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Hope for the Hurting, Hope for the Lost an alcohol free “night club” environment for people to come together, have fun, enjoy music, and be uplifted.

A host of Christian movies are now available to the public for viewing. But how good are they really?

A look back and a look forward… Take a look back at the Rock and Rhyme Tour.


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Hope For The Hurting Love For The Lost 5

Jericho’s is God’s vision for an inner city Columbus refuge for lost, hurting, and addicted people. The vision, developed by Executive Director, James Ingerham, Jericho’s is designed to bring the walls of adversity down and give hope and light to many. Jericho’s is an environment of safety and community that offers a variety of programs designed to enable spiritual and personal growth. Opened in March, 2006, this ministry offers an alcohol free “night club” environment for people to come together, have fun, enjoy music, and be uplifted.

bible studies, personal support, and food outreach to those who need a warm meal to sustain life.

The primary goal of Jericho’s is to share God’s ever-encompassing love with people. Lives are changed through the outpouring of God’s love and grace.

There is no cost for any community member to participate in any program or to visit “the Club.” The goal is to provide an outpouring of God’s love and plant seeds of hope in hearts of people who are hungry physically and spiritually.

Jericho’s is a common gathering place for Christians to minister to those who need a personal touch of caring and mercy.

Funded solely by community donations, this ministry is a vibrant opportunity for suburban churches and devoted Christians to impact those who are lost in a hurting world.

Programs include addiction recovery, job and life skills development, children’s bible schools, discipleship, 6

• Musicians and band for Live Music Training is offered to all who desire to be a part of ministry at Jericho’s. People are welcome to minister as often as they feel led. Your time is valuable— can you share some of it with Jericho’s? In addition to monetary donations Jericho’s seeks donations of food, Candy, computers and other materials. Be a part of a life changing ministry. Contact:

Churches and lay people are encouraged to support Jericho’s vision financially and through volunteering.

Rev James Ingerham Executive Director 614.209.7487 email:

Be a part of Jericho’s team… Bring Light into the Darkness at Jericho’s

Peggy Forbey, Program Director 614.452.2952 email:

There are many opportunities to volunteer:

• Food preparation for lunches for the homeless • Greeters, servers food prep, and spiritual mentors on Friday and Saturday evening ministry • Leaders for discipleship and support groups • Prayer intercessors 7

Grade scale: A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, & F = 0 The Bible Series Genesis & the Flood F Ester A Jeremiah A Solomon C The Bible Collection Abraham B Jacob B Joseph A Moses B Samson & Delilah A David B Paul the Apostle A John & The Apocalypse



Genesis & The Flood If your having trouble sleeping at night and you don’t want to take sleeping pills get a copy of this DVD, put it in… You’ll be asleep in 5 to 10 minutes. What a major Disappointment… Maybe it was my fault. Before I bought the collection, I watched Paul the Apostle; it was excellent. So naturally, I thought Genesis would be a great film with their budget and technology. The movie was long, drawn out and boring. I thought about skipping a couple of the scenes in hopes that the action would pick up but it never did. Back to the drawing board on this one; this DVD should have been left out of the series F PLEASE SEE ME AFTER CLASS!!!!

Paul the Apostle

This could possibly be one of the best Christian films I have ever seen. The Apostle Paul contributes to most of the writings in New Testament. The film captures the essence of Paul’s transformation of Saul to Paul, his missionary work and his goal to reach Rome to spread the message of Christ. The acting and film quality was excellent. You’ll see the scriptures come alive when you watch this movie… It has everything, action, comedy, and drama. They set the standard of what a BIBLE film should look like. Pick up Paul the Apostle today. A+ GOLD STAR 9


D ĂŠ c o r


E n t e r t a i n m e n t

P r e s e n t s


Smoove TRG

A Tour for the Peop le! Fr ee! 10

And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone, everywhere.” Mark 16:15 NIV “He said, “Go”… So we WENT… That’s the reason we rock and rhyme. “ –Smoove TRG

People make this more complex than it has to be. Most people associate the word Preach with church, pulpit, clergy and such. As CHRISTians (disciples and followers of Jesus Christ), we ALL are mandated to preach (Proclaim) the Gospel (the Good News which is the life, death, resurrection and teachings of Christ.) to everyone, everywhere. How can we reach the entire world if we never leave the church? How can we reach everyone, everywhere if we only preach the good news to the church, pulpit, clergy, and such? This doesn’t make any sense… Does it??? So, how can we reach the entire world? Glad you asked… 11

International Christian Center & Jericho’s Light Club


There are so many ways in which we can reach the world. Here are three: Gifts, talents, and natural abilities. God has placed these inside each of us. Since we all are unique, this gives us all the opportunity to reach people in the world that wouldn’t be reached via the church bench. [For example] God has given some athletic talents. That is why you see some athletes point to the sky recognizing God as their source of strength after they score a touchdown, hit a home run, or dunk a basketball for the game winning score. Win or Lose, you see them with athletes from both teams praying together in the field of play after the game. They lead in a prayer thanks to God that there were no serious injuries. Athletes in U.S.A. are often more popular than schoolteachers, pulpit preachers, and even the President of the United States. Off the field they are able to speak in front of audiences as a ‘motivational speaker’ at schools. Most Christian athletes take this opportunity to give their personal testimony and preach the Good News. We all can’t be professional athletes but we all have been called to reach the world. For Shining Souls, 7 Days of Grace, Smoove TRG, Vocab Malone, and Young Moses there is ROCK and RHYME. Similar to athletes, we use music to reach the rock-n-roll/ hip-hop world. Many 13

Kent Stage & Light House


people are drawn to the sounds and the live stage show… When the music stops the ministry keeps on going… Just like the Christian athletes we get the opportunity to share our testimony and preach the Good News. We were able to make an impact on so many lives. People received prayer and some accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior. The Rock and Rhyme tour was held at many different venues across Ohio. Christian clubs, concert halls, and churches hosted the tour. The clubs and concert halls are easy because the people are ready to hear the music (who can pass on a FREE show J). Sometimes, the Church itself is a hard shell to crack. Usually, there are all ages from babies to senior citizens and different expectations. The older people want traditional pulpit preaching hymns and worship music. The younger crowd wants to hear Mtv and BET. That makes an interesting crowd mix. Some of the older people were not receptive to what we were doing but their reactions changed as they began to hear the message in the music and the ministry. The youth acted the same way, they heard a beat and they naturally danced emulating what they seen on TV… Then they begin to hear the message in the music. They started to really listen to and think about what we are saying. This is why we reach out to the church and the street. God wants to see both the young and the old saved. So to answer the question why do we Rock and Rhyme? Here’s the answer. “He said, “Go”… So we WENT… That’s the reason we rock and rhyme”. –Smoove TRG Check clips from the show: 15

Journey Covenant, Marne Methodist & Reapfest

16 30

The Rose & Rhema Christian Center


Artist Profiles Smoove TRG Vocab Malone Shining Soul

7 Days of Grace

Young Moses 18

man who plants and the man who waters have one purpose, and each will be rewarded according to his own labor. For we are God’s field, God’s building.

Shining Soul Shining Souls was formed November 23, 2004 after a group of musicians and singers met at their local church. After playing together and realizing the connection was something special, they decided to form the band; Shining Souls. Through time, God showed them that it wasn’t about stage presence or how much they rocked on stage, but it was about the hearts being lead to God. For this reason, Shining Souls remains dedicated to reaching the field with the water of truth. They are truly blessed with the talents God has given them, and with this seed they are ready to do the work of God and grow with his kingdom. The Vision of Shining Souls is to willingly and faithfully give their time and abilities as a way to reach out and show God’s love to this generation. Through Christ’s strength, we will bring back a level of excitement to music; without boundaries or limitations on the way we worship our God. We willingly step aside and let God work in the hearts of the people. It is time for an awakening of the heart, so let us go forth and awaken. 1 Corinthians 3: 5-9} What after all, is Apollos? And what is Paul? Only servants, through whom you came to believe-as the Lord has assigned to each his task. I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow. So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. The

7 Days of Grace


“The reason I do... what I do… is because God has changed me.” explains Josh. “I was raised in church; my father was a minister. I knew all the right things to say and do. It was head knowledge; I didn’t have Christ in my life.” After graduating high school, Josh went his own way; Similar to the story of the prodigal son. “I really didn’t want anything to do with God or church, but about 4 yrs ago God truly got hold of my heart and turned my world upside down”, he says smiling. “I’m thankful everyday that his grace and mercy covered me. This road is not always easy… but everyday I walk…and everyday, I find myself falling more and more in love with my Jesus. Everyday, I’m learning to trust in him more and more.” he says. He started out as a praise and worship leader; then, joined the band Election Sure. Some of the members from Election Sure broke off to start a new journey. 7 Days of Grace was formed. “God had a plan beyond my imagination. God showed me a vision of a praise and worship band” Josh says. God gave him the name 7 Days of Grace. “We’re created for one purpose and that is to worship the almighty King of Kings

and Lord of Lords. Our mission is to reach the lost and take the message; that Jesus is real, and he died for all of us. No matter what race, religion, sex, or culture you come from. Our mission is to lead people into worship; not just with their mouths but also as a life style. We don’t do this for fame/fortune, but because we believe that Jesus is our hope and salvation. It is our duty and our honor to share with others; there is a better way. We want to share Gods seven days of grace he gives freely to everyone.” - Josh of 7 Days of Grace

Columbus, Ohio based crew the NappyCombBreakers, Jon has collaborated and performed with the group for several years, concentrating on community events, and actively aiming to improve the quality of life of the local neighborhood. Focusing on performances for, and to aid, groups like the Columbus Urban League and the Ohio prison system, Jon carries this strong sense of community and loyalty forward with this latest endeavor. “It’s important to me to keep strong community ties,” he explains, “to try to unite people that will cause a positive reaction.” For Jon, that positive message stems from his faith “It’s just natural for me to be that way. I mean, if you’re a gangster, that’s how your music will be. If you’re a pimp, that’s how your music will be. So if you’re a Christian, then that’s also how your music will be.”

Smoove TRG “I’m not intentionally trying to sound like anyone,” confesses rapper Jon L.S., “I’m just trying to create something exciting, to march to the beat of a different drum.” For Jon, the smooth-tongued hip-hop poet also known as Smoove the ReFormed Geek, this statement is wholly expressed in his solo-debut album, State to State. As a youth, Jon was originally influenced by the likes of LL Cool J and Sup the Chemist, both in style and substance, using his natural rhyming ability in attempts to impress women. But it’s his background in prose, not hip-hop, that is the artist’s biggest asset. “I would write poetry that flowed so well that eventually people started to suggest that I combine it with hip-hop,” explains Smoove. The rest, as they say, is history. A member of the

Vocab Malone


Vocab Malone has been a full-time hip hop artist since 1999. His specialty on stage is getting the crowd involved in a fun way. His specialty off stage is teaching Biblical theology and history. In fact, he regularly contributes articles to Vocab has recorded several professional albums, all of which employ his trademark energetic Old School-influenced style. The World’s First Holy Hip Hopera

_When asked about his favorite creative endeavor, he quickly says, “The One”, a hip hop opera he acted in and co-wrote . Vocab and the 70-member cast performed this production at the historical Herberger Theater and in Veteran’s Coliseum at the Arizona State Fair. Audiences all over agree that The One is a lifechanging work. View clips from the show at Spoken Word/Slam Poet Another avenue Vocab pursues is spoken word poetry. In 2002, he went to the PSI Nationals. He has recited his pieces in coffee houses and art galleries throughout the U.S. These experiences have enabled him to engage a variety of audiences, from college campuses to local libraries. He’s also used poetry to help support the Arizona Right to Life movement. Urban Arts & The Inner City Even though Vocab’s music is somewhat light-hearted, he has a burning concern for the streets. Vocab has ministered in many juvenile penitentiaries and low-income neighborhoods. He can often be found freeestyling on a downtown corner as part of an outreach supported by Urban Artists United [UAU]. UAU received the award for Best Christian Hip Hop Artists by The Phoenix New Times in 2006. Other Various Credits On a different note, Vocab has worked as a host for the syndicated Radio U, KXEG 1280 in Phoenix, and several internet radio stations. As an artist, he has collaborated with John Reuben, Vex Da Vortex (Boogiemonsters), Red Cloud, Pigeon John, and DJ Manwell (Grits). He has shared the stage with KJ 52, Five Iron Frenzy, T-Bone, Anticon, Paul Wright, Cross Movement, and Natalie Grant. Closing Quote_”I want to be the type of artist who encourages people instead of discouraging them. This

involves a lot of breaking down of negative stereotypes. Hip hop is a vehicle for personal expression but it’s also a platform to share The Truth.” ‘Nuff said!

Young Moses “I love giving people a different way of hearing the same message preached from the pulpit” – Young Moses Young Moses was born Michael Bell in Youngstown, Ohio. At the age of 6 he moved to Columbus, Ohio. Raised by his mother and Grandmother, Michael never really knew his dad. As a teen he saw so many of his friends dying and going to jail. It was at this time he knew he needed a change in his life. “I heard a rapper say;”Even if I could use my power for good I wouldn’t”. That made me think…maybe I should be using my talents for Christ”. Michael did just that. He started rhyming about Christ. When asked about the name Young Moses, he replied, “My grandma was saved and she gave me a pendant with the 10 commandments on it as a reminder of the commitment I made to God. I was looking for a name and every scripture I read had something to do with Moses. One night I was dreaming and I had a vision…it was me 21 leading teens out of the wilderness to

WLRY can Play Great Christian Hits at your Next Party of Function!

Christ.” Three years later, Young Moses still rhymes for the lord.

With 30 years of experience. WLRY’s Mike O’Riley can provide ‘family friendly’ music and entertainment at your next party wedding business function or church event!

“I love giving people a different way of hearing the same message preached from the pulpit” says Moses. Out of the Darkness-The Rebirth a 10 song Ep is set to be released under Décor Entertainment April 2008. “He’s something special” says Jon L.S. founder of Décor Entertainment. “It’s not his lyrics or his ability to relate to the streets; it’s his desire to see people changed. He is so passionate you can feel it in his music”. Young Moses can also be heard on the Prelude - a fivesong demo with GDS (God’s Devoted Souljah’s).

WLRY Mobile Music


Call Mike O’Riley at 740.215.1671 or e-mail:

CD/DVD State to State- Smoove TRG State to State is the 1st solo project from Smoove the ReFormed Geek. This project features 16 tracks with beats by D.J. LoZone, Theory Hazit, F.C., and The Reformed Geek. Fan Favorite Songs Include: Drugs, Hope, and My Mind. Guest appearances by OneLife, Trek and Expreshun. One of the featured tracks is a previously un-released track by the original NappyCombBreakers. $10.00

The Gathering DVD The underground Christian Hip-hop scene is about to erupt and you have a front row seat. The Gathering is a Collective of artist with a unified vision of reaching the lost through the vehicle of hip-hop. Artist include: Mark Artrip, D-M.A.U.B., Gyfted, the Prophetionals, B-Moses, One Life, Scribbling Idiots, and Smoove the ReFormed Geek of the NappyCombBreakers. This is a must have for your DVD Collection. Over 60 minutes in Length. $10.00

TRG Catazine / Magalogue  

TRG Catazine / Magalogue: The catalogue magazine mixture which bring local midwest music and TRG Fashion

TRG Catazine / Magalogue  

TRG Catazine / Magalogue: The catalogue magazine mixture which bring local midwest music and TRG Fashion