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CIE: HOW AND WHEN ARE YOU CREATIVE? Your Name ____Smriti Sharma____________ On a scale ranging from 0 (not at all) to 5 (very), how creative are you? Would you like to be? 5. I think I am highly creative. When, where and how are you the most creative? I am most creative when I do not think of rules, guidelines and structures. Over the years, I have developed the ability to be creative anywhere I want to be-physical location is finally no more a hindrance for me. Though, I do have to tell myself to focus to get the creative juices flowing. I get creative by forcing myself to list 5 ideas and then eliminate all of them. Iteration is an important contributor to creativity. Also, you have to challenge yourself by first creating a box and forcing yourself to come out of it. Do you think that the world rewards creative people? Why or why not? The world does reward creative people. However, the rewards are mostly late. Also, creative people get their share of criticism too. This happens mostly because of herdmentality. If 10 people agree that something id creative, the 11th will not question them. It takes time for most people to understand creativity.

Do groups help or hinder the creative process? Why or why not? Groups do help creativity. However, creativity can only be achieved through a group of open-minded, confident people who are secure in their own positions, who do not fear change and who love to be challenged.

Do organizational routines help or hinder the creative process? Why or why not?