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Cera had a birthday!! She is XX years old, and her birthday present? A computer (if she ever manages to get them to accept her money. Sugar candy abounds, no wonder Hanzel is so hyper. Cab had an accident with her sheep. Don't ask. She is fine. Thank you for the pictures Cab. I think. Simtweek is making a new world! We are watching! Alliums got a new ave, (the old one was pretty hot too). Steph (Wickedjr) has got the keys to her new house, moving soon! If she thinks packing is hard wait till she gets to the unpacking. Seaweedy went to the coast and learnt how to make french press coffee. Bergcrys is gainfully employed.... Good luck!! peacy got listed on MS3B.... pretty sure that means something to somebody. Never mind just go look at his blog and sign up Sherry has intermittant access to the internet, which means she gets some work done! Steph got a new tattoo... ouch. ea has a super secret surprise. Whats more surprising is the speculations around what it might be. They range from a new ep to a film so far. Well it turned to be a store set. Whodda thunk it. Just a comment... there are some very vindictive blogs around. Ignore them. And careful who you accept as a friend - nowadays you never know. Lil had a birthday too! She gotta lotta cake. Flobo made a fairly wicked sim, if you know whats good for you you will rec it.

Kaleeko has a stunning series to read in the Writers Corner, its called Desperate Sims. I caught up with it last week and have to commend Kaleeko on having a proper story with a real tale to tell. Its gripping, suspenseful and beautifully photographed. This is Kaleeko's biography of one of her Sims, Jebidiah Kane. Name: Jebidiah Kane Current Age: Adult Career: Emperor of Evil (Criminal) Traits: Evil, Loner, Computer Whiz, Kleptomanic, Inappropriate (Inappropriate changed to Family-Oriented as time passes.) Favorites: Red, Electronica Music, Cheesesteak Star Sign: Aries Theme Song: Behind Blue Eyes - The Who Some call him ruthless. Others call him Father. Jebidiah Kane is a man with two faces: one of unquenchable greed for money and power, and another that cares for nothing but the safety and security of his family. Jebidiah Kane surfaced in world of crime as a hacker that went by the code name "Blackjack", but his days of computer mastery were left behind when he began work as an underground thief in Riverview County. He quickly rose to the top, only to be brought crashing back down when he was framed for murder and was forced to take his family on the run to spare himself the sentence of life in prison. Though he tried to give up a life of crime at behest of his wife--living as a two-bit Private Investigator when they first arrived in their new home of Twinbrook--he could not be persuaded to live a common life for very long. With his eyes on all seats of power within their new town, he quickly usurped the Rackets as the dominating family of Twinbrook's criminal rings, before extending his greedy fingers into both the pockets of the Police Department and the Government. There, now, he sits with overarching influence in all things, promoting his own agenda and keeping the eyes of the law away from his band of cronies. "Besides, you know this isn't about the money. The Strummer job wasn't, either. Not for us, anyways. You and I... we're different, from the rest," Jebidiah said as he pulled the car to a stop. "Look inside

yourself, and listen to how you feel. For once, you're excited, again... You should feel lucky I'm giving you this opportunity." -- Jebidiah Kane to Tana Larson

And yet, his greed for ultimate power cost him dearly. The love of his family has waxed and waned many times, despite his efforts to prove that everything he does is to guarantee their safety-especially the safety of his wife, who has her own fears from the law as well--but it is never quite enough. Underneath it all, Jebidiah Kane is a very strong-willed, determined man. Though there are things that can strike his temper, he often shows an impeccable amount of restraint, keeping a cool, composed demeanor befitting his title of Emperor of Evil. For someone considered "evil" he's able to show a surprising amount of mercy, but he's willing to destroy anything, or anyone, that gets in his way--and he's not afraid to hurt the inconsequential people around him to get what he desires. Still, despite the maliciousness and the buckets of lies he offers endlessly, Jebidiah Kane is still a man of integrity. He may have weaknesses and mortal flaws, but the love he extends to every member of his family still remains untainted by what he does on the dark back alleys of Twinbrook; one can only hope that someday, somehow, his family learns to accept his ways and trust the man behind the glasses. Although Jebidiah spends most of the time plotting world domination, when he's not sporting the Red Glow of Doom he can be found doting over his grandchildren, hacking into Simbook accounts to write crude messages on random people's walls, or at the Martial Arts Studio, where he still occasionally teaches classes to those who want to learn how to round-house kick like him. Husband of Meredith Kane Father of Travis, Bradley, and Amelia

Now you know a little about one of the characters, off and read the rest!

We have two to report on this week, Picture Perfect Week 22 was 'A Grand Entrance' and we got some beautiful entries all different, all lovely.

Bylos went grand, and classical decorated in warm reds.

Cailey was influenced by old time movies, lovely flooring here.

Haze entered two, this one with cc. Reminiscent of an airport?

Haze again, this time without cc, another stunning floor treatment.

Kate did a more normal size, something asian about this.

Pallypoo, soft colours are a favourite of hers.

If you were told this was Peacy's entry, would you be surprised?

Stu entered this, theres something Escher about this.

Judy did this, classic and calm.

Now for the judges comments Haze Cera - Spacious and modern! I love the metal sculptures and choice of wall color. Great pattern on the floor as well. Tweek - Oh I really like it! I like the colors and the sculpture. I like how you did the staircase at the bottom. Looks great! Bylos Cera - The red tone you choose was a great color choice and I love the staircase! Gives me the feeling of being in an old elegant family home, yet not too formal. Tweek - Very nice entrance. I like your center landing. The colors give it a very rich feel. Good job! Stu Cera - Wow! Did you get 3 floor in this one? Stunning! As with the dining room, I still love the marble and the hands! Tweek - I like the marble look. Nice skylights. The sculpture and fountain look great. Good job! Haze Cera - What is this? It reminds me of an airport, lol. Very cool that you did a community place. Again I love the wall color and another fabulous choice in floor pattern, great aquarium! Tweek - Very creative. Like the CC pieces. I like the double landing on the staircase. Looks great! Peacy Cera - I love the light color choices with the dark wood. Very classy and elegant, yet informal and inviting. Tweek - I love it! Such a great look. I like the triple mirrors with the table. The colors are very classy. Caily Cera - More marble! I love the marble! It is incredibly elegant, This is what I think of when walking into a middle eastern palace. Tweek - Wow that really is a grand entrance. I like the tropical resort feel. Very elegant. Great job!

Judy Cera - I love the light colors, darker woods and stone! Its very formal, yet warm and welcoming. Tweek - Very classy entrance. I think the colors and patterns are great. Is this still part of the Alto Estate? Looks great! Pally Cera - The blue is a great choice! The white and blue make it so very light and airy, charming. It makes a grand entrance much less informal, much more everyday livable. Tweek - I love the soft colors and simple look of your entry. You added just the right amount of decorations. I think it’s beautiful. Kate Cera - It so petite! With your pattern and color choices it makes it very elegant and welcoming. Tweek - I like the little sitting area on the front landing. The colors and patterns complement each other on the inside. Good job!

And the winners?? Non CC


Honourable mention Haze

With cc

Winner Judywork

Honourable mention SillyCailey.

And thats it for that week, now next week should be interesting as its an underground survial room. Look for the entries! Oh and enter yourself.

The Antics of Stu-Ghost & Eric Emanuel Challenge Mr James went to pick up the mail.

“Hm... What’s this?” He thought to himself.

“Oh my! It’s a letter from a lawyer!” He took the letter and showed it Susan. The pair of them had different things on their mind.

“He wants to see us? Who is he? And what does he want to see us about?” Susan frowned.

“I am not sure...”

“But, we’d better go and see him and see what he does want.” James continued.

“It might have something to do with Eric...”

A couple of days later, they headed on over to the Mr Law’s house and rang the doorbell.

A rather old looking lady, greeted them at the door. “Oh! Hello! You must be the James’. We were expecting you. I am Mrs Law, but you can call me Lauren.” she said in a very strong Scottish accent. “Do come in, dears.”

“Would you like a cup of tea?” She asked as Susan and James sat down.

“No, thank you, Lauren. We have just had some before we came here. But thank you for asking.” Susan said smiling at the Scottish lady.

“Okey dokey. I am sure Lawrence will only be a wee while. Make yourselves comfortable and I will let him know you here.” She smiled. “I wonder it is all about?” Susan said, looking quizzically at her husband.

“We shall soon find out, my dear.” James replied, equally eager to find out what it this meeting was all about. Fortunately this was going to happen sooner than they thought because just then, the office door opened and an equally old and strange man greeted them.

“Hello there!” He said enthusiastically. “I am Lawrence. It is so good to finally meet you. I have heard so many good things about you and your family. Do come through to me office.”

“Oh, thank you!” James said following Mr Law into his office.

“Take a seat, dears.” Mr Law said, taking his own behind his desk.

“You must be Susan” he continued as Susan sat down in one of the wingback chairs. “I am a great fan of your art and have attended many of your exhibitions.”

“And James, the savvy sculptor...” he said smiling at James. “I presume you are both wondering why I have asked you here today. So, I will come straight to the point.”

“As I am sure you are now aware, having obviously heard about the tragic events that happened in France, the Emanuel’s are sadly no longer with us.” He paused for a moment to remember the

Emanuel’s. “I am... er was... Emilio’s Lawyer and the executor of Mr Emanuel’s estate. He was a good friend. However, your family have cropped up all over his will. Firstly, I would like to mention that he was quite insistent that should anything happen to his children that you should be their legal guardians. I gather that Eric was staying with you while they were away on holiday.” “Yes, he still is.” James replied. “We have been to our own lawyer with regards to adopting him and I have been see Dr Phil to discuss the best possibly ways to handle Eric’s situation.” “Oh! I am most pleased to hear that!” He smiled, again. “And now let me get on to the other topic in his will. He has left an enormous, almost obscene amount of money in a trust, with a specific request that you run an international competition to a have a School of Art, a Museum and an Art Gallery built...” But before he could continue, Susan suddenly interrupted. “Us?!”

“Yes, dear” Mr Law replied earnestly. “He did mention in the will that your family was extremely creative and that he could not think of anyone more suited to the task.”

“In my opinion, having seen both your work before, you have a good eye for things. You will... how do you say, in your ‘arty’ language?” he chuckled to himself. “um... you will be able to tell what works and what doesn’t work.”

“Ok, ok! Hold on a second!” James suddenly said, realising the enormity of the task.

“This is huge!”

“What if we split the competition into four categories?” He said, now getting excited about the project.

“Yes four separate categories. The first category could be for the School of Art. The second category for a Museum. The third for an Art Gallery.”

“And the fourth?” Mr Law asked. “The fourth category could be for anyone who wanted to attempt all three as one project.”

“You see. Emilio was right! You are the perfect family for the task.” Mr Law smiled. “Oh, one last thing. I think it would be only fitting to the Emanuel Family if some sort of monument to them and their legacy could be part of the competition. In Emilio’s last letter he did mentioned how deeply he was moved to see his daughter, Emilia’s, reaction when she went to the museum and art gallery in France. He said he should have always supported his children’s creative interests. Although I know you are quite a famous sculptor, James, it might be an idea to also commission a new sculpture by new, young artists in homage to the Emanuel’s, don’t you agree?”

“Absolutely! I am very passionate about encouraging new artists!” James replied, smiling contentedly. “We could also run a painting and photography competition in conjunction with the other categories. It would be wonderful to see some emerging artist’s, too!” Susan added.

The three of them discuss all the details at length, with Mr law explaining all the in’s and out’s of the will, the trust-fund set up for the competition, the trust fund for Eric, and generally all the legalities.

“Thank you so much!” James said as he got up to leave. “I am sure that the entire James family will thoroughly enjoy this challenge.”

“Of that, I am very sure!” Mr Law agreed. “Sunset Valley looks forward to an infusion in the creative world!” “Bye for now.” Susan said as she made her way out of the office.

“What an interesting surprise!” James said as they made their way home.

Challenge details: School of Art Location: Sunset Valley Lot size: Standard lots, no custom lot size Style of Architecture: Any Budget: Limitless Restrictions: No Custom Content (no CC) To be included: - Foyer, with Bar (Mixology) - Exhibition Space - Canteen (restaurant)







Kitchen (cooking is creative, too) Library: o Books o Computer / Writing area Rehearsal rooms for: o Musicians  Bass  Drums  Guitar  Keyboard  Piano o Dancers o Actors Gym to include: o Pool o Exercise machines o Changing, shower & toilets o Martial Arts Artist studios (that is plural) Inventors studios Performing Space: o Theatre o Outdoor theatre with tiered seating Green Room Workshop Collection Space, to include: o Butterflies o Beetles o Metal Ore o Gems o Space Rocks Gardening to include: o A minimum of 20 varieties Nectary

Art Gallery Location: Sunset Valley Lot size: Standard lots, no custom lot size Style of Architecture: Any Budget: Limitless Restrictions: No Custom Content (no CC) To be included: - Sim Sculpture - Sim Painting - Sim Photography Museum Location: Sunset Valley Lot size: Standard lots, no custom lot size Style of Architecture: Any

Budget: Limitless Restrictions: No Custom Content (no CC) To be included: - Artefacts from 4 Worlds General Notes: Competition Length: The competition will run from the 1st April until midnight, United Kingdom time on the 31st May 2011. Emanuel Sculpture: - If entering one category only, you must include a sculpture of the Emanuel’s. - If entering numerous categories, only include the Emanuel Sculpture once. - If entering the combined category, only include the Emanuel Sculpture once. NB. In order to be eligible to enter this competition you MUST submit: - 3x Design progress pics per week. - 3x Sim Art pics per week (Painting, Sculptor, Photography or a unique invention) - Or you may produce one film instead of three Sim Art pics You MAY NOT enter a repeat of a Sim-Art Picture. Every picture submitted by all entrants MUST be unique and not seen before on the competition’s thread. Prizes: - There will be one winner from each category: o Best School of Art o Best Museum o Best Art Gallery o Best Combined Art Centre - Throughout the competition there will be random prizes o Best Painting o Best Sculpture o Best Invention o Best Photograph o Best Story o Best Interior o Best Exterior o Best Landscaping o Etc. - Winners will feature in the Antics of Stu-Ghost & Eric

Wandering round the web you come across some stunning stuff amongst the dross. This is one of them. In Sims3 there are builders and there are BUILDERS. He has a massive reputation which is justifiably deserved. Here are some samples of his work. Most of us would look at this picture and admire it, Jisgr8 decided to build a Sims 3 replica.

Thats the original, this is Jisgr8's build.

Now that's amazing. But its when you see his interiors you realise how much time and care he takes. I will show you his simple breakfast room.

Stunning is not the word. I think he has achieved the feel of old money, opulence in a classical way. All it needs is a butler and a couple of serving girls. The blog is not merely a showcase of Jisgr8's beautiful work but is also helpful. Clear explanations of some constrainfloorelevation (cfe) methods, mixed with a little moo and you too can build a fence like this.

Or indeed a roof like this....

This is a small sample of his blog, which I have bookmarked and suggest that you go and look too. Well last week it was France this time it is Egypt. The ambition of TSS members know no bounds. The world itself is being built by PlayKimsim and she has sent some exclusive shots of her new world.

Looking great so far PlayKimsim. There have been some lots created for this and 'found' lots from earlier challenges. There is loads of space left for building so time to get those mud bricks out and make a lot for this. Tenderwolf is running this, the thread is here, option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=6&id=121121&Itemid=56#121121 The lots already in the pipeline are:Zahra Sehti by TenderWolf Tranquil Oasis by TenderWolf Cleopatra Community Pool by Garbuckle3000 Luxor of Amun Ra by Garbuckle3000 Egyptian Market by Jasnik82

The Modern Escape by Peacemaker_ic The Hieroglyph by Ruthless Desert's Divine Paradise by judywork1957 Kalipha Hamam by smokytopaz Shimmering Desert Basecamp by LiLSapphire The Kheti Oasis by juliababyjen Ramses's Retreat by Emilym3 Bahiti by kimwriter75 Three Palms by bylos Jardim Botanico by Joysim Pharaoh's Rest by cjaxn94 Graveyard of the Great Pharaohs by leosimofilos Playland in Egypt by catsmeow498 Cleopatra's Day Spa and Gym by catsmeow498

Kimabc made this one.

And this is Cera's, lovely sunset shot. No link yet, but she is working on it.

We at TSS have a large assortment of talented and creative people. Not only can our members produce stunning builds and Sims, (A large number of which have been featured); our members can do with words what sometimes a picture can’t. That’s why this week’s Writing Spotlight shines on our good friend: Nam24601! Nam is an amazing writer, as evidenced by the continuingly great stories she puts forth in the Story-Starters group. Nam is a Featured Writer here at TSS and placed second in the Pro category for the Writer’s Block Winter Showcase. In addition to her storytelling skills, Nam has a true gift for poetry. Her poem, “Symphony,” completely took my breath away! Below are one of her short stories and the awe-inspiring poem.

With the rain pelting my head and my toes numb from the cold, I finally realized what had brought me to this awful place. The fault was my own, I thought bitterly. I should never have gone in search of that wizard. My mother warned me that meddling with things I knew nothing about would bring only misery, but I didn’t listen. With an eagerness that lifted me up and had me practically skipping about, I found the secret path just past the hollow oak tree and followed it blindly. The path wound its way through the woods. Hungry looking trees crept ever closer, as though reaching for me as the path became more narrow and twisted the further I travelled. The sky seemed to crouch above me, preparing to swallow me whole in its dark oblivion and the forest seemed to hush as though waiting for my impending demise. With a sigh of relief, I spied a heavenly meadow, spotted with wildflowers blanketing a small cottage made of stone. I had arrived! After knocking, I was permitted entrance and finally given the brew I had set out for. Light of heart I returned home without incident and managed to slip the potion into the tea of the one my heart desired. The effects had been immediate. Her face seemed to flush, matching the red of her soft, full lips, and she welcomed me into her heart and home that very night. Now, three months later, I stand out in this miserable rain, weary and trapped by the very woman I once so desired I feared my heart would explode. Shivering, I crouched behind a large jagged rock, hoping-praying I won’t be found. With eyes full of terror I watch as she searches for me; the glint on her axe gleaming in the moonlight.

Directly to the left you will find one of her AMAZING stories. The prompt for that week was one of her own sentence-starters: “With the rain pelting my head and my toes numb from the cold, I finally realized what had brought me to this awful place...”

Symphony The wind, it whistled through the grass which whispered to the trees. The trees they sang the melody which rang out to the seas. The seas roared out the baritones which danced into the sky. The sky, it let down tears of peace which inspired birds to fly. The birds, they cried out ballads of joy unto the earth. The earth, she sang the descant which told of second birth. And as I felt this angel’s song my soul became unsheathed. For music is not played or heard but solely lived and breathed.

Kaleeko answers...

How'd You Do That?!

Wait: First, who are you, and what is this?!

I'm Kaleeko, of course! I joined The Simmer's Society a while ago, but I didn't begin to become active until early January of this year, 2011. I currently write the Sims 3 Drama “Desperate Sims”, which you can find either in the Writer's section of the forums, or at Now, I'm certainly no expert at Simotography, but I still get a lot of questions asking how exactly I do certain things in my story; from screenshots, to writing, to the few machinimas I've made. Because I'd like to help anyone who wants to improve to do so, I've decide to write a set of articles for the TSS Insider on all the most common questions I'm asked, as well as some tips I'd like to give to any aspiring Sims-writers out there! So, without further ado, here is an explanation on the most useful game tool to any Sims 3 storyteller That a lot of Simmers don't know how to use!

This week's question:

What is camera mode, and how do you use it? Well, what is camera mode?

Camera mode is a state in the game which allows increased control for taking screenshots and shooting machinima.

Enter Camera Mode ->

How do you use it?

While you are in Live-Mode in the game, hit the “Tab” key, and use the following controls to navigate:

Camera Controls:

Tilt Left

Shift + A

Tilt Right

Shift + D



Pan Forward/Back/ Left/Right

Pan Up


Pan Down


S Save Current Camera Location

Ctrl + 5/6/7/8/9

5/6/7/8/9 Move to Saved Location

Scroll In/Out

Zoom In/Out

Kaleeko answers continued...

Why's this so much better, though?

Well, you can zoom in real close...

... zoom out real far (and get some cool perspective!) ...


... Pan down and look up (what's that up my nose?) ...

... do some crazy tilty magicks ...

Did You Know...

You can use the same controls To tilt your Sim's camera when They take pictures?

... look straight down (*ahem*) ...

... or even sneak into other people's houses! It can be a bit difficult to get the hang of at first, especially if using the “Saved Positions” to make machinimas, but with some practice you'll be making schnazzy shots in no time! However, there's many many more tricks—some more difficult than others—that you can use to help get you the screenshots that you want: Stay tuned to learn more in the next article of “How'd You Do That?!”

Got a question about anything story, screenshot, or machinima related? Send me a Buzz via Kaleeko on TSS or Thanks!

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