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Valentine's Day concerts in Dallas ... Review By: Teresa Payne

Photos By: Michelle Gilford

A Night of Jazz and Romance a perfect evening for Sweethearts here in Dallas with a full evening of nothing but romance on the mind. The evening started with a nice romantic full course meal with a genera of songs from the opening act of Natural Change a local band of Dallas, with their variety selections of smooth jazz and R&B hits from the 70’s and 80’s. Followed by Alex Bugnon a jazz pianist and composer from Monteux, Switzerland. Bugnon studied at the Paris Conservatory and the Mozart Academy in Salzburg. At age nineteen, he moved to the U.S. and attended the Berklee School of Music. Alex Bugnon performed some of his greatest hits last night such as, "Paris in May," "Harlem on My Mind," and "Sweet Water Creek," "107° in the Shade" just to name a few that really got the crowed off their feet. Peter White is a smooth jazz and jazz fusion guitarist. He also plays the

Alex Bugnon Jonathan Butler Peter White

accordion and the piano. He is known for his 20 year collaboration with Al Stewart. His brother, Danny White, was one of the original members who formed the UK based band Matt Bianco, rocked the house with his performances taking us back to many old school jams in the 70’s and 80’s with some of his hits such as, "Got To Be There," "Together Again," and "Venice Beach" really bringing some of the old school hits and bring back memories. But there was much anticipation from the crowd for the main event of the show. Jonathan Kenneth Butler a singer-songwriter and guitarist, his music is often classified as R&B, jazz fusion or worship music. Born and raised in Athlone, Cape Town, South Africa, during Apartheid, Butler started singing and playing acoustic guitar as a child. Racial segregation and poverty during Apartheid has been the subject of many of his records. His first single was the first by a black artist played by white radio stations in the racially segregated South Africa and earned a Sarie Award, South Africa's equivalent to the GRAMMY Awards. Jonathan amazing and outstanding performance was phenomenally engaging, and he had the audience up on their feet, men and women serenading to one another. You could definitely athan performed such as "I’m On My Cry," "We Need You few other romantic the evening.

feel the love in the air. Jonmost of his greatest hits Knees," "No Woman No Lord," "Sarah Sarah" and a hits for the love birds of

Shelea Frazier Photos By: Kim Reilly

Pieces Of A Dream Kirk Whalum

Boney James

Valentine's Day concerts in Boca Raton

Interview by: Melissa Berry

M “You E Love L I S S A


Gotta the –

And She Does!

In 45 years of making music that covers every musical genre, being involved in every level of creativity in the music industry, and including true sense of grit and soul, Melissa Manchester’s new album, “You Gotta Love the Life,” results in an authenticity of musicality rarely presented in such a complete package. In a recent interview with Miss Manchester, all this was reconfirmed as she described the process in making this introspective, self-made album, which celebrates her 45 years of creating music. It’s the “self -made” album label that strengthens how very personal this album is.

BUY Because of the ever-changing climate in Record Label: Red the recording industry, making an album nowaDistribution days is different– very different, and without a label to bankroll the project, Miss Manchester wasn't sure how to go about financing it -- until


her students at USC's Thornton School of Music taught her about the magic of Indiegogo, and a fan-funding campaign began. And, wonderfully enough, Miss Manchester was able turn this into a very positive experience for a number of people besides herself. She further explained when asked about this:


SJM: It seems this album has many other personal aspects as well that are included such as your beautifully written song “You Are My Heart.” I understand it was in a response to a personal situation for you that can also have relevance for many of us today.


SJM: I understand that your involvement with students in a teaching capacity has expanded to include our public schools and their desperate need of instruments for our dwindling music programs. Melissa: “My fans have never asked for anything other than music. Now they can be part of the process of creating an album. I'm dedicating part of the money to my friend, Barry Manilow's, the Manilow Music Project, which takes gently used or broken instruments and repairs them and donates them to public schools.”

Melissa: Following DOMA being declared unconstitutional, my gay friend texted me, and signed it "you are my heart," and I immediately thought, "I know that song!" So I sat down and wrote it. Music has always played a part in lifting up humanity. Someday people will look back at the world of now, and wonder why gay people getting married was such a problem. Kind

of like the way we look back at women not being allowed to vote. It's mind-boggling. SJM: In a variety of songs with horns, guitar solos and harmonies performed by you with a score of legendary artists such as the late Joe Sample, our iconic musical gentleman Stevie Wonder, Dionne Warwick, Keb' Mo'… and the list goes on, it all seems that you all express the essence of the creative life in a seminal statement about the challenge and wonder of music, relationships and reclaiming one's vitality. Melissa: I've always believed that music is a living organism, and these songs are my life's musical interior landscape. It's a thrill to finally record them. Frank Sinatra would try out his songs for six months live before bringing them into the studio with Nelson Riddle or Gordon Jenkins, and by that time the songs would be part of him to the point where the songs became his monologues. To listen to “You Gotta Love the Life” is musically uplifting experience that can bring the positive views of life into focus and actually help all of us listening to appreciate all that we have, and especially appreciate the music that Melissa Manchester has created and shared with us for over 45 years. The horns in “Ya Gotta Love Life,” the rhythms of Miss Manchester’s interpretation of Irving Berlin and George Gershwin standards, the gentle harmonica into of Stevie Wonder in “Your Love is Where I Live,” the piano of Joe Sample, and the vocals of Dionne Warwick give us a musical landscape that will take us wherever we allow it. And, Miss Manchester’s “Ya Gotta Love Life” is a first class ticket for a great musical journey. For more information

New CD Releases 2015

Gino Goss "Turn It Up" 12/27/14 BUY

Kenny G "Brazilian Nights" 01/27/15 BUY

Jamie Cullum "Interlude" 01/27/15 BUY

Nelson Rangell "Blue" 02/01/15 BUY

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Papo Vazquez Mighty Pirates Troubadours "Spirit Warrior" 02/24/15 BUY

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CD Review: January 26, 2015 BUY CD HERE

Review By: Carolyn Beverly Label: Shanachie Smooth Jazz Saxophonist, Marion Meadows is back, and if the first track from his latest cd release is any indication of what is to follow you can be assured it is going to be Marion Meadow at his very best! "Soul Traveler" is the titled of his latest cd. It is a journey of music with twelve (12) tracks to take you anywhere you want to go. The music is poppin’ in traditional Marion Meadows style. The first track "Celebration Road," Najee joins Marion to add that dynamic duo affect. It is doubly packed with everything you need to celebrate. Soul Traveler is without a doubt packaged with that Marion Meadows brand of security attached to every note with a forever groove on all twelve (12) tracks with a twist of Latin, R&B, and hip-hop blends weaved throughout. The cd takes you on a trip of musical adventure allowing you to go where ever you want to be. All you have to do is just let the music take

you into a journey of musical madness to begin or end your day. The music on this cd is so crisp and clear you hear lyrics in your head. The instrumental groove continues with “Invisible” and ”Mother Earth.” “Dark Beauty" track 4, takes you on a smooth mellow ride with the sound of the saxophone mixed with keys, drums, guitar and every other instrument in between relaxing you for an evening of darkness. Then it is full speed ahead with "Life in the Clouds," "Dream Catcher," "Real Time" w/Vincent Ingala. The finale is one of my favorites, “Last Ticket to Somewhere.” For me that somewhere is spending an evening with “Soul Traveler” by Marion Meadows, tucked carefully in my cd player. Remember the name “SOUL TRAVELER” by Smooth Jazz Artist Marion Meadows

CD Review: February 10, 2015 Review By: Dana Brenklin

Jonathan Fritzén "Fritzenized" Label: Nordic Night Records

Fritzenized” is BUY the 5th recording of Swedish Jazz Pianist Jonathan Fritzen. Believe it or not, the piano was not the musician’s first choice. Jonathan started out playing the drums. Fritzen later picked up the piano, guitar, bass, flute and vocals. Fritzen’s father is Pianist Steve Dobrogosz, so it is safe to say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Fritzen graduated from the Royal Swedish Academy of Music in Stockholm, Sweden and became the first ever to earn a Master’s degree in the Jazz department. In 2008 he put that training to work by playing 8 different instruments on his debut album, titled “Love Birds.” “

Fritzen has enjoyed much success since 2008. Jonathan’s sophomore album, “VIP” spent 40 weeks on the top 50. “Dance with Me,” his hit single from his third album, “Diamonds” spent 10 weeks at no. 1 on the Billboard Indicator Smooth Jazz Chart. So once you are swept off your feet with this album, you’ll realize that it was inevible. Fritzen has been musically charming us for some time now.

track. Jonathan’s piano is very nicely accompanied by the bass quietly following in the background, which would be sorely missed had it not been there.

The album begins with the funky and soulful “Fingers on Fire”. Melodic and groovy to a fault, you’re hooked as soon as the cd begins to play. Fritzen’s fifth time should definitely follow the success of the critically acclaimed “Magical”, which spawn the Billboard no. 1 of the same name. From start to finish guest appearances include some of Jonathan’s favorites, such as singer and longtime collaborator Laila, saxophonist Gerald Albright, who Fritzen calls the greatest sax player on earth, Paul Taylor and more. Even the sassy pianist himself makes an appearance, utilizing his rarely heard, sexy tenor vocals on “Sailing Away.”

Once we are euphorized, we head into “A Funky Night,” where Jonathan teams up with singer and musical buddy, Laila. We’re flying high now.

“Fingers on Fire” is the first track on Fritzen’s latest LP and it brings in the funk. Fingers is a top down, driving up the coast, wind blowing in the hair, Sunday afternoon, type of

From there, we are carried into the aptly titled “Euphoria,” as he probably has us in his clutches by now. Saxophonist Paul Taylor can be heard instrumentally dancing with Fritzen on this serene tune.

We start to settle in on the fourth track, “Enchantment.” Fritzen slows us way down as he romanticizes with every stroke of the ivories and he continues to do so right on into the “Celebration,” where he pairs up with the awesomely talented saxophonist Gerald Albright. This song is definitely a jam and that is exactly what the pianist was looking for when he asked Gerald, bass player Alex Al and guitarist Randy Jacobs to join him. All four musicians are in the groove on this one and the chemistry seeps through. The Fritzenization continues with “Sailing Away,” on which Jonathan can be heard serenading us with his silky vocals. This man is just loaded with talent.

Next up is the Latin themed “Guacamole,” Fritzen’s favorite thing to eat, which is part of the reason for the title. Jonathan says years ago after the shows in Nicaragua, he’d go out and hear the DJ’s spinning “Reggaeton,” he says this is his take. I think we like his take. A little lighter on the bass, a little heavier on the keys and just enough of the drums for your Smooth Jazz head to drift into a little Saturday afternoon solitude. The tranquil, sometimes melancholy, sometimes jazzy album starts to conclude with “The Jungle” and the near comatose rendering “Kiss Goodnight.”

Jonathan finishes the job on us nicely with a “New Beginning,” which is the first single to hit the airwaves. If he keeps playing like this, a new beginning will never be necessary. Some artist have to reinvent themselves and some just get better with time, Jonathan is the latter. Fritzen obviously did some tall studying at the Royal Academy and has an undeniable fire for what he does. If you allow yourself, Fritzen and friends will take you on a most pleasurable ride and if you so fancy, bring you gently back into the atmosphere after you’ve been “Fritzenized.”

Brian Culbertson LIVE 20th Anniversary Tour

Review By: Tracey Whitney, Record Label: BCM Entertainment CD Release: February 7, 2015 Photos By: David Johnson


I don’t remember exactly where I heard it, but as I listened to this collection a quote ran through my head: “I don’t want my jazz smooth, I want my jazz crunchy.” Well, to that guy I say this: Forget any preconceived notions you may have of Brian Culbertson’s music as some sort of relaxing drive down Pacific Coast Highway. This 2-disc set is one funky joint! A cohesive mash up of contemporary jazz, classic soul and (dare I say it?) touches of rock, that effortlessly combined for a thrill ride of a concert at Oakland’s famed jazz spot, Yoshi’s. Recorded September 11-14, 2014, this is Culbertson’s first ever live offering, showcasing hits that span his 20-year career -- a highly favored calling that has produced a staggering twenty-seven #1 Billboard charting singles, and a half-dozen albums that debuted at #1. But let’s not get it twisted: this is not a rehash - but truly inventive reinterpretations of his classics. Culbertson is supported by a dynamic group of equally adept sidemen: Marqueal Jordan (vocals, tenor sax& percussion), Eddie Miller (keyboards, Hammond B3 organ & vocals), Michael Stever (trumpet & keyboards), Adam Hawley (guitar & background vocals), Rodney Jones Jr. (bass) and Chris Miskel (drums), Doug Beavers (trombone & additional percussion) and Doug Rowan (baritone sax). It’s very difficult to single out just two or three songs when the entire collection is full of #1 hits (what musician wouldn’t want that problem?) but of special note: Hawley’s guitar work on the supremely delicate Beautiful Liar was a deliriously soaring

experience, Fullerton Ave. (the #1 Song of the Year on the Smooth Jazz Top 20 with Allen Kepler) is as light and breezy as any smooth jazz fan could hope for. But my favorite, Get It On was an absolute 8:28 thrill ride! Chris Miskal was simply a BEAST on the drums, with Jordan, Stever, Beavers and Rowan baaaa-ringing a soaring Tower of Power-esq horn section (with equally feverish solos), Jones’ bass was Right In The Pocket and Miller’s hits on the B3 added the secret sauce. “Live” is a tour de force performance; honed with a joyful ease – a “knowing” anticipation that only comes with the confidence of a band that’s peformed together for many years. Culbertson’s performance throughout is a study in masterwork, and his reimagined arrangements are so fresh and new that this collection is A MUST for his fans. Here’s my question: What took him so long? From the audience reactions, it’s obvious Culbertson is a crowd pleaser! Let’s just hope it won’t take another 20 years before we see the next live album from this multi-award winning hit maker. Essential Three: Beautiful Liar, Get It On, Fullerton Ave.

Toni Braxton 2015

Best World Music Album “Eve” Angelique Kidjo

Click To BUY

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album “Cheek To Cheek” Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga.

Smooth Jazz Magazine had the pleasure of either reviewing these new CDs or capturing one of these artists live shows in pictures.Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga, Babyface & Toni Braxton, Wouter Kellerman, Chick Corea, Dianne Reeves, Robert Glasper, Lalah Hathaway and Buddy Guy for winning the Lifetime Achievement Award.. Best Traditional New Age Album Winds Of Samsara Ricky Kej & Wouter Kellerman

Buddy Guy

Best Jazz Vocal Album “Beautiful Life” Dianne Reeves

Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett


Ariana-Grande Mary J. Blige

John Legend

Weird Al Jimmy Jam

Sam Smith

Nile Rogers


Ciara Katy Perry

Jennifer Hudson

Miley Cyrus


57th Annual GRAMMY Awards 2015 and the winners are...

Best R&B Album Love, Marriage & Divorce Toni Braxton & Babyface

CLICK CD COVERS TO BUY Best Traditional R&B Performance “Jesus Children” Robert Glasper Experiment Featuring Lalah Hathaway & Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Chick Corea Trio Best Improvised Jazz Solo Best Jazz Instrumental Album


Review By: Karina Nistor Steve Tyrell "That Lovin' Feelin'" Record Label: Concord Music


That Lovin' Feelin'" is exactly what we were expecting from the Grammy Award-winning vocalist, the jazzmann with honey in his voice (how I like to call him) - Steve Tyrell and his new album.

As usual, he is taking us on a romantic journey, by bringing back to us some of the of the most beautiful and timeless songs of all time, such as Carole King's " Jazzman," featuring Dave Koz playing the classic solo to "Up On The Roof," by the Drifters "Be My Baby," by The Ronettes "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin," by The Righteous Brothers among others. It's not just the well known songs that will mesmerize you, but also the featurings between Steve and the iconic musicians on this album such as Neil Sedaka and B. J. Thomas. Every piece of music and sound on this record, is here to remind us that LOVE isn't a lost feeling.' From track 01 to track 15 you'll have the feeling that you are riding on a magnificent carousel of music and love, and you'll be seduced by the smooth sounds of jazz, blues and rock'n roll music. For the first time we have the pleasure to hear a featuring between Steve and his daughter, Lauryn Tyrell on Track 10. This album is a tribute to love and fine music. Don't miss it.

BUY Review By: Teresa Payne

Phil Perry "A Better Man" Label: Shanachie Released 1/20/15 Phil Perry, a sultriest vocalist with a falsetto and high range voice that’s so ever captivating when he sings. His velvety vocals will capture you in such a magical way. Perry’s flawless composer and natural sweetness will grab your heart, soul, and attention. Phil is one of the greatest balladeers of our time. Born in Springfield, Illinois and raised in the Los Angeles area where he settled in 1979 to record two albums as a duo with writer Kevin Sanlin, (Perry and Sanlin) for the renowned Capitol Records label. Mr. Perry has written songs for the late Noel Pointer, and for Aretha Franklin, including her hit “United Together.” Perry being one of the most requested singers in the music scene remains busy with his list of enviable credit, i.e., Josh Groban, Patti LaBelle, Dionne Warwick, Peabo Bryson, the late George Duke, Quincy Jones, Barbara Streisand, David Koz, Bobby Womack, and Rod Stewart. “A Better Man.” Is his eleventh album as a solo artist and the sixth album under Shanachie Entertainment. It includes three of smooth jazz most renowned artists: On Track 3: Rick Braun "Feelin' You," Track 8: Kim Waters "I'm So Proud" which is another Curtis Mayfield classic offering and Track 10: "Stand Up" featuring the stylist vocals of Howard Hewitt.

“This album for me represents the opportunity to dig deeper into the need of the people I belonged, and to take a look at the person I am and the person I want to be, and somehow bridge the gap between the two.” Phil who wrote the other eight tracks of the CD include, “You’re the Only One,” a sweet ballad that expresses the love for that special one in his life; “Sorry I Let You Go,” another heartfelt ballad expressing how he was there, how she will always be the one, but he had to let her go. His stifling ballad with depth and meaningful messages will draw you into a vision of passion of love and desire. “Gypsy Woman” is also another song that will take you to a place in your mind that’s so vivid, you can see how the sensuality of this Gypsy woman was so captivating. Perry showcases his ability to capture your heart and draws you in with his smooth lyrics, seducing your every thought as “Feeling U” and “Sorry I Let You Go,” is an album highlight of mine. It showcases his ability to drive a song to life; as well as his collaboration with Curtis Mayfield on “Make It Rain,” features a memorable bluesy feel on the album’s first single. “In my youth, Curtis Mayfield was a beacon of quality for me to want to reach,” confides Phil. “He’s a great singer, a socially aware composer, and one of the premier poets of the last century. He’s one of the artists that paved the way for me to enjoy opportunities that are now available to me. He created his own label and music. For a kid growing up in East St. Louis, he was my role model and inspiration.” Phil Perry’s bright octave range will bring you into his music and take you on a enchanted, lyrical ride with his silky smooth tracks that will leave an imprint. This is an excellent album that show’s his continuous growth and control of his soulful vocals and selective choices in music.

Review By: Dana Brenklin Brian Simpson "Out Of A Dream" Label: Shanachie


Illinois’ own, Brian Simpson, does it again. Contemporary Jazz keyboardist, musical director, composer and jack of all genres, got his first taste of success in 1991 after penning the R&B chart topper “The First Time” with Bernard Jackson for the group Surface and he hasn’t slowed down since. Having served as the musical director for pop icon Janet Jackson, the late great George Duke and many, many more, Brian’s expertise is constantly in demand and that is what keeps this prolifically gifted Jazz contemporary working and creating. Brian says that growing up in a musical household, he never considered any other lifestyle. He always knew that music would be center stage. Brian Simpson has a love and understanding of what he plays. He has studied his passion and says he is following in the foot-

steps of those who laid the foundation. With Simpson’s sixth album and latest creation, “Out of a Dream,” his knowledge and ardor have allowed him to couple Jazz and R&B beautifully. Brian’s sixth recording and third with Shanachie Entertainment, pulls out all of the stops. With legends such as Flautist and label mate Najee and newcomer, Saxophonist Grace Kelly, this album is sure to satisfy the Smooth Jazz Aficionado. If you’re not wooed by the title of the album, you most certainly will be captivated by the tracks. With names such as “Sky Watcher,” “Let’s Get Away” and “Rio Sway,” you’ll think you’re in a dream or on

an interminable musical vacation. Once Brian starts to tickle the ivories with his musical buddies in tow, you most certainly will not desire coming out of this mellifluous dream.

OUT OF A DREAM The journey begins with the upbeat “One of a Kind” and from there we are off. Newcomer, saxophonist, Grace Kelly adlibs beautifully towards the end of the soulful opener. The title track joins Brian with Najee, whom he has known for years but never had the pleasure of working with. Brian says that he was so inspired by Najee’s playing on the song, he decided to name the album and track “Out of a Dream.” I guess great things come in time. Next up, Brian and legendary saxophonist Dave Koz team up on “When I Say Your Name” and these two have worked together for years. Take a listen and you’ll understand why. The two are a musical marriage made in heaven. Brian and Dave feed off of each other, finishing each other’s notes, tunes and melodies. “When I Say Your Name” is a gem. And it doesn’t stop there. There’s the hypnotic “Sky Watcher,” where Brian pairs up with electronic music producer Ryan Farish. “Sky Watcher” can be heard on your local Smooth Jazz stations as we speak. As you continue on this journey, you’ll find the relaxing and sexy “Rio Sway,” with label mate Maysa on vocals, which Simpson co-wrote with vocalist extraordinaire, Brenda Russell. Other jewels are “San Lorenzo” and “Just One Wish.” “San Lorenzo” pairs Simpson with guitarist Marc Antoine, resulting in one sultry tune. “Just One Wish” was composed entirely by Brian and guitar great Norman Brown joins in on the fun for this jazzy track. Complimenting each other, both artists shine. The good time continues with the coastal sounding “Let’s Get Away” and the dreamy “Her Eyes.” As all good things must come to an end, this ride

concludes with Brian Simpson and trumpeter Maurice Brown slowly lifting our musically induced coma with “Night Fall.� If you love live music, horns, keyboards, and more, this is the album for you. There is something for all Contemporary Jazz lovers on this melodic and tuneful masterpiece. Brian, as he has done for years now, will definitely have you coming back for more.

Remembering... Jeff Golub (1955—2015) Age: 59 By:Michelle Robinson Photos By: Damyion Robinson Jeff Golub, the longtime jazz, blues and rock guitarist who played on albums by Rod Stewart and Billy Squier alongside his own solo work, While the exact cause of death remains unknown, Golub had experienced a series of medical setbacks in recent years, including a rare, incurable brain disorder known as Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. In his long career, Golub recorded 11 solo albums and three as leader of jazz band Avenue Blue. But it was his work with Stewart — Golub toured and recorded as his lead guitarist from 1988 until 1995 — that earned him the most renown in jazz and rock circles. Born in Copley, Ohio, in 1955, Golub began playing guitar at 12, absorbing a wide range of influences, including music from the Grand Ole Opry and the British Invasion. The blues became his true obsession, and the guitarist soaked in music by Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy and Eric Clapton, among many others. After attending the Berklee College of Music, Golub moved to New York

After attending the Berklee College of Music, Golub moved to New York in 1980 and began working with Squier, recording seven albums with the arena rock star. He would go on to become an in-demand session player, working with numerous pop and jazz artists including Tina Turner, Peter Wolf, Vanessa Williams and Bill Evans. Golub released his debut album Unspoken Words in 1988, the same year he would join Stewart's band as lead guitarist. He stayed with Stewart until 1995, but left to focus on his own career. Avenue Blue, the eponymous debut by Golub's group, was released in 1994 and earned Golub new acclaim in the smooth jazz market. Golub would record a steady stream of 15 albums in subsequent years.

The Celebration in Memory of Jeff GoGolub's Life! House of Blues NY.


tribute concert featuring so many of Jeff’s musical friends, he collaborated with over the years. The All-Star Benefit Concert for the Golub family featuring Dave Koz, Christopher Cross, Mindi Abair, Richard Elliot, Cheli Manucci, Rick Braun, Kirk Whalum, Bill Evans, Randy Brecker, Henry Butler, Lionel Cordew, Philippe Saisse, Chuck Loeb, Mark Egan, Michael Lington and more.. they tore the house down. The standing room only, jammed packed crowd was one of the coolest audiences ever. The atmosphere was filled with the joy and jazz, warmth and memories of a man who contri-

bute so much of his musical passion to his fans and friends with love.

Mindi Abair, Richard Elliot & Rick Braun

Chuck Loeb

Backstage: I talked with a few of Jeff's closes friends Kirk Whalum, Rick Braun and one of the great blues musicians Henry Butler, who was on tour with Jeff when he lost his eyesight, Henry looked smooth in his black leather pants and burgundy jacket and black fedora. SJM: Good evening Mr. Butler it's a pleasure to meet you. Henry: Thank you my dear, it's a pleasure to meet you as well. SJM: May I ask you some questions about Jeff Golub?

Dave Koz

Henry: Yes, sit down my dear. SJM: What are some of your favorite moments you and Jeff Golub had?

Mindi Abair

Henry: I don't have one or two favorite moments. Jeff was my buddy, I met Jeff a few years before we collaborated on The Three Kings album.

SJM: You were with Jeff Golub when he started losing his eyesight and I heard you were very helpful at that time? Henry: I don't know how helpful I was. It's not easy being blind. We did become closer later after Jeff completely lost his eyesight. SJM: How did Jeff Golub handle being blind? Henry: Well. Jeff was always a laid back kind of guy. He had his fears and worries about being blind. His main concern was his ability to continue the music. SJM: Did you help him through the tough times and changes blindness causes? Henry: Yes, we talked a lot about the ups and downs of being blind. Jeff was a quick learner and he adjusted very well. SJM: I know it's hard to lose someone we care about. Henry: Yes, it's hard but, when I think about how much Jeff's been through. It's a blessing and a curse. A blessing because he's not suffering anymore and a curse, because, you know, his wife and kids are hurting and I miss my friend. I talked to Jeff four days before he pass on. And that bothers me, because four days later, he's gone.

SJM: I understand but, he will never be forgotten. He will join his musical peers waiting for him on the other side. Henry: “Smile� yes he will. As Tenor saxophonist Kirk Whalum walks into the lounge and we exchange greetings. SJM: Mr. Whalum it is great to finally meet you. Can I ask you a few questions about Jeff Golub? Kirk: Yes SJM: What is your memory or memoGolub?

fondest ries of Jeff

Kirk: I have many fond memories of Jeff. Jeff was a great person to know. He cared about his friends, family and fans. But, boy, he loved his music. I think it's our enjoyment for not only jazz music we both loved good music. SJM: How many jazz tracks did the two of you collaborate on? Kirk: Four or more, I really can't remember at the moment, how many collaborations we did together. . SJM: When you heard about the passing of Jeff Golub, how did you feel? Kirk: A Great lost, it really shocked me because I talk

with him a few weeks before he died. He was hanging on for his wife and his sons. SJM: I can see it really hurts to talk about your friend and colleague. If I were to write something about Jeff Golub on your behalf, what would it be. Richard Elliot and Chuck Loeb Christopher Cross

Kirk: “Let everyone know what a great guy Jeff was and a dedicated musician and creative man he was. He suffered and sacrificed a lot for music. He will always be my wonderful friend. We love you Jeff! I bump into trumpeter and multi-talented and multiinstrumentalist Rick Braun. Rick had a very sad expression on his face. After a hug the teary eyed artist expressed to me. “I cannot talk about my friend Jeff at this time. It's too heavy on my heart and painful and I cannot cry in public.”

After composing himself he shared that his friendship with Jeff was a family affair type of relationship. Their children played together vacations togethHosted by Los and they went on are friends too. Angeles radio er. And their wives personality Pat The Jeff Golub Benefit Concert Prescott at KTWV was epic the entire show was magical and musical. The star studded performances were beyond the usual 94.7 The Wave venue style of performances, in an overcrowded club setting. The experience felt like a concert at Madison Square Garden on a smooth vibe. As the show began in the background of the stage a film of Jeff Golub playing “Dangerous Curves.” The who's who of artists like keyboardist Philippe Saisse performed “The Velvet Touch” a ballard he

played with Jeff. Saxophonist Richard Elliot performed “Ain't No Woman Like The One I Got.” Guitarist Chuck Loeb revisited Jeff's albums while Dave Koz played “Bada Bing” with Rick Braun. Kirk Whalum smooth grooved his way through Donny Hataway's “Valdez in the Country” while the members of Avenue Blue, Golub's former band played “Just Goodbye.” Christopher Cross mellowed everyone out with his soothing voice singing “Sailing” (the best that you can do) Arthur's Theme. Then the harder grooves and sounds stirred up the crowd with Henry Butler, Dave Koz, Rick Braun rock'd out to “Let The Good Times Roll” and saxophonist Mindi Abair did her energetic covers of The Who's “Pinball,” “The Guitar Wizard” and a powerful finale to “Pick up The Pieces” by the Average White The Golub Family Band. Some of the highlights of evening were Johnny Rosch singing in a raspy tone to Warren Zevon farewell “Keep Me in your Heart.” The other highlight was Dr. Daniel MacGowan singing “The Long and Winding Road” The Beatles Classic. Dr. MacGown the neurologist who became Jeff’s friend and treated him until he died. Tthe evening was the smoothest musical journey and send off anyone who is blessed can receive from a dedicated fellowship of friends. Jeff Golub, you will forever and always be remembered and missed. One day I sincerely hope all of your friends and you will be reunited. In the same fashion as your life and love for your family, music friends and fans were at BB Kings, The House of Blues in New York.

Jan Event 16 - 28 10 -16 23 - 25 29 - 31 23 - 03/08

Line Up Location Dianne Reeves, Burt Bacharach, Joey Tucson Jazz FestiDeFrancesco Quartet, Robert Glasper Tucson, AZ val Experiment, Allan Harris among others. Barbados Jazz TBA Barbados, Caribbean Festival Ocean Institute Rick Braun, Norman Brown, Elliott Dana Point, CA Jazz Festival. Yamin among othes. Jamaica Jazz & Mariah Carey, Pointers Sisters, Charlie Montego Bay, Caribbean Blues Festival Wilson among others Bermuda Jazz Fes- YO-YO MA, Ellis Marsalis Jazz QuinBermuda, Caribbean tival tet, among others. GEORGE BENSON LARRY GRAHAM & GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION JAZZ, FUNK & SOUL feat. JEFF LORBER, CHUCK LOEB, EVERETTE HARP ELAN TROTMAN AND SPECIAL GUEST JESSY J MARY LOUISE LEE - See more at: http:// #sthash.WxBdUdV3.dpuf

Feb 11


Wellington Jazz Festival

Nick Colionne, Mindi Abair, Richard Elliot, Da.

Punta Gorda Wine and Jazz Festival

Dave Koz, Mindi Abair, Gerald Albright, Punta Gorda, FL Richard Elliot, Nick Colionne.

Wellington, FL.

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