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Sarah M. Ryck Seeking new opportunities! Integrated Public Relations and Communications Professional--Creative Writer

10 people have recommended Sarah M. "Sarah was an instrumental member of one of my project teams at Eagle. Throughout the course of the project she participated in client-facing knowledge transfer and project meetings, curriculum writing and editing, database maintenance and validation and email marketing. Sarah is a thoughtful writer and always produced high-quality work. She eagerly accepted the challenge of learning new tasks and was willing to help other team members when necessary to ensure we met deadlines. She would be a welcomed asset to any team or company." — Colleen Spitz, Solutions Developer/Content Lead, Eagle Productivity Solutions, managed Sarah M. indirectly at Eagle Productivity Solutions "I worked very closely with Sarah on a project with multiple eLearning deliverables, all with tight deadlines. The overall scope of the project involved building 8 custom eLearning courses (none shorter than 20 minutes) within a few short months. Without her assistance, I am certain the project would not have been as successful as it was. She is a triple threat, utilizing skills and perspective from both a content and a builder's point of view, meaning she understood client feedback as well as how to apply it, and was able to take that knowledge and implement it, using programs like Flash and Photoshop, to ensure the aforementioned feedback was implemented correctly throughout each course. Her extreme attention to detail, ability to pick up technology and concepts quickly, and total efficiency helped guarantee a superior product. Both myself and the client could not be happier with the end results." — Sara White, Content Lead, Eagle Productivity Solutions, worked directly with Sarah M. at Eagle Productivity Solutions "I worked with Sarah on multiple projects at Eagle Productivity Solutions. Sarah was quick to pick up on what was needed to be done, and her work was always thorough and accurate. Her technical writing skills are excellent, as are her editing skills. I would recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a quality writer." — Lonna Cosmano, Solutions Developer, Eagle Productivity Solutions, worked directly with Sarah M. at Eagle Productivity Solutions "I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah on a few different projects at Eagle, and the quality of her work was impeccable no matter what was asked of her. She brings a wealth of knowledge, creativity, and excellence to the table, and her skill set is impressive. In short, Sarah will be an excellent asset to any team! John Bornheimer" Page6

— John Bornheimer, Solutions Developer, Eagle Productivity Solutions, worked directly with Sarah M. at Eagle Productivity Solutions "Sarah is an amazing Graduate Assistant. She manages the flow of the office with grace and a smile. Her writing skills are excellent as exhibited in Iona's alumni newsletter. She is a hard-working, dedicated, organized, pleasant representative of the Mass Communications office at Iona College. Sarah is a delight to work with!" — Laura Esposito, Adjunct Professor, Iona College, managed Sarah M. indirectly at Iona College "Sara was an outstanding honors student in Iona's Undergraduate Mass Communication Program. She is very talented and has the capacity to make wonderful contributions to any organization. She is also making great strides in the graduate program in PR at Iona and is well-prepared for any future job opportunity." — Bob Petrausch, Associate Professor, Iona College, worked directly with Sarah M. at Iona College "Sarah worked diligently with PlanetPR as our intern for 5 months. In her time spent with us she assisted with multiple accounts, helped write pitch letters and pitch journalists for a variety of clients. In addition, Sarah helped with our daily office duties, which included keeping an updated contact list and weeks of scanning and organizing client material from over the years. Sarah was asked to join us for Fashion week, and during one of our most anticipated events of the year, the introduction of a luxury skin-care product by a well-known fashion designer." — Matt Rich, Founding principal, PlanetPR, managed Sarah M. at PlanetPR "Sarah Michelle Ryck comes highly recommended. She works well in a team setting and independently, and she goes above and beyond what is required. Her work style, ethic and quality are superior, which is why I have repeatedly used her services." — Natalie Redcross, was Sarah M.'s client "Sarah writes! She is a thoughtful, precise, imaginative author and a master of the social media. She has helped me get up to speed and provided thoughtful ideas -- the ideas of a pro. If I were still running a media shop, I would hire her to be creative and work with clients." — Jim Eggensperger, Associate Professor and Director, Graduate Program in Public Relations, Iona College, advised Sarah M. at Iona College "Sarah embodies integrity in her work and in her life. I have known her for a couple of years both as a teacher in a challenging class and as her supervisor within the department and have been struck by her desire for nothing less than perfection in her work. As a graduate assistant in particular, I have been impressed by her quiet determination to develop innovative ideas for outreaches to our alumni community. Sarah would definitely be an asset for any company desirous of a worker who is both talented and utterly dependable." — Raymond Smith, Chair Mass Communication Department Iona College, Iona College, taught Sarah M. Page7

at Iona College

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