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Introduction Electronic cigarette is device used to replace the traditional tobacco cigarettes. It has proven itself to be an effective alternative to the regular cigarette which is normally used by the smokers. Using ecigarette will give similar satisfaction you get from smoking regular cigarettes but without any smoke, odor, ash or tar. Moreover this electronic cigarette is free from any of the 5,300 harmful chemicals that are usually found in traditional smokes. An e-cigarette contains three parts- a battery, vaporizer or an atomizer and a cartridge containing liquid nicotine.

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Battery used in the e-cig is a rechargeable lithium ion battery which is controlled to use the cigarette efficiently. It is fully automatic thus you do not need any lighter or match stick to light the cigarette unlike regular cig. The atomizer or the vaporizer of the e-cig is a nichrome coil which will heat up to change the smoking liquid. The liquid will be converted to steam just like water turns while being heated but the vapors created by the atomizer coil will be of much lower temperature and can be easily puffed on. The cartridge used in the e-cigarette contains liquid nicotine held in a sponge. This liquid can be refilled once it is used up all. You can order extra refills or cartridges in the electronic cigarette starter kit if you are a regular smoker from e-cig online website.

Liquid of the cartridge The liquid used in the cartridge contains less than ten ingredients which are non carcinogenic and non tar formative. It lacks al the harmful chemicals and components that are found in traditional cigarette smoke. Vapor produced in the e-cig contains only water vapor, flavoring, smoke visibility component and the nicotine.

Health effects The liquid used in the electronic cigarette do not supply any harmful chemicals in your body while smoking. It is non carcinogenic thus do not have any negative effects the regular cigarettes have along with the tar, ash and the pungent odor. ď‚— E-zig will not cause cancer, heart diseases, arterial disease or COPD. The smoke of the regular puff can also harm others around you but e-cig does not give out any smoke. Only water vapor. ď‚—

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