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Regional Update July 2012

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Volume 2, Issue 2

Redirection Dear Brethren, I am writing to you for the last time as I take my leave to my new assignment in Central

& Eastern Visayas Regional Unit. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the Lord with you thru the IVCF ministry here in Southern Mindanao. It never occurred to me that I would leave this soon. Still, I am certain that the Lord is sovereign and that He knows best the reason and the result of this move. Let me share with you God’s Word that gave me assurance as I embark on this new journey of staff work in another region. During our Staff Conference, I asked the Lord to speak to me through His Word about the next assignment I’m supposed to take. Suffice to say I already had my choice but because circumstances have changed, I needed guidance as always. In one of our ‘Word’ times, we happened to study Psalm 16. It’s quite a popular psalm – a psalm of confidence as the scholars would say. The staff con was nearing its end and I must make a wise choice as to where I’m supposed to go. And God’s Word for me that day was the phrase “You have as-

signed me…” I asked the Lord what it meant and slowly as if the curtain has been drawn I knew what I had to do. I relinquished my right to choose to our National Director. I knew at that time that whatever the decision is, it will come from the Lord and not from me. It will not be my choice. My only choice is to accept whatever is given me at that time. It wasn’t easy. I had reservations. But the succeeding

The IVCF-SMRU Staff Team (Left to Right-Fenny, Rachel, Darby, Jasher, Ricky, Raffy)

verses of the Psalm drowned all those away. I realized at that moment that my assignment comes from the Lord. Yes, my stay here was not long ‘enough’ perhaps to my human perspective. Who am I to question it? It is the Lord’s will I’m after not my own. And so, I bid you good bye my dear brothers and sisters in the Lord. I must say this is not the end and yes in God’s time, we might see each other again – in this world or in the one to come. And so let me encourage you to

make Psalm 16 your portion for this coming month. Let us walk with confidence knowing that our God is ever-present in times of need or no-need. Perhaps we need to go back to the delightful truth that we are heirs with Christ and because of that there is much to claim in and for God’s name. May I also encourage you to continue supporting and praying for the ministry here in Southern Mindanao. In many ways, you have been truly blessed beyond measure and when we think about it, we will realize that the Lord has faithfully given us what we need in spite of the challenges we faced. Please continue to pray for the whole movement and for the staff team here as well to be led by Darby Aspacio. I pray that he may be encouraged as you work together for the advancement of God’s kingdom in the student world here in Southern Mindanao. And for all its worth, I really want to say ‘thank you’ for all your support and prayer as I served with you here. To God be all the glory; Great things He hath done! Indeed! For Christ and His kingdom,


SMRU Regional Assembly 2012 Envisions to Care Enough IVCF SMRU has been moving into action for future probability! Like Nehemiah, a good manager and visionary leader, who was used by God to care enough for the suffering people by enabling himself to do what he can do and what God can do, above else. He clearly sees the vision of need and translated it to the vision of intended result—an act to will! This was the central message of the recent Regional Assembly (RA) last July 6-8 at Mt. Carmel, Bansalan, Davao del Sur. By fulfilling the great commission, the region was indeed challenged to advance its leadership and discipleship role in the person of Nehemiah, which was unswervingly depicted by Ptr. Elvin Mijares, RA’s expositor. Nehemiah was a king’s cupbearer. And SMRU IVCFers are the King’s cupbearers ready to obey the call to fulfill the vision. After the first exposition, there were three separate sessions—for the students: ”Christian Student Counter-culture” by Kuya Eleazar Canonigo; for the Young Grads: ”Ordering Your Private World” by Ate Nellie Buenconsejo; and for the Seasoned Grads: The Gift of Years, Theology of Aging” by Ate Nida Mijares. These sessions urged the participants to be deliberate in realizing and actualizing their part in the kingdom building inasmuch as nurturing the Five Flagship Programs of the ministry especially Missions. In pursuit to pass on this vision, each chapter of the region presented their concerns by which all other chapters are encouraged to extend support through acts of missions. Meanwhile, many significant stories were told as the developments in the

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Flagship Programs were presented by Ate Rachel Grace R. Jentapa, the outgoing Regional Director. In her report she emphasized the need to focus on Missions, the need to make membership process more orderly and in place, and the need to give attention to the essentials when it comes to leadership training. In effect, these become the main quest of the Results-Based Annual Plan 20122013 of the region under the term of the new Regional Director, Kuya Darby Aspacio. He presented the possible trainings and programs for students and graduates, estimated allocation, and other concerns that will be further evaluated by the RAC (Regional Advisory Council). Additional team-players to help achieve this vision were four new elected RAC members, namely, Atty. Marnito Cosep of South Cotabato, Mrs. Lj Engkong, Engr. Ruben Hernani, Jr.

MMRU and Kuya Jeremie Probadora, our region’s Staff Representative, who will continue his faith journey on something else. Perhaps their parting is a sweet sorrow but still the region is rejoicing for welcoming another arms—Kuya Darby as the Regional Director (effective July 1); Kuya Eleazar (effective Oct. 1) as a full-time staff from MMRU; and Kuya Raffy (effective Aug.) of Kabacan as the region’s Staff Representative.

If Nehemiah had challenged 40,000 community of faith to rebuild the city wall of

IVCF SMRU community of faith dare

Jerusalem, could this IVCF SMRU community of faith dare to embrace God’s vision for His people?

and Mr. Jether Yares of Davao City. As part of advancing God’s vision, some staff will be leaving and others will be coming in for this school year. During the assembly, our outgoing RD, Ate Rachel bid her parting with overwhelming gladness of serving the promise land. Also with Kuya Ricky Patricio, who commits for reassignment in

Moreover, from the peak of the seven key areas of the region, the assembly was well attended with 21 Students, 1 kid, 30 Young Grads and 11 Seasoned Grads. All in all, it was an assembly of no deficit. God has been doing such great things in the lives of those who act more for HIM and less for himself! If




40,000 community of faith to rebuild the city wall of Jerusalem, could this to embrace God’s vision for His people? Yes! It took feet and faith for Nehemiah to act for it. And just as he did, the region becomes more encouraged in fulfilling the Great Commission with the heart to care enough. (Written by: Cristy Ann G. Blanco, a GT Volunteer in Tagum City.

Regional Update

Visions Night The second night of the ion…[and I find ChristianLast October 25, 2008 in LCDC, I Regional Assembly was ity as unthinkable…] It is fully accepted Jesus Christ in my life. filled with stories, dreams, still fresh in my Something happened after visions and decisions. We mind how God that camp… I am eager to were amazed with the used IVCF read His words every day. I inspiring testimonies of Ministry in the felt the fire of serving Him. one student, Gretchen transformation I learned how to study the Guillas – a Dibabawon, of my life. Four Bible, how to handle a two young graduates, Ms. years ago, I still small group, and how to S – a Maranao and Ms. C remember evangelize..... – a Maguindanao, and “Ms. S” giving her testimony when an "Ate " “Ms. C” giving her testimony [Indeed,] He is a powerful one seasoned graduate, invited me to God! If you are willing, He Noemi Dumalaug – a join the freshmen treat in will surely use you in His kingdom. long-time missionary worker among our chapter. I didn't know this stuYes, it is hard to follow Him espethe Manobo and Dibabawon Tribes dent servant-leadership organizacially in my situation, but our God is as community worker and Bible tion. I was just convinced to join an Awesome Lord that, truly, He will translator. They all traced back their because she is the “Ate” (older sisnever leave you nor forsake you. life transformation during their stuter) of my friend. Not knowing, God [There were many times when I was dent-days through the IVCF ministry. has been working in my life that in chain, locked up in my room preIndeed, the Lord has been affirming time. While listening to the presenventing me from joining Sunday our part in fulfilling the great comtation of the Ate's and Kuya's, I felt Worship Service]. [But,] every time I mission. In response, each of us some power is pulling me to the faced [such] persecutions, I just redrafted our contextualized vision for Christianity to know more about the member the life of Apostle Paul, the region and identified our practitruth and about Jesus. Many queswho once been a persecutor of the cal doable participation in a particular tions [were wandering] in my mind believers, but chosen by God to be area or province. Fresh vision from about the IVCF ministry and about His child and used to do things for the Lord captured and challenged all Him. His Glory.” –Ms. S– of us to work together for God’s In my entire college days, IVCF glory. Here’s an excerpt from one of Ministry was used by God to help the testimonies given. my Christian Life. Because of my

“…I am a half Muslim [Maranao by blood]... Our Family is very devoted to our religion [which believes that] Islam is a good and perfect relig-

curiosity, I kept on asking my IVCF Ate's and Kuya's about Jesus. Who can tell that a Muslim girl like me will be converted to Christian [faith]?

[There were many times when I was in

chain , locked up in my room preventing me from joining Sunday Worship Service]

Praise & Prayer 

We thank the Lord for the work of the student-leaders and graduate team volunteers in the different areas. Even if the staff team was away, they still proceeded with their plans & activi-

Volume 2, Issue 2

ties. Praise the Lord for how He ignites the passion in the hearts of our student-leaders. May this passion continue to burn in all our hearts even as we face the busy days ahead.

We praise the Lord that the LCDC Executive Committee has begun their planning last June 3, July 7, and July 14. This year’s executive committee will be headed by Eric Ray Saladar – a

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Southern Mindanao 903-2b Quezon Boulevard Davao City Phone:+63916 6395069 Mobile: +63947 4155769 email:;

LCDC Planning la st

Southern Mindanao Regional Unit

July 14 @ IVHo

me Davao

Bank Account: 1940008016 IVCF; BDO—JP Rizal Davao Equipping Servant-leaders for Christ

Farewell Party for graduating student of University of Southern Mindanao – Kabacan and also a KC2010 graduate. Please pray that he may be able to lead well in spite of a busy schedule. Pray for Darby who will be the staff-in-charge of the semestral break camp. Pray, too, for the availability of the listed speakers as well as the expected participants. 

We praise the Lord for the success of the Regional Assembly last July 6-8 with the theme “Vision Possible: fulfilling the Great Commission.” Rejoice with us for the availability and commitment of our speakers namely, Kuya Elvin Mijares (expositions on Nehemiah), Ate Nellie Buenconsejo

Rachel @ Davao


(Ordering your Private World), Eleazar Canonigo (Christian Students Counter Culture) and Ate Nida Mijares (The Gift of Years: A Theology of Ageing). 

The staff team had a wonderful and meaningful time during the staff conference. It was a time of revisiting our personal vision & the things that really matter to us as children of God. Please pray for good health, wisdom and financial provision for each staff as we embark on another year of service to the King of kings. Pray for a stable financial standing and additional new donors for the region. Based on this School Year’s Cash Receipts and Disbursements,

we are on the red by (P18,055.25) as of July 7. On the contrary, we have listed 486 graduates (from database as of 2009 update) and 1,115 students (last school year’s annual report) but only 30+ of them are regularly giving to the regional funds. Please pray that at least 25% of them will share at least P30 every month. Pray, too, that we will be able to explore new ideas for income generating ventures. 

Please pray for the success of the upcoming IVCF Annual Corporation Meeting this August 25 in Metro Manila. Pray, too, for the election of IVCF Board of Trustees.

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