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Meda Collection

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Alberto Meda, engineer and designer, was born in 1945. He lives and works in Milan. Meda’s collaboration with Vitra, which began in 1994, has resulted in a series of office and conference chairs. The expansion of the Meda Collection is an ongoing process, resulting in new products which complement previous designs. Vitra has been committed to the topic of seating and the workplace for over 40 years. All Vitra products benefit from this extensive experience.

MedaSlim, is a comfortable, elegant and universally suitable chair for offices, meeting rooms and conference venues, auditoriums, restaurants, cafĂŠs and the home. In short, for any area in which comfortable seating is desired for extended periods of time. The chair has a restrained appearance and is distinguished by its superior comfort, durable materials and logical, lightweight construction. MedaSlim is also an ideal companion to the office chairs in the Meda Collection.

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The backward curve of the upper backrest allows generous freedom of movement and prevents pressure points.

Together with the breathable mesh fabric and the frameless, cushioned seat shell, the flexible backrest ensures pleasure and comfort during long periods spent sitting.

The combination of an ergonomically shaped backrest and mesh upholstery provides comfortable support in every sitting position.

The front legs, seat and backrest frame are moulded out of plastic in a single unit. This feature makes MedaSlim highly responsive to the movements of the sitter.

The back legs and armrests are made of aluminium; the surface finish is chromeplated, polished or powdercoated. This gives MedaSlim strength.

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With or without armrests, up to five chairs can be stacked to save space (stackable versions with chrome-plated back legs).

Media Slim is optionally available with row connectors and seat numbers.

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All measurements in millimetres and inches

65 21/2 ”


447 171/2 ”

870 34 1/4” 420 161/2 ”

575 22 3/4” 420 16 1/2 ” 225 8 3/4”

622 241/2 ” 450 17 3/4” 870 341/4” 420 16 1/2 ”

(max. 5 )

800 311/2 ”

575 223/4” 420 161/2 ”

522 20 1/2 ” 450 17 3/4”

441/2 ”

Universal visitor and conference chair on a four-legged base. Up to 5 chairs with chrome-plated back legs can be stacked. With or without armrests. The back frame, front legs and seat surface are moulded in a single unit. Material: Fibreglass-reinforced polyamide. Back legs made of aluminium; chrome-plated, polished or powder-coated, the latter corresponding to the frame colour basic dark. Polyurethane seat cushion, covered with fabric versions Nova, Skin, Torso Meda or leather. Backrest: mesh cover is stretched over the frame in the versions Netline or Meda 2 Netweave (analogous to the office swivel chairs MedaPro and Meda 2) or knitted fabric Torso Meda (like seat). Glides for hard or soft floors. Row connectors: MedaSlim can be connected with a retrofittable connecting element and numbered. Radial arrangements are possible.

447 17 3/4”

MedaSlim Programme features

16 1/2”

Nova Seat 580 223/4”

630 243/4”

Skin Seat

Leather Seat

Torso Meda Seat and Backrest Also available in fabric quality Polo by Kvadrat. Sample card available upon request. Netline Backrest

Netweave Meda 2 Backrest

Polyamide Chair frame Deviations in colour are possible due to the printing process.

Meda Collection

Meda Chair

Meda Conference Chair

Meda 2





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Alberto Meda, engineer and designer, was born in 1945. He lives and works in Milan. Meda’s collaboration with Vitra, which began in 1994, ha...

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