributors, and I concluded that SMS Equipment and Komatsu offer the best solution to meet my requirements. The reputation of Komatsu products, particularly the PC210LC-10 excavator, made my purchasing decision easier. The support that SMS provides in my territory also helped me finalize my decision,” explained Lamarche. “After using the machine, I am very impressed by the low fuel consumption, which represents lower production costs for us.”

Located in Terrebonne, Québec, Serge Alie Transport Inc. has specialized in the transportation of bulk materials since 1985. The company employs 14 people and owns a fleet of 11 trucks. President Serge Alie is proud of his recently added screening division and is counting on his new 2016 Komatsu WA200-7 wheel loader for productivity.

Continued . . .


New owners pleased with their Komatsu equipment . . . continued

Saint-Bruno Alexandre Mailloux, Sales Rep for SMS South Shore (left), meets with Stephan Gosselin, Operations Manager at Grantech.

Grantech Inc.

Grantech Inc. was founded in 1976 in Contrecoeur, on the south shore of Montreal. The company has specialized in manufacturing asphalt roofing shingles since 1986. SMS Equipment is proud to greet this new user of Komatsu equipment after Grantech recently acquired a PC360LC-11 excavator equipped with a Tier 4 Final engine. Grantech will use the excavator to load transport trucks and perform maintenance and repair work on the site roads. Gosselin based his purchasing decision on Komatsu’s reputation for reliability and productivity, the competitive terms and conditions offered by Komatsu Financial, and the exclusive Komatsu CARE maintenance program performed by SMS Equipment.

Chicoutimi Les Entreprises René Gauthier enr.

Les Entreprises René Gauthier enr. has been a leader in the mass snow removal and general landscaping field for more than 35 years. The company, founded by René Gauthier, built its solid reputation on quality work, the personal approach it takes with customers and the reliability of its continued after-sale service. Les Entreprises René Gauthier recently acquired a Komatsu WA380-8 wheel loader with a Tier 4 engine for major institutional snow-removal assignments. The company’s operators all agree that this Komatsu wheel loader offers exceptional pushing force and great fuel efficiency. “We are convinced that this new alliance between SMS Equipment and Les Enterprises René Gauthier will contribute to increase its market share in the region,” said Pascal Charest, Sales Rep for SMS Equipment. Pascal Charest (left) meets with René Gauthier, Owner.



SUPERIOR DRILLING FOR ROTARY AND DTH The DR461i diesel-powered, crawler-mounted blasthole drill is a rugged machine designed for drilling both soft and hard rock for surface mining applications. It features CAN Bus controls with scalable automation and data collection options. It can be equipped for down-the-hole (DTH) or rotary drilling methods, and drills holes with a diameter of 216 to 311 millimeters (8 1/2 to 12 1/4 inches). Advantages: • Next-generation operator’s cab offers enhanced ergonomic controls and improved visibility • Sandvik drill-control system with scalable auto-mine options offers improved operational efficiency • Extended service intervals give more hours of drilling • Optional Compressor Management System saves fuel A U T H O R I Z E D


DRIVING PRODUCTIVITY New intelligent Machine Control technology enables greater precision


Productivity is the driving force behind Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control (iMC) technology, an integrated system for dozers and excavators that enables precision digging or grading work. This system eliminates the need for surveying equipment and pre-calculated terrain layout references prior to execution of the work. Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology guides the equipment operator in grading, sloping and laying out complex jobsite terrain. The navigation system is integrated into the machine, meaning that the GNSS and radio antennas are mounted on top of the operator’s cab, away from jobsite hazards and free from exposed cables. The radio antenna enables the transmission of jobsite coordinates between the dozer and the base station, via UHF or 915 radio signals. Stroke sensors are mounted to the cylinders that control blade position on iMC equipment. These stroke sensors also incorporate a reset sensor, which calibrates cylinder position on the cylinder retraction stroke. The sensors allow computer-controlled blade positioning to maintain precise grade control, thus enabling faster grading operations. This technology results in more efficient machine use with less rework, which, in turn, lowers machine operating costs.

with precise accuracy. Working with the machine’s sensors, computers and positioning controls, cutting-edge adjustments are completed 10 times faster than conventional systems. n This D51PXi crawler dozer features innovative, automated operation from rough dozing to finish grade.

This PC210LCi-10 hydraulic excavator features Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control and Global Navigation Satellite System that improve efficiency and precision at the work site.

The Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) is mounted beneath the floor plate and measures 3-D positioning (X lateral, Y longitudinal and the Z vertical positions) of the machine on the jobsite terrain. It also detects movement in all three dimensions (roll, pitch and yaw) and the acceleration of the dozer to provide the most stable and responsive control system possible. The IMU ensures fine grading at high speeds


PRODUCTION NUMBERS IMPROVED New WA600-8 features larger standard bucket and increased fuel efficiency


How do you measure enhanced performance? Komatsu’s new WA600-8 wheel loader provides answers with numbers that show you can move more material with lower fuel consumption.

Rob McMahon, Komatsu Product Marketing Manager

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Komatsu optimized engine power control in the Tier 4 Final WA600-8, and improved power train and hydraulic efficiency, reducing fuel consumption up to 13 percent, compared to its Tier 3 predecessor. The loader combines Komatsu’s SmartLoader Logic with an enhanced lockup torque converter that activates in second, third and fourth gears. Together, the system provides optimal engine torque for improved acceleration, hill climbing, fuel savings and a higher top speed.

Komatsu’s new WA600-8 features optimized engine power control and improved power train and hydraulic efficiency to help reduce fuel consumption by up to 13 percent, compared to its Tier 3 predecessor. Standard bucket capacity was increased to 7.03 cubic metres (9.2 cubic yards), and Komatsu designed it to fill easier, retain material better and give operators greater visibility. Quick Specs on Komatsu’s WA600-8 Wheel Loaders


Net kW (hp)

Operating Weight


394 kW (529 hp)

55,459-56,459 kg (122,268-124,473 lb)

WA600-8* 394 kW (529 hp) 57,460 kg (126,678 lb) * Load-and-carry configuration with additional counterweight

Bucket Capacity 7.03 m3 (9.2 cu yd) 7.79 m3 (10.2 cu yd)

Bucket capacity of the standard WA600-8 increased to 7.03 cubic metres (9.2 cubic yards), and Komatsu designed it to fill easier, retain material better and give operators greater visibility. A load-and-carry configuration for the WA600-8 is available with added counterweight and a 7.79 cubic metres (10.2-cubic-yard) bucket. A new auto-dig function reduces operator effort required to fill the bucket, and Komatsu-integrated load meter data is accessible on the machine monitor and remotely via the Internet. “With significant enhancements in production capacity and fuel economy, the WA600-8 is designed to maximize production efficiency in loading off-highway trucks or load-and-carry applications,” said Rob McMahon, Komatsu Product Marketing Manager. “Owners and operators consistently tell us they are impressed with the machine’s productivity and stability.”

Increased cab comfort The cab features a new air-suspension, high-back, heated seat that softens machine vibration. The seat’s cast frame members increase strength, and seat-mounted electronic pilot-control levers add ergonomic comfort and convenience. The KOMTRAX Plus telematics system provides key machine metrics and performance information that can be accessed remotely by smartphone. “Full rear fenders and steps with handrails at both sides of the loader add convenience for daily inspections,” said McMahon. “Similar to other Tier 4 machines, the WA600-8 is covered by the Komatsu CARE program for the first 2,000 hours or three years, which further reduces owning and operating costs. Add it all up, and the savings are significant. We encourage anyone needing a production loader to check out the new WA600-8.” n











24% G

SMS Equipment is committed to delivering genuine engine parts for your Komatsu which are high-quality and precision made with new, innovative technologies.




Komatsu genuine replacement parts are designed to keep your equipment running at optimal levels to achieve maximum productivity and maintain the reliability of any Komatsu machine. At SMS Equipment we support our customers by offering a large inventory of genuine Komatsu parts at competitive prices. From large engines to small nuts and bolts—we’ve got you covered!





• Ensure fuel efficiency and high reliability • Low maintenance with long life • Reduce owning and operating costs With Komatsu genuine parts, maintain the innovation and technology in your machine at an exceptional value! With branches across Canada and our Online Parts Store, SMS Equipment and ePortal make it convenient to purchase Komatsu genuine parts for your machine at competitive prices. Contact your local branch or visit us at to learn more about Komatsu Genuine Parts.


VIRTUAL TRAINING ROOM SMS Equipment’s new system accurately simulates control center’s interaction with autonomous haul trucks


Komatsu developed driverless autonomous trucks many years ago. Mines in Australia and Chile already use the massive haulers to cost-effectively move vast quantities of material. The technology has now come to Canada, and SMS Equipment teamed up with Komatsu’s Modular Mining Systems to develop a virtual training room designed to simulate the nerve center behind the operation of a mine employing driverless rigs. “Even though the trucks operate without drivers, it takes humans to make the Komatsu FrontRunner Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) function correctly,” said Scott Schellenberg, Project Manager, Autonomous Haulage Systems. “A mine using the system needs a command center with a controller, or controllers, at the helm. Our virtual training room accurately simulates the environments the controllers will be working in.” Autonomous dump trucks are equipped with vehicle controllers, an obstacle-detection system (ODS) and a wireless network. Information on target course and speed is sent wirelessly from the supervisory computer to the driverless trucks while the GPS ascertains their positions. When loading, the dump trucks are automatically guided to the loading spot after computing the position of the GPS-fitted excavator or loader bucket. The supervisory computer also sends information on a specific course to the dumping spot.

scenarios that controllers may encounter. Our simulator mimics those situations.”

Built for the future SMS Equipment’s virtual training room is located at its 63 North branch in Fort McMurray, Alberta, close to where a mine is using autonomous trucks on a trial basis; however, the servers that run the system are housed at SMS’ Acheson offices in Edmonton, Alberta. Kim Young, Supervisor of SMS’ Infrastructure Department, said that’s by design. “We built the system with flexibility and the future in mind, because we’re confident in AHS growth in Canada,” said Young. “As that happens, additional SMS Equipment locations can branch off the main server in a variety of ways and replicate our current training room. It’s a fairly cost-effective way to expand support.” n

Scott Schellenberg, Project Manager, Autonomous Haulage Systems

Kim Young, Supervisor Infrastructure Department, SMS

SMS Equipment’s new virtual training room simulates the nerve center behind operations of a mine employing driverless Komatsu autonomous trucks.

“The ODS detects an obstacle and stops the truck, which then waits for a human pit patroller to investigate, clear the obstacle and release the truck to go back to work,” said Schellenberg. “That’s just one of many



Two in one: The WR 240i from Wirtgen makes a convincing impression when it comes to soil stabilization and cold recycling. In addition to perfect ergonomics and operation, clever automatic functions and outstanding terrain accessibility, the efficient engine and powerful milling and mixing performance ensure optimal results. You too can benefit from the technology leader’s solutions.



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ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES SMS Equipment launches initiative to give you comprehensive info about equipment technology


Intelligent equipment. Trucks that drive themselves. Telematics delivering real-time machine information. It’s all part of a technological revolution that’s increasing efficiency, production and profit for mining and construction companies. SMS Equipment brings all of this together, and more, with its new Advanced Technologies initiative that’s designed to incorporate technology into your business today, while planning for where it will go tomorrow. Look to as a one-stop resource for details about Advanced Technologies, including Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control (iMC) dozers that provide fully automatic blade control from rough cut to finish grade. You can also learn about iMC excavators, such as the PC210LCi-10, with exclusive control function that goes beyond simple guidance to semi-automatically limit over-excavation and trace a target surface.

KOMTRAX Plus goes a step beyond with information including a history of normal operating parameters, system trend data and payload meter readings. Safety is an essential aspect of all types of operations, and SMS Equipment added to its Advanced Technologies with the addition of SICK Ltd.’s sensor intelligence systems that are designed to aid in collision avoidance. Systems that provide operators both visual and audible warnings of potential hazards are available for excavators, trucks and wheel loaders. “SMS continues to pioneer advanced, customer-focused technology, and I am very proud of the team’s collaborative effort in developing an identity to drive our efforts into a new era of thinking,” said President and CEO Mike Granger. “Advanced Technologies encompasses all of our industries’ technologies and allows us to be forward thinkers of what could come next.” n

Visit, a one-stop resource for details about Advanced Technologies, including Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control (iMC) dozers and excavators; KOMTRAX and KOMTRAX Plus telematics systems; and more.

Komatsu’s driverless FrontRunner Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) is another example of Advanced Technologies. Dump trucks using AHS are equipped with vehicle controllers, high-precision GPS, an obstacle-detection system and a wireless network jointly developed by Komatsu and Modular Mining Systems (SMS Equipment and Modular Mining Systems jointly developed the SMS FrontRunner Virtual Training Room. See related article on page 23). Equipment owners and fleet managers can track Komatsu construction and mining equipment with KOMTRAX and KOMTRAX Plus. KOMTRAX for construction monitors hours, location, fuel consumption, idle time, maintenance alerts, monthly working records and more. Designed for mining equipment,


The Hamm H 11i compactor comes standard with the “Hammtronic” machine management system for the monitoring of all engine and vehicle functions. Automatically adjusting traction control drive, vibration and engine speed to the operating conditions as well as reducing fuel consumption, exhaust gas and noise emissions significantly. Increase your productivity, work more economically, save fuel and extend the life of your machine – that’s the reward of Hammtronic. Hamm H-Series – the compactor of the future!



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‘REGENERATE’ THE RIGHT WAY Following proper procedures is imperative for Tier 4 equipment – here’s how to do it


The advent of Tier 4 ushered in further reductions in machine emissions such as soot. Most Komatsu machines use a Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter (KDPF) to capture the soot produced by the engine, and these filters have a self-cleaning ability called regeneration, which uses heat to oxidize soot into gases that leave the filter. Regeneration is a normal part of running machines with a KDPF, and the process rarely gets in the way of operating. “Regeneration falls into two categories – active and manual – and each involves specific actions that should be taken by the operator,” said Matt Beinlich, Deputy Director of Komatsu’s Business Solutions Group, Products and Services Division. “Operators will know what to do based on alert symbols, which are either yellow or red. Yellow is active, and red is manual.” During active regeneration, the operator should work the piece of equipment hard because a loaded engine creates hotter exhaust gas, which is better for the process. Shutting down the machine is fine, as it will pick up where it left off at the next restart. If the alert symbol is red, it’s imperative to park the machine in a safe location and initialize the proper idle procedure.

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Proper idle includes: • In tracked machines: All lock levers must be in the “lock” position with the throttle dial turned down to minimum. • In a wheeled machine: The transmission needs to be in neutral, the parking brake applied and the accelerator pedal released. • If a machine is going to be shut down completely: The operator should let it cool for five minutes before turning off the key. ■

Matt Beinlich, Deputy Director, Business Solutions Group, Products and Services Division

Operators will know whether active or manual regeneration is required based on the alert symbols indicated by the machine. Yellow means active, and the machine should be worked hard. Red is for manual, and operators need to park and properly idle the machine. Tier 4 machines require either active or manual regeneration, and proper procedures should be followed. Regeneration is a normal part of running machines with a Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter, and the process rarely gets in the way of operating.

Idle correctly “If for some reason the operator can’t work the machine during active regeneration, or is following the appropriate course of action during manual regeneration, proper idle is imperative,” said Beinlich. “There are specific instructions for both tracked and wheeled machines. Following these procedures will optimize regeneration.”






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