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bulk SMS The types of SMS gateways used by SMS gateway service providers to send bulk SMScan roughly be put into two categories: SMS aggregators and SS7 providers. What is the difference between the two? SMS aggregators: they can only route packages to the message centre - from there on out what happens to the message is out of their hands. This can be a concern for their customers as these SMS Gateway providers do not have access to the wireless mobile networks, can't ensure delivery on their own and are generally bound by national boundary restrictions. It is not ideal if you want to communicate with an international audience or need to keep detailed information about your SMS campaigns However, if you are looking to save on cost and your messages aren't very critical, SMS aggregators might be the way to go. Their services can be less expensive than those of SS7 providers and simply sending one message to multiple s is relatively cheap. It is also not to say that the SMS gateway service provider necessarily has a crappy, unreliable network - you can still receive good service and network coverage from them. Another advantage of this type of service provider is that their infrastructure can usually be tailored to suit the requirements of the customer and are easy to implement. SS7 providers: their gateways are a lot more complex and need more implementation infrastructure. But, they can guarantee message delivery as long as the intended mobile number is valid because they have access to the SS7 channels of the mobile network. It is ideal for sending messages across national borders. Companies make use of the mentioned SMS Gateway service providers for marketing purposes. They send information, alerts and notifications to their clientele ranging from promotional material and company news to ly bills. The messages can be aimed at creating revenue or simply keeping in touch with customers. Even governments can use it to relay important information about natural disasters or the outbreak of disease in a certain area.

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