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Issue 7 May 15 2011

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My look at Jupter girls hat (poor Eugenie must have inherited her sense of style from her mother).

Have you read Simanticsims Yulila Lime?

Cab is cooking up tasty dishes of animal............ heads. I feel a little unwell. But the dogs are happy.

The Daily Ramble held a party on the occasion of its first birthday, 22500 posts, Cera reaching 11,000 posts and Peacy reaching 6000. We all had a quiet lie down in a darkened room afterwards.

KateS has been a member for five weeks. She is up to 2000ish posts. Do we have a contender for the chattiest member? This is a threat to Cera's position as Queen of Chat. It all started with the tooth fairy, but somehow ended up as a magic wand. I think thats what they meant anyway. For once ea produced nice sets in the store, months of pretty blah stuff then two everyone wanted. Bit like buses, either none or they come all at once.

TW has got the hang of uploading her lots to TSS fb.......... thats great! Latest one is a fire station. Of course by the time this gets published there may be a lot mor of TW up there, shes is building the simuniiverse. Rip-sticking? whazzat? I know! google to the rescue. Lots of hi's and goodbyes in GD..... oh and bunnies.

Send hopeful thoughts to Kates little niece she is XOX1 is on a mission to force ea to improve the exchange and the forum. Um, good luck with that, very poorly. will they even notice? Have you seen the beautiful picutres in the Cover Girl/Boy thread! Wow!! KS has discovered a wip is a good way to get everyone else to make decisions on her builds, now Nam has got her internet back and Lil is posting thats clever! A camel is a horse designed by again...hurray! committee. Stu is planning an exhibition, doing stage design for seven other productions, doing a model for Ibsens Ghost and trying out for the Opera House. Boy that man is busy..... The new host for the site is a real slow coach.............. Alli is building for the Versailles project..... some beautiful stuff coming up for this world. As cc is allowed you may need a super computer to load all 160 lots plus community building! On TSS facebook Cab is looking for grapes. She doesn't say why.

The exchange is broken, mended a bit, broken, mended a bit, broken, mended a bit................. select whichever is right today. The excitement for Generations is building. Hairy men posing on the beach? Not in my world they won't.

Picture Perfect - Week 27 - In the frame

So who was up first?

This week we have a picture, no, it isn't cc in Scorpio these were the colours‌ fact you can't have it in your room at all. However look at the picture. Ask yourself these questions:1. Which room would you hang it in? 2. Would you match the colours in the picture? Or complement them? 3. What style of decor would suit it best? (modern, eclectic, victorian, mid century modern etc).

And the room

Your answers please and the room you have designed. That was the brief, and Bylos made the picture!! Fantastic!

This Scorpios rational:1. Which room would you hang it in? Dining Room In the frame picture link

2. Would you match the colours in the picture? Or complement them? Match 3. What style of decor would suit it best? (modern, eclectic, victorian, mid century modern etc).- Modern.

Bergcrys was next. Her colours.

Bylos, who made the picture into cc for us thank you!

Her rational. I chose bedroom because I would love that picture in my own bedroom. I went with a slightly eclectic feel because thats how I decorate in my own home. Also that picture says eclectic to me. not sure why. I did use two items cc. the plants. i didnt see bylos' cc pic in time so I improvised but I would have hung it above the loveseat where the other pic hangs.

Her words. I'm trying to build out the rest of the house to go with the grand entrance week, which went on the front of the building I used for the summer room week, so upstairs I now have a spring like sitting room and kitchen from the past two weeks, and now downstairs I have a school room. I'm hoping the pic in a focal position will provide lots of inspiration to the students. Who was next? Haze was.

The colours all used so far reflect the picture very well.

And what did he have to say?

2. Would you match the colours in the picture? Or complement them? - Match the colours

Our young couple from "Take a letter Miss Jones," have gotten married and recently purchased a 17th century home in Versailles. 3. What style of décor would suit it best? The two have just begun to decorate their (modern, eclectic, Victorian, mid century home and while incorporating a mixture of modern, etc). - Eclectic old and new, I guess you would have to say that the style is some what eclectic. On to the next entry. Sillycailey…. She said 1. Which room would you hang it in? Sitting Room 2. Would you match the colours in the picture? Or complement them? Match 3. What style of decor would suit it best? how about mid century eclectic A nursery no less! Now our judges comments.

Scorp Cera says - I really like the colors you choose, and how you used them in the room is great. The chairs on the ends of the table, great touch making them slightly different!

Complete with angel, very nice. Last but not least was Stu, whose family seems to have grown. He said… 1. Which room would you hang it in? - The nursery

Tweek says - Layout is great. Nice decor. I like that your sculpture goes with your curtains. Great colors. Good job!

bylos (cc) Cera says - OMG, you created a painting! And a classroom, what a fabulous idea! Love the colors, so springy!

Great pattern choices too, especially the wood pattern. I love the layout! I see the bunny!

Cera says - Great colors! I love the pattern (little tiles) on the fireplace. Love the layout! Drooling over your

Tweek says - Nice classroom. I see a bunny...woohoo! Very creative. I like it!

cc here!

Haze (cc) Cera says - The picture looks great in your room. Fun pattern choices and great layout! The room is really cheery, I love the open doors! Tweek says - Bright room, it looks great! I like the furniture layout and the texture of it. Looks good!

Tweek says - I like the colors and the patterns. Those end tables are pretty. Your room looks good! And the winners? And the winners for Picture Perfect week 27 are.... Non CC win and honorable mention go to Scorp! CC win this week goes to Bylos! CC honorable mention goes to Stu!

Crys (cc) -

Well that all went well. We still await Yanti’s Cera says - Love the palette, such fun colors! entry but I expect she will soon. A spacious room, but great layout. Is that a Next weeks challenge is producing some little dressing area much much brighter photos which you shall behind the screen? Very nice! see soon. Tweek says - Nice palette. Very spacious room with great decor and layout. Great job!

Stu (cc) Cera says - The painting works so well with the cottage palette! The nursery looks fantastic! Love the layout and the colors! Tweek says - I like the colors and the placement of the rugs and those curtains. But Well done everyone!! why isn't Tom in his scibby's again? hehehe

Cailey (cc) -

I have to say, as a builder, it takes me forever to finish a build. I guess I can be fussy and like things just so. But mostly the time factor comes down to the tweaking and playing around. CASing takes a long time, but I also tend to spend a long time playing around with MOO. Sometimes there is an awkward space that you just don’t know what to do with, or the furniture piece just doesn’t quite have that wow factor. Maybe you really wanted to add both your favourite plants and they don’t quite fit. MOO is a fantastic cheat, and is really easy to use. All you have to do is play around with it, the possibilities are pretty much endless. I am going to start out with a few simple ideas, and get a little more complicated as we go. So hopefully there will be something for everyone.

The study is a great place to use MOO, they are often smaller rooms in a house, with less space to work with. They usually require plenty of storage and at least a desk. This study is in Sunset Vista, and as you can see I had little room to play with. Here is how to achieve the built in look using MOO. Open the cheat window by pressing Ctrl + Shift + c together, then type moveobjects on. This will allow you to merge objects together.

This room is only 3x4, and with a door at each end, it really is a tight space. Start out with your desk in the centre, and place a library book shelf at each end as shown in pic 1. Next put a Main Attraction Puzzle shelf on the wall above the desk. Now grab another book shelf, and holding Alt move it into place, just enough so that its edge looks like it is joined to the puzzle shelf pic 2, and do the same the other side.

Now for a more cohesive built-in look, CAS all objects the same wood. Add a chair and computer, and you’re all done. Open up the cheat window again, and type moveobjects off.

Always remember to check that everything works when you are playing around with MOO. Nobody likes a stomping Sim. By


Mercadillo Majorca By Smokytopaz I wanted to try and build a memory, nothing Popped into the laundrette to leave her exact just a feeling for a place. Now a long washing, the nice lady will iron it too. time ago when the world was young I lived in Spain. I ran a bar, but that’s another story. Shopping was an experience, no supermarkets just lots of little shops converted from some not very suitable buildings. This is my attempt. In this little show our heroine is Cindy Bling‌..

Chatted to the man downstairs in the general store.

She went to the market area, but had a coffee first at the coffee shop, just to gird her loins for the rest of the day mind you.

Her next stop was the dress shop to see if there had been a new delivery. These things take time.

The guy who works there is very helpful and keeps stuff that he knows she will like. Or at least thats what he says.

Its a pretty shop.

Next stop is the bookshop, she is an avid reader. They buy them back when she is finished too.

Now where to? A little lunchtime drinky? The tapa bar is just round the corner.

Its a bit seedy, a bit grubby but there’s a lot of fun to be had there.

There you go a brief tour round the little Spanish town. Eventually it will appear in my showcase thread, assuming it uploads.

The Antics of Stu-Ghost & Eric[ Season 3 - Chapter 3

Full of Surprises Brothshade - A Stu-Pad by MeestorMark “Wowee!” Stu-Ghost said to Eric as the cab pulled up in front of Brothshade!

“Wowee, indeed!” Eric agreed. “It’s like a modern fortress, isn’t it?” Stu-Ghost exclaimed. The pair of them just stood outside looking up at the wooden wall in front of them. “Hm...” Eric muttered. “It seems like the Cab driver might like it, too!

“Ha ha!” Stu-Ghost giggled. “Come on! Let’s have a look inside!!” “Yes! Lets!” “I love the sound of the water as you come in.” Stu-Ghost commented as they made their way in. “Oh wow! I love this bridge!”

“This walkway across the pool is such a lovely feature, isn’t it, Stu?!” “It is!!” He nodded in agreement, taking mental notes of the design for future reference for his own design projects as they made their way in through the front door.

First things first! The boys explored every nook and cranny of this house, going up and down the stairs and exploring all the floors. “I bet you love this colour-scheme, hon?!” Stu-Ghost smiled at Eric. “I do!” Eric smiled back at Stu-Ghost before they made their way downstairs. “I can’t wait to have a little party in that music room! Do you know any bass players?”

“Um... not off the top of my head, hon. But I am sure I will remember a few who can. Let’s see the rest of the place first before planning parties.” “Ok!” Eric laughed. Eric was being converted to Stu-Ghost designer way of thinking... “Wow!” Eric gasped as they walked into the nectary! “Would you look at all this nectar?!”

“And each bottle has such personal names!” Stu-Ghost gasped, picking up a few bottles and looking at the labels. “How very thoughtful!” Naturally, after quickly investigating the whole house, the boys very quickly fell into living quite naturally in Brothshade. It wasn’t long before Stu-Ghost was sat in front of the drawing board being creative.

And Eric, finding his own haven in the kitchen, tossing food up in the air while he made them dinner.

The following day, after a good sleep and a hearty organic breakfast Eric was summoned by StuGhost... “What is it, hon?” He asked as he came up to see what Stu-Ghost wanted. “Um...” Stu-Ghost was engrossed in planning something out in his head and absent-mindedly said to Eric: “Could you just stand there a minute...” “What for? What are you up to?” “You’ll see....”

A special thanks to Mark for Brothshade! A wonderful home full of so many personal nuances!

I have very often heard people ask how to build from a floor plan or “tweak” a floor plan so it works in a Sim environment while adding a personal touch. I’m no expert but I have a method I thought I would share with all of you. It’s not extravagant or extremely creative but it works for me.

First things first; find a floor plan. Usually I browse for a bit on house plan sites to get inspiration. Sometimes I take one room, or one aspect and create around it…and sometimes I

build the entire house as close to plan as possible. Given the constraints of the game though, I do often have to make minor (and unfortunately sometimes major) concessions. This is the house plan I chose this time. I liked the sunken in window and the balconies. Lets look at the rest of the floor plan. Feel free to study it and build along. I will be finishing my shell and uploading but that doesn’t mean you can’t too. One thing can end up a thousand different ways!

First thing I do when looking at a floor-plan is to decide whether I need a foundation or not as it is costly if it is unnecessary. I decided not to use a foundation for this particular build. I decided to change the foyer to be able to house the stairs going straight up rather than U-shaped stairs.

I looked at the second floor and decided the Master suite could be changed a little as well. Again the stairs were no longer going to be U-shaped.

This floor I kept the same. Now to start building!

First you start with a lot. I decided the house looked to me to be 20x14 so I decided on a 40x30 lot to give me ample room to build and have space for a yard. Essentially this house could be build on a 30x20 lot as well.

First I start with the basic shape of the house. There’s my inset window and for now I have squared off the back. As I said I am making it 20 long and 14 wide but the important thing is to look at the floor plan and either eye out the dimensions or if floor plan dimensions are given to decide how many floor squares that equals. Approximately 2 real world feet equal 1 floor square

in Sims 3. I made sure to build in a way which would give me a side yard, an ample front yard with parking space and a back yard.

Now you can start making inside adjustments such as walls, stairs, and tweaks to the shape such as I did with A (a divider for the kitchen and living room) and B (the shape adjustment I didn’t make when laying out the house in the last shot).

Now I add windows and doors. It helps me keep an eye on how the exterior looks and helps me not to forget things (I’m slightly absentminded).

Now onto the second floor‌ I lay flooring first off. Then I partition off the rooms. As I said I changed the layout of the Master bath to something that would work better in game. I kept the other room much the same. I laid the fencing for the balcony as well.

Now for doors and arches.

And the stairs to the third floor library.

Now on the third floor do the same as the second; lay floor tile and partition rooms. Put your fencing up for the rooftop garden. There is an area at back where I have question marks. I personally am using it for an area to play chess, look through a telescope or paint but it could be anything…or nothing.

After you have added doors to your third floor you can add your roof frieze. I placed two columns on the balcony to support the frieze until it is placed. I also squared off the corner of the second floor balcony so the wall edge was wider as you can see.

Then I add a little roof over the front door.

Now you add your windows and your siding, some plants and terrain paint and there you go. Not exactly like the floor-plan but pretty darn close if you ask me. It simply takes some measuring or eyeing out and some determination. I hope you have found this helpful and as I said, feel free to use the plan yourself. The plan site I mostly use is but there are many out there with great house-plans. Some are fairly easy like this one and others take hours just to make the shell. Find what inspires you and go from there. Explore, have fun, and keep on creating. ---Bergcrys


The Cutting Edge Your client, this week is an avid reader of interior design magazine so she wants her bedroom done a la mode. According to her research white is very in. With black. (sit down Peacy, no jumping up and down). She is wondering if a splash of some other colour might add a little shazzam to it. But not red. She really doesn't want any red in there. Oh and could you just do the en suite please? The style should be so cutting edge you may be in danger of hurting yourself. Well that was the brief, so what did they do?

Scorpio’s entry, Just love that aqua with black and white so cool.

Berg popped with fushia, bright and funky.

Bylos added lavender with a very bold floor.

Next entry came from Jasnik, cooler sophisticated and beautiful. Her ‘pop’ came from a soft beige.

Flobo also went for aqua, love those floor cushions.

Haze went wavy and cerise.

I can see a theme developing here, black and Jaylf also had a very smooth entry, lovely white is not proving to be the dominant work. colour scheme, the third colour seems to be taking over. The standard of work submitted quite simply improves with every single week, which is fantastic to see. Now who else entered?

Now who’s next?


Peacy entered this one with a splash of lime to brighten things up.

Cera - Cool layout! I really like your choice of blue! It looks great with the black and white. The cow print is a fun addition! Tweek - I like the colors! Very bright. The bathroom layout is different...looks good! Great job!

Jasnik Cera - I love the peach accent wall! In the rest of the room it hides, a perfect pop of color! Tweek - I like your calm colors! Nice closet! Nice layout!! I like it! And last but not least Stu went into the stratosphere with this interior Bergcrys Cera - The fushia is awesome! I especially love it on the throw pillows on the bed and the lamps! Tweek - Nice pink! I like the different levels you used. I love the tub!!! Where does that come from? Nice walk in closet. Looks good!

Wow. Now what did the judges say?

Flobo Cera - I love the aqua! The color is fantastic! Your feature wall is my favorite part, it reminds me of velvet!

I would like to take a moment here to thank out judges, every week they faithfully report Tweek - Great green! I really like that and choose which is sometimes very difficult. shower! I like the room layout and the wooden floor boards. Nice job!!



Cera - Wow! Now that space is incredible! A Cera - Your black and white is so very well balanced! The green accents look fabulous! I bed surrounded by a fountain? As Peacy said, it's ingenious! The orange too, I love the really love the closets! I think I could live there... orange! I actually forgot to pay attention to the color when looking at this space! Tweek - I like the pattern! OH look at that shower!! That's like a dream bathroom. What Tweek - Wow Stu that is so creative!! Great a great view overlooking the pond from the decor! Hope your sim doesn't sleepwalk...he might drown. hehe Did I say WOW yet? bedroom. OH I likey!!!

Thank you ladies. And the result? Haze


Cera - I love the purple! It goes so well with the black and white! Wonderful layout too!

Non CC:

Tweek - Like the color! Great furniture layout. Looks good!

Winner: Peacy Honorable Mention: Jasnik

CC: Bylos

Winner: Stu

Cera - Lilac, gorgeous! I wouldn't have thought to add it with the black and white, it works great! I love the shape of your space too, great layout and I love the floor!

Honorable Mention: flobo

Tweek - I like the purple. Great patterns! Creative room shape. I like it!

Now if you like bright colours check the thread for this weeks challenge which is Bollywood!

Can’t wait to see what happens there! Jaylf Cera - The pink accents look great with black and white. I love your layout too! And all our awesome CC...drool! Tweek - I really like that pink! Room layouts look great! I like those curtains. Great job!

The TSS Insider Top Pick Review Dusty Dreamer won Sim Top Pick for Sensa Ciara on April 27th

BluebellFlora’s world BlueBay Retreat won World Top Pick for May 4th

Pro Top Lot for May 4th went to SmokyTopaz for Borde Beauchene!

Amateur Top Lot for May 4th went to Kquinn1990 for for Concord Estate!

Emilym3 won Amateur Top Lot Pick for her lot Elevation on th May 11

Petalbot won Pro Top Lot Pick for Ultra Modern Luxury Home on May 11th

This is the beginning of a story by Simanticsims. You need to go to her blog to read the rest!

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