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Since the year we sold Yes I Am, Ramsey and I have absolutely loved the cow but fell more in love with her progeny. Her first 3 natural calves averaged $9750. The heifers are always stamped with a long angular front third, they explode with power and shape behind their shoulders and they have beautiful udders as cows. The bulls were always powerful, rugged but smooth and easy calving in their design. We hesitated putting these eggs on the sale because we really want to keep this mating all to ourselves. However, she did crank out over 20 of these embryos so we will part with a few. Selling 3 conventional embryos with a guarantee of 1 pregnancy if implanted by a certified embryologist. Offered by Smoking Gun Cattle Co.


Recluse X Yes I Am

Sooline Power Eye

Sire: SH/H Recluse 8003

Dam: SLGN Yes I Am 190Y

SLGN Stony’s Becca

SLGN West Point 923W

5L Adina 893-4039

H/H Recluse

Maternal Sister

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High Caliber Female Sale  

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High Caliber Female Sale  

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