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Introduction Electronic Cigarette is device used to replace the traditional tobacco cigarettes. It has proven itself to be an effective alternative to the regular cigarette which is normally used by the smokers. Using e-cigarette will give similar satisfaction you get from smoking regular cigarettes but without any smoke, odor, ash or tar. Moreover this electronic cigarette is free from any of the 5,300 harmful chemicals that are usually found in traditional smokes. An e-cigarette contains three parts- a battery, vaporizer or an atomizer and a cartridge containing liquid nicotine.

Electronic Cigarette E-zig or an electronic cigarette is the device which came into being as a replacement of the traditional cigarette. It contains a battery, atomizer and cartridge which together can give the experience you haven’t even got from the regular cigarette. With the regular cigarette one has to be always conscious about the smell or the pungent odor. Smokers carry mint or mouth freshener spray with them to get rid of the smell.

E-cig supply E-cig supply immense satisfaction of smoking a cigarette without giving you any odor. The odor of the cigarette comes when something burns like the tobacco and the paper of the cigarette. But electronic cigarette do not involve burning thus there is not pungent odor. The cartridge has the nicotine liquid which when comes in contact with the hot coil of the atomizer, releases vapors field with flavor, water and the taste of the nicotine but lacking the smell.

Ego c twist starter kit Ego c twist starter kit enables you to use the electronic cigarette anytime anywhere without any hassle. The kit comes with extra batteries, plug charger and an USB charger thus you can easily charge the battery of the cigarette anytime anyhow for trouble free smoking experience. The kit even has some extra cartridges and atomizer so that if one doesn’t works you can use the other one. All of them come in a sleek easy to carry packages which you can order from e-cig online website.

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