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Issue 13 June July 2012

See inside for Great Legacy Reviews!! Picture Perfect Results!! Beautiful cc Comics And So Much

Great Summer Fun Issue

Wanted Writer and photographers submissions for TSSI Contact Smokytopaz Or any TSSI editor Via pm Or Ramble

See yourself in print!

Team Editor in Chief Smokytopaz Assistant Editor i/c Kimwriter CC Editor Flobo Top Picks Editor Kimwriter Fiction Editor and Ad Editor Jorgha With special contributions from Ricslady Cabertha

By Smokytopaz Linday is broke and running around in sight, she is having fun. Maybe its her undies. Do we send clothes to five-a-side?? help her out? Nah she is playing We lost everyone for a weekend or three (roflol) Guild Wars...... whilst they were off fighting in Guild Cera is going to a wedding in black. No Wars. They seemed to have fun but I wait that was Cass, as she isn't going to have no idea what they were doing, all a wedding. However someone was going ending up in their skimpies. to a wedding and someone was wearing Jorgha needs a medal for her black. sigh. outstanding ability not to run away PN took pictures at night of her lot but from home despite all the adversity. forgot to turn on the lights. So just Have looked at the Daily Awws thread? how did that work out for you PN?? Remember too much sugar at once is Cab returned to the fold, actually she left bad for you. the fold as lambing is now over - hope Food featured once again in the you land that job on a farm Cab. Lamb Ramble. So everything is fine there tattoos? Hmmm then. Petal found out the hard way that even the teeeny weenyist bit of cc corrupts Cab has bought the farm. No no no she has a job on a farm phew. Apparently an upload to the exchange. Commisserations Petal, glad you got there is a dishy shepherd there too. Oh a farmers wife to be? it sorted. Its been very quiet on the forum Have you seen the size of Stu's recently, Stus off to Italy to teach, Bollywood? My Stu, thats gonna cause people are on vacation or just outside some lag somewhere. in the lovely weather. If you have Everyone is struck down with lovely weather where you are. Which allergies this month. Its spring!! some of us don't. Hurray!! Milynn has just dicovered moviemaker KimW has decided that cheesy rice is the cheats. Milynn - read the threads ...... :P thing to eat. No, I don't know why either So the next ep is supernatural huh? however bon appetite Kim. Gotta be better than Katie Perry. You There is a slight disagreement in realise every new game, Skyrim even Changing Faces about whether Kim is Assassins has changing weather all playing football or soccer. Now she is the time in the background of their kicking a ball.... theres noone else in games? However life is perpetually sunny in Sims. I WANT seasons.

MLS ID: 111111 C:\Users\Georga\Pictures\Sims\TSSI\11ukbbs.jpg.png

Small but spacious country home with modern contemporary decor that will satisfy your dream of a house in the country without the traditional, old fashioned Grandma's house feel! Located at 2350 Pinochle Point, Sunset Valley 30x30 Lot 2 Bedrooms 2 Baths Loft Sunken Living Room Stocked Pond List Price: $64,264

MLS ID: 111112

Welcome Home. Enlai is a modern Asain inspired Home where East meets West with fully upgraded appliances. Located at 3 Sunsong Ave, Pleasantview 20x30 Lot 2 Bedrooms 2.5 Bathrooms Open Living Formal Dining Zen Meditation Garden At Home Dojo List Price: $81,473

MLS ID: 111113

Beautiful home that offers luxury living. Very convenient to the Sunset Valley Dump. 64x64 Lot 6 Bedroom 6 Bath Great Room Home Theater Gym Pool Double Deck Walkout Basement List Price: $700,000

MLS ID: 111114

This Art Deco(ish) house was inspired by the Picture Perfect Challenges on The Simmers Society. Located at 180 Redwood Parkway in Sunset Valley. 40x30 Lot 4 Bedroom 5 Bath Art Studio Library Pool & Spa Home Gym Living room with a performance and bar area Formal Dining Lavish Gardens List Price: $553,740

MLS ID: 111115 C:\Users\Georga\Pictures\Sims\TSSI\ehisgk.jpg

This cliff-side beach house is sure to be featured on Sim Life Styles of the Rich and Famous! Located at 64 Oceanview Drive in Sunset Valley it has everything you could ever want in a home and more! 64x62 Lot 4 Bedrooms 6.5 Bathrooms 2 Living Areas Multiple Pools Greenhouse Home Gym Home Theater 2 Playgrounds List Price: $512,336

MLS ID: 111116

This house is a cultural fusion of Japanese and Indian inspiration. Located at 415 Skyborough Blv in Sunset Valley. 40x40 Lot Underground Garage 3 Bedrooms 4 Baths Fitness Room Rec Room Laundry Room List Price: $282,272

MLS ID: 111117

This modern home comes complete with vaulted ceilings and contains custom content, but it is worth it! Located at 19442 Bob-O-Link Drive in Appaloosa Plains. 2 Bedrooms 2.5 Baths Study Nook Formal Dining Room Pool & Hot Tub Lavish patio with outdoor kitchen List Price: $138,422

MLS ID: 111118

A modern house, built for Stu-Art for the how well do you know me challenge at The Simmers Society. Located at 500 Sunset Blv in Sunset Valley. 40x40 Lot 1 Bedroom 2 Baths Art Studio Pool Outdoor Living Area

List Price $265,773

MLS ID: 111119

This spacious ranch was made for BNS Challenge and comes complete with barn and ranch hand apartment. Located at 2500 Pinochle Point in Sunset Valley. 40x40 Lot 4 Bedroom 4 Bath Playroom Kitchen/living/dining Barn has 2 Horse Stalls List Price: 168,759

MLS ID: 111120

This was a custom designed modern home done in white/neutral, black, gray and raspberry and gold accents. Located at 2400 Pinchole Point in Sunset Valley. 50x50 Lot 5 Bedrooms including nursery Patio Designed for Entertaining Pool Much more!

List Price: $449,833

MLS ID: 111121

Ultra modern home loacted at 464 Shoreline Point in Starlight Shores. 43x38 Lot 4 Bedroom 2.5 Bath Study Lounge Pool Outdoor Entertainment Area

List Price: $121,375

MLS ID: 111122

This is a contemporary modern family beach home. It might seem a bit lavish, but it’s very cozy. Located at 477 Sunnside Blv in Sunset Valley. 30x30 Lot 4 Bedrooms 4 Baths Music Room Home Office Pool Kid Friendly Backyard And More! List Price: $223,451

MLS ID: 111123

Looks can be deceiving and that holds true in this case. The House may look ginormous on the outside, but inside is quite cozy inside. Modeled after the National Theater in London, this house is located on Redwood Parkway in Sunset Valley. Must see to believe. Features are too many to list! 30x40 Lot 4 Bedrooms 6 Baths Home Theater Art Gallery & Studio Pool Home Dojo List Price: 420,094

MLS ID: 111124

This home features modern minimalist interiors integrated with a touch of traditional Japanese design. Located at 643 Vista Blv in Starlight Shores. 40x40 Lot 2 Bedroom 2 Bath Formal Dining Family Room Laundry Room Zen Gardens Pool List Price:

Well there I was trying to decide what colours to redecorate my spare bedroom. Pink? The curtains were sage. Should I keep them? Or change them. Not pink, somehow in real life it always

turns to camomile lotion pink. White then? Hmm too stark. Cream. Oh how safe Smoky! So I turned to TSS and asked for ideas. And they did not let me down!

Cab’s entry, lovely photography Cab!

Larissa also went for green tones

Pu Sticks went for green too. Hmm maybe I should keep the curtains

Stu took my grandsons into consideration in his nautical design

Kim added purple, well she would wouldn’t she?

Now what did the judges say?


Smoky said (that’s me!)

Cab you have great photographic skills this is a lovely presentation, love the pile of books by the chair and the pretty fireplace. I would love to have a fireplace. Pretty soft colours for a bedroom too.


This is lovely Kim, I really like the added interest of the angled corner window. Oh lookie my lappie on the bed, not that any guest is getting Larissa hold of mine! The colours are a great combo. Surprisingly close to Another soft collection of colours. the actual choice I made!! The cushions are beautiful and I love the four poster bed. Lots of family photos on the wall too. I

thought the bathroom seen in the overhead was gorgeous too... a lavender bathtub!

mess with the lighting asthetics of the room.

Stu - I really like the wood everywhere and that it is for her Pu Sticks grandchildren, that is so thoughtful! Oh look a room that is a bit more They are the ones using the space! compact. Now I might have There is lots of room to play. The matched the curtain coloour with the space is very elegant, very pink in the wall or vv but thats just beautiful...but it's missing the duvet my taste. And there is a comfy chair cover ;) to sit an read too. Larissa - Your room is lovely! I love Stu the window seat and all the pillows, what a wonderful place to sit and Now there is something nautical relax. I would have liked to see the about this without the usual navy bed centered, it's a little awkward. red and white combo.... I just love Remember that these pics don't that tiffany lamp, I think they are beautiful - expensive but beautiful. have to be sim usable, the rooms Oh and twin beds, which for a guest are for pictures only :) room seems best as you don't Sticks - Very nice! I love that you always know who your guests will brought both the pink and the green be. onto the walls. It really does feel like it could go in any real life home. I would only suggest adding more And our esteemed Cera said (after lighting as it is a little dark for pics. a struggle with the pm system) Try adding the debug lights so you don't mess with the lighting asthetics of the room. Kim - Ooooo...eye candy in the tub!! *slaps self* This is beautiful Kim! I wouldn't have expected the purple And the winner is! walls but it looks great with the green. I really like the eye candy green wall in the bathroom! Kimwriter Cab - I really like your room, this is exactly what I would think Smoky would have. I love the pink accent Because in the end I went for a wall y suggest adding more lighting lavender and green colour scheme as it is a little dark for pics. Try and Kim came closest. adding the debug lights so you don't I did buy new curtains tho


Peaches has been with us for a bit and has shown great promise with her Sims and builds. We have our eyes on her, and so should you! Check out her blog... West Hills

Lana Montserratt Bocage Plantation

Genna Dionne

Green with Envy Toni Marks


NYGirl gave me the honor of answering a few questions, but before we delve into that, let me introduce her. She lives in New York State and is a stay at home mother, which is essentially two jobs in itself. Currently, she is

engaged to her wonderful partner of 6 years. NYGirl makes stylish clothing, makeup, accessories, decor, patterns, and on top of all that, she writes! Check out her blog above. www.nygirlsims3.blogs

I was heavy into gaming, not your typical girl so it definitely caught my attention. KW - How long have you played the Sims series? NYG - I have been playing The Sims ever since the first Sims series came out, which I believe I was in my last year of high school when it came out. I was heavy into gaming, not your typical girl so it definitely caught my attention. KW - What attracted you to the Sims? NYG - It peaked my curiosity when I found out that you could live as these "Sims" and build their houses and decorate them as well. Being able to run every aspect of their life, and to be creative in such a way had been enough to grab my attention. It was just something completely new from anything I had ever played on the PC, and I was hooked the moment I started playing. KW -When did you get into making custom content? NYG - I started making custom content with the first series. Of course nothing like I am able to do now, just some houses and community lots, though I didn't really get heavily into it until the second series. Though I hope in the future sometime, I have the extra time to actually sit down and learn how to mesh. For now, I have to work with what is available to me, which can be frustrating at times, but I do the best I can with what I have.

타 KW - What was your very first creation and how did it pan out? NYG - Of course I started with the simplest of things, a house, a few parks and community lots and then I moved on to making clothes. My first real piece of custom content was a T-shirt and it looked absolutely horrible. I had a good laugh at myself and of course I had my Sims still wear proudly. Well I don't know about proudly on their part. KW - Which creation are you most proud of?

NYG - I am proud of all my creations, big or small. It takes quite a lot of patience at times to get through a project. There is not one project I am more proud of then another, I try to do my best with all the custom content I make. KW - Do you take requests? NYG - I do not generally take requests, but if someone were to ask something of me I would not turn them away. I would do my best in trying to replicate what they wanted. I have had a few requests and I have done what I could to make that come alive.

Creators Spotlight

My first real piece of custom content was a T-shirt and it looked absolutely horrible. I had a good laugh at myself and of course I had my Sims still wear proudly. NYG - I mainly use TSR Workshop, Photoshop and the CAS Uni-tool. Hoping to expand to other programs when I have the time to sit down and learn how to do more with creating custom content. KW - How long does an average creation take? NYG - Depending on the creation itself, it can take me as little as an hour to days, even weeks at time. And yes, months as well. I push aside creations or scrap creations all the time. Some I come back to, others lost forever. My creations are constantly changing as I make them and as I get new ideas, so most of the time when I have something in mind, it might be completely different when it is finished. KW - Any tips for new custom content makers? NYG - The best tip I can give is to not give up and see your project through. There were many a time I just wanted to give up on it all, but we must press on, giving up never solves anything. And there are so many tools out there to help you when you get stuck, never be afraid to seek for help when you need it. Most people in the community are happy to lend a helping hand. KW - Is there anything in particular you hope to see in future Expansion Packs and or Stuff Packs? NYG - Well I was hoping for magic and witches, as I really enjoyed that in the last series, but I see that it will be coming soon, so I am rather excited now. KW - What do you enjoy doing outside of Sims? NYG - Outside of Sims I write short stories and poetry, which I have been doing since I was a very young child. I also enjoy spending time with my family, hiking, going to the beach, out to dinner, photography cooking, the list goes on. I live pretty much a normal and typical lifestyle.

Custom Content

Thanks so much to NYGirl for the interview. Be sure to stop by her blog and download her awesome creations.

Sandals by Pepper

Earrings by Liana

Daisy maxi dress by all about style

Damskie bikini by Irinka

Demin shorts by Darkosims

Maxi Dress by Deeiutza

Firepit by Stylist Sims

Lounge Chair by Stylist Sims

Chair by Stylist Sims

Beach Umbrella by LilyofTheValley

Cooler by LilyofTheValley

StylistSims Volleyball Net Lilyof theValley

Sunshade by Stylist Sims

Volleyball net by Rik

Barbeque by Stylist Sims

Beach Swing by LilyofTheValley Sand Castle by LilyofTheValley

Toy Bulldozer by LilyofTheValley

Beach ball by LilyofTheValley

Summer is here and there are more ways to cool off from the heat than pools or beaches. What style suits you? Modern with soft accents? Rustic charm with a light fire? Or opulence? Whatever your need, we got it covered. Bathroom Zad - From Jomsimscreations

Bathroom Capricho - From Bluecoco

Royal Bathroom Set - From AstraSims3

Taking it to the Highway with Fresh-Prince Creations Contributed by ricslady99 Today we’re talking with Fresh-Prince. Fresh-Prince is a 20 year old student from the USA, which focus is mostly on creating cars for The Sims. Not just cars, amazing cars and some other pretty impressive custom content (CC) as well.

How would you describe your experience learning to create CC? It was difficult, and it still is difficult. I started learning to create cc by doing a trial and error technique, where I just would try different things and see what I could do. I self taught myself how to make cc, and then looked around the How long have you been playing The internet for more help. The reason it was Sims series? difficult for me and still is, is because I I've been playing since I was 11, which make cars, and there are very few people would be 9 years already. who make cars for the Sims game that could help me if I have a problem. But still, I learned from my mistakes, and the What inspired you to create custom learning experience was fun and content? challenging, and completely rewarding. Cars. I love the design aspect to real life Once you see an object you've made in cars, and initially I wanted to create the cars that my family had for the Sims. So I the game for the first time, it just makes you feel so good and happy. thought why not make them myself instead of asking someone else to, and that's how I started. I have so much passion for cars and that is what has kept me going and inspired from day one. What was your first CC creation? I initially made houses for the Sims 2 because I was very into architecture at the time, but my first object that I created for the Sims 2 was a dining room set inspired by the one in my house.

On average, how long does it take to create a car? It will usually take between 10 to 20 hours per car. Sometimes it can take me as quick as 6 hours, or sometimes plenty more than 20, but it all depends on available resources. What is the most difficult item you have ever created? I would have to say it was my first car for the Sims 3, which was a Chevy Corvette. Due to the game being just released and there was very little knowledge and tools to create custom content for the game at the time, it was extremely difficult trying to figure out all the different things and workarounds compared to Sims 2 creation. What is your favorite aspect of The Sims 3? Definitely the open world aspect. I love to be able to go anywhere I want and drive anywhere I want without a loading screen. It makes the game so much more realistic.

fantastic with Sims 3 graphics and add a lot to the gameplay. Outside of The Sims, what other hobbies do you enjoy? Just basic things like listening to music, hanging out with friends, and my obsession with cars. In real life, if you could own any car what would it be? The Lamborghini Aventador. I just love the sharp and edgy styling of the car, and I can tell that a lot of passion went into creating that car. All they have to do is lower the price about 300 grand and then maybe I could afford one, haha.

Any tips for future CC makers? Hang in there. You may fail at first while making custom content, and you are going to continue to fail and make mistakes in the future, but just as long as you never give up, you can do anything What do you hope to see in future you set your heart to do. The mistakes EP/SP's? are when you learn the most valuable I would absolutely love to see weather for knowledge. the next EP. I think weather would look 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP

What is your most treasured creation and why? I would have to say my beta version of the Vice City world for the Sims 3. I put so much heart and soul into the custom world and there's just so much inspiration for every building in that world. While it's not a finished world, I just really do love the vibe it has and the dedication I put into it.

Fresh-Prince, thank you for taking the time to share with us at The Simmers Society. I’ve enjoyed hearing from you. Thanks for this opportunity and interview! Have a good one! For more custom content from FreshPrince visit Fresh-Prince Creations.

May 16, 2012

Sims Wickedjr89 - Holly Forest

Pro Lot Kimwriter75 - National House

Community Lot Judywork1957 - The Redwoods SimNational Park

May 23, 2012

Pro Lot Modern Symphony - Flobo

Int Lot

Key West - Peaches327

Amateur Lot

The Helion - Milynn

May 30, 2012

Pro Lot Stillwater - Kimwriter75

Int Lot

Solano - Peaches327 June 6, 2012

Pro Japanese Modern Zen Home Petalbot

June 6, 2012

Int Lot Padma Nilaya - beaglelover2008


Lana Montserratt - Peaches327 June 13, 2012


Oliver Swell - Cera13

Imitation is one of the highest forms of flattery. How would you flatter a favorite artist? Would you mimic a painting? Create your avi in sculpture form? Perhaps a surreal photograph

Stu joined in with the fun with his Rene Magritte inspired avi

Smoky gave us an avi with a pearl earring

Linday went for graphic art with her Rorschach interpretation

Larissa took the pro win with Frida Kahlo monobrow and all

Novice win went to Lil for the thinker

Jorgha used her friends art as her inspiration

A very tender entry from Pallypoo

Kateknight choose a beautifully serene picture to base her entry off

What's your favourite sport, do you like to kick a ball around maybe you prefer just working out at the gym or do you sim fu? Let's see your avi’s getting in tip top shape!

Larissa tries jumping to keep in shape

Smoky feels that it is Very very important to Look her best at the gym

A very peaceful entry From Jorgha

Linday captured both fierce and serene at the same time and got the win!

Pu takes a more leisurely approach to exercise

Wish you were……..


All of these Postcards are photos taken in different worlds by Cabertha‌. Lovely stuff!! Hillcrest- Peacemakers world in TSS Wua & Wahini- Yumi no shima- Positano - BlueBayt retreat- island- Coconut island-

Beautiful stuff Cab‌. Thank you!!

Midnight Blood By DustyDreamer Just reading the prologue for this story gave me chills and made me eager to read more. Just in this short entry you have politics, vampires that don’t drink human blood, and humans as an endangered species. In the first chapter of this story we are introduced to the main character, Rose. Rose travels with her mother and father in a group of mortals,that try to stay ahead of the vampires that are out to get them. These poor people are constantly on the move, trying to stay one step ahead of being caught and used by the vampire military. Even though they keep on the move, the humans are finally caught. In a desperate attempt to save Rose, her parents urge her to run. Entrusting her with what she needs to reach another group of mortals, Rose flees as her parents are killed before her very eyes. In chapter two Rose comes across a person, Kemar, that her father told her to trust, but at this point she doesn’t know who to trust. When the two are shot at, they run together. It takes some convincing from Kemar, but he talks Rose into running into a sector where there are rogue vampires. More fearful for her life from the military than the rogue vampires, Rose uses a pass her father gave her to enter. In chapter three Rose learns that there are worse things than being chased by the military. Here she has to fight for her life in a different way and try to steer clear of the Midnight Bloods, a powerful group of rogue vampires. It is here that she learns what becomes of the humans, young and old, that the vampires hunt. She also learns of the black market surrounding humans in this sector.

Just when she has hope from Kemar that she may be able to blend in with the humans that are used in this sector, Rose begins to hear a voice. It’s the voice of a male, telling her not to run. This is where Kemar looks at her and we are left not knowing what Rose will do. Chapter four really makes you want to know how this will end up. As the voice speaks in Rose’s mind, another vampire shows up. That’s right, Kemar is a vampire and now we have River. Poor Rose can’t seem to get away from them. There is an argument between Kemar and River, that leaves Rose feeling betrayed. In the end she is left with Kemar. As Kemar leads her to wherever they are going, she sees many things that she never would have believed could happen. Not knowing how it happens, at the end of this chapter finds Rose blacking out. In chapter five we meet Kemar’s boss. He’s not a very nice man. Here I’m wondering what they have planned for Rose. In another area of the building they’re in, Rose begins to wake up. She is surrounded by doctors, but are they good or bad? Rose is on the defensive and not trusting anyone. Kemar goes down to Rose, once he knows she’s awake. They have an intense conversation. After a bit of an argument, Kemar leaves the room. One of the doctor’s comes back in and that’s when Rose realizes she’s being recorded. Chapter six gives us a bit of insight into River and his boss, Madame O. In the conversation between the two, we learn that they have spies in place where Kemar is with Rose. After they make plans to get Rose away from Kemar, it switches back to Rose.

There are discussions here between the doctors that lead you to wonder if one of them is the spy that River and Madame O discussed. At the end of the chapter Kemar is lured away from Roses door. When it is opened, Rose looks up to someone telling her they’re there to rescue her. We are introduced to Rose’s escape in chapter seven. No more details about who or why Rose is so important, but at this point you realize she is. John, the rescuer spy, leads Rose through underground tunnels to get her out of where she’s been

kept. He is courteous to her and kind, showing worry that she hasn’t eaten when Rose admits she feels faint. As a new horror creeps upon the two, Rose has to be carried by John as they try to escape. It doesn’t take long before one again, Rose is ordered to run while someone stays behind to make sure she is able to get away. At the end of the tunnels, Rose cries for John and River finds her. What is in store for this poor girl next? Chapter eight brings a couple of new characters. Two female vampires are mourning John, as he hasn’t been seen since Rose had to leave him behind. River is trying to tell them that John will be okay, but really nobody knows. In the meantime, Rose wakes up. She is in another strange room, although it’s much more comforatable than the last room. She is able to clean herself up a bit before she decides to leave the room. Out in the hallway she bumps into Madame O and makes a discovery.

And chapter nine we learn John’s fate! We also see how upset Kemar’s boss is about losing Rose. Here we learn that he has something in the ropes for her and what’s this; he has his own spy? What is going to happen to poor Rose now?

To read the full story and subscribe for future updates:

Lunar Lakes Founded: 2456090.500000 Population: 150 Chief Exports: None Chief Imports: None

THE BEGINNING Everyone wanted to pretend that they were back on Earth. The plant life, the yellow soil and the large science center in the middle of town told a different story. The Science Center was the remnants of deep space exploration vessel that crashed on the strange moon three generations earlier. Among its passengers were one hundred fifty Marines, 50 scientists, 10 engineers and a dozen doctors. Simply, bad planning on the part of Fort Gnome Military Base in Sunset Valley back on Earth is what stranded over two hundred people millions of miles from home with no way to return. Life always finds a way to survive but instead of growing, the population of what has become known as Lunar Lakes, grows slightly smaller with each generation. Scientists hypothesize that it has to do with failure to adapt to the atmosphere of the moon. The ability to adapt is contained in a protein on the PHF8 gene. Some have it while others don’t. Out of those who don’t, very few live to see adulthood. Those that have survived have carried on as if they were still on Earth. They salvaged what technology was at their disposal and made use of the strange and glowing rocks found on the moon’s surface and created a world that mimicked Earth as much as possible, because that is what they were comfortable with. The unpredicted colonization of the planet was never seen as a chance to start over and create something better; it was seen as an exercise in survival and recreating what was familiar. Maybe it was for comfort, maybe it was because Sim are creatures of habit or maybe it was because they didn’t have the foresight to come up with anything better. Whatever the reason, the small colony of Lunar Lakes continues to thrive in its own way. In the beginning things were rough. Many compared their journey of the pioneers of Earth who packed their things and traveledwest in search of gold, land, and who knows what. While there were parallels, there were few. The Sims that colonized Lunar

Lakes knew nothing of colonization. They lived in the ship for a number of years finding ways to keep the systems running while they downloaded everything the computers contained on Earth history. Hours were spent studying and debating and trying to figure it all out. There were no traders, meaning no way to get supplies that they needed and they had to find a way to compensate. Food reserves didn’t last beyond the first year and they had to turn to hydroponics and research to find ways to ensure that food could be grown in the alien soil. As relationships grew people wanted the kind of privacy that didn’t come from living in the close quarters of the ship. Houses were built and the colony of Lunar Lakes was established. Children were born so schools were built. People got sick so a hospital was created. And so it went. During the first generation, many of the children who survived childbirth were left orphans. This presented just one more problem in a long list of many. Being stranded on an alien moon hadn’t changed the general nature of Sims. Very few were willing to take in the parentless children and an orphanage was built. Unlike how things worked on Earth, once the children turned eighteen and graduated they would not be sent out to blindly find their own way. Small houses were built and each of the young adults, along with a room-mate, would be moved into one of the houses until they could find their place in the colony. The needs of people didn’t change so there were always opportunities. Writers, artist and musicians still provided entertainment. Many chose to work in the mines harvesting the crystals that sustained the colony. In short, within ten years, the colonists had recreated a society very similar to the one they left behind on Earth. Our story starts three generations after Lunar Lakes was founded following Lola Minos and Kaidan Jacobson as they build their life and legacy…

She was told the house was small, but this was smaller than she expected. It was decorated, if you could call the placing of very basic furniture decorating, in the gray and turquoise that colored everything in Lunar Lakes. It had all the basic connivances needed in a house, a functional kitchen, a small living room, a bathroom and bedroom with bunk beds. She wondered who her roommate would be. Graduation had only been hours ago, but she had her few meager belongings packed and ready to go. She wasn’t staying in the orphanage one minute longer than needed. The second her diploma was in hand she was asking the director for the address of the house assigned to her. And here she was, for the first time alone. Being crowded in with twenty other girls was something she was not going to miss. She stood in the middle of the small house examining everything. She had no idea what she was going to do with her life. That was the problem with growing up in the orphanage; you weren’t given anything other than a basic education. Those who had family had the advantage of learning from their parents or friends of the family how to be a doctor or scientist. Musical or artistic skills were refined. Those from the orphanage weren’t so lucky. They had to forge their own way with no guidance. Many ended up working in the mines. It wasn’t a bad way to live, but it wasn’t something she didn’t think she was cut out for. Behind her the door opened. “I think I have the wrong house.” The voice was that of a young man, and not one she recognized. “Is this One Twelve Babylon Boulevard? She turned around to find a dark haired young man, with a single bag in hand standing inside the door. “Yes it is. Why?” He dropped his bag. “One of us is in the wrong house.” She refused to let the panic she was feeling take over. “You mean someone screwed up. How hard is it to get this housing thing fixed?” The way things were set up, when moving out into one of the Orphan Houses, as they were known, you were supposed to be paired with someone of the same gender, much how it was at the orphanage; boys with boys and girls with girls. The utmost care was taken to ensure gender segregation to prevent complications. “I have heard stories and no one is ever in any hurry to fix these things. We checked out, therefore they are no longer responsible for us.” As far as she was concerned this was a serious problem. “Someone has to fix this! I can’t live with you!” The goal of the orphanage was to provide food, shelter and education. That is where their responsibility ended. Like every government agency before them in the history of humanity they did the absolute minimum. None of the charges were really prepared to live on their own. He was amused by her distress and smiled. “I don’t think you would make a horrible roommate.” He really shouldn’t be flirting with her and he knew it. The more frustrated she became the more amusement it brought him. “I don’t think it would so bad.”

She knew absolutely nothing about the opposite sex, other than what she picked up in the last ten minutes, and that was that they were difficult. “You can’t be serious! I can list at least five reasons why this isn’t going to work! Who do we have to contact?” He shook his head. “Let’s start over. Name I Kaidan. It’s nice to meet you…I think…and it looks like I am going to be your roommate.” She said nothing. “Are you going to at least give me your name?” “Lola.” “Here’s the deal, Lola. I signed enlistment papers yesterday for the military. I report in tomorrow. I will be gone the better part of every day. We rarely have to see each other. If it makes you feel better you can have the bedroom and I will sleep on the couch. We can make this work for now.” She stared at him as she thought it over. He was nice to look at. “What if this doesn’t work?” “I dunno.” He shrugged. “I’ll think of something.” He seemed awfully sure of himself. “You don’t have to sleep on the couch. There are bunk beds. Just knock before entering the bathroom.”

ARIES – Named for the God of War, it’s no secret that Aries is brave. Do yourself a favor and when City Hall awards you that bravery medal, don’t put it on. You will likely never take it off and it clashes with everything. TAURUS – The typical bull in a china shop. No one can ever accuse you of sugar coating anything. If people thought that you were blunt before, they are going to be in for a real treat this month as all your sympathy has gone out the window. Try no to alienate everyone in town, especially the consignment store worker. She will raise prices just for you. GEMINI – Always the social butterfly, your social life will be more animated than usual. Your normal spontaneity may go to far this month. Licking dirt is not a good way to get an adrenaline rush, it may land you in the hospital with dysentery. CANCER – While the moon passes through the ninth house early on this month you will be looking for different forms of stimulation along with showing an interest in other cultures. Redecorate your kitchen in Mexican Fiesta style. It will agree with you. LEO – You are proud of what you know and risk becoming a bragger this month as the Sun sits in the 9th house. Use that knowledge for good, like teaching logic class, otherwise others, especially Aries, are going to have little tolerance for you. VIRGO – Pluto is in the third house of communication this month. You are going to believe nothing your see or hear and are going to be looking for deeper meaning in everything. Avoid magicians this month, as they will bring you nothing but anguish. LIBRA – Ruled by Venus, Libra is always affectionate. With Venus in conjunction with Jupiter this month you will be lavishing everyone you know with gifts. Unless you know an avid gardener seeds and horse manure don’t usually make good gifts. You should stick with teddy bears and gnome music boxes. SCORPIO- As the stereotypical hot-blooded and passionate sign of the zodiac, it will be to your benefit to take a lot of cold showers this month. Now aren’t you glad you never got around to upgrading the shower? SAGITTARIUS – You and Taurus have a lot in common this month since neither of you have learned the rule “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” It’s really best not to compete with your Taurean friends to see who can offend the most people this month. The paparazzi will make you pay for your sharp tounge. CAPRICORN – Saturn limited your nurturing abilities last month. This month the Pluto - Mars opposition is going to give you problems.. Stealing candy from children is never acceptable. You should also avoid playing any games, especially chess. AQUARIUS – Your usual detachment with people is exaggerated this month, this will pass but in the meantime you risk becoming a hermit. While painting and reading are worthy pursuits requiring no interaction with people, you really do need to get outside and enjoy the sun. Rock collecting not only encourages this, but it’s also lucrative. PISCES – Your generous nature Is in danger of going to far this month and people will take advantage of it. Try to refrain from doing anything more than buying Freezer Bunny Pops for everyone in the neighborhood.

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TSS Insider Issue 13  

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TSS Insider Issue 13  

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