Selling Travel December 2014

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Timeless and timelessness are concepts that artists know about and unconsciously practice as they immerse themselves in their art form. This mental state is known as “flow” and has been well documented by author Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in his book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience. In essence, flow means to be so involved in what you are doing, that time does not exist, worries do not exist, over drafts do not exist… there is only now and being focused on what you are doing at this moment. You would know this feeling, when at the end of the day, you realize that the day just zipped past. You sold more than you ever have. All the digital paperwork was done without any mistakes and guess what? You have more energy left over than you usually do. You are buzzed beyond drugs! You were in the zone. Your experience was optimal. Now let’s explore how you can work with a local artisan and flow together towards a new flood of business for both parties. Chances are the artisan you meet somehow connects to the timeless places you sell or would like to sell.

You are looking for an artist whose art form lends itself to that specific destination you have built a niche market around – and for this article I’ll focus on Japan for reasons that Japan was my first true love and I have just met an artisan by the name of David Friesen owner-operator of Island Blacksmith whose art form is a direct connect to Japan. Working with a local artisan like David you can expose their work to your client base and where time and space come together you might even be able to arrange an open house of the artist’s work before you and your tour group head off to, in this case, Japan. Finding an artisan who produces timeless works of art that connect to the timeless place you have in mind can be a match made in heaven, or the furnace, or the studio or the forest. It’s truly a matter of focussing on the end result and not the time involved in bringing it all together. As a travel professional you too have your own art form to be proud of and by connecting with another artist both of you will grow and prosper in time. 

If you have the time to check out David’s website and let your contacts know of his work it would be greatly appreciated.